Bethany Hamilton, star of ‘Soul Surfer’, supports Anti-Shark Device – Video

Bethany Hamilton, star of ‘Soul Surfer’, supports Anti-Shark Device – Video

Bethany Hamilton, the professional surfer who lost her left arm in a shark attack in 2003, is making headlines once again. This time, she is promoting an anti-shark device called Sharkbanz. The device, which claims to emit powerful magnetic technology, is said to deter sharks from approaching those wearing it.

Hamilton’s endorsement of Sharkbanz has sparked controversy, with some skeptics calling it a gimmick and questioning its effectiveness. Critics argue that the device may provide a false sense of security to surfers and swimmers, leading them to believe they are completely safe from shark attacks.

Despite the controversy, Hamilton stands by her endorsement of Sharkbanz, stating that she believes in the technology and has personally used the device while surfing. In interviews with Inside Edition, she explains her decision to support the product and shares her own perspective on shark safety.

The makers of Sharkbanz also defend their product, emphasizing the scientific research behind its development and testing. They argue that Sharkbanz is a valuable tool for those who spend time in the water and want an extra layer of protection against shark encounters.

As debates continue over the effectiveness of Sharkbanz and other anti-shark devices, one thing is clear: Bethany Hamilton remains a powerful advocate for shark safety and prevention. Her personal experience with sharks has given her a unique perspective on the topic, and her endorsement of Sharkbanz is sure to generate further discussion on the best ways to stay safe in the ocean.

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