American critically injured in Hezbollah’s 20-rocket attack on Israel

American critically injured in Hezbollah’s 20-rocket attack on Israel

An American citizen was seriously wounded during a terrifying incident when Hezbollah terrorists fired a 20-rocket barrage at northern Israel on Saturday. The attack resulted in two anti-tank missiles hitting a military post near the Zar’it community, causing a subsequent explosion that injured the 31-year-old American, an Israeli civilian, and an Israel Defense Force soldier.

The Israeli military reported that the American citizen sustained serious injuries, while the two injured Israelis suffered minor wounds. Unfortunately, no further details have been provided about the American victim at this time.

Hezbollah, a militant group based in Lebanon, has a history of launching attacks against Israel. This recent barrage of rockets serves as a reminder of the ongoing conflict in the region and the dangers faced by civilians and military personnel alike.

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