Jennifer Lopez Co-Stars With Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez Co-Stars With Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez is reintroducing herself yet again with genre-bending film “This Is Me…Now.”

Released in tandem with her first new album in a decade that shares the same title as the feature, the film is co-written by Lopez and Matt Walton. The cinematic original film co-stars Lopez’s husband Ben Affleck, as well as features cameos by Trevor Noah, Kim Petras, Sofia Vergara, Keke Palmer, and more.

The official synopsis reads: “Jennifer has created a narrative-driven cinematic odyssey, steeped in mythological storytelling and personal healing. Dropping in tandem with her first studio album in a decade, this genre-bending Amazon original showcases her journey to love through her own eyes. With fantastical costumes, breathtaking choreography, and star-studded cameos, this panorama is an introspective retrospective of Jennifer’s resilient heart.”

Grammy winner Dave Meyers directs using a story he co-created with Lopez and Chris Shafer. The Amazon MGM Studios features Fat Joe, Post Malone, Jenifer Lewis, Jay Shetty, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Sadhguru, Tony Bellissimo, Derek Hough, Trevor Jackson, Paul Raci, Bella Gagliano, Brandon Delsid, Ashley Versher, Malcolm Kelner, Alix Angelis, Danielle Larracuente, and Matthew Law, in addition to Lopez.

The film is billed being 20 years in the making and marking a first in Lopez’s decades-long career. Lopez’s new single “Can’t Get Enough” was released January 10 off of upcoming album “This Is…

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