Top 10 Joanne Woodward Movies of All Time – Video

Top 10 Joanne Woodward Movies of All Time – Video

Joanne Woodward is a legendary actress known for her exceptional talent and versatility on screen. In this video, titled Top 10 Joanne Woodward Movies of All Time, we are taken on a journey through her most iconic roles throughout her illustrious career. From her stunning performances in films like Mr. and Mrs. Bridge to powerful dramas like The Three Faces of Eve, Woodward showcases her ability to bring complex, emotionally rich characters to life.

Directed by her husband Paul Newman in several films, including Rachel Rachel and The Long Hot Summer, Woodward’s onscreen chemistry with her real-life partner is palpable. Her range as an actress is further highlighted in comedies like A Big Hand for the Little Lady and dramas like The Fugitive Kind.

The video counts down the top 10 Joanne Woodward movies of all time, showcasing her talent and legacy in Hollywood. Whether portraying a Southern belle in The Glass Menagerie or a troubled teacher in Rachel Rachel, Woodward’s performances captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact. The list culminates with her award-winning role in The Effect of Gamma Ray on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds, solidifying Woodward as one of the greatest actresses of her time.

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Video Transcript

When people think of an actress with death and range they think of the exceptional Joanne Woodward her Talent has blessed the film industry with breathtaking performances and it’s all down to her skill for nailing complex emotionally Rich characters no wonder movie gor return to her work time and

Time again her onscreen appearances are truly brilliant that’s why we’re going to reminisce about her most iconic roles so join us as we countd down the top 10 Joan Woodward movies of all time I didn’t know you could just go out and buy those how nice for everyone’s

Wife number 10 Mr and Mrs Bridge y hello anybody there you even in 1990 five decades into her career Joanne Woodward was still giving audiences excellent performances whenever she took on a role and this was evident in her portrayal of the tier India bridge in that Year’s hit drama Mr and Mrs Bridge

What makes her so great in this one well she gets to explore the emotions of a woman coming to terms with the fact that the world is changing all around her very quickly so quickly are things changing during the 1930s and 40s when this one is said in fact her children

Are already seemingly Beyond her reach as they’ve adopted a more liberal lifestyle and as it happens it’s actually Woodward you can thank for this one being made at all as it was only after she’d read a couple of the source novels the characters originally came

From that the idea of it being made into a film was broached that said she didn’t originally plan on playing Mrs Bridge herself as she was too young at the time I’m losing my mind I don’t see it anywhere number nine They Might Be Giants he’s got huge teeth

And he’s coming at me he’s coming at me he’s coming at there have been many great adaptations of Sherlock Holmes made over the years but perhaps none have been quite as strange as this pseudo version released in 1971 called the Might Be Giants sure it may not be a

Strict retelling of the home story but it does feature a man in a psychiatric hospital played by George C Scott who believes himself to be the famous detective so there is that and with Joanne Woodward playing a doctor who just so happens to be named Watson it’s

Only a matter of time before she’s drawn into our lead’s world of delusion 2 with them at this point beginning a quest to find Sherlock’s archenemy Professor morard but that’s not the thing this movie is best remembered for today no instead it will no doubt ring a bell

With alternative rock fans because the band They Might Be Giants most famous for writing the theme song to Malcolm in the Middle directly took their name from it hi postgraduate burlet dance military cooking charm you said that I did not number eight no down payment Jean could

I ask you something sure what do you think I’m just a good nature la oh who told you that 1957’s no down payment might not be the first movie which comes to mind when someone thinks thinks of Joan Woodward but it’s one of her best films nonetheless and that’s because

It’s a well- told todry tale of sex substance abuse and discrimination which sees all of its leads have to bring their aame of course while the rest of the cast made up of stars like Tony Randall Sher North and Jeffrey Hunter certainly do just this the real show

Stealer is Joan Woodward as Leola Boon but then given she’s a woman of so much talent does that really come as a surprise what might come as a surprise however is that no down payment picked up some pretty surprising celebrity fans as the years went on in fact in 1967 10

Years after its release David Bowie cited it as being a great film hell he even went as far as to call it a true reflection of the American way of life stinko again oh I do love a refined man who uses elegant words like stinko number seven the glass managerie I need

There’s no such type and if there is it’s a Pity unless the home is hers with a husband in it written by the legendary playwright Tennesse Williams The Glass Menagerie presented a master class in exploring human emotions when it was first released for audiences to see on

Screen in 1987 and that’s because it tells the story of the Wingfield family and more specifically their son Tom who is desperate to escape his restrictive home life and Branch out into the world but even if John Malkovich is technically the lead here in the role of Tom it’s arguably Joanne Woodward who

Steals the show as his Gentile Southern bell mother named Amanda after after all being from the south herself she was more than familiar with characters like this as she’d met many of them throughout her life that said her getting the role was arguably a case of nepotism as the man who directed this

Adaptation of the classic play legendary movie star Paul Newman was actually her husband and he would remain so up until his death in 2008 making this one of Hollywood’s longest lasting marriages why am I going on about my tribulation now you tell me about Yol because I hope

You don’t have any Tom number six Rachel Rachel every summer I say that and I buy Oodles of suntan lotion and at the end of the summer I’m still just as pale as a mushroom another film which saw Joanne Woodward being directed by her husband Paul Newman 1968’s Rachel Rachel sees

Her on top form as the titular Rachel Cameron and that’s because here she plays a lonely small town school teacher who starts to reassess her future when she gets asked out by an old classmate who now lives in the big city where do things go from here well that’s

Something we won’t spoil for you but we will say the journey is an entertaining one from start to finish and it’s even more entertaining as a result of Woodward and her co-star James Olsen having such excellent onscreen chemistry together but both Woodward and Newman wouldn’t be the only members of their

Family who worked on this one as the girl who played Rachel as a child during a flashback scene was actually Nell Potts the pair’s real life daughter this camera what do I still have to call you miss camer on anymore darling you can call me anything you you like at number

Five we have the fugitive kind I run with nobody I hoped I could run with you you are in danger here snakes skin featuring the combined heavyweight efforts of Tennesse Williams on script writing duties Sydney lumette behind the director’s chair and Marlin Brando commanding the screen there really was

No way in 1960s The Fugitive kind was ever going to fail to be less than excellent yes this tale of Valentine snakeskin Xavier a troubl prone Drifter trying his best to go straight is so good it’ll glue you to the screen for the entirety of its 119 minute runtime

Of course it also helps that Joan Woodward is here too as Carol craer a libertine drunker who ends up coming into contact with Xavier during his attempts to turn his life around as she’d never settle for anything less than excellent but perhaps the real historical footnotes here are that Not

Only was this the first time an actor namely Brando was paid $1 million for a single film but it was also the first time the word son of a was used on screen which is being uttered by Woodward at the 56 minute Mark you stop driving and you just drinking and

Finally you stop drinking number four the three faces of Eve so you’re not Eve white I certainly am not hey maybe one night this week you can tell you wife got to see a patient and do what go dancing in what has since gone down as perhaps her most celebrated

And iconic role Joanne Woodward gets a chance to show the true depths of her acting ability in 1957’s the three faces of Eve why is that well here she gets to play Not only one but three different characters as the woman she portrays is suffering from dissociative identity

Disorder obviously then this makes for a highly engrossing watch not just seeing Woodward pull off such a hefty rooll but also seeing the mystery of how our multiple personalities developed in the first place unfold across the film’s 91-minute runtime but this was no work of fiction no it was actually based on

The real life case of Chris Cosner seore an American woman who served as one of the first known cases of someone being diagnosed with a condition and so concerned was the studio about each of her personalities being okay with a movie being made about them they made her signed three separate contracts

Before filming Began who are you number three a big hand for the little lady what rules he loses the money by default but that’s every penny we have in this world 1968’s a big hand for the little lady sees Joan Woodward take on a more comedic role as

Mary the wife of a traveler who shows up in town to take part in a high stakes poker game and quickly finds out he’s gotten in over his head and the reason she has such a big part to play here is because once her man opts out she has to

Play in his place of course there’s more to the film than just this and the twists and turns which play out over the course of its 95-minute run time make it a mustat for any fans of comedy western Capers for some reason though when this

One was released in the UK it was would be under the new name of big deal at Dodge City and that’s especially strange as the movie doesn’t take place in Dodge City Kansas instead it takes place in Laredo Texas but you lost and you lost until you got sick with losing and you

Swore by by all that was holy that you would never play cards again number two the long hot summer clana has front teeth like a horse and I cried and I said I’m going to get my big brother jod Deana to punch you in the nose and you

Did while Paul Newman was more than happy to direct wife in movies he doesn’t actually appear on screen with her as many times as you would think he might thankfully though this wasn’t the case in 1958’s drama based upon the works of William fauler the long hot

Summer in fact in this one they actually play Love interests as over the course of the movie we get to see Newman’s Barn Burning con man named Ben quick fall in love with Woodward’s character Clara Varner so needless to say then the chemistry here is palpable and makes it

Worth the price of admission alone sadly though despite becoming pregnant with her and her husband’s first child during production Woodward would Mis carry before the baby could be born but at least they had three other healthy kids after this who would be named Nell Melissa and Claire so there was a happy

Ending to the whole story he came to call on me and then he met my father and then he didn’t come calling on me anymore our number one pick is the effect of gamma raay on man in the moon Mar Golds you want to put my

Poor old mother’s heart at ease well let me tell you I’d like to sit down and have a heart to a hard talk with you about that rabbit you gave Matilda it might have a wordy title but that didn’t stop the effect of gamma raay on man in

The moon maragold from becoming a Hit Upon its release in 1972 what makes it so good well it’s partially the direction from Paul Newman and partially the acting for both his wife Joan Woodward and his daughter n pots yes playing mother and child on screen here

Too the pair get to tell the story of a middle-aged Misfit who’s struggling to raise her daughter’s right and as it happens Woodward’s other on-screen child here is of good old Hollywood stock as well as she’s played by Roberto wallik daughter of Eli wallik that said for as

Good as her two younger coars are the real star is Joanne Woodward as beatric hundsdorfer so good is she in fact she’d not only get nominated for a Golden Globe but she’d also end up winning the award for best actress at the 1973 can film festival I want to to

Jesus and there we have it the top 10 Joan Woodward movies of all time no doubt you have your own list so be sure to let us know in the comments below also don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel and get alerted of our next video we’ll hope to see you Soon

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