Attacked by a Costa Rican Jungle Insect – Video

Attacked by a Costa Rican Jungle Insect – Video

STUNG by a Costa Rican Bush!

In the YouTube video titled “STUNG by a Costa Rican Bush!” Coyote Peterson takes on the challenge of encountering the scratchbush, a plant that leaves its victims with painful stings. With dramatic music in the background, Coyote braves the sting of the plant, which is covered in spines containing formic acid. Despite the intense pain experienced immediately after the sting, Coyote showcases his resilience and documents the effects of the plant on his arm over a 24-hour period. Although the scratchbush causes discomfort and blistering, Coyote’s body reacts well, showing minimal aftereffects. Coyote also mentions the possibility of encountering a more potent stinging plant, the evil woman, in the future. Join Coyote Peterson on this adventurous journey as he continues to explore the wild and face the challenges of nature.

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Video “STUNG by a Costa Rican Bush!” was uploaded on 05/28/2024 to Youtube Channel Brave Wilderness