Apple Watch X — release date, news and everything we know so far

Apple Watch X — release date, news and everything we know so far

Apple Watch 10 is all but confirmed, even if the company has kept mum. The rumor mill has churned regardless of any comment from company headquarters in Cupertino, and official news about Apple Watch X is expected any day now. Here is a summary of everything known and expected.

There have been nine official series of Apple Watch so far, producing 13 models in total, with the various Ultra and SE models included. But, in typical Apple fashion, any details about the Apple Watch X are being kept close to the company’s industry-dominating chest. Still, informed speculation and other tidbits do slip out, so here’s what could be on the way for the next Apple Watch.

Apple Watch X release date

First things first: the release date. Apple tends to keep its watch releases at a strict schedule, releasing a new Apple Watch every year. The Apple Watch Series 9 came out in 2023, meaning the Apple Watch Series 10 is thought to be coming out this year, in 2024.

The name Apple Watch X has been used unofficially from those who follow Apple releases, with the thinking that Apple would celebrate the 10th anniversary of the smartwatch with a new brand, just like they did with the iPhone X in 2017, and even with Mac OS X all the way back in 2001.

There are various Apple events that could be the perfect springboard for this year’s smartwatch but most expect that the company’s annual September keynote will be the time we hear of the new model.

Apple Watch X rumored price

Apple has been catching some criticism already in 2024 for eye-watering prices, thanks to the admittedly high cost of the Vision Pro. While nothing is confirmed when it comes to the Apple Watch X, we can predict it based on smartwatch prices from the past.

Usually, we get two case sizes for the Apple Watch, so we’d expect the same for the 10th series. If the prices stay the same as the 2023 releases, we should likely see the following recommended retail prices:

  • Apple Watch Series X (41mm): $399
  • Apple Watch Series X (45mm): $429

That’s just for the base version. If you want add-ons like cellular connectivity, you should expect to pay an additional $100. Other specifications, such as case materials apart from aluminum, like stainless steel and titanium, will also cost more.

Apple Watch X rumored features

Generally speaking, a new series of Apple Watch features the latest version of watchOS. WatchOS 11, expected to debut with the new device, is thought to include some AI functionality, such as a smarter version of Apple’s trusty voice assistant, Siri.

On April 19, design leaks helped YouTuber Shea create the most accurate illustration of what the Series X may look like yet. It’s believed to have a slimmer design with a larger screen, a new magnetic band connector and new sensors.

Getting into the more detailed features of the Apple Watch X, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman promises “a splashy upgrade.” But he also goes deeper into the specifics.

Smartwatches have always been connected to health tracking and monitoring, and Gurman reports that a blood-pressure checker is expected to be added to the Apple Watch’s already fairly comprehensive set of health and fitness features. Presumably, this feature will also be exclusive to the Apple Watch 10.

The Apple Watch X is thought to also assist with sleep apnea detection, according to Gurman. This would be based on existing health monitoring functions, like the heart rate monitor, and would alert the wearer if it suspected they had this condition, although a final diagnosis should still be sought with a healthcare professional, of course.

Moving onto aesthetics, Gurman also mentions that the Apple Watch X will feature a thinner case, with the entire model being more lightweight in its design. While this fits with the ever-smaller design ethos across most portable tech, it’ll be interesting to see how Apple maintains the same level of performance. Making the smartwatch even smaller could mean there are some compromises on speed, battery, or in some other area, unless Apple has come up with a savvy way around this potential obstacle.

Alternatively, it could see some of the hardware move around to another part of the watch. Apple is known for its detachable bands, allowing you to customize their color, design, and style. This could switch over to a magnetic attachment, according to Gurman, creating valuable space inside the watch for more technologically-minded hardware.

This would have its own downsides, however, meaning any old bands you might have and want to use on the new series model would no longer be compatible. That’s never seemed to bother Apple before, however, which switches up cable compatibility, even introducing proprietary formats, more than any other smartphone company.

Nothing reported here has been confirmed by Apple. Indeed, we’ve not even had an official Apple Watch X announcement. But unless Apple breaks from a 10-year tradition, we can likely expect a new model of Apple Watch this year, whatever its name or features.

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