The Ultimate List of Liver-Cleansing Foods – Video

The Ultimate List of Liver-Cleansing Foods – Video

Are you looking to improve your liver health? In this video, we will discuss the best foods to clean out your liver and make it healthier. Many people are unaware that the liver is not simply a sponge that holds toxins, but rather an organ that detoxifies and removes toxins from the body. There are three main problems that can occur with the liver: a fatty liver, an inflamed liver, and a combination of both, which can lead to cirrhosis.

The liver plays a vital role in the body, with over 500 functions including detoxifying ammonia, buffering hormones, activating thyroid hormones, processing vitamin D, detoxifying toxins and poisons, producing bile for nutrient absorption, storing glucose and fuel for the brain, and supporting immune function.

To promote liver health, it is important to avoid certain foods such as soy protein isolates, highly processed seed oils, and high fructose corn syrup. Instead, focus on consuming whole, unprocessed foods that support liver function. By understanding the important role of the liver and making dietary changes, you can improve liver health and overall well-being. Check out the full video for more in-depth information on the best foods to cleanse and promote liver health.

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Discover the best foods to keep your liver clean and healthy.


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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps increase your awareness of the foods to eat and foods to avoid to keep your liver clean and healthy. I’ll see you in the next video.

Let’s talk about the best foods to clean out your liver or shall we say just make the liver cleaner because many of us don’t realize that the liver is not like a sponge that holds toxins it’s a organ that detoxifies it removes toxins unless you have a fatty liver so three

Different problems with the liver you can have a fatty liver you can have an inflamed liver or a combination and then that inflammation creates uh scar tissue and then you can develop curosis so the question is like what type of foods could you eat to make the liver

Healthier and cleaner let me just first briefly touch on what the liver does I’m not going to go through all 500 functions but it does um a lot it actually turns ammonia into Ura so if there’s a problem with the liver you get this backup of ammonia and you can even

Actually smell it on someone’s breath sometimes when you go to like a nursing home it smells like ammonia that is what’s happening liver damage it’s backing up it can go on the brain and create a lot of toxicity so that’s one thing it does it helps detoxify ammonia which comes from certain protein

Metabolism breakdown then we get the next one the buffering of hormones there’s certain things in the liver that help buffer hormones if so if they’re too much or they’re too little uh the body will regulate the amount of active form of a certain hormone um based on the needs especially estrogen cortisol

And even testosterone so for example if you have therosis of the liver you can get a massive buildup of estrogen and if you’re male and you’re older and you have therosis of the liver your skin becomes very very smooth you lose body hair you might get manoobs creating all

Sorts of estrogenic effects your cortisol can go up you can be stressed because there’s something in your liver that helps buffer cortisol and because estrogen goes higher you you become lower with testosterone so there goes your muscles there goes your get up and go there goes your libido okay T4 that

Is the inactive form of the thyroid hormone did you realize that 80% of the activation of the thyroid hormone into this active T3 happens through your liver so it goes from T4 to T3 so we need a healthy liver to make that conversion if that doesn’t happen you start developing

Hypothyroidism growth hormone which is the anti-aging hormone it has everything to do with uh proteins building proteins helping you sleep at night longevity uh that hormone works through the liver as well and there’s kind of like an extension of growth hormone it’s called igf1 which does uh similar functions if

Not identical functions to the growth hormone so if there’s a problem with the liver growth hormone doesn’t seem to work that well then we have vitamin D vitamin D is activated by the liver and the kidney so without a good good uh liver function you don’t get the benefit

Of the active form of vitamin D and even when they check the blood they always check the inactive form they don’t check the active form of vitamin D they’re checking the inactive form assuming that it’s being converted but what if the liver and the kidneys are damaged okay

You’re not going to be able to get a true picture of what’s going on with vitamin D if you’re just measuring the inactive form of vitamin D but one of the main functions of the liver is to detoxify toxins and poisons to harmless water soluble particles so whether that’s pesticides insecticides

Herbicides heavy metals or even toxins from cigarettes or alcohol or processed foods your body tends to break that down if this liver function doesn’t work you get a backup of toxicity there’s also a function of producing bile to help you extract the fat soluble nutrients from

The food including omega-3 vitamin A d e and K so with this you’re going to have all sorts of problems with nutrients and U being able to create an anti-inflammatory effect because the omega-3 just can’t go into the body it can’t work next one is glycogen that’s

Stored glucose in your liver so the liver holds glycogen to allow you to run off that fuel between meals and so let’s say for example your liver is fatty or it’s dysfunctional you have therosis and you can’t run off glycogen between meals you’re going to have issues with your

Brain because your brain doesn’t store glycogen it depends on the liver glycogen or whatever you ate for its fuel unless you’re on the ketogenic diet in which you’re going to live off the ketones that are going to generated but a lot of these ketones are generated

From the liver so again we’re going to have a problem with fuel if the liver is damaged especially for your brain and other cells immune function until recently I did not know of the magnitude of how important the liver is for your immune system you have specialized immune cells in the liver

You have a lot of different uh lymphatic sinuses in the liver that help you from all sorts of different angles for your immune system and so the more we lose the liver function the more we lose the immune function there are some really key things you want to avoid first

Because you can eat a lot of healthy foods but if you’re eating these at the same time uh the liver is just not going to work that well and I’m not going to get into the VI stuff like alcohol like regular sugar things like that I want to

Get into some hidden things that you need to be aware of number one soy protein isets okay that’s in a lot of different foods now if you do research on this probably the first five pages in Google you’ll see that it’s all healthy for the liver it’s totally fine I don’t

Buy that because I’ve had people when I was in practice come in and be on a certain diet for a a bit of time and in that diet it was a weight loss diet and one of the diets was was called Ideal Protein there’s many others but there

Are a lot of weight loss programs that have this as their main protein it’s low fat highly refined uh protein in soy and the way they process it there’s nothing that’s going to resemble the actual soybean itself so anyway here’s what I’ve noticed after someone being on this

Diet being exposed to soy protein isets for a period of time I noticed that a common denominator is their liver they have a lot of liver issues like gall bladder issues right lower abdomen heaviness and pain and some people had to go to the doctor and have their Gall

Blers removed so I can’t buy that something that process could be good for the liver because the liver uh thrives on things that like Whole Foods not refined Foods so I would read the ingredients and avoid soy protein isolates soy protein meal might be good for Animals especially if they take out

The uh the fats out of it so it doesn’t turn rancid but for humans I don’t think it’s the best protein the next thing is seed oils highly processed and it’s processed with hexane which is a solvent but that exposure of this highly uh refined fat omega-6 fatty acid yes we

Have oxidative stress we have inflammation but I think also it’s replacing our cells it’s going deep into the tissue it’s not a natural thing but we consume so much of it all right the next food I would definitely avoid is you probably already know this high fructose corn syrup but what you

Probably didn’t know they’re not starting out making this high fructose corn syrup with this you know sweet corn that people eat during the summer right they don’t start out with that they use what’s called Dent corn or field corn it’s completely inedible I don’t care

How much butter you put on that corn or you add salt it’s disgusting and the majority of corn grown is this field corn to fatten cattle right right to make the meat marbly what is it doing to us and they also use it for high fructose corn syrup and glucose syrup

And the modified starches and so they start with this inedible corn okay and they go through probably like 18 different steps I don’t know the exact number but it’s a lot of different steps and they’re taking the protein out and they’re breaking it down with enzymes and acids and then they add this

Chemical to it and that chemical use high Heats at the end into this chain of event you get something that does not resemble anything related to corn and we’re putting this in our body and it’s been in the food supply since I think 1977 where in farmers were were paid or

Subsidized because of the Corn but the problem it’s so heavy in this Ultra processed foods AKA junk foods and flavored and sweetened in a way that makes it taste somewhat good but highly addictive and high fructose corn syrup has some very unique properties in that the majority of it is processed by the

Liver okay not all but the majority so the liver takes the beating it creates inflammation it leads to insulin resistance it leads to problems with your blood fats and cholesterol it leads to problems with the fatty liver it stimulates more hunger the high fructose corn syrup is very very different than

The fructose from fruit and it’s just Ultra refined okay so that’s one I would definitely stay away from then we get to refin starches I’m talking about maltodextrin I’m talking about modified food starch and uh like for example like in this food right here we have H corn

Starch corn syrup dextrose all made out of corn okay so that’s what this is made out of so you’re feeding kids and some adults I don’t even call it food because it doesn’t fit the definition of food food is something that give you Fuel and help nourish the body well this fuel

Will not give you energy it’ll make you so tired and the only nutrients in there are the synthetics that they spray in there but they’re all made from you know chemicals and things like that and then we get glucose syrup itself now what’s interesting there’s no sugar in here

From sugar cane okay we replace sugar cane which even I think growing up back in the early 70s we use a lot of sugar cane and a lot of sodas and things like that that’s all been replaced with this synthetic or highly syn syz sugar which I think behaves a lot differently than

Even sugar cane and so it’s all date coincidence right with this alra processed food which is mainly highly refined corn and other starch products with the GMO on top of that and if you look at liver function I think Ultra processed foods which what I just

Described is probably at the very top of the list as far as destroying your liver so the question is what can you eat to uh keep the liver healthy okay you want to eat whole food s let’s first talk about fats okay uh some of the best fats

Would be like olive oil okay but also a different type of fat called medium chain triglycerides MCT oil type fats and that would be in butter so you’d want to cook with butter put butter in your food but make sure it’s from grass-fed you know cow milk but the MCT

Uh fats the medium chain triglycerides are very different because they don’t require bile so they’re less stressful on the liver uh when you consume them I also found some research that these MCT oils or fats help protect against a fatty liver you want to make sure you

Cook with it and then on your salad you put olive oil extra virgin high quality olive oil don’t use the seed oils make your own salad dressing very important if you want to help your liver number two fish okay wild caught fish preferably high in omega3 fatty acids because Omega-3 fatty acids are

Anti-inflammatory they’re liver protective they help uh balance the cholesterol issues all right number three organic pasture raised eggs not commercial eggs but egg yolks have probably the highest amount of Coline of any food that I know not sure about uh liver liver might have more choline but

Egg yolks have a lot of choline choline is great for a fatty liver if you’re deficient in choline you can end up with a fatty liver but choline helps remove fat off off your liver not to mention the high quality protein in eggs as well as all the other nutrients The Next Food

On the list is the general category of dark leafy green vegetables or just leafy green vegetables why because of the vitamin C because of the folate which is very important in the liver because of the Magnesium the pottassium and the phytonutrients there are so many great properties antioxidant anti-inflammatory properties that are

Really good for the liver now the only time I wouldn’t recommend them if you had some type of inflammatory gut issue which you can’t deal with the fiber but for everyone else I would recommend that number five is a type of vegetable it’s a category of vegetables it’s

Cruciferous out of all the cruciferous radish is probably the best thing for the liver unfortunately I just can’t eat radishes I don’t like them I know my wife likes them she just can eat them like candy I can’t consume them but if I did like them I would eat a lot of them

Radish has have this higher sulfur compound that is really good for the phase one phase two detoxification so we talked about this poison turning into water soluble things well this enzyme complex takes this poison from very toxic and starts to break it down and when you consume cruciferous vegetables

And other herbs there are certain things in them that activate our own phase one phase 2 detoxifying enzymes as well as give us uh enzymes to help break down these chemicals so this is why we recommend cruciferous so radishes are good second favor is arugula it’s a little bit bitter anything bitter is

Good for the liver and of course we get brussels sprouts cabbage really good for the lower bowel which uh support the liver as well there’s this whole connection between your bowel or your friendly bacteria and your liver if one goes down the other one goes down so

Cabbage is good for anything inflamed in your gut and even in the liver there’s other cruciferous vegetables but those are the four that I like the most number six category Probiotic foods I just mentioned this the friendly Flora greatly supports the liver if you were exposed to an antibiotic or something to

Destroy your good Flora the liver suffers if you’re exposed to something like aspartame or some other synthetic artificial sweetener that alters the gut microbiome which then raises liver enzymes and puts you at risk for a fatty liver so the three top foods for that that I like sauerkraut make sure you get

It raw kimry same thing and then we have kefir make sure that it’s organic kefir unsweetened if you can get goat kefir or sheep kefir that’s even better Kefir is better than yogurt because it has strains of friendly yeast and friendly bacteria it has a lot more than just the

Yogurt andless category is grass-fed meat in different forms you can do lamb you can do goat you can do beef deer meat I would just make sure that it’s grass-fed grass finish that would be the ideal situation if you can if you can’t well then get what you can but I will

Tell you from personal experience when I consume high quality meat my liver feels great it feels good compared to me eating like peanut butter or nuts or um seeds I have some experience with liver problems I destroyed my liver eating Ultra processed foods and a lot of bad

Foods for many years in fact there was one year I remember I consumed every night Margaritas uh just every single night and they were sweetened and at first it was great right but then towards the end of the year boy my health started going down down down down

And of course then I replaced it with Ben and Jerry’s ice cream like a pint a day to help myself go into a sugar coma to help myself sleep and to perceive both of these actions you know I lived on junk food for years did never ate anything raw or healthy everything was

Refined lots of pasta lots of bread lots of refined carbohydrates lots of cereal and a lot of Doritos and chips until I eventually started noticing a heavy full feeling underneath my right rib cage that little did I know it was my gallbladder uh which is connected to the

Liver and then it start referring pain to my right shoulder which I’ve had this this this pain for years like at least 12 to 15 years I didn’t know what it was at the time and of course I had a lot of bloating and indigestion and I didn’t

Connect the dots and it wasn’t until I started getting rid of these grains and getting rid of the cereal and replacing it with meat that I started noticing relief and so I started noticing wow that that sensation is going away so it actually helped my blood sugar it helped my brain

Fog but it took the inflammation away from my liver sometimes you hear that meat is bad for you but they’re not differentiating grass-fed grassfish beef and processed meat they put them all in one big category with junk food now let’s compare that with the fake meat products right you have soy protein

Isolates you have modified food starch you have potato starch in there maybe pea protein maybe rice syrup salads things like that I mean think about when you eat that what you’re going to feel like I was at Whole Foods a long time ago and I was at the deli and I was

Really hungry so I said wow those those chicken wings look pretty darn good right so I bought some of the chicken wings they looked all the same size and shape but I didn’t question it I just said oh okay so it must be just some chicken meat you know that’s uh maybe

Formed into one little that I know that was the soy protein isolate fake meat with probably the textured vegetable protein whatever anyway I was eating it on the way home I like wow this is this tastes pretty good until I got home and then I got really really sick

Bloated uh my eyes started feeling irritated not good and there’s two last supplements I think I’m going to recommend just if you have like therosis of the liver because the problem with sosis is that a lot of times people are on the um liver transplant list and

There’s a long waiting list um but why don’t we just maybe try to revive the liver and to try to reverse this damage if we can in the meantime so tokat trinal it’s a type of vitamin E really good for everything liver the next thing

Is called TKA TKA is a type of bile salt that really keeps the liver healthy and keeps the sludge from building up in the liver and uh you’ll feel much better if you take that I would take two in the morning okay empty stomach take two in the afternoon empty stomach I’m not

Going to recommend any Brands you just have to just search that out and U look at various uh products and their reviews to see if you could find a good one so those are the two supplements now if you have not seen my video on how to

Diagnose your liver by using your foot it sounds kind of funny but it’s really interesting information I put that video up right here check it out

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