Apple has done this again 🍎🔁 – Video

Apple has done this again 🍎🔁 – Video

Apple has done this before 👀

Apple has a history of including hidden features in their products, and it seems they are continuing that trend with their latest M3 and M4 products and M2 iPads. Did you know that there is a secret thread radio in all of these devices that has not been enabled yet? Thread is a key component of the smart home protocol known as Matter, which Apple has helped develop alongside Google and other tech companies.

This hidden thread radio could potentially be used in the future to allow users to more seamlessly control their smart home devices. This isn’t the first time Apple has kept a feature under wraps until they were ready to activate it. Remember the second generation iPod Touch? It was revealed to have Bluetooth radios inside that weren’t enabled until an iOS 3.0 update.

Similarly, Apple surprised users last year by activating temperature and humidity sensors inside the HomePod Mini that were discovered during tear downs but remained inactive until they were turned on. It seems that Apple enjoys surprising users with hidden capabilities in their products, so who knows what other secrets they may have in store for future devices.

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