The One True Queenpin: Full Episode of Narco Wars on National Geographic – Video

The One True Queenpin: Full Episode of Narco Wars on National Geographic – Video

In a world dominated by male figures, there is one story that breaks the mold. National Geographic’s Narco Wars: The One True Queenpin is a gripping full episode that delves into the world of women in the drug trade. Some find themselves caught in the crossfire, while others are deeply entrenched in the dangerous game of smuggling and cartels.

This episode showcases the power, cunning, and influence of one woman who rises to the top as the one true queenpin. From the heart of Latin America to the streets of powerful drug cartels, this documentary explores the rise of women in a male-dominated industry and the impact they have on the dangerous world of narcotics.

With unprecedented access to cartel members and law enforcement agencies, Narco Wars delves deep into the geopolitical, social, and cultural factors that have shaped the rise of ruthless drug cartels in Latin America. Through this eye-opening exploration, viewers will gain a new perspective on the world of narcotics and the women who have carved out their own powerful roles within it.

Experience the full episode of Narco Wars: The One True Queenpin on National Geographic and embark on a journey through the tumultuous world of drug trafficking like never before. Don’t miss out on this riveting story of power, intrigue, and survival. Subscribe now and enjoy a free trial of National Geographic to watch this episode and many more.

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