Airplanes Now Experiencing Doors Flying Off! – Video

Airplanes Now Experiencing Doors Flying Off! – Video

The video “Doors Are Flying Off Of Airplanes Now?!” discusses the troubling safety concerns and installation issues on Boeing’s 737 Max 9 planes, which may have led to a scary incident on an Alaska Airlines flight. The incident involved the cabin losing pressure, causing items and even a portion of the plane to be sucked out of the fuselage. The video details the investigation by the NTSB, which found that the door on the plane became disengaged and blew out of the fuselage due to fractured guide tracks and missing bolts. It also discusses how Alaska Airlines had previously restricted the plane from flying over water due to maintenance issues. Additionally, United Airlines also discovered loose bolts around the installed door plugs on its Max 9 planes. The video raises concerns about the safety of the Boeing 737 Max 9 planes, which has resulted in all 170 planes being grounded. The video also highlights Boeing’s commitment to ensuring the safety and quality standards of its aircraft. Overall, the video sheds light on the troubling series of events that have led to doors flying off airplanes, and the impact it has had on the airline industry and passengers.

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This wasn’t the emergency door we’re at the end of the plane so the emergency door is right there it was just a piece of the plane okay so there was no one seated there there was thankfully no one seated near the window yeah they just said I said yeah I thought we were

Too we learned just a short time ago about troubling new safety concerns and installation issues on Boeing’s 737 Max 9’s and those could be related to what caused the scary incident on board an Alaska Airlines plane remember the cabin lost pressure horrifying passengers as items including an iPhone that remained

Intact was actually sucked out of the plane initially I heard a hissing noise that my brain in that Mo first moment um thought was like luggage sliding um I think now um in retro perspect it was probably the leak um then I heard the boom noise as I was pushed forward in

The plane um I would describe it as like somebody stepping on the brakes the exam to date has shown that the door in fact did translate upward all 12 stops became disengaged allowing it to blow out of the fuselage uh we found that both guide tracks on the plug were fractured

Uh we have not yet recovered the four bolts uh that restrain it from its vertical movement and we have not yet determined if they existed there that will be determined when we take the plug to our lab in Washington DC the ntsp says on three previous flights pressurization warning lights lit up in

The same cockpit yet Alaska only restricted that plane from flying over water to Hawaii until technicians could evaluate the problem Alaska a lines reported to the NTSB that their internal policy is to restrict aircraft with multiple maintenance maintenance writeups for certain aircraft systems from flying eops flights for a period of

Time that’s not required by the regulation that is an extra step that Alaska Airlines put in place now eops stands for extended twin engine operations what that means is that eops allow permits twin engine air airplanes to operate over a route that contains a point further than 3 hours flying time 3

Hours for this aircraft from the nearest airport and the Restriction was put in place per Alaska as an extra step to ensure safety and to allow them to conduct maintenance today the head of the NTSB said had that plane been flying any higher it could have been catastrophic for the 171 passengers on

Board as a result every Boeing 737 max9 was grounded that’s more than 170 planes and for days now these inspections have been ongoing Alaska Airlines also said late Monday preliminary inspections by its technicians of its max9 Fleet indicates some loose Hardware was visible on some aircraft just hours

After United said its technicians had discovered loose bolts around the installed door plugs on its Max 9’s neither airline has started the formal FAA mandated inspection process now Boeing says it regrets the impact of this disruption on Airlines and on Flyers adding in a statement we are committed to ensuring every Boeing

Airplane meets design specifications and the highest safety and quality standards

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