Animals Take on Stairs in Hilarious Compilation: America’s Funniest Home Videos (Full Episode) | Nat Geo Wild – Documentary

Animals Take on Stairs in Hilarious Compilation: America’s Funniest Home Videos (Full Episode) | Nat Geo Wild – Documentary

Animals Vs. Stairs: America’s Funniest Home Videos (Full Episode) | Nat Geo Wild

“Animals Vs. Stairs: America’s Funniest Home Videos” is a hilarious and entertaining episode of AFV Animal Edition that is filled with heartwarming and comical animal moments. The show is hosted by Alfonso Ribeiro and features a variety of funny animal clips that will surely make you laugh out loud.

The episode starts off with Tommy, a determined football player, trying to impress the coaches with his skills. The show then transitions into showcasing various animal antics, from dogs trying to navigate stairs to birds causing chaos in the backyard.

Throughout the episode, viewers are treated to a mix of adorable and silly animal moments, including a mischievous raccoon raiding a bird feeder, a squirrel eagerly waiting for someone to feed him, and a clumsy puppy attempting to take a bath in the toilet.

The episode also includes fun segments like “Know Your Animal Phobia” and “Mascot Moment,” where viewers can learn interesting facts about animals and sports team mascots.

Overall, “Animals Vs. Stairs: America’s Funniest Home Videos” is a delightful and light-hearted show that will definitely bring a smile to your face. So grab your snacks, sit back, and enjoy the wacky world of animal antics on Nat Geo Wild.

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Video Transcript

Sit Stay good dog an allnew AFV animal Edition starts right now Market set go with football tryouts only a week away Tommy was in serious training look at that speed and determination he knew the coaches would be impressed with how fast he was but he

Also wanted to show them he could take a hit w welcome to America’s Funniest Home Videos animal Edition and now the busiest worker be in television at least that’s the latest Buzz Alonso rero hello there I am so excited you’ve joined us for another episode of AFV

Animal Edition I hope you have your snacks laid out a tasty beverage to wash them all down your pets next to you on the sofa and make sure you have a towel handy just in case you and your pet laugh out loud with food in your mouth this show can sometimes get

Messy these two are inseparable in the summer they spend all their time at the lake got it in the winter they play in the snow from morning until night and if one of them gets stuck the other is right there to help but sometimes they both need help help

Me you like to think most animals get along in Perfect Harmony but you know they don’t rather than get bullied again the turtle sort of decides to just toss himself In in the US golf association’s rules of golf rule number nine is referred to as ball played as it lies no way of course in this particular situation I think we can make an exception no way the puppies just weren’t fans of the big baggy shorts look they preferred the

Shorter shorts of the Magic Johnson and Larry Bird ARA and the puppies win the puppies win the argument got a very friendly squirrel at our house here he’s I feel like he would just jump right on me right now he wants the kids to feed him he

Is he is a cutie pie and a little scary that he’s this okay I mean we’re like we’re like to well what were you predicting would happen you did call him a CutiePie I don’t know why the park rangers even bother tracking her they know where she will always be raiding

Mrs gunderson’s bird feeder they should really make them stronger okay her relationship with the Ducks was how should we say uh complicated they have issues with each other they’re working it out oops here it comes it’s going to be a big one ready I am a sucker for those cooking

Competition shows which is why I am so excited about this new show I have heard so much about I think Gordon Ramsay and Bobby fle should be nervous because fans are going to flock to cooking with boo I been we help me make a sandwich give me the ham ham sandwiches were Boon

Specialty so take note you’ll be wanting to make one of these for yourself good boy bring here thank you we give me some cheese Ham’s perfect Companion it may be hard to hold on to but it will be so well worth it hold on to it here no it’s not for you not for you here what else will you give me the mustard so far it’s pretty standard Fair ham cheese mustard boy good now and

Maybe some ketchup too there you go ketchup is the Wild Card ingredient Boon is not afraid to take chances that might be a beer beer to finish it off that’ll work good boy good boy now shut the door shut it oh grab me that one too okay

Grab me that one one for each of them shut the good boy watch for cooking with Boon coming soon big pie it will change how you think about the sandwich got all the fixings why did the chicken cross a road to get to the other side nope he crossed

The road because he saw you were headed that way and he thought wonder where they’re going that’s the thing about animals some of them just like to come along for the ride okay well this bird just landed on my hood the light I don’t know what we’re going to do when the

Light changes I’ll tell you what you’re going to do you’re going to take that bird where he wants to go because you now work for Flubber we have Uber birds have Flubber oh my God Flubber the ride share app for birds that are just too lazy to fly thanks for using

Flo hey there’s a snake on the hood of that car I wonder if the girls inside have even noticed it okay they have while Karen went in for a bite Bruiser kept his eye on the rig since we have given every driver a k9 co-pilot there hasn’t been a single break it not

A single one that’s a big 10 for good buddy sure the other kids made more money with their paper routes but Benny still preferred his chicken route once again here at Flubber we make sure every bird gets where they’re going in a timely manner but when we get

There you got to get off the car there you go thanks for using Flubber I don’t know what these guys said to that donkey but he did not care for It here Donkey D go P It whoa it’s raining cats and dogs no offense if you think finding a bear in your truck is terrifying wait till you see the horror that awaits this guy get out also thanks for using Flubber the difference between a cat’s personality and a dog dogs can be

Explained with this analogy if you were in jail one night the dog is who you would call to bail you out the cat would not bail you out because odds are the cat is sitting in jail next to you and you are both there because of something the cat talked you into

Doing some cats are flat out Velain now what’s happened is we’ve had a neighbor contact us because they’re missing their gloves better hope they don’t press charges missing gloves huh the neighbor’s going to have to be more specific Phoenix has a whole collection of stolen gloves and someone’s reading glasses and someone’s reading glasses so

I’m not kidding when I said the cat has brought home a laundry basket full of stuff wow Phoenix you’ve been busy but not as busy as you’ll be going door to door to give it all back Phoenix I know I know but you’re going to have to another felon felon brought

To Justice some cat just have crime in their blood look up in the air or over there in the woods or maybe it’s under the house or in the Attic almost anywhere can be the setting of a close encounter of the animal Kind here something there it is I got it I got it okay fun trip everyone what do you say we pedal back to short now the reward for pedaling up the hill is coasting all the way down just make sure to watch your speed you never know when an unexpected encounter may Occur the deer was fine but the cyclist will have this playing in his head for some time to come he was approaching the car so calmly but then time to go one of the biggest decisions a sports team has to make is what their mascot and name should be I always recommend an

Animal and the more unique the better a minor league baseball team in Amarello Texas did just that and with major success when they chose a prairie dog as their mascot but do you know what they go by are they the Amarillo a prairie Pound Puppies B sod poodles C barking

Squirrels or D the Panhandle possoms think you know the answer well I’ll tell you in our mascot moment when AF animal Edition [Applause] Continues the minor league baseball team in Amarillo Texas is known as The Sod poodle what exactly is a sod poodle you might ask well you’re looking at one oh yeah nice catch but these s poodles are actually named after these sod poodles and the one thing they have in common is they are

Both awesome and incredibly tough and cute can’t deny that one and the toughest cutest prairie dog of all the codies on the planet a codery is what you call a group of prairie dog by the way is Ruckus Ruckus The Sod poodle lives in hodgetown stadium he loves kids loves his

Fans loves his dear old dad Prairie Doug and most of all he loves baseball and the baseball way of life in 2019 over a th000 Amarillo area elementary school students participated in a vote to name the new team’s mascot and I have to say I think they chose the perfect

Name just look at this guy what are you doing it’s on fire you’re smoking he’s a total Ruckus and this Roo and tooting sod poodle has got moves both on the field and off uh seriously Ruckus the rest of the team is waiting to use that locker room so

The next time you find yourself in the Texas Panhandle you should swing by hodgetown stadium and cheer The Sod poodles on to Victory a seven in no hitter Ruckus will be keeping an eye out for you Goles we are going to watch a ton of videos together and as we do make note of which one is your favorite because at the end of the show we are going to award $1,000 to the clip we enjoyed the most so let’s see if we match okay now

The greatest piece of advice I have ever received was when I was 11 years old totally changed my Life all right listen I want to share it with you in hopes that it will do the same for you the true meaning of life Is I guess I’ll have to come back to that because it looks like it’s time for another edition of what’s that dog barking at Now oh he loves barking at them but he has never actually come face to face with such a Fearless One frankly he isn’t sure what to do Next and the squirrel is sort of digging it security cameras being everywhere have taken so much of the mystery out of life in the old days you would find an incredible mess in your yard look around and wonder how the heck did this happen now you just hit rewind on your phone

And the Mystery is solved between you and me usually an animal did it so tonight we are counting down the top 10 times you were glad that security camera was there let’s kick it off with the bottom five number 10 he thought the F mile walk they just

Took would have tired Roy out but Roy seemed to have boundless energy maybe tomorrow a 10m walk number nine and they thought a well-meaning ghost was taking the cans to the curb every week now if he would just bring them back in after number eight some things scare even the

Toughest of guys he’s got number s s so that is the reason the tap water has been tasting gy lately number six it seemed like a perfectly good shortcut back to the woods the mama bear thought she didn’t see the beware of dog side and she certainly didn’t see the beware of Haley

Side shoving a bear is not something I would ever recommend doing but I have to add way to go haling we will continue our countdown of the top 10 times you were glad that security camera was there a little later in the show even in the most loving of families

There is a pecking order of sorts the oldest child makes the rules the middle child Breaks the Rules and the youngest well the youngest feels the rules don’t even apply to them hm sound familiar well it’s the same pecking order with our pets Chin Chin dug holes where he wanted when he

Wanted you either got out of the way or you got dirty okay I know you are new around here but here’s how it works Kitty I was here first I am older than you I am bigger than you and this is my bed you can sleep anywhere else in the house just not

Here now don’t let me catch you on my bed again nope big kitty eats first yes puppies are cute they can also be Annoying he’s practically still a hatchling but that doesn’t stop him from challenging Big Brother I think someone’s been watching too much Ninja Turtles sometimes a young Kitty attempts to subvert the power Paradigm and then the alpha cat is forced to prove a point and the hierarchy remains intact And now it’s time for the animal News Network it’s with all the dogs will be talking about around the fire hydrant tomorrow I’m alons robero and here now the Animal news a town in New Zealand has earned the distinction of having the sleepiest drivers in the world a recent

Study has revealed that nearly 87% of drivers and passengers have reported overpowering fatigue while traveling on State High way too and the reason is simple Sheep watch this I’m so excited sheep running coming down the mountain lots and lots of sheep look how far they

Go all the way down the road and they just keep on coming it is quite the spectacle officer Packy McMan of the New Zealand Highway Patrol warns yeah there are a lot of sheep on the highway and when people drive drive through they become curious as to how many so they

Start counting that’s when the trouble starts officer McMan acknowledged that Travelers want to be able to tell people just how many sheep they encountered on their trip but encourages drivers to accept saying a lot a whole bunch or more than you can shake a stick out here ATN we recommend that instead of

Counting the sheep and risking falling the sleep while driving try naming them instead that will keep you alert and attentive until you run out of names this is a lot of sheep there is finally a solution for dogs who want to be pet while their

Owner is at work Feast your eyes on the automatic dog ped thanks to this ingenious device your dog will no longer have to feel unappreciated while you are away at work or school just set the patent pending automatic dog pet to one of its three settings comforting soothing or good

Dog while still in the testing phas the Creator assures us that once it is mass marketed it will come in different sizes so little dogs don’t feel left out famed recluse tortoise Jimmy the T was spotted out and about this week and luckily Ann cameraman was there to capture the

Sea as you may remember Jimmy the te Rose to fame decades ago starring in such Nature Documentaries as my tortois myself big shell big attitude and going at my own pace tired of the the celebrity life Jimmy simply disappeared and while he looks great he still just wants to be left

Alone the Republic of India moped Association is reminding tourists that when traversing through their beautiful country on moped that it is a good idea to go ahead and secure the optional moped Insurance tourists are also reminded to never Park their moped by the side of the road because frankly the elephants don’t like it and now it’s time for an animal News Network fake fact despite popular belief a camel’s favorite day of the week is actually Thursday not true Elma franer barel

Wishing you the happiest of animal news and now quite possibly the cutest thing you will see Today a two-month-old two-toed cloth is too too cute possibly the cutest thing you will see Today I truly believe all animals are great but then there are those who are not only great but also left their mark on the world we call those great animals in history space the final frontier where no man had gone before well at least that was the case

In January of 1961 three whole months before the Soviet Union would send the first human being to make the trip NASA escalated the space race with their project Mercury Mission by sending a different species of astronaut into the unknown a chimpanzee named ham ham was selected out of 40 other

Eligible Space Chimps by proving to be physically fit and exceptionally intelligent ham had the right stuff and after 18 months of extensive training ham was ready to make history and on January 31st 1961 at the cape canav Florida Launchpad ham became the first homade in space one small step for a chimp one

Giant leap for chimp K and for the next 16 minutes ham successfully completed the task he had been trained for to Pro prove that a human astronaut could do the same and after the whirlwind trip and a safe landing the USS Donna retrieved the primate Pioneers capsule from the

Atlantic Ocean and just like that the world had changed he was healthy a little stressed out and a national hero Ham’s Adventure in Space only lasted 16 minutes and 39 seconds but the things he achieved in that short time proved that safe space travel for humans was possible forever changing the world for

The better and that’s why ham the Astro chimp is a great animal in history when given the choice I will always take the stairs over the elevator because it’s good exercise I mean think about it have you ever seen a fat Slinky I’m just Saying Oh Being brave isn’t about about being Fearless it’s about knowing what to be afraid of so what do you say we play a round of know your animal phobia today’s fear is Gul aphobia but is Gul aphobia the irrational fear of a seals B snails C sharks or D starfish think you know the

Answer well I’ll tell you when AFV animal Edition continues Galeophobia is the irrational fear of sharks not your everyday Common Sense you’d be crazy if you weren’t scared of shark’s fear I’m talking irrational fear shark get it get it come on come on so if you have one of these phobics over to the house the last thing you want to

Do is turn on that Jaws marathon and even if no one is afraid of sharks you probably don’t want to watch Jaws for the Revenge it just isn’t very good and now you know I have read several articles where music critics tend to agree that the beach boy Pet Sounds is the greatest

Album of all time so I bought it not exactly what I was expecting from an album called Pet Sounds I mean there was no barking or meowing or name I was sort of bummed out I mean wouldn’t it be nice as a good song though but for me it’s Thriller it’s Thriller

Baby when he was in key his beautiful bark could make the Angels weep and when he was off key the Angels wept for an entirely different reason one thing’s for [Applause] sure that baby can sleep through anything shsi writes both the lyrics and and the Music and with no formal Training they just seem to find everything [Laughter] Funny can you sing ooh he was hoping you’d ask Perfection let’s continue our countdown to the top 10 times you were glad that security camera was there number five the bunny didn’t realize it was Oscar and Millie’s backyard plates out no you to you too hey hey it’s hard to know if bunny is toying with them or actually

Nervous I think to I mean the bunny could always get out the way it got in right the door the door oh my God but the lady of the house is not taking any chances she’s glad she has a security camera because no one would believe her

Otherwise number four they knew the wind couldn’t be responsible for all those broken branches bear dancing with the tree every night makes so much sense now number three when they hired Ted to dogit they hooked up their old nanny cam for Peace of Mind Ted’s online reviews

Claimed he went above and beyond but they never expected This can’t forget Binky best dog sitter ever number two it’s Groundhog Day how’s it work again I always get it mixed up so if he sees his shadow it means the sun is out and it is the perfect time for a Groundhog Day barbecue right that

Must be it because the sun is out and he wants that barbecue that’s right and if the lid falls on him there will be six more weeks of winter at least I think that’s how it goes we’ll continue our countdown with number one a little later in the

Show ever think you know someone and totally get it wrong we’ve all done it like the other day a woman came up to me and she say she knows me but then after a while I realized she has me totally confused with someone else now I hated

To disappoint her but finally I just had to stop her and say ma’am I’m not urle it happens to animals too you guys it’s a shark I swear to God a shark this is terrifying oh my God oh my God oh it’s a Dophin oh my go I bet the dolphin was

Flattered though always good to be thought of as a shark at least she didn’t mistake the dolphin for urel a dolphin whether you want to call them classic or vintage we have them in the AFV animal Edition archive he was a firm believer that if you just ignored them they would go

Away and oh how he hoped that was true who knows what evil lurs in the hearts of dogs the shadow Knows ice cream man ice cream man ice cream man he has a stale bread sunde that is amazing he had never tried it while standing on the horse before and it may be a while before he tries it again the blue whale has the largest

Heart of any animal on the planet but do you know how many beats per minute that gigantic heart is capable of do you think it is a lot or a little well I will tell you when AFV animal addition continues fun fact when a blue whale Dives to

Gather food its heart rate drops to as low as two beats per minute two I’d be terrified if it had stopped entirely and went back toward the surface the blue whale’s heart rate maintains between 25 and 37 beats a minute what do you think this guy’s heart rate is right now Now what do you say we see who’s been riding Us in the AFV animal inbox our first email comes from Sonia from Hannibal Missouri hi Alonso why do dogs hop so much oh Sonia dogs hop for lots of reasons first of all there is the sheer Joy of hopping seriously try it it’s

Fun but dogs also hop because of a hunting Instinct and sometimes it’s just so they can see sure he’s having the time of his life but he’s also trying to see that barley is high hi there hello our next email comes from Carla in Davenport Iowa dear Alfonso two

Questions are koala bears real bears and also do they go on vacation well Carla no koalas are marsupial not bears in fact koala bear is sort of a nickname they are simply koalas and do they go on vacation huh of course they do and they like to go fishing well at

Least this one does catch anything today mate now I know what you’re thinking koalas don’t eat fish they’re herbivores true true but I never said they were any good at fishing and even if they did catch something they would just release it going fishing isn’t all about catching fish it’s the

Process just another day in a let’s do another dear Alonso Every time my son goes to get the mail he is attacked by birds any advice Steve thanks Steve that’s a problem that is not as uncommon as you might think most people use a tennis racket one eye on

The bird one eye on the mailbox racket in hand and Dad safely on the porch walking you through it one more step one more Step abort abort it was probably just bills and junk mail anyway we love hearing from you so keep those emails coming and I will answer as many as I can remember when you first tried to ride a bike and you were all like wibbly and wobbly and falling all

Over the place but if you were like me you eventually got the hang of it in your late 30s well animals face a learning curve too and that’s good news because it’s a lot of fun watching them figure things out what you doing puppy huh what you doing puppy well the

Front half of him is going through the doggy door what’s wrong but I don’t know what the back half is up to did you get stuck that’s one way to put it how you going to get out of there there you go that’s it little guy show

That big bad footo who’s the boss around here good now walk away nice and cool oh dear yeah it’s cute watching him try to take a bath in the toilet but you don’t want to see what he does in the tub would you look at this little guy

Toddling around the house it just couldn’t get any cuter I stand corrected he got the concept of taking the recycling out to the curve it was getting the plastic jug through the doggy door he was struggling with looks like that jug is just going to

Have to stay in the house a little while longer he’s working on being scary intimidating aggressive but for now he’ll have to settle for confusing good rule of thumb when you’re learning a new skill for instance walking downstairs try not to overthink it if you think nugget isn’t going to bring

His toy shark to the puppy party think again this Labrador Retriever strength and speed are matched only by her Grace well she still got strength and speed if you want to get something done ask the busiest person you know like a parent the ultimate multitaskers parents get up first go to bed last take care of the house provide food and shelter get the kids to school soccer basketball and

Sleepovers I get exhausted just thinking about it I have four kids so I know life can get pretty chaotic for all of us even animals every parent can relate to this you have the one you have to carry everywhere the one that will follow you anywhere Then you have the Straggler and then the one that is just oblivious and wants to Play he’s having a good time and when you go back to get the last one Along Comes the one that follows you everywhere they follow her back what do you bet dad’s back at the cave still hibernating go babies go go Babies no not again a she got them all across finally and Mama Bear will do the same thing tomorrow being a parent is tough hope you’ve been paying attention because we are going to present $1,000 to the video we enjoyed the most think we will pick the same one as you we will

Also conclude our top 10 Countdown show you our viral clip of the week and a whole lot more when AF animal Edition Continues little Ed’s dad felt this was the best way to make sure little Ed never never suffered from the irrational fear of sharks galeophobia remember just hope it doesn’t backfire and little Ed comes down with the case of globophobia globophobia is the irrational fear of

Balloons when a video takes on a life of its own and everyone starts sharing it it qualifies as our viral clip of the week Jimmy we need a price check on a 10t diamond python on Isle 7 that’s a price check on a 10t diamond python thank you

Jimmy they will tell you that when you fall off a horse you got to get right back on it’s good advice but when you find yourself getting back on for like the thousandth time maybe the horse is trying to tell you something Frisco had this crooky thing

He liked to do whenever he felt a rider wasn’t doing it right he’d sail them into the W you can sort of tell by how he’s dressed he’s never done this before as would you like a tree he was the most positive horse in the barn oh you want some treat what’s that

O Tinkerbell always started off strong but by jump number two she would lose all interest Zena had a less than subtle way of reques re questing more personal space it was effective however you that on video I hope you these two Pony Pals are always helping each other out but as they’re

Getting bigger they’re getting stronger push push Push he had all the room in the world and it still wasn’t enough for him Carrots are one of Pony’s favorite Treats and little girls like them too we have been counting down the top 10 times you were glad that security camera was there but before we reveal number one let’s take another look at the first nine number 10 Boundless Energy number nine the garbage can Hound number eight oh my God stink alert

Stink alert number seven a swim under the stars number six way to go Haley number five the chase is on leave it leave it number four oh yeah that’s the spot number three best dog sitter ever number two the groundhog barbecue and now on our countdown of the

Top 10 times you were glad that security camera was there we proudly present number one woo boy that’s a lot of coffee there and it’s the good stuff too so she will just put this large amount of money on the scale it will be safe there but before the transaction could be

Completed an over caffeinated bird comes in and then takes off he’s off The Bu bird seat and that is number one we saw an amazing array of videos tonight and I wish I could give all of them the dough but the video we enjoyed the most and the recipient of the $1,000

Is the snow tunnelers from Holly riy of kandoor New York maybe Holly can use the money to buy a really really good snow shovel oh help me I kid you not when I say this is the fastest hour of my week time really does fly when you’re having fun but in

Addition to having fun I think we may have also learned a thing or two along the way we learn that the Call of the Wild is not always pretty we learn that you should always wait your turn and always give the goat the right of way we learned the mascot for the

Amarillo sod poodles is named Ruckus that petting your dog by hand May soon become obsolete one of the greatest astronauts in history was a chimpanzee named H and that seagulls make the absolute best comedy audiences but most of all we learned just how much fun it is to live life love animals and

Laugh all the while you were doing both let’s do this again very soon good night Everybody

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