Crew emerge from year living in simulated Mars base

Crew emerge from year living in simulated Mars base

After more than a year living in a simulated Mars base at a Nasa facility in Texas, four volunteers have finally emerged from their unique living quarters. The volunteers, Nathan Jones, Anca Selariu, Kelly Haston, and Ross Brockwell, entered the 3D printed 1,700-square-foot enclosure on June 25, 2023.

During their 378-day stay, the volunteers experienced conditions that closely mimic those on the Red Planet. This simulation was designed to replicate the challenges astronauts would face during a potential future mission to Mars, including isolation, limited resources, and confinement.

The volunteers’ resilience and ability to adapt to their unique living situation will provide valuable insights for future missions to Mars and beyond. The knowledge gained from this experiment will help scientists and researchers better understand how humans can survive and thrive in the harsh conditions of space.

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