AI technology assists in preserving memories of Holocaust survivors

AI technology assists in preserving memories of Holocaust survivors

In a groundbreaking technological advancement, artificial intelligence is helping to immortalize Holocaust survivors by allowing students in UK schools to continue interacting with them, even after their passing. Thanks to speech-to-text recognition, cameras, and AI language model understanding, viewers can now ask virtual 3D versions of survivors about their lives and experiences.

The programme, developed by the Holocaust Educational Trust, enables students to ask up to 1,000 questions to the AI versions of survivors. This innovative technology aims to keep the stories and memories of Holocaust survivors alive for future generations to learn from and remember.

AI presenter Priya Lakhani recently visited a school in south London to see the technology in action, showcasing the powerful impact it is having on students and their understanding of history. This project highlights the potential of AI to preserve important stories and truths for years to come.

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