A Travel Guide to the Top 10 Must-Visit Places in New Zealand – Video

A Travel Guide to the Top 10 Must-Visit Places in New Zealand – Video

New Zealand is a country full of natural wonders and breathtaking landscapes, and in this video, we explore the top 10 places to visit in this incredible country. From the iconic Cathedral Cove to the stunning Milford Sound, each destination offers a unique experience that will leave you in awe.

Starting off at Cathedral Cove, we are greeted with white rock cliffs and the famous Te Hoo Rock, followed by a relaxing visit to the thermal waters of Hot Water Beach. Next, we venture into Middle Earth with a visit to Hobbiton, the filming location of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies.

We then travel to Three Sisters and Elephant Rock, an incredible beach area with black sand and unique rock formations. Egmont National Park offers a challenging hike to the beautiful Poai Tarn, providing stunning views of Mount Taranaki.

Crossing over to the South Island via ferry, we explore the Marlborough Sounds before heading to the picturesque Wharariki Beach and the mesmerizing Lake Tekapo. The drive to Mount Cook offers breathtaking views of Lake Pukaki and the Southern Alps.

Roy’s Peak in Wanaka provides a challenging hike with panoramic views, while Nugget Point Lighthouse offers stunning sea cliffs and coastal scenery. Finally, we end our journey at the iconic Milford Sound, a remote fjord surrounded by towering mountains and cascading waterfalls.

New Zealand truly is a country that must be explored, with each destination offering a unique experience that will leave you speechless. So grab your camera and pack your bags, because New Zealand is waiting to be explored. Where is your favorite place in New Zealand? Let us know in the comments below.

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Video Transcript

What’s up guys my name is Ryan and I recently returned from exploring the incredible country of New Zealand and I want to share with you my favorite places so here is my New Zealand top 10 located in the southern hemisphere New Zealand is made up of two main

Islands and it’s easily one of the most beautiful countries on Earth from the daunting mountains of the Southern Alps to the wonders of the Milford Sound New Zealand is waiting to be experienced let’s start this video off at Cathedral Cove when I imagine New Zealand this is

One of the first places that come to mind it’s located on the corand Del Peninsula and it’s about 2 and 1 half hours drive from Auckland to get to Cathedral Cove you can either hike or take a water taxi the hiking path was closed when we were there so we took the

Water taxi which is located on ha Beach the water taxi was this carbo hybrid that could drive up onto the beach and it cost about $50 USD for the round trip tickets I mean the boat right into the Cove was beautiful there were these White Rock Cliffs that were so unique we

Booted around the T hoo Rock which is the crowning feature of the area and possibly the most iconic Rock in New Zealand the water taxi then drops you off on the beach and you can explore it for about an hour before they return the area is amazing there’s an archway that

Gives you the famous view of the T hoo Rock we had a great time just enjoying the beach and area and I understand why it’s one of the most famous places in New Zealand another nearby spot is the hot water beach it’s located just 9 minutes from Cathedral Cove and it’s

This beautiful area and what’s special about it is that there’s this small spot on the beach where thermal hot water rises from the sand and you can take little pools to relax in during low tide we went here and I think it was a public

Holiday so there was a lot of people but I was amazed by how hot the water and sand was at some places regardless it was a unique Beach and definitely would be a cool place to come for Sunrise or Sunset after we’re going to head to Middle Earth to visit havaton located

About 15 minutes from Hamilton havaton is the famous filming location for the Shire which is featured in The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films you can experience the area by by taking a guided tour that cost about $75 a person you start by taking a bus in and then

Proceed to walk through the incredible movie Set It was really interesting to hear from the tour guide all the facts and behind the scenes of what took place here in order to make the film possible the attention to detail was Immaculate and it really felt like you were walking

In a Fantasy Realm it was also interesting to learn the story why it was chosen to be the place of the Shire basically Peter Jackson was looking for a farm that had Rolling Green Hills a massive tree and a lake and this place checked all the boxes one of my favorite

Parts of the tour was going into one of The Hobbit homes we got to explore it for a good amount of time and it looked quite comfortable to live in after we walked over the bridge and explored a little bit more of havaton if you’re a

Lord of the Rings fan you got to come and experience the Shire after we’re going to head back to the coast to visit Three Sisters located about 2 and 1/2 hours drive from Hamilton Three Sisters is this incredible Beach area now to reach it we parked and walked on the

Muddy and slippery Banks of this River when we got to the beach I was amazed at the color of the black sand and then there’s these beautiful sea stacks in the distance there’s also this unique rock form mission called elephant rock that looks like it’s having a trunk

Going into the sand we had a good time exploring here and it would be a great place to watch the sunset after we’re going to head to Egmont National Park located near the town of New Plymouth the main feature of the National Park is Mount tanaki if you look at the park in

Mount tanaki from space there’s an almost perfect circle of trees that shows the Park’s boundaries I really wanted to go to the poai Circuit reflective tar with we started on the mongy track trail head and it was a steady incline through a forest and we reached the poai mountain hut we

Continued on these raised boardwalks that went through some beautiful vegetation with a constant view of Mount tanaki after 2 hours of hiking we made it to the Tarn which is basically this little Pond it was smaller than I imagined but it offered a beautiful view of Mount tanaki if there was no clouds

Or wind it would be a perfect reflection of the volcano we enjoyed resting there for a bit and taking in the view it was definitely a challenging trk and took us 4 hours to do but I’m glad we did it after we’re going to head to the South

Island we left from Wellington and took the ferry that crosses the cook straight it was about a 3-hour journey and a nice boat ride we arrived at the town of pikon which is located in the Malboro sounds which is an incredible area on the Northern point of the southern

Island with pictures bays and scenery afterwards we’re going to head to VAR Riki Beach located about 4 and 1 half hours drive from pikon this was easily my favorite Beach we visited in New Zealand to reach it it was a beautiful 15-minute walk and when we got to the

Beach I was blown away by the beauty of this place the winds swep sand was so picturesque and felt other worldly now the crowning feature of the area is the archway Islands they are the set of two islands that have a bunch of arches in them I mean they’re so unique and epic

We had a great time waiting around for Sunset and watching the islands light up with an orange glow while it is out of the way this place was well worth the journey to get there after we’re going to head south to visit Lake deapo located about a 3 hours drive from

Christ Church Lake deapo is this incredible Blue Lake if you come here between the months of November to January you might be able to see the scenic Lupine flowers around the lake the area around Lake teapo is also one of the best places in the world to see

The night sky after we’re going to head to Mount Cook located about an hour’s drive from Lake teapo Mount Cook is the tallest mountain in New Zealand with a height of 3,724 M when you’re heading towards Mount Cook you’ll drive on the shores of Lake pukaki I think this is one of the

Most beautifully colored lakes I’ve ever seen the water was just so perfectly blue thanks to the glacier runoff now the drive to Mount Cook is arly one of the most scenic in The Bu and you’ll have use in incredible Southern Alps coupled with a glacier Blue Waters of

Lake now once you arrive at Mount Cook National Park there’s a lot of hikes you can go on one of the most famous is hooker Valley Track it’s about a 10 km roundtrip track and it takes about 3 hours to do the trail is relatively easy with a steady incline

One of my favorite features of the hike is the swing bridges that cross the glacial Rivers they offer amazing views especially the first one that has has a great Lookout into Mueller Lake after you continue on the trail and walk on some Overland tracks when we reach

Hooker Lake I was amazed at The View with the glacier ice chunks in front of the massive backdrop of Mount Cook it was possibly the windiest place I’ve ever been the wind was blowing so hard and it was wisping up the lake water creating for one of the most epic

Situations the power of the wind was just absolutely insane I I felt like we were going to be blown away or something another incredible place in the park is the tasmin lake it’s a short 10-minute hike from the parking lot and has some amazing views of the tasmin Glazier

After we’re going to head to Wanaka to hike Roy Peak located just a few minutes outside the town of waka this is one of the most popular hikes in the area the full trout was about 16 km and is a constant incline with the elevation gain

Of 1,300 M it was the hardest like we did in New Zealand there was a parking lot at the beginning of the trail and the ascent starts there is some beautiful views of Waka and the lake on the way up but the trail is pretty exposed without much shade it is a

Popular hike to start around 3: or 4:00 a.m. to castes Sunrise but we didn’t wake up that early after about 2 and 1/2 hours of a grueling uphill climb we made it to the lookout there still was more to hike to reach the official Royce Peak

But we were pretty gassed and I decided this is as high as we were going to go there was a nice little trail that offered incredible Lookout and view of the area if you’re in Waka and while a challenging Day hike W Peak is a great

Option while you’re in the area you can also visit the world famous tree found on the shores of Lake waka after we’re going to head back to the coast to visit nuet Point Lighthouse located about a 3 and 1/2 hour drive from Waka nugget point is this incredibly Scenic

Lighthouse that was opened in 1870 to get to the lighthouse it’s a short walk from the parking lot and the area is full of incredible Sea Cliffs the lighthouse overlooks a bunch of jacked rocks that jet out of the sea they definitely would have been dangerous to unknowing Sailors another nearby

Beautiful place is p cani Bay there’s an amazing Beach coupled with impressive Sea Cliffs and it’s also ideal place for camping for our final location we’re going to visit the Milford Sound located in the furland National Park the Milford Sound is possibly the most famous place in all of New Zealand and after

Exploring it I understand why the Milford Sound is pretty isolated and the closest town is tanu which is about 2 hours drive to get there the road is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever been on the scene reminds me of the F Nori but slightly more tropical we saw some Kia

Birds which are the only Alpine parrots in the world I me they were seriously so beautiful once we arrived at the Milford swn we got on a boat that took us on a tour of the famous yord it was about $90 a person and took about 2 hours the

Views on the front of the boat were amazing as we headed into the Fjord I mean the scale of this place is insane the mountain walls rid straight up thousands of feet high we came across several waterfalls cascading into the sound the most famous one is probably

Sterling Falls our boat took us up right to it and then the views of the falls was really nice as we headed back to the fairy dock now after the boat tour I really enjoyed just walking around the sound there were some nice trails and I like this little Coastal area that had

Smooth rocks and really unique vegetation that lined the shore it was just so calming to watch the little little waves rolling it was very sunny the day we were there but the Milford Sound is famous for being one of the rainiest inhabitable places on Earth I

Mean I love to experience a place when it’s raining the Milford Sound truly is on another level of beauty and if you come to New Zealand you got to experience this place well that is it from my New Zealand top 10 there’s truly so much to see in this country and I’ll

Have to come back for part two let me know where your favorite place is in the comments below it’s Ryan and we will see you later

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