Breaking My Husband’s Rules Results in Punishment | MY EXTRAORDINARY FAMILY – Video

Breaking My Husband’s Rules Results in Punishment | MY EXTRAORDINARY FAMILY – Video

Brandi and Laz Robinson may look like a typical couple on the outside, but behind closed doors, they practice domestic discipline. In their relationship, Laz takes on the dominant role as the ‘head of house’ (HOH), while Brandi is the submissive ‘taken in hand’ (TIH). Domestic discipline involves Laz setting rules and expectations for Brandi to follow, with consequences such as line writing or spanking for breaking them. While some may view their dynamic as controversial, the Robinsons claim that it has brought them closer together as a couple and made them happier than ever.

Their story sheds light on a lifestyle that is often misunderstood and judged by society. Through their openness and honesty, they hope to challenge misconceptions and show that domestic discipline works for them. Ultimately, their unique relationship dynamic is a choice that has strengthened their bond and brought them fulfillment.

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Brandi and Laz Robinson look like a pretty conventional couple: Laz, 38, works in solar engineering, Brandi, 36, is a stay at home mum who (pre-Covid19) homeschools their three kids and has a penchant for coupon shopping. But behind closed doors they practice domestic discipline, a type of relationship which sees Laz dole out punishments to Brandi, from line writing to spanking. Domestic discipline is where one partner takes on the dominant rule maker (and enforcer) role, while the other partner is the submissive. In the case of the Robinsons, Laz is the ‘head of house’, or HOH, while Brandi is the ‘taken in hand’ or TIH. It also adheres to traditional gender roles with Brandi doing the cooking and housework, while Laz looks after the garden and related manual chores. The pair, from Columbus, Ohio, claim that being in a domestic discipline relationship has made them closer as a couple.

Videographer: Max Rodriguez
Producer: Nathalie Bonney, Ruby Coote, James Thorne, Kim Nguyen
Editor: Beth Angus

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