Bún Riêu like I’ve never seen before: My Vietnamese sister’s twist on a classic dish! – Video

Bún Riêu like I’ve never seen before: My Vietnamese sister’s twist on a classic dish! – Video

Come along on a culinary adventure with us as we follow a Vietnamese sister who makes Bún Riêu like you’ve never seen before! In this video, we explore some hidden gems in Vietnam, starting off in Bentan where we discover a unique version of the traditional Bún Riêu. This dish, featuring prawn and rolled pork skin, is a must-try for any food enthusiast.

The video takes us behind the scenes into the kitchen where we witness the meticulous process of preparing the rolled pork skin. The sister expertly cleans and rolls the skin before cooking it to perfection. We also get a glimpse of the homemade noodles and the fragrant broth that elevate this dish to a whole new level.

As we indulge in the delicious Bún Riêu, we are joined by special guests, Kiki and her fiance Tim. Kiki, a Vietnamese native living in Hong Kong, adds her own unique perspective to the experience. Together, they sample fried bananas and discuss the nuances of Vietnamese cuisine.

The video continues to showcase another hidden gem in District 7, where we are treated to a mouthwatering plate of Bò Lá Lốt (beef wrapped in betel leaf). The dish, packed with juicy beef and an array of fresh herbs and vegetables, is a true delight for the senses.

Overall, this video is a delightful exploration of Vietnamese culinary treasures, showcasing the passion and skill of local chefs who continue to surprise and impress us with their innovative dishes. Join us on this culinary journey and discover the rich flavors and unique ingredients that make Vietnamese cuisine truly exceptional.

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Video Transcript

Good afternoon let’s see we’re just going to explore I’m going to show you some places I’ve been wanting to try now we’re going to start off in uh bentan today we’re in a little here I forgot the name of it but you can see got stuff

All the stuff you can buy like your typical CH but check this out but the fact that it’s we get many times of BU right you have like cool oh bu like with the tofu this one’s going to be with th right so you’re going to have the prawn but what’s interesting

About here yeah you’re probably looking this and like yeah hell cool exactly exactly as it’s described the pig skin wrapped it’s so fascinating I can’t wait to show you all the spot uh this place has been featured on a lot a lot of Vietnamese blogs uh you can see

Right here they’ve been written about they got all types of Articles and everything written up about how like unique this dish is so the fact we’re going to get in here and we’re going to try it and experience it we’re we’re so lucky oh man the fact that we’re still finding

New things just inside alone after so many years I get to bring youall with me this is the best all right so we’re back here in the kitchen and we’re going to get to see how they actually make this rolled pork skin so we’ve already washed them kind

Of when they first get the skin they bring it in and how they clean it up removing the fat kind of like rect tangling it off making sure it’s actually symmetrical and then washing it and now we’re at this stage come on and so then all he’s going to do is

Actually take it put a little bit of secret sauce on it and then roll it up and tie it off and go into the cooking process uh here so she’ll actually give these noodles a little blanch right here she got her here so these are like what she’s making

Right here we got to see her make them just a little bit before on it’s beautiful you can smell how fragrant that moonil is I think you talk to any Vietnamese person and one of the most their their favorite but something they may not say all the time

Is Boom cuz usually it’s like your mom makes it best and so that’s actually what’s special here and this happens Vietnamese Hospitality sometimes I’m just is asking what things are and next thing I know it gets prepared for me um just a lazy just a lazy piece of

Crap so just one more thing about like Vietnam like Toom a lot of people ask like what’s the difference on you know it so getting a truly special experience here we’re getting everything but what I wanted to say was it’s very dependent on the restaurant how they they sell either do

Or thcom so this place I actually had to look at it right you can see they have a do bit but it’s actually more than the thcom so sometimes just pay attention to the restaurant okay so I got the vegetable here pretty typical with what you get

Right so you’re going to get the Ramon but how it’s been shredded like this that’s one of my favorite things to eat and boom and then just a gorgeous ball isn’t this actually like the wrap skin kind of cool to look at I thought actually when I first saw

It I thought it was just like like hik or something something like that but once I did more research I found it’s actually the pork so let’s pay our respects to the vietnames broth let’s give it a try I don’t know if you can see the difference in that oil layer that’s got

Kind of like that orange Hue to it and then you got little clear spaces where you can see into it as well yeah you can’t go wrong with that one reason I love wound rail so much the small rice noodles I kind of like how this falls apart I love the texture from

This kind of got the hot thing in Vietnam right now you get that I mean you see it a lot with or any type of ba this may be the first time I’ve had it with boom though let’s go for a money bite right off the bat let’s kit look at

That almost like an extra little noodle get a little bit of everything got that beautiful mumo mixture what she got for me eat it on top and go for it here is the jom another unique dish pork fat and prawn how could it be bad still not overcooked I like how

She’s just almost kind of blanching them real quick and then taking them out cuz then they’re not going to sit in that broth and over cook some things can cook Down Like My Tofu My Tofu can stay in that broth as long as it wants but something like this so light so delicate

Melt in your mouth just’s a sweet pra flavor get out of here to me it still got just like this little bit of tiny teeny tiny snap but then as you kind of chew then it melts in your mouth it doesn’t fall apart it’s not too just

Like mushy to me that texture is something so unique hello hello I came for this that but I would stay for this W viam delicious diamonds so hang up live okay that was really funny we just took pictures for a couple minutes they super friendly unique product clean good

Quality ingredients definitely go back there and eat it was a good find oh no oh no onward I love coming through these alleys though especially when they’re up Gap like this all the beautiful plants it’s actually very peaceful oh finally I went down like the wrong alley four times yeah kind

Yeah okay come on okay see you tomorrow okay I said we were going to come back today I did not realize we’re going to have special guest we got Kiki and her fiance Tim so Kiki’s Vietnamese born in Jalan and she actually Liv lives in Hong Kong they hit

Me up they were like Hey we’re in Vietnam can you me uh yeah could always use some guest to help me go eat they’re filming their little intro right now but we today so we got I don’t know so we’re gonna have to speak loud

And really talk to ba here so ba is 85 this year uh she somebody I want to meet before that so I’m glad we got to get here and show y’all what she’s selling and look at this cute little sign she’s got here I got the little little like bear and the sweet

Potato guy yeah don’t Li got to try that got to try first we got go it’s hot oh my gosh banana is like fresh cheers brother cheers well she said right vames food better than American food she’s super cute so if you come here she will talk to you and talk to

You talk you but I love Quang a little bit sweet crunchy Fri speee o try this before we burn our fingers off right here so this is the fried banana looks gorgeous fried up perfectly or it’s just how you want it that’s exactly what you want that’s exactly what you want crunchy

Fried delicious nice ooey gooey and sour on the inside oh definitely somebody you want to come support I mean she’s been doing it over 30 years so she knows exactly what she’s doing what and the hey guys how do you think this happened there’s a a

Pole and it goes through this car right underneath this guy’s so unlucky police station right here oh I wish I would have videoed that what’s number one roll in eating Vietnamese food fall the smoke so we’re going to eat some B we’re all the way down in

District 7 here and so out here is their grilling station but we have to go in this way a little bit when you want to eat so they got a cool little Contraption here they actually got two sides of grilling going on cuz they will get super busy this is their Grill

Station but even inside they’re going to have more grilling going on there now I’m kind of amazed even with the mask they can handle this y’all my eyes are already tearing up and I’m already smelling a lot better but that’s not saying much okay okay let’s check out the food I’m

Crying I suuck cuz I’m sad I’m so happy I get to eat this over here’s the Madness by the way and just to explain this place Madness you turn up there it’s still Madness s Street and they’re not here pure quiet so look for the smoke and then you can

Come down here until here’s where you set up the restaurant so they know this whole Space will get busy this is where they do the prep though so they’ll Grill everything but they’re getting the the herbs the vegetables and actually going to finish up the plate for you going to see it’s

More than just that they’re actually going to Dish it up a certain way that I want to show Y’all and this is what you want when in Vietnam got this huge plate of vegetable right here but look at this some people aren’t a fan of this but I think you definitely got to check it out look at that sauce look at the fried shallots look they actually got peanut in there

Well you can tell how juicy that b is now like I’m talking about some people dig this because when you have AAL they want it juicy right but actually know some people we kind of like it drier as well so this is the whole preference thing if you like

Juicy sauce packed with lots of heni and the peanut and lots of toppings this is your place look at this maybe the biggest wet top I’ve ever seen they know you’re going to get messy oh this right here is a reason enough to move to Vietnam and this right here is just one

Of the most perfect dishes you can get in Vietnam that leaf that special leaf we use to wrap it almost a little bit of pepperiness from it and their little mixture kind of got like a warming spice I don’t think it’s a cinnamon but something that works in that same way

With that nice fatty juicy beef you roll it up in all the vegetables and dip it in one of the best sauces in the world mum it does not get much better than this and this you got to combat all that sauce is juice said i’ like to have just

A mountain of herbs and vegetable and it gets better and better the more you dig in in here I couldn’t even see but they actually have the fried scallions in oil as well and to me one of the better ways to have M name I don’t know if you can see

It I know they got got a lot of pineapple in there but to me that pineapple chili got to have some garlic as well wow pungent funky and sweet kind of like your boy here I think that defines me pretty well too Come on I’m doing the math I I think a plat of 50 but I’ve never had c those before 4,000 so there you go yeah come on um I got here super early the owners weren’t even out yet too so that’s something I did want to say

Because I yall know me I try not to we call like lumine like I don’t want to bother anybody I just want to show y’all delicious food here’s the madness I talked about

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