Bust at the Stash House: Seizing Coke, Cash, and Fentanyl | Mega Episode of To Catch A Smuggler | Season 2 Full Episodes – Video

Bust at the Stash House: Seizing Coke, Cash, and Fentanyl | Mega Episode of To Catch A Smuggler | Season 2 Full Episodes – Video

In this thrilling episode of To Catch A Smuggler, viewers are taken on an intense journey as agents from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) work tirelessly to stop dangerous contraband from entering the U.S. through JFK, MIA, and ATL airports. From cocaine and cash to fentanyl, the agents spare no effort in their mission to catch smugglers.

In one scenario, agents intercept a truck battery that was smuggled across the Southwest border, believed to be carrying narcotics. The cooperator agrees to cooperate with the authorities, setting up a controlled delivery to apprehend the source. With the fear of the unknown looming, agents must stay vigilant and be prepared for any situation that may arise.

Meanwhile, during Super Bowl weekend in South Florida, agents are on high alert for an influx of smugglers looking to take advantage of the large crowds. With human trafficking and prostitution also on their radar, agents are determined to keep their communities safe.

Through surveillance and interviews, agents work tirelessly to uncover illegal activities and disrupt criminal organizations. The stakes are high, but the agents are unwavering in their commitment to protecting the borders and keeping dangerous contraband out of the country.

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Video Transcript

For a record 11th time South Florida will welcome the Super Bowl back to Miami in 2020 needless to say this will bring a whole lot of people here to South Florida super Bow are you attending yeah you’re going to the Super Bowl yeah we got the Super Bowl on Sunday so we know a lot of people are going to want a party so we know the Smugglers are going to want to get in a piece of that see your

Passports where you going today we’re looking for Narcotics and illegal activities such as human trafficking and prostitution and you live here I live in Boston in Boston we’re trying to have our community safe so let’s get to work we’re at a rival gate a flight coming from Medan Colombia we’ve got a

Bunch of officers out here we’re going to interview as many people as we can we got some Intel of a person of interest she may be tied to people that are dealing our otics or sometimes that organization also profits off of prostitution enjoy day got Her coming from Columbia mostly we look for club drugs ecstasy Coke and ketamine and the new drug that’s coming out now it’s called tusi it’s very popular now right now we’re just going to see if narcotics wise she has anything on her and uh we’ll go for left I’ll put Here all right tonight we doing a control delivery uh basically we were contacted by HSI mobile they intercepted a truck battery the truck battery was smuggled across the Southwest border and then it was going to head up this way into Atlanta the driver he admitted that he was transporting narcotics in a hollowed

Out battery didn’t know what kind of Narcotics he was carrying but agreed to cooperate with us they’re going to contact to their Source The Source will hopefully drive out here and take custody of the battery once we get a little bit away from the meat location we’re going to apprehend

Whoever’s in the vehicle at the time we don’t know who’s coming so just be alert watch for counter surveillance and uh you know just anything that’s out of the ordinary all right let’s take a look at the battery in Mexico they have plants that just make these batteries specifically to transport

Narcotics heroin coke meth somebody got any alligator clips put on this thing see if it’s hot see if it Sparks what they’ll do is they’ll hollow out the cells inside the battery and they put a huge metal plate at the bottom of the battery because batteries are heavy so they don’t want

Them to feel light so it’s works from that they’ll go ahead and put a motorcycle battery in there so if somebody comes up there and checks the battery they’ll still get 12 volts and think it’s normal we don’t know if what’s in the battery there’s really no way of us

Finding out without tearing the battery up cuz everything’s sealed tight like it’s factory made so that’s just something we’ll have to find out later all right that’s it okay the cooperator has the battery in his truck and he’s going to try to bring it to the predetermined location our

Plan is to setup around this local business hopefully we’ll see an exchange between two vehicles the guy comes up picks up the battery but we just received this information 6 hours ago we have no clue at all who’s picking up anything which is the scariest part of

This job because we don’t know their criminal history we don’t know if they’re bringing guns to the meet but that’s what our group does best is we we rally up when we need to make sure everybody does everything right make sure everybody goes home right now we’re just digging into her

Bags to see if she has any narcotics on her thise wow there is artia school teacher do this one he testing a few little bottles to see if it tested positive for any type of narcotic it was negative so I’m satisfied with the bag narcotics wise we didn’t find

Anything but she’s a subject of interest and the guy she’s linked to sometimes leans to prostitution so that might be the other Avenue we’re digging into to see if maybe she’s coming for that maybe he’s running narcotics and girls a renegade too we just got one yeah operation

Renegade is a effort here at the airport to identify foreign Travelers that are seeking to engage in the illicit sex industry and deeming that it is Super Bowl weekend we’re getting a lot of girls that are coming to work so we’re going to ask her further

Questions if it turns out to be nothing so be it but if it does I hope we get some good Intel to disrupt human trafficking and prostitution Organizations this is the parking lot where the uh transaction supposed to occur where the cooperator is going to meet with the source so if we’re going to spread out through the parking lot and some other local businesses in the area Al together we’ve got somewhere right around 20 agents doing this

Control delivery this evening the cooperator will be pulling down into the Walmart in a couple minutes I told him to telling around the Dollar Tree I wonder if we can park over here and get a long eye I don’t want to get too long all right the white dos Park directly in

Front of Dollar Tree about two rows out the cooperator was instructed where to park in the parking lot here the truck has arrived and is standing by now waiting for the unknown source here in Atlanta to meet with them he’s keeping his headlights on I’m guessing he’s doing that so whoever’s coming

Can figure out where he is and a vehicle pulling up to the truck passed on by this store has blue lights flashing uhoh they got a uniform car sitting there the cops probably inside for a shot or something if the person who’s supposed to pick up the battery sees

Lights it may spook them and then they won’t show Up they got a uniform car sitting there the cops probably inside for a shot or something okay guys bad guys are a hard no they will not come out tonight they want to meet early in the morning I can guarantee you that the bad guys just got spooked by the police

Activity in the area we’re going to come back in the morning probably pretty early and uh get things started again now unfortunately we’re on Doper time and sometimes it goes fast sometimes it doesn’t it’s going to go it’s just going to go Tomorrow All right approximately a year ago we used camera footage of CCTV to identify a possible Courier that came in pre-clear from the Bahamas he did not have to pass through customs he did not have a checkedin bag he went down to the baggage carousel took a bag off and then got into a

Taxi through our follow-up investigation we confirmed a bag was loaded with kilos of cocaine so it is our belief that there is an internal conspiracy at the airport in nasso Bahamas the drugs are being introduced by a person that works at the airport that bag with cocaine then flies to New York’s JFK

Airport then it’s coming down the domestic side here where the Cur is taking it away and then the drugs are handed off to the local distributor this is a picture of the Cur from last year uh he’s pretty distinguishable with his stripe shirt because it’s like a bumblebee we called

Him the Busy Bee this is the first first time he’s coming back to New York since then and only staying until Saturday so we believe he’s smuggling cocaine again today we’re going to try and catch some bad guys tonight we’re going to do surveillance everybody’s going to be in

Plain clothes right but have some sort of police mocking we’ll follow him till he gets to the baggage carousel we’ll see if he picks up a suitcase and at that point we’ll hit him before he gets to that elevator for the taxi all right counter surveillance be on the lookout

For it we’re going to get moving she seems too clean for Comfort maybe she’s new to the game they’re testing her out first appr sh for Super Bowl weekend sir I don’t want to sound rude CU she looks kind of young maybe someone sick fantasy it’s messed up but it’s true

We know that some of the vulnerable females from South America get picked up by the cartels and they sometimes they’re forced into prostitution so in this case we’re trying to make sure that she’s safe trying to see exactly what’s going On where is she from she’s from here we found a social media account where she seemed to have taken a lot of I type professional photos she takes trips uh around the world she has a very uh Prestige group of friends that have money she travels a lot for a teacher

Those trips are paid for because teachers don’t make that much in Columbia we’re trying to verify how she’s able to afford all this travel if she can explain that it will help us verify her story who bought your ticket for this TR yes you have a picture see look at supposedly she was a backup singer for an international Performing Artist so we’re just going to try to verify that information she has pictures with him oh she’s also into modeling so we dug a little deeper and we were able to verify that she was

Indeed a backup singer but she also does a lot of modeling and she’s also done some acting it explains why her travel expenses are usually covered by other people so she’s good to go put I even though Our Last Passenger ended up being a legitimate traveler we can’t let our

Guard down while these sex trade organizations continue to plague our society CBP would stay vigilant 47 we were waiting for a load to come in on a flight from the Bahamas we have approximately 26 people out here working this op we’re going to have one CBP officer with one HSI agent we’re going

To have the NYPD Port Authority spread out we’re trying to cover every in and out of exit every possible scenario hopefully we’re going to take the guy down and affect the Arrest There we go ready go I come with me We had the surveillance in place it was great we made the arrest everything went pretty smooth hopefully the guys is loaded we seize the drugs and then we’ll take down this transnational criminal Organization a s one more one more one more was thank you s Domingo ven I’ll go over there okay Venezuela it’s a Transit point with narcotics coming to the country we’re trying to stop that Trend in Miami okay so we’re looking for Behavior body language anything that seems out of the normal okay

Okay we just saw this guy he was a little fidgety trying to avoid our eye contact so at this time I want to speak to him a little bit more check his back and see what’s up fore foreign spee for these are before I think schedule 4 he has a prescription

No he’s visiting no he’s from here it’s like maybe a month toly let it go yeah you can let it in this is just one we missed but we’re just going to keep going just get the next one oh okay we just got a call from enforcement

We got a girl there all I’ve been told was a female um that she was possibly loaded so we’re going to go See going to go to same spot we’re set up to meet at last night and the cooperator will make the transaction with the source we’re all over the place over here do General plenty of groups of cars blend in I got eyes on the cooperator in the parking lot the cooperator has

Arrived the The Source here in Atlanta gave us a description of his car he’ll be arriving in we got the target vehicle in play he’s coming in the parking lot right now that little hatchback yeah this is not an SUV it’s not a van it’s a hybrid

Thing the target car is rolling around in Walmart Park yeah cooperator standing out of his truck right nower has H up and the back of the truck all right bad guys moving in that direction guys is pulling up on the driver side of the cooperator truck watch out kids there’s drug

Trafficking going on yeah cooperator standing out of his truck right now all right the driver of the truck retrieved the battery and is taking it over to the gold Toyota and looks like he might be putting it in the back seat all right package is in the Toyota gold Toyota is pulling

Off right indicator lot gu head toward the exit oh hold on wait wait wait he’s right here next to us he got ahead of us stop to make a right and we’re at the uh red light he’s number one in the lane to turn left we have a trooper stand by to

Assist us with a traffic stop and then from there we’ll conduct the investigation and find out what type of narcotic is actually in the battery he let’s let this guy go a little way definely not out of count we’ll get him on the inter I imagine came from the Bahamas he wasn’t

Supposed to have a bag he came out to the baggage carousel and picked up a large Blue duffel bag which we believe was not checked in now we’re going to search see what we find get all the way to the bottom the side of the bag pull the zipper

Open what do you got just close just keep pulling nothing yeah there’s nothing there we found nothing in it but we’re going to continue to gather evidence we’re going to check your body search person and we’ll see what happens from there take shoes We’re going to check your body take your Sho done what do you got okay researched person and one of the agents discovered that he had pellets hidden in his fling area so we’re going to test what type of drug it is positive for cocaine did you get the weight 260 on the nose roughly a quarter kilo probably

$10,000 right now we’re processing the defendant the defendant is being charged with conspiracy to import a controlled substance the way these pellets are they’re pretty consistent with people that swallow pellets so we’re going going to get an x-ray on this guy cuz not only are we concerned about more

Drugs but we’re concerned about his safety if aell at bur you’re pretty much dead you get over those in a Second what’s she bringing shampoo containers and J we have a girl that’s coming from Amsterdam she was traveling for 5 days she came back with different containers creams shampoos lotion there’s about four five six PS I think is there’s no sent to that shampoo right nobody travels with six seven bottles of shampoo

Get test that already going take a good Look camine okay awesome so we need just have Ketamine ketamine is a street drug that they’re using as precursors to cut into 2cb which is a popular club drug right now testing all these yeah kamam positive for ketamine they all tast same positive W that’s a lot we’re looking at about six keys of

Kies we have Super Bowl week going on so it’s big money it’s a big Market out there for Academy especially here in Miami so it’s a really good stop that the officers has made here we Go I got an eyeball on the driver of the gold call Our plan is we’ll follow the vehicle and once we’re far enough away uniform Patrol we’ll go ahead and stop the car you see he’s right up next to that tractor trailer with these traffic stops the Troopers go up and they talk to the guy but you don’t know if he’s armed you

Don’t know if he’s got other drugs or other instruments in the car that could harm the Troopers so something could happen the dangers are still there both the Troopers have sight about the car front of follow Too Close oh definitely he’s riding that truck’s bumper it’s

Against the law in Georgia to follow too close we got to move hey if y’all can get over the trooper coming up right now blue light on right here we go blue lights wrong yeah I’m stopped on the side of the road I’ll be behind the Troopers safe troopers were able to get

Uh traffic violation of following too closely on the uh Target vehicle Copy so we just found out the driver of the vehicle does not have a driver’s license while operating the vehicle on the public roadway uh the driver is going to be arrested here momentarily since this person has no driver’s license we’re going to impound the vehicle take it back to the local

Jurisdiction Sheriff’s Office search the vehicle take custody the um battery and do a further investigation to determine what type of illegal narcotics in the battery fans want to get Super Bowl geared but fake NFL gear has Federal authorities cracking Down got it Super Bowl is going to be hosted this year in Miami and we expect a lot of counterfeit items are going to be sold so today the operation is focusing on counterfeit products specifically NFL products what is that look we got one there that looks like textiles stop it

Let’s take a look at that we got that one and this other one here we got one Jersey here here we go more jerseys probably close to 100 some of them are just thrown in there if they were authentic the packaging would be a whole lot better they’re cheap the

Material is not going to be as flim C SD s let’s see what we got on this box looks like some hats I see a lot of different teams there though you have bills Titans so it’s not just the two teams that are going to the

Super Bowl it’s not just the 49ers and the Chiefs you know San Francisco Kansas City typical counter fitter they just counterfeit a whole bunch of products and they stick it together in one large box look at the colors on these the poor quality you get one legitimate product if you were to

Put it face to face you will see aspects that are different you might purchase authentic hats for $35 some of them go as expensive as $40 you know a typical NFL jersey 175 180 bucks whoever buys these things thinking that they are legitimate items they’re being robbed so that’s a

Good little find right there hey hold on we got something in there yeah we might want to look at that one right there look like I had a metal side of it let go let’s see what we got on this box here we go NFL Super Bowl championship

Rings yep we got more of the same thing Super Bowl rings from like years past and it just has like misspellings we found one of the Rings that instead of saying Super Bowl it said gooper Bowl on it with a G these things actually have a high value

That’s a good find right there we’re going to detain the shipment we’re going to seize it we took a counterfeit off the street you know things like that is what gets you proud of the job that you do we good to Go we got the car back we’re doing an inventory search on the vehicle right now trying to make sure it’s no other illegal narcotics in the car or Firearms money and things along those lines we’re good due to the unknown substance inside the battery and some type of sealant

Wrapped around we’re not going to open ourselves so for our protection we’re going to have the fire department hazmatic come out and respond and open up the battery for us to find out what substance is inside are you sure this thing’s parked yes 100% so that’s a portable x-ray

Device and it’ll show for any voids or any anomalies such as packages or something like that it didn’t reveal a whole lot which means it’s probably packed pretty tightly in there my belief it be cocaine or heroin in the battery it could be fentanyl uh we don’t know fentanyl is one of the

Most dangerous substances out there right now any type of exposure to it to be lifethreatening so therefore we’re going to have an open air area to open up the battery to keeping any exposures down excellent job we hammered into it real quick and some grayish chalky substance

Came out you want to get a test kit Yeah and it’s green that’s positive for heroin we went ahead and tested it and tested positive for heroin but they’re going to go ahead and peel the plastic sides off to reveal the kilos that are in there and then try to methodically pull those out so that we don’t damage

The kilos any more than they were on the first hit I mean you can feel it a metal plate on the bottom and a metal plate on the side that’s to give it the weight think yeah make it feel like a real battery somebody’s just transporting a

Battery you’re not going to think that it’s got anything bad in it but these specifically are made to conceal illegal narcotics in this instance it was smuggled across we really don’t know how it could have come across in a plane to Texas and then a car picks that one

Battery out of 20 that were on the airplane up throws it in the back of a car or a truck and drives it out to Atlanta five once you’re done get them to hose this off today’s investigation was successful we prevented five keys of heroin I’m getting into the streets and

Communities of the city of Atlanta we discovered multiple pellets of cocaine that were concealed on his person consistent with someone that might swallow pellets of cocaine all right I’m ready we don’t know that this guy’s loaded but he had 250 g which seems like a really small weight to me uh to travel all the way

Here back face up now going to be taking right so now we’re going to see if the X-ray is positive or negative okay boss you can come back out here all right moment of truth yeah we’re okay with that we can relax now they confirmed that it was negative

So there’s no presence of any foreign bodies within the intestine we can get him out of here okay stand up we going to walk back to that room where we just were okay he admitted to the previous drug trip and he says he’s not really sure what happened on this trip cuz the

Drugs didn’t come in the suitcase but they were supposed to it’s been a long day most of us started at least 12 hours ago and it’s been some twist and turns along the way but you know we got our guys so overall Win it is a disappointing night for Niners fans in the end it’s the Chiefs who are taking home the Vince Lombardi Trophy [Applause] it’s been an exciting few weeks here in Miami as the region opens its doors to football fans from around the world for Super Bowl

54 between last year’s game and this year’s games we have collectively seized over 176,000 counterfeit items with a value of more than $120 million in addition to these seizures law enforcement officers have made criminal arrests in relation to human traffic trafficking forc labor identity theft drug smuggling just to name a

Few our success heavily relies upon building effective Partnerships with HSI special agents CVP officers and state and local police departments around the country so these record-breaking numbers affirm law enforcement’s commitment to protecting the health and safety of American consumers the economy and legitimate businesses from criminals exploiting ban enthusiasm here at Super Bowl

54 he right now we waiting on two flights coming from the Dominican Republic which is uh Source country for Narcotics uh especially cocaine PL for you don’t know how a drug trafficker looks like they use old people young people the more people you stop the better chance you have to get something

Hi you have your passport yeah my and you coming from Santiago or S Domingo yeah um from Santiago going to Rally actually wait your flight is not in here it’s upstair okay follow this is a young kid kind of lost he didn’t know where to go now for his connecting flight he didn’t

Want to make any eye contact I found that strange anybody ask you to put anything in your bag everything is yours okay so how long you were in the Dominican Republic um about one and what do you do here you go to school work oh

I go to school inway so the school you know is open so you stay there for a whole month what happened with that oh right now I’m actually but uh are you okay yeah I’m okay you’re too jumpy what’s going on I’m see so how old are you Now who pay for your ticket for your plane ticket your brother in North Carolina or where oh he’s actually in California oh he’s in California have you ever been in California I just came from California okay you came from California going to Dominican Republic yeah come pay attention so you

Came from California here and then Dominican Republic and what is the plan what you going to do now what is this Xbox why you bring an Xbox can you tray that for me let me know this is something that we always got to check cuz we have fun drugs inside xbes speakers Electronics radio TVs any item

Say you took the Xbox to the uh to the so the Ed right let’s see what we get with this one ready to go to work this is Nero he’s been my partner for The Last 5 Years we’re here at the mail facility and we’re just looking for Narcotics we’re looking for heroine

Ecstasy pentanal marijuana and lately we’ve been getting a lot of cocaine if there’s odor he going to find it there’s something there huh pce aler to the package and this box for coming from panamao I got an alert on the box can you check it out please you got it

Brother this one was going to Georgia I’m going to run it through the X-ray and take a look and we’ll see what’s going on yep there’s definitely something wrong with that box now comes the front part we got to open the Box brand new clothes it looks like a gift or something but maybe that’s just to try to convince us that it’s good but we’ll check it out maybe it’s in the Box the only way to tell is cutting it or probing it let’s see if I can get under here it’s glued really

Good this is definitely something wrong cuz boxes aren’t usually glued like this there we go it’s loaded around the perimeter it’s got something concealed inside the flaps of the box it could be any drug it’s not a lot right here but it’ll add up that blue stuff is

Detergent you can smell it this is mascular chemical odor of the narcotics it’s fortunate the canine has a really good scent so for him obviously it didn’t work and the X-ray machine doesn’t care about smells it doesn’t look for it you know we have eight packages total I’m go test it real

Quick we’re going to use a thermoscientific Gemini and it’ll send the laser beam through the material it’ll tell me what it is oh it’s cocaine hydrochloride HSI maybe do a patrol delivery or maybe it ends here and we just seize the narcotics and it gets destroyed they’re

Pretty good at it they put brand new clothes they send you the receipts so you think it’s a legitimate purchase it was a good try they get an A for effort it just didn’t work out for them this seem extremely nervous Fidgety what do you got yeah there’s nothing there it’s good okay where to come out here yeah everything’s okay yeah it’s good okay so it’s nothing in there you can put it away hang out here I’ll be back I’m going to check the ticket we check the

Bags everything was clean but I trust my instinct he told me this brother pay for his ticket and I would like to verify all the information that is possible he said he went from California Dr but now he’s going to go to North Carolina been since he say a month yeah

First international travel and the ticket was purchased by home this is the same name the address it’s North Carolina that’s probably his brother yeah mhm all right I did some research about his flight and everything was okay all right let’s put everything away the back was negative the X was negative

So he’s good to go for me when you go out the door make a left and then we’re going to go upstairs all right thank you all right have a good day you too oh some people they nervous just to be nervous so I guess we got to move on

Search word open the dooram guys meth meth yes there you go all right so we got information that a large quantity of methamphetamine was smuggled from Mexico and has come to a local Stash House and has possibly been distributed from this location so what we’re going to do today

Is we’re going to do some physical surveillance on that Target location uh see what kind of activity is going on at the house we did start doing surveillance 3 or 4 days ago on this residence and we’ve seen somebody moving back and forth was he driving he was driving a black

Pickup truck we do believe he’s a drug dealer but we don’t have that probable cause to kick his door right now hopefully if everything goes well we’ll be able to do a search warrant inside the house and take off this large quantity of drugs so that’s it ready to roll ready to roll

Radio check loud and Clear I’m going to go ahead and do a driveby and see if I can see any other cars that we haven’t seen before see any other people moving out see the activities of our main target just to kind of get a feel of the pattern so just beyond this white

House and this is what we believ to be the Stash House he’s got a light blue door so it’s very easy to identify right so we’re going to drive by we think that this bulk load of methamphetamine is probably sitting in this house hopefully we’ll see some kind

Of deal go down where these drugs are being exchanged We’re going to run all these boxes through the mail facility we get narcotics every day you name it we’ve seen it loaded sneakers coffee beans radios hard drives electronic equipment nothing surprises anymore it’s like every day you get something new this one was a negative definitely not narcotics that doesn’t look

Good and it says Sporting Goods equipment and two fans I don’t see the reason to send fans they got them everywhere this package is coming from a source country Tred that in Tobago and it’s going to a demand country Australia the value is is very high over there for any type of

Narcotic something doesn’t look right it seems like cheap plastic but in the image it looks too thick the only way to really look if you don’t like the image you take a quick peek inside see that right there that’s not supposed to be there that’s why it looks thicker in the X-ray

Machine they usually glue them in and they’re not hard to pop off try to see if we can peel back a little bit of it so we can see what’s under it and whatever it is it’s wrapped in aluminum foil now see it’s loaded you can see that it’s

White I’ll test it real quick we should have blue with some pink above it it’s hard to see but it’s there it’s positive it’s cocaine we have 86.4 G I can tell you what it’s going to go for now nothing one for the good guys H you need

What you need a witness you going to do the PD or no all right go ahead and tell your passenger we’re going to take her to a private room and I’m going to head up there we have a female pass in your coming uh from the Caribbean what so with this

One one of the officers randomly select her she had a short trip she went for a few days but she had a huge bag with her and I want to see why the B is so big what she has in there check everything you got to fill every panel the sze

Bottom can I see the PS that was so heavy something else in here oh wow surprise what is this something was inside behind the lineing of the purse a package on each side of the bag my God yeah give me the test kid my main SE there we’re going to test

What you bring in here here you go positive for cocaine oh my God now we’re going to place the the passenger on the ARR for the importation of Narcotics into the United States go ahead face the wall don’t the restation of the Cs okay just relax I can’t even function just cannot

Be now she’s thinking it’s a nightmare but this is reality 1.67 what do we got Caine what was it in the liner yeah yours you understand you were transporting our products with the United States so at this point the more you give me the better this is going to go

For you so do whatever you can of help yourself oh my God life is over in position with an eye on the target door all right Temple the target left what we believe to be the stash house probably about an hour ago but we didn’t have enough people up here at the time

To follow him I was able to see him walk out and he didn’t have anything in his hands so he may be running some errands but we don’t know our Target is driving a black Dodge Ram pickup truck so now it’s just a waiting game oh this might be

Good The Target just arrive back have you laid eyes on him oh yeah he’s sitting in his black truck oh he’s moving right now he’s out of the truck he’s got a small bag he’s looking around quite a bit that could be money it looks foxy kind

Of like if you have a stack of cash who knows it’s going to have to be something certain to find the right amount of probable cause to take him down it’s the bag he had in his hand when he went into the Target location so

To me that looks like he went and picked up some cash from somewhere and then we’ve got a train it’s about to be out of my view I have a train that decided to stop for some reason right in front of me yeah copy that coming out of the

House can’t tell what he’s got in his hands you still got eyes on them no I could barely see under the train plastic bagy cop the bags could be some meth ready to go all right he’s uh in the truck he’s backing out turn to roll a little bit oh

Shoot shoot he’s moving right now he may be going to a drug deal and I am blocked oh he’s moving right now we got a possible drug dealer with possibly the drugs in this car and I am blocked come on train he’s rolling fast where he at I

Don’t have him so hope so lost him he might be going through the neighborhood I’m try get in front of him all right let’s see yeah right here so that’s him right there black Dodge Ram yeah I just met him at the intersection going northbound so our

Target pulled out and we’ve got some guys that are following him right now we’re going to try to catch up to him and he’s got left turnator on yeah he just turned left into the shopping plaz all right let’s get in behind them I just don’t want to get too

Close right there in front of it all right so Target’s vehicle parked in front of that thrift store so he’s just sitting in his truck out in the middle of the parking lot right now his truck’s right there facing away from us basically looking around we’re speculating what he’s actually doing

Here but with his mannerisms as far as parking way out from the store not going in that’s very suspicious activity kind of makes you think that he’s waiting on somebody to show up which would be great if he drops that bag to somebody and we

Can get that guy taken off down the road then we’re going to have our probable cause to get in that house the rest please I know you’re upset so we’re going to make you as comfortable as we possibly can I’m going to release one hand okay most people once they get caught

Are upset some some are genuine some are just trying to make people feel bad here’s some tissues you have kids right I have one he’s three I know it’s hard but you got to just try and relax at this point you just help yourself okay okay mistakes

Happen now you fix them who gave you the purse I’ve for years how do you know him um somebody is he a boyfriend or just a friend um used to date now he lives down there what’s his Name what’s his last name I honestly don’t know you don’t know his last name no but you known him for years right um who you supposed to give this to I don’t even know all right listen listen an agent’s going to come here right they’re going

To ask you the same questions you got to try real hard to remember his last name it’s up to you whether you want to cooperate or not okay we’ve contacted HSI they’ll do some further questioning on her and see if we can get some other information for anyone that might be connected Stand by he gold the vehicle just pull it next to his truck all right so the gold 4Runner pulled up next to our Target driver getting out all right A white guy he’s getting in his truck get in his truck all right he’s uh in the truck right now white

Mail from the gold vehicle got in the passenger seat of our Dodge Ram and he’s meeting with our Target right now the targ did y’all see anything in the driver’s hand of the 4Runner they open up the passenger side door and threw something in I couldn’t see what

It was when you see an item come from one vehicle and go to the other vehicle most people would be able to determine that that’s possibly a drug deal that just just occurred all right go four backing out Target vehicle leaving us all right copy we will focus on this gold

4Runner all right the vehicle is petted towards the exit all right here we go the driver of the 4Runner threw something in his back passenger seat we’re following him North right now he’s hitting 75 Southbound all right we’re going to be committed for 7 entrance copy them you copy temp waiting to make

Contact Georgia State Patrol guy getting on to help us with the traffic stop right here on the left all right gold color 4 extremely dark the window all right here we go and blue lights are on blue light on the right Shoulder GSP is deploying the K9 on the 4Runner they’re doing a secher of the vehicle right now all right here we go he’s real nerous on hey will you grab that bag I’m goingon take it to the bag and put it out on the back of the Cor there’s the bag that’s the same bag that came out of the house this came from our guy the bag is loaded so we got math there’s a gun appears to be a Glock probably a couple grand in cash he had a set of scales hello apparently our guy in the Dodge is

Stressing out barely on the phone about something it’s possible the gold 4Runner got a text off to him saying hey dude I just got pulled over by the police you need to go ahead and secure him and the location if he spook that much there is the possibility that he could start

Flushing everything that’s in that house yeah copy that all right all right bro bye-bye so we’re close to 1,000 G in just one bag so we’re looking at 2 kilos of methamphetamine we’re looking at about 10 grand let’s throw this in the back of my

Van all right they got him guys yes they got copy our guys just detained the guy driving the black Dodge that delivered the meth so it’s a great day so far but we just keep rolling next we’re going to try to move into getting a search

Warrant from the house that we know it came from I would venture to say that there’s going to be a lot more meth in that address so we’re going to continue the investigation from here you brought in drugs in United States that worth a very good amount of money

Willingly or unwillingly or no knowledge or knowledge it doesn’t change anything right now they’re going to talk okay the main focus right now is to see if she’s telling us as much as she does know because she obviously knows the main guy I know your birthday was

Yesterday did you go down for a birthday trip or what yeah what did you do when you were down there you know I went out to e we went to some parties went to the beach you take any pictures on your birthday trips down there

No did you have a hotel this day when you went down there no I stayed with him as where he lived who who paid for your ticket he did did you find that weird um I felt that he was trying to court me again so you went down there

With the purpose of celebrating your birthday with him yes and you don’t remember his last name no you dated this guy for a good period of time that’s like a first date thing hey what’s your name this is my name yes that is true that’s hard for us to

Believe did he tell you what was in the purse or what it was for no never told me all he told me was that it was for his friend’s mom and you don’t remember what friend’s mom he did not he never told me like a friend’s name or anything

He never told me a name but how are you supposed to give her his person I don’t I don’t know have you ever met her no I was assuming that he was going to tell me by the time I got back I mean he would have text me so everything was

Baned off you assuming that he was going to give you further instructions you don’t even know his last name doesn’t make sense to me let me explain kind of how this this is going right like you’re in a very bad situation you have a good job and you

Have a kid but he took advantage of you whether he played on your love or he played on your vulnerabilities he basically set you up because you took all the risk and right now you’re doing a lot of protecting of him because you don’t want to get him in trouble but

Remember who ultimately got you in trouble you have to start being honest with us is there anything you want to tell us that you want to change or like hey I remember his last name now or anything like that Is there anything you want to tell us like hey I remember his last name now or anything like that I believe he told me maybe in the beginning but like I can’t say it so what did he tell you I think it was all right so was he going to pay you for

This trip no he never talked about money he never talk about anything did he tell you what was in the purse or what it was for no never told me all he told me was that it was for his friend mom you have to have some knowledge because you have

To know what risk is involved I I don’t I never even touched the bag I saw it did I question it no should I have I I I guess I don’t know I don’t I assume that he knows that I have a little bo I would never think he would

Are you in that situation and that’s stup B of me know I understand that do you have any pictures my phone the text Messages that yeah that’s him okay trust me I’m not holding anything back we can text him right now and tell me what to tell him so you can hear whatever you need to see I don’t even even care like cuz I have nothing to do with this like I wouldn’t

Japanize I understand not say myself just take a deep breath take a deep breath right no freaking die like typical passengers like this they are not told a lot she is cooperating with us and so we’re going to go forward from there all right we’re going to call

The prosecutors and we’re going to finish our paperwor do you have any questions real quick no okay come follow us as now we’ve gotten most that we could get out of her we’ll still process her and we’re going to have a discussion and make a final decision whether we

Prosecute but different things she told us and other leads we can follow down to further the Case the United States stands ready particularly in the area of law enforcement in the fight against Wildlife trafficking trafficking says we value trinkets more than we value these magnificent animals in the Wild we will stop the poachers we will stop the prophets to address this transnational threat we’re on the way to uh air cargo warehouse in in Miami we just got a call from the senior Wildlife inspector with us fish and wildli service the shipment we’re going to look at is coming from

South America and it’s going to a country in Asia this is a common shipping route for a lot of smuggled wildlife and the Importer has had a previous violation so we just want to go check the shipment and see if what it is right here yeah right here we got an

Alert of uh possible shipment containing uh illegal Seafood products is is it we have a total of 18 boxes so we’re going to check to make sure that everything is in compliance uh and let’s see what we get let’s take a look see cucumbers fish bladders in this

Case the species on the shipment we don’t regulate it this bus is good to go you want to try open another box another one oh wow wow we got Shar fins I’ve been checking this type of commodity for the past 2 or 3 years and in order to trade sharks fins between

Countries you need a special permit at a quick glance we have three species two of them most likely in violation so let’s see if they have any documentation whatsoever let’s tape it up and then let’s take it all right this is a good catch guys so now we are going to transport

The boxes to the us fish and wildli Service Office of law enforcement in Miami so that we can do more detail examination and also iding the fence and making sure that everything is documented it’s a really big seizure we’ve gone through two boxes so far out of 18 this is just the beginning

All right I got the search warrant in hand and we are headed over there to you guys hopefully this bulk load of methamphetamine is sitting in this house but I don’t know we’ll just have to wait and see once we get in there all right we have the main target detained

That’s one threat down so we’ll go ahead and knock on this door hopefully there’s not another person in there with weapons of any kind and we’ll uh start Searching us please for fori like that do God I hope so hey come out Out door spied like that God I hope so hey come out Poli there from Back to Front all right say we’re all clear all right let me go figure out what’s going on they made entry there are no other people in there so we’re going to go ahead and start the search

Process anything through that backside nothing back there no nothing he’s got dope somewhere and I’m sure once we start digging in here oh here it is big box full of dope a lot of me yeah there’s a bunch in there bags filled with meth big boxs of money in the back too that’s

Good during the search of the residence we found probably about 40 or $50,000 in cash a loaded handgun and a car board box that has multiple gallon bags filled with meth uh very similar to those two gallon size bags that we just took off the traffic stop

Earlier now we’re in the process of getting rooms labeled and getting some pictures then we’ll pick up all the evidence from here and take it to our office with the evidence that we seized on the traffic stop this is like a big ass bag of ice I don’t know how much it

Is right now we’ll just have to wait and see once we figure stuff out but but it’s a good Hall we’re getting a good chunk off the street today we brought the shark fins back here to the warehouse and we’re just helping fishing my life process and go

Through it let’s do this let’s start fing this way the shark fin trade is a very lucrative Market approximately a 100 million sharks are taken yearly to make the famous sharing soup Sharin soup in Asia can go from $100 to $400 $600 a b we have a mix of species some of them

Fall into The Endangered Species Act and they require permit is to we export so far we have silky sharks great Hammerhead this is a tiger shark this is a pectoral fin the shipment came in with no permits and that’s why make the entire shipment illegal so this box is done so now we

Can do let’s get our total number on that one box number one okay in this shipment we have an approximate total of 1,400 lb it’ll go for $500 a pound so this shipment worth approximately $700,000 we’re looking at thousands of shark P this is the largest seizure I’ve ever

Been a part of working for CBP now for 10 years it’s a sad day for conservation and for sharks in general there’s hundreds of animals that were illegally obtained on this shipment however it’s a good day for us because it directly affects the revenue from illegal sharing Trade So what we’re doing is testing this to see if it tests positive for methamphetamine put just a little sample in here this one should test blue boom so that’s a positive test for meth amphetamine the purchasers like big shards it makes them feel like they’re getting the best stuff in the world but

Meth is meth so they’re each a kilo a piece there was 19 bags from the house and then two that we seized on the traffic stop all in all we got approximately 21 kilos of methamphetamine worth approximately $105,000 on the street along with the drugs we made two

Arrests and we seized two handguns and approximately $67,000 in cash I’m extremely happy anytime we can take methamphetamine off the streets it’s an incredible day for law enforcement The boxes Departed the Virgin Islands destined for a Miami address we did some examinations on the packages and during the x-rays determined some anomalies that were inside side so it’s sealed up see if I can open little inside there’s cake and frosting and smells like ha cake yep appears to be

Cocaine they have their emblem to identify which organization it belongs to where it’s going so we’ll do the next one it has the same narcotics inside the same envelope so it looks like comes from the same drug trafficing organization this is unique since I have been here in

Miami I have not seen anything smuggled in cake they’re very inventive when it comes to it let me just weigh this that’s four Keys each key approximately is running about 28 to 30,000 today an undercover officer will attempt to deliver these packages our ultimate goal is to figure out who’s

Going to receive it and what their involvement Is did you make any purchases that you’re bringing back today Okay you didn’t buy anything no gifts sers no postcards nothing where are you guys traveling from Milan mil Milan did you guys make any purchases of any kind NOP the most important thing you want to find is narcotics but this year it’s been a very big focus on

Merchandise currently we have Milan on the floor that’s a big flight for people who purchase a lot of items abroad and don’t declare it you bring anything back from your trip any purchases that you made abroad total value what do you think 150 bucks perfect have a good night

Guys when you spend a lot of money you brought you pay a higher amount of of Duty it’s an import tax can I see a passport yes all right just follow me for a minute all right so you spent 14,000 no I spent 20 I’m just declaring okay do you have all

The receipts I put everything in here for you perfect 460 is a bracelet 19900 that’s the leather suitcase red one so leather luggage is 8% so it’s an 8% tax I didn’t realize it’s so much it all depends on what the item is and what it’s made out of cuz

The purpose of duty is to protect the economy so if we have a a big stake in something oh oh got it the Tariff rate is going to be higher cuz we want you to buy in the United States I that makes sense 1740 was a sweater sweater I know

It’s an expensive sweater but it’s a really nice sweater you sometimes you got to treat yourself right a really bad year and so you know what it was it’s sometimes good to just enjoy it exactly because at the end of the day when our show is over you can’t take any of it

With you so you might as well enjoy it while you’re here this and live with us and that’s what made me think you know what I’m GNA enjoy myself gonna buy my sweater I like this sweater I agree with that 100% my condol so when you add up all of your

Duty my grand total is 915 perfect thank you very much I really appreciate it no problem you all set thank you for declaring all right when we see people doing the right thing it’s kind of shocking cuz we’re so used to people not declaring but we want

To get them out of the inspection area as fast as possible so we can get back out to the floor to get the people who aren’t doing the right [Applause] thing get me a cart let’s see what else we have right now we’re at an offsite location at Miami International

Airport let’s flip it over we’re going to be inspecting some in transit mail in transit mail is mail it’s entering the us but it’s not intended to stay here it’s going somewhere else we pick a country and we target that country today we pick the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic most likely

We’re looking for cocaine let’s do one bag at a time let’s not rush it I find it great we don’t we let it go yeah that one’s good right good to go I think okay this is like an Easter egg hunt you know I don’t trust

This hey that last one let’s take a look this some type of mechanical part looks like a actuary or pump or something it looks weird it has like a thickness inside let’s pass it through again there’s something about it it’s got like a weird shade to it I’m not

Sure I figured might take a chance let’s look at it yeah set it a side see what else we we have hit it it’s good what is that yeah let me look at that it’s a drum some type of drum musical instrument this one’s going to Chile what does it look like

Though there’s definitely something there I just don’t know what it Is there’s something wrong there when you look at the image it looks like there’s something under this Rim right here could be glue it could be anything but it doesn’t look right we’re going to take it back to the shop so we got two Parcels we noticed

Some unusual densities so we’re going to take it back to our shop drill it and see if there’s something in there all right guys thank you for being here these two boxes right here they were intercepted by CBP and that’s what we’re delivering today the location it’s an apartment

Building on the second floor hopefully someone’s there to take the package from us but if there’s no one there they could leave the box right outside the door and it’ll be clearly visible from the parking lot we’re going to set up survey monitoring the package If It Moves we’ll

Follow it wherever it goes and we’ll go from there inside the cake that’s going to be delivered there’s no actual drugs in there we went out and we purchased sheet cake and recreated the cake by hand it was a little challenging ing I’ve never made a cake in my life but I

I fought through it and uh we’ll see if it works the goal is to interview the individual and see what information we can get from them as far as the supplier usually there’s bigger fish and what we get is towards the bottom of the totem pole and we’ll work our case up from There so this is our Target location we’re going to set up right in front of the apartment to keep an eye on the packages once delivered best case scenario is they go into the box and retrieve the bricks worst case scenario the boxes are placed outside with a Return to Sender

Package just arrived at Target location oh the boxes are dropped off at the front door it’s like fishing you throw the line out there then all of a Sudden all right here we go we got a guy coming up Target is a little over 6 ft he has a beard here we go all right here we go we got a guy coming Up mail with a black T-shirt came out of our Target location he’s standing there he’s looking at the boxes he has not taken on inside yet he’s texting on his phone right now one package just went in one package is inside second package is going the second one second package is

Inside oh he’s out he has both boxes with him looks like he’s locking his door he’s walking down the stairs he’s going to load up boxes up into his car and we’ll follow him up has a phone with him doesn’t seem to be paying much attention to

Anything he’s headed out so we’re going to see where he leads us good old crance you bring anything back from your trip you make any purchases like t-shirts I have a couple T-shirts total value what do you think 50 bucks all right have a good night man get home safe

Hey ma’am see your passport you have anything to declare today any purchases that you might have made abroad any gifts that you’re bringing back nothing all right just follow me real quick all right so these are all your bags right everything in the bags belongs to you and you have nothing to

Declare okay you made no purchases how was your trip good we had a good time it’s good Harris is the uh you know passion passion no kidding yeah could tell like know there nothing wrong with that these are all old bags or new bags these are

Myff what does that mean old or new that means old oh so listen I asked you if you bought anything did I not the answer is yes okay I also asked you about the Chanel and you said it’s yours right yeah it’s mine do you want to elaborate is it

New yes I bought the Chanel yes yes it’s new right yeah so how come when I ask you your response was no I don’t know I just got it’s a big deal we’re not talking about a couple hundred I found a receipt for $4,000 wor a stock so the two bags I

Had in my hands were the two bags that you bought yes whatever that say Obviously technically what’s supposed to happen is about $1,000 in penalty for not declaring the stuff do you understand are you serious do I look like I’m joking $11,000 you spend $44,000 that you did not

Declare listen listen listen listen stop talking let me let me stop talking that has nothing to do with it listen to me stop talking relax what’s supposed to happen is you’re supposed to pay that fine but I’m not doing that if you want to sit here and argue with me I’ll be

More than happy for you to pay the penalty sir I’m absolutely not arguing I’m just like just okay but I need you but you should be upset at yourself for not doing it the right way I gave you plenty of opportunities to say that you

Did buy something you flat I’d lie to me and I’m still giving you an opportunity to amend your declaration listen it is what it is I’m using my discretion cuz I looked at the big picture I looked at their travel history leaning not much travel so what

I’m going to choose to do is just charge her to duty it’s 235 hopefully she learned her lesson today but we’ll see if you do this again I can’t help you you understand I’m not telling you you can’t buy stuff but you needed a CLE the stuff that you’re

Bringing you understand all right you all said you’re free to go all right sorry about that no worries it Happens let’s see what we got on the xray today we’re going to inspect both pieces now that we found suspect on the Airfield it’s a drum going to chili nothing surprises anymore speakers radios hard drives electronic equipment TVs you name it we’ve seen it loaded we keep seeing a little bit of

Uneven thickness right here I’m going to make a small drill hole see if I can get a sample of what’s in there let’s see what we have huh now why is white powder coming out of that one I don’t know if it’s just the material that I drilled or if it’s a

Narcotic so I’m going to test it see what happens it’s a computerized drug test kit has a built-in library of all the known narcotics thousands of files you can see the laser no match this one was a negative it looks like it’s resin it smells like plastic so all we

Look for is anomalies anything that looks strange sometimes it pans out sometimes it doesn’t but we keep Trying that’s him he’s East on 16 about to go north on 102 AB yeah he’s taking it purr baby purr 9 Lane Lan number I don’t know where he went lost Him the a worst case scenario yeah he could be dropping off the boxes at the post office and just simply say it was dropped off at his house and it’s not his so I’m going to go into the post office and see if I can figure out what

He’s trying to do with those boxes So we are at the post office I was inside with the subject he’s dropping it off sending the package through priority mail all right Target is out of the post office empty hand we are not going to follow him the subject’s just one of the middle people that’s part of this organization

Stand by going going for the Box we’ll just hold off until we get as high as possible and then we’ll try to encounter him again at a later date yes sir okay so we were able to recover the package and saw was headed to an address in

Georgia now that we know the package is going to Georgia we’ll reach out to our counterparts in Atlanta it’s like an onion bunch of layers and you just start peeling and hopefully we can reach to whoever’s up on the top of this do you have any foreign currency or just US

Dollar how much cash are you traveling with today couple hundred bucks all right good stuff any currency over $10,000 it’s around 1,000 okay the law is you report currency over $10,000 how long you going to be here 3 weeks 3 weeks all right nothing over $10,000 no when you fail to

Declare that money nine times out of 10 is someone’s personal money and they just were afraid but what we’re looking for for is any nefarious purposes your wife she carry money as well or no yeah I give it to the are you laundering money or you smuggling money is the

Money drug related is it related to human trafficking so our job is to find it and sees it uhuh don’t let any Columbia see okay okay man he was coming from a source country uh for Narcotics so we definitely want to do an inspection on the pass fore speee for

Okay okay the fact that this wasn’t his first time bringing large amount of money into the United States we’re going to talk to him a little bit more no okay I want to verify why he had that money on him and where that money was coming from The back story is these two packages were sent from the US Virgin Islands and they were intercepted in Miami there was approximately 2 kilos of cocaine and cakes on top with a bunch of frosting it’s it’s pretty cra crazy so today we’re doing a controled delivery I feel confident that this is

Probably going to be the final destination but we’re going to deliver it and see where we go from there all right break our best case for today would be we make the delivery the packages go inside the house and we go ahead and search the residents hopefully find

Either proceeds or for more narcotics inside the house we want to figure out how that drug trafficking operation runs we got our Target house there are actually some windows open up top and we have a vehicle at home all right a Mercedes is in the driveway now go time so hopefully everything goes

As planned all right he’s just pulling up now he open the door to walk to the front copy so I can see are undercover actually walking up to the house with one of the packages right now walk the it made contact uh gave the first package

He said the name and the guy replied yes second Pack both packages were delivered to a young oh he’s coming out with the boxes door is open we got to move both boxes are going to the Mercedes definitely getting movement on the packages came right out of the house put him in the car and is on the move right he’s out the

Driveway pretty quick we follow see what we come up with coming up on River Drive About Ming quick you ram the stop sign there but we’ll uh we’ll get behind them can pick it up going about 6 I don’t know if he’s detected anything or if he’s just driving crazy just see where he goes but he’s driving like a maniac 100 200 300 4 so

So the subject was traveling with about uh $8,400 okay they are allowed to bring up to $10,000 without actually declaring it okay but in this case we wanted to verify where that money was coming from for in Florida Florida okay ion 11 Okay so yeah okay okay okay we had just make sure that his story made sense and the fact that his behavior was consistent and calm and based on the fact that he did say that they did file a police report on the items that were stolen that to me seems

Very legitimate so it was uh let Go Dominican Republic to Brussels when we checked it in the field on the mobile x-ray machine it looks like it had some density inside this tube right here I have no clue what this is you know but we do know a little bit about mechanics and stuff like that and

We look for things that don’t add up to us and anytime we see a hollow cylinder that doesn’t look good to us cuz that’s where you’re going to hide stuff I’m going to run it through this ex right now so we’re going to try to find out if

That’s something that’s supposed to be there or if it’s Not it’s got some weird density you can see little gaps this looks like something they would be going in and out but when you look at it the rod doesn’t go all the way through it’s like a fake tip now comes the fun part we got to figure out how to take it

Apart woo this is solid but this is not this is we can cut the cap off easy there we Go easy there you go it’s pack to the rim there we go right there I think we got Coke bro that’s not supposed to be inside a metal cylinder take a sample cocaine hydrochloride we’re like little kids we’re Hy we play a game of hide and seek all

Day long it’s fun when we find something we’re going to try now to take the narcotics out we try to get an accurate weight we’ll just push it through brick another brick the reason we were having a hard time with the X-ray cuz they were smart it’s an aluminum tube we should be

Able to see an aluminum tube pretty good but they were smart they lined it with lead what protects you from x-rays pure lead so they decided to basically line the buet aluminum with this lead piece to try to like make it seem like if it’s just a a regular piece of aluminum to

Prevent us from looking inside but my friend over here is smarter than the average bear he’s been doing this for a while so yeah we went fishing we got a fish today they’re good at what they do today we were Better the price of cocaine getting it to Europe it’s about triple the price of what it is in Miami so that just makes the seizure so much more relevant just because we know we made a dent today into their profits but the important thing is it’s not getting on the streets

So it’s all that Matters how much maybe 8,5 8,500 8,500 yeah ker about to be here how you doing any currency over $10,000 you just step down here for me all right so I’m going just take a look at your carry him any checks Travelers checks no no I stopped the passenger off the South Korea flight

From Soul which is a source flight for Undeclared currency I asked how much he was traveling with and he declared $350 all right I’m just going to take a quick look at some of your bags all Right what are these are they a traveler’s check this one yeah what is it cashier check cashier check the eight cashier checks total 160 million Korean one which when you convert it to US dollar it’s $136,800 so that’s a big discrepancy from the $350 declared to me initially when it comes to Undeclared

Currency you’re talking about money laundering and possibly tax evasion okay I I make mistake okay I I keep uh that wallet you know so I forgot okay so you didn’t tell me about them cuz you forgot about them yeah yeah yeah it wasn’t that you didn’t yeah all the

Time I could hear so I don’t know it’s hard to believe that an amount of money at that level you don’t know it’s in your pocket what are you going to do with this this is bank bank will get on check so you’re going to take this directly to

The bank and put it in the bank deposit yeah when you get here you going to do it here no no no no no no I’m not using here why are you see uh this this money in America this one is my money right yeah my money so how long have you had

This yeah 2 3 years so you just have $150,000 in your wallet at all times when you fail to declare over 100,000 there’s something up about it all right let’s go do a p down take this with you we’re going to go into the room have his feet for a

Minute I don’t know if he’s detected anything or if he’s just crazy right doing turn out yeah so he did a maneuver which we call a heat check he pulled into this apartment complex then abruptly started flying down the road which is a maneuver trying to detect law enforcement y’all

Can roll up this way yeah rather him get spooked and maybe kill somebody on the road I have a feeling he’s going to bail out and run you feel comfortable to pull it now probably going to get him stop here just he stopped he’s out of the car taking out

The boxes are out of the car right now and it looks like he’s taking them towards another house turn on new lights see we didn’t even plan for this see we didn’t even plan for this got him he had the box and he was out of the

Car I think he was going dropping down there saw me go back in the car the H ass and then um okay Roy sto him right here he’s in custody right now our guys all did a great job in stopping him from getting out on on the main roads we’re

Just doing an inventory of the car the cake is sitting here so obviously he got into it and saw what was in here hey can I get somebody to run a handgun he did have a loaded gun it’s a Glock 17 9 mm that was another threat to

Us so it’s good that we went ahead and took him down when we did it’s still a work in motion now we’re going to go back and search the residents We did a pad down the pat down was negative who who did you say is coming Kim the female officer oh okay okay so she speaks and reads K she should get a better read on everything we have an officer who is of Korean descent and she’s currently interviewing

The subject to understand why he didn’t declare the money purpose of the money and whether he’s s the truth or not s talk like he’s been doing business for 30 years to pay taxes he wasn’t even aware that was in there CU he had for so

Long and I started thinking this guy is and this is just a misunderstanding you said that you forgot it was in there I don’t know how true that is but being that you failed to declare the money when you came into the country you violated the

Law it’s over $100,000 is a lot for us to overlook so we’re going to seize the money today but you’ll have the opportunity to get the money back at a later date you have to prove where the money comes from what account the money is in and

There was no nefarious purposes you can get all of it back or you may not get any of it back it depends on how you plead your case okay you understand okay good so it’s saying that a total of $136,800 in cashier checks was found today the small amount that you decare

To me that all stays with you it’s just the checks we’re taken okay this currency seizure is one of if not the biggest currency seizures inbound that we’ve had this year there was no info that we had prior about this individual it was a complete cold stop

So it was a great great job by the team as a whole and it makes us more motivated to go out the next day to keep working hard thank you okay just make sure next time you declare your money okay all right we found some Electronics some paperwork and then found a large

Quantity of US currency I think there were four of them that were labeled 5K for5 ,000 this was very successful had a lot of working parts but a team worked well together with all the evidence we gathered here we’re going to be in contact with Miami HSI to see what

Connection there is between this guy and the guy that actually picked up the package in Miami even though it may seem small that we just took down one tar Target it’s really huge in a large scope of dealing with drug trafficking Organizations How you doing you bring anything back with you tonight you have a good day what are you guys seeing a Mexico um we came for our dentist okay there you go thank you since Corona h hit I’ve seen actually a lot more body carriers bringing drugs across all right let’s go come on

Because we’re not letting so much traffic come in I got a baby go home she’s a year old she said bab lives over there yeah they were only there for an hour and a half right that doesn’t make any sense two females were referred to me in secondary uh they’re referred because of

Their story not adding up where do you live I live in Ohio you live in Ohio yeah but I’m from so what are you doing down here visiting her okay so you drove all the way down here from Ohio that is the how long of a drive was that a whole

Day and what do you guys bring in from Mexico to the United States nothing our nothing else no no no no no no so there’s nothing in your bags there’s no drugs on your person or inside of your person neither one of you no okay cool lately there has been a

Higher rise with people between 20 and 35 smuggling narcotics when you guys started going through her bag and everything they both started whispering freaking out to each other and she kept reaching her hand under so it’s probably in the small of her back Co has sparked a lot of nutrients

People who would never do it are doing it now simply because there’s less jobs so they need the money have been getting a lot of internal or um hidden on their body so how long are you guys in Mexico for not even 2 hours I don’t think I

Hope not cuz parking thing don’t know and you said you were visiting your my daughter’s dad back on like Memorial weekend I came to see him for myself I haven’t seen him since I think last her baby father lives in Mexico now cuz he got deported she only has one

Other Crossing normally most people if their family gets deported they go see them every weekend or more often than 4 months ago just doesn’t make any sense it doesn’t add up where do you live now I live in Tucson you live in Tucson now when I was asking them questions they kept

Whispering back and forth to each other switching around in their seats negative but they didn’t find anything on their bags at that point is requested for a pat down just to make sure they didn’t have anything else on their person Megan what we’re going to pat you down come on There’s a bunch of packages in here from the Netherlands so we’re looking for narcotics anywhere in Europe are pretty good packages to check so here we have Great Britain this one this is a package from the UK candy physical okay you got a package coming from Netherlands says that it has documents in It that looks like a CD case but inside there’s no CD doesn’t look right so we’re going to take a look at that one I don’t see any documents in here if you’re buying a video game it’s not it’s going to be blank like this and this is

Puffy there’s red flags all over this something interesting there’s a Rocky substance uh we see a lot of MDMA from the Netherlands the person has put cards inside thanking them for being a good customer they’re not going to get this order now we’re going to test what we thought was MDMA

Just need a little sample we don’t need Much positive for MDMA Ecstasy but this is schedule one so it’s going to be seized and it’ll be destroyed Did I do that every time you come here every time you cross the border you are subject to inspection some people get more inspection than other people sometimes that inspection is just as simple as a primary inspection of hey what were you doing in Mexico other times when their story isn’t adding up

Or something like that then they’re subject to additional inspection sometimes that goes as far as a canine search a pat down search and you know that’s all within our authorities of working at the borders negative no all right actually Happen if I ever came back I couldn’t tell you if it would or if it wouldn’t all depends on what’s going on and the inspection that the officer is doing No we’re good I mean we did what we can so I’m good with them we just have to do our due diligence and once we have it done then we have to let them go you know there’s only so much that we can do here all right take your IDs take your

Bags have a good day thanks yeah see you never First Time in Mexico not again we do have a lot of unhappy customers but at the end of the day everybody understands it’s what our job is this is how we Safeguard America all right thanks for everybody coming out today I greatly appreciate it um we were recently contacted by JFK Airport they found a parcel labeled to an individual here in the Denver area that contained 123 G of ecstasy tablets that had the logo Chupa chupas on

Them about 2014 2015 they hit the dark Market they’re real popular with the party scene Rave scene specifically in the UK instead of MDMA the key ingredient was PMA which acts like MDMA but it’s stronger and it takes longer to hit so that results in a bunch of Overdose deaths in the

UK that of course came quickly on our radar here cuz this amount of tablets coming into Denver could potentially have some uh some horrible effects so today we are doing a search warrant operation the tablets they’re addressed to a a mid-20s female usually PMA it’s related to dark net and cryptocurrency

We’re going to be looking for drug packaging paraphernalia shipping Parcels devices phones anything like that just got to be safe today guys we hope to counter this person her residence where the uh package was addressed hopefully we get her cooperation and be able to work this case back from Denver to the

Overseas vendor that’s potentially Distributing you know these types of tablets all over the world this is one of those cases where we’re trying to stop something before it happens do we have any intel from surveillance at the residence if there’s any movement I haven’t heard anything from D all right

104 we’re not sure what it’s going to look like once we get inside so safety is the top priority Today position the back alley all right copy that we’re just pulling in the side parking lot watch the back door dark open the door I got someone on that side female she’s coming let’s Go watch the back door dark war open the door got someone on that side female she’s coming not our Target brown hair so the team just entered the residents with the search warrant uh what we found was a roommate’s girlfriend uh that was home our primary

Target wasn’t home mind if I just hang out with you right here okay we did find and identify the room that she stays in inside the apartment we’ll start our search and then see if we can find anything anything okay we’re good good search found some residue some

Small baggies of look like white powdery substance you know possibly cocaine as well as a number of electronic uh items Target was at the house we got some information that she might be at the boyfriend’s house go next okay all right so let’s all go over to the next

Residen well we’re going to check this level again right we’re the second largest seport in the country biggest seport on the East Coast there two in this row we didn’t open this port has vessels coming from all countries ships carrying containers with anything from chemicals to scrap metal

Uh you name it it comes into this port right Here we open containers we’re looking for Narcotics we’re trying to make sure everything’s legitimate we have this back scatter x-ray which when you walk along you’ll get a picture and you can see if something’s out of the ordinary wow our mission is to keep bad guys and bad things out of the

Country all right you guys want to start up right there’s probably about 3 or 4,000 containers discharging off this vessel today we’re doing poop and Taps meaning random inspections we have limited time before these containers are loaded up on a train or tractor trailer for distribution to the United

States the more we check everything out the better the chances of us finding some narcotics today right here there we go when we open the container we verify that the commodity matches the Manifest and check for any Contraband of any sorts more boo so this is good you guys are good with this Sugar this is a probe what it has is has divots inside of it if we happen to break into a kilo of cocaine there might be some white powder in the uh actual divot that should be all right there you there we go now the shipment here is good to go

Honey we had a load in barrels of honey just like this here’s one barrel we may have to open this sounds a little Hollow it could just be less honey in one of the barrels it could be narcotics uh that’s probably the only options we’re uh opening top of this There you go don’t eat that honey Pro came negative the reason why it sounded a little different was because there was less honey in the container um as you can see it’s very sticky keep moving what are you doing in Mexico my grand it’s anything hello what were we doing in

Mexico you’re visiting friends you say that like you don’t know you don’t know what you’re doing in Mexico no Mexico huh Mex so when I was asking her very simple questions that we usually ask she was avoiding those and that is very strange I Got speee No nothing I checked her bags and there was nothing inside of her bags how however it’s like 10 and some degrees she’s wearing a jacket she’s wearing leggings so there’s possibly something on Her with the body carers that I have encountered they usually are not involved with the cartel initially but they are in like a struggling Spot okay you follow us we going to go that way cuz we’re going to search you like we said another red flag is when people object to a pack down which she did we do need to have supervisor approval so once we get approval they can’t necessarily deny that pat down so from

There we would take that step further EAS goo is a supervisor in there another you’re not having a jacket we need to search are you understanding me this border there’s a lot of smuggling that goes on through here you know we can’t tell just by you telling us right we

Have to do the search and everybody is subject to search all right okay usually everyone’s pretty compliant just cuz they don’t have anything they don’t have anything all right no we’re going to go over here yes there’s possibly something on her that’s why she’s acting so suspicious is so nervous so that’s where

I took that a step Further nothing so she didn’t have anything I really thought she did mhm she had the behaviors of somebody that actually had something like the whole I don’t have anything I don’t have anything or um why are you doing this and then she started crying she made it

Very difficult to where it’s like it made it seem like she had something so like she just followed our whole like what we’re looking for was that an adventure or no her behavior was just her behavior was horrible today we were out on a Target that was attempting to receive ecstasy if these

Tablets are tied to overdose deaths you know in the UK we certainly don’t want that U that chemical those tablets here in our community our Target hadn’t been at the house for maybe 2 3 days uh she does have a boyfriend that lives about a mile from there so we’re going down to

The boyfriend’s house to knock and see if uh our Target may be there and we’ll see what happens so we can go see if anyone answers the uh door yeah of course yeah of she’s not she’s working right now she’s out friends right now friends yeah nor we can find her

Bu um is she okay yeah she’s fine our primary target wasn’t here although we did a brief interview with the boyfriend of the target he says that he has no knowledge of her into that buying any ecstasy although he recalls about a month ago someone asking her to use the

Address in a lot of these cases what we see is people using other individuals addresses to distance themselves from the criminal activity so we’re headed to review that electronic evidence from you know the search warrant to determine who is the end person in this chain that actually ordered this package Looks like bags of chia seeds just seeing if there’s any impossible bricks hidden inside of them currently there’s nothing in Them we’ll take a look inside so we have a container here of about 1,300 kilos I believe of tea manifested in there all right oh oh heads out all right no that looks just like bags huh looks like roll ofap hey you can smell like all right doesn’t smell good

Goad we really can’t get into that whole container it’s too much stuff in there if anything it’ll be in the back I guess so seal it up we’ll get it out to the warehouse there we go Mike so we didn’t see any te all at all

So that’s in the back somewhere so we’ll get it to the warehouse we’ll check it out we’ll have everything taken out and that’s where we’ll get a better look at it all right we’ll See you got a knife I could Barrow I got no blade in here get out it does look like a tea but it doesn’t smell very good Get out it does look like a tea but it doesn’t smell very good cat does smell like cat cot leaves contain amphetamines and are legal in the United States and most European countries however in the Middle East in the Horn of Africa there are no restrictions on its use or distribution

And in Israel cot has become a party drug they usually go to areas that have large Muslim populations the Muslim people use this not only for its hallucinogenic properties but also as an appetite suppressant uh there are certain times of the year when they have to fast should be good with this one

This is a Consolidated shipment which means you have two shipments in one container we have all the pallets are labeled which one belongs to which first one how many pallets let’s make sure it matches up with the paperwork it has same shipper one is going to Boulder Colorado uh the other

Shipment is going somewhere in New Jersey so they’re going to take samples from different parts of the container and you’re going to take all those samples to the CBP laboratory and let the chemists the scientists let us know if it does have the alkaloids to prove that it is narcotics How’s everything going good good you getting anywhere with any of the uh the electronics yeah I finished the extraction on her iPhone what’ you find here’s the report let me show you so we had a search warrant on our initial targets phone we imaged it were’re able to pull a logical

Extraction which is files the chats yeah there’s a lot of good stuff between her and her boyfriend about you know his roommate being involved we have iMessages and texts between her and her boyfriend’s roommate uh so really we’re talking about another individual yeah here here’s the first conversation with u her boyfriend’s

Roommate and she’s asking for some stuff some Molly she’s asking do you have Molly yeah I mean and he says I have lots of it but then it gets pretty quickly into him asking her about a package talking about the package coming he sends the tracking number receipt so he’s ordering it he’s

Tracking it and then he’s telling her he’s telling her when it’s coming it’s looking then like the roommate oh yeah of the boyfriend had something to do oh yeah definitely we have a new Target which is the roommate of the boyfriend uh based on the chats it’s clear that he was

Communicating with the first female Target to receive the parcels they never really talk about it again I think that’s because the of the interception because we have it all right so clearly there’s a a pattern of her receiving packages for him yeah she seems to be unwitting as to

The contents she’s just a drop for him him what we’re kind of seeing here today is an individual taking advantage of someone else for the receipt of you know Controlled Substances so they can get in trouble but we need to talk to uh to this fell oh yeah with an eye looking

Towards a potential search warrant I’m going intervie you guys ready yeah let’s do it how do you know each other that’s my mom no what you guys doing in Mexico oh we went to the bank take care can you put your Backpacker here what are you bringing back with

You how long were you there in Mexico I think the fact that a lot of people are unemployed depressed from the pandemic is increasing the demand for Narcotics good boy out of go boys so we are definitely on high alert here in The Pedestrian area I’m going to search you with my dog

We’re going to run a lot more operations with canines trying to find those drug loads coming on people or in people I don’t see any follow me this way the trends are for sure picking up we had a body carrier come through our pedestrian Port earlier internally

Carrying what we suspect to be narcotics we’re going to be testing it to see what it is this subject here was referred by the primary officer she basically said that she they had a short trip all the way from Washington down to moales for one day which for us that doesn’t that

Doesn’t make sense during our inspection we found that she was a internal career for some type of pills we’re going to be testing it here Today he’s testing positive For so let’s put this on the scale and see how much we have 231.50 the Cel use any means necessary to get their drugs to the borders do not move anybody could be smuggling narcotics so we have to keep looking can p down he’s on our left side do not move

Okay do you have anything on you now me now I have a do a pat down we’re going to find everything no give my dog lered to you so just stand by we’re going to do a pet down on the breed the Belgian malawa is just phenomenal their nose is

So much more stronger than what we pick up on all they know is work work work so this one right here goad and walk that way you smoke marijuana okay do you do she said she smokes so that might be it sometimes if they like smoke weed or something like that there’s still

Residual odor and they get stuck to their clothes thanks everyone for coming out today uh this is a continuation of the search warrant uh she was receiving pills uh which was involved with some overdose deaths over in the United Kingdom which made this a you know a huge public

Safety issue for us here uh in Denver to try to figure out you know where these are coming from found a lot of great digital evidence that’s led us to the house that we’re going to today so we have a warrant today the target he’s the roommate of the

Boyfriend of our previous Target we’re going to see if he’ll talk to us but we’re definitely there looking for electronics or anything like that so and everyone be safe you guys know what to do rer a and radio check we’re going to start creeping what’s particularly important

About this case again is the potential for you know these pills to cause overdose deaths here in our community so we’re out more in our Public Safety and investigatory role to try and stop you know the flow of these counterfeits type uh tablets getting into the community

We’ll go to the door knock and announce you know police with a search warrant uh we’ll wait to give a chance for the residents to come down and open the door and then if that does not happen uh we will access the the residents uh the best way we can

Is this all in the front all right so let’s make sure we separate for them today we’re going to be processing two seizures of cot we had to send it to the lab for the laboratory to tell us that it does have the hallucinogenic properties and the lab analyzed this and

Told us it is dried cot it’s a significant amount of C that’s come into the country this is ridiculous yeah it is or maybe you put this on top of one of the other ones over there so right now they’re unloading the container pallet by pallet

Taking it over to our pallet jack that also gives us a weight so kilos 4295 946 lb all right that’s that one hey P can you separate these so is this the second seizure now this is going to be the second one okay it was a Consolidated load which came

Out to a total of almost 7,000 kilos it’s just something that started recently that was our third significant seizure and again that’s all in the last few months it usually comes in smaller amounts Express Consignment through the airport 15,000 l so pretty significant as far as I’m concerned

Get a couple more that’s what they said on the next one next up in secondary right now we have a gentleman who came down here at 4:00 a.m. to look for a dentist right in the middle have a seat okay the dentists here are open later here but they’re not open that

Late so the story just didn’t make sense to the primary officer do you have anything on your person no do in search you okay AR straight up all right what is it do not move can’s Le all right K9 Lck F he went into secondary they asked him if he had anything on him he said no the dog alerted uh to his growing area and he immediately said yes that he has some fenol pills down there good boy good boy he had about 176 gram of fenol pills

Inside of him that were double wrapped with condoms that’s a lot of pills to be inside somebody so we seiz the drugs and he’ll be sent to the local authorities where they will continue on with the prosecution you want to escort him with me you and I escort him we’re going to

Take him to the Head housee be careful don’t overstep fall yeah take little tiny baby steps another rockar da good boy yeah a good boys yes good boy I think the dog is probably one of the best tools to have honestly good boy they always always seem to just Amaze you you Know Ready knock knock go ahead and knock before we hit give me some good one please got to search for and open the door please the search Waring in after we made entry into the residence uh we found a target of the investigation the agents are talking to

Uh the individual in who we believe is the actual recipient of this package or who ordered the package online hey one more thing for the search warrant is written in there for Biometrics so we got to see your finger a portion of the warrant talks about

Biometrics uh and using you know face or fingerprint to open up a phone um we’re just completing that step right now I’m not asking for your permission in the court you are required to do this he’s very confident almost cocky in some sense he does kind of of know

Obviously why we are here nuts this year has been absolutely nuts yeah I was going to say especi I was wondering if it you saw more with like yeah people looking for stress relief and and everything uh we found a numerous electronic items in the house that we’re

Going to be taking back to our forensic lab uh to be uh analyzed our next steps are to conduct forensic analysis see if we can’t determine where this packages came from the source of the drugs the overseas vendor on the dark web this is uh definitely the key to It what’s important about this particular case is to try and stop you know the flow of these tablets and potentially you know causing injury Andor death to people in the community that may find themselves taking them okay great today we did exactly that and I consider what we’ve accomplished a true Success when your bagage Rover I consider it being a hunter you’re always paying attention to see who may look suspicious or sometimes you just want to do a random pop so let’s do a random pop how you doing can I see a passport please it’s a volume game we search a

Lot of bags and a lot of times it’s negative all right well we’re going to just do a quick bag check but she was by herself and she had a lot of bags so we’re just going to look and see what we find okay you have to turn this

Right this is for my auntie when my uncle my me somebody take everything so is this your bag or no no when you say oh this is not my bag then all of our alerts go way high because we’re wondering what the heck is in that bag everything from my

Uncle what’s your uncle name what’s your uncle name I don’t what is your uncle’s name I forgot you forgot my cin the wife is my cousin from your cousin husband yeah the wife is going to come get the bag no a husband the husband all

Right she gave you the bag did you even open the bag to see what’s inside I don’t know just but I don’t know why are you taking somebody else’s bag if it’s not your bag you shouldn’t be taking it you don’t know what’s all this what is all this

So much stuff what this melon I identifi liquid what is this you you don’t even know what this is I know nothing you don’t know nothing huh is this what the hell what is that narcotics drugs do you know what it is no you don’t know what

It is because it looks like cocaine you don’t know no going to have to test it oh Definitely let’s see what the heck this stuff is so I just analyzing starch baby powder and dextrin from corn okay right all right yeah if it was cocaine it would have said that so we tested it it was negative but this lady has a lot of

Stuff what else put the next bag up there put over here hands up hands up look a a yeah this place is loading we are currently on our way to a briefing with the supervisor of the HSI Miami Marine smuggling group his group at the sea port and our group at the

Airport work really closely together to combat criminal activities that are happening throughout the Miami port system we are going to talk about a case where his team seized a yacht that was being used to smuggle a significant amount of cocaine we have three vessels here that we seized this is the most

Recent South Florida is a boating community there’s tons of boats everywhere so very difficult to regulate that traffic we have pretty decent amount of trade with the Dominican Republic and a lot of recreational vessel activity between the Dominican Republic and the United States you know Yachts sailing vessels that are

Transiting so that provides opportunities for these organizations to kind of mix in with that legitimate travel and exploit it initially encountered The Vessel coming out of Dominican Republic into Fort leral actually did a custom search immediately found five duffel bags full of cocaine right here in the salon

Area and then additional cocaine down below it’s all stacked up on this bunk here they basically used the area behind this bunk okay cocaine was back in here 456 kilos of cocaine found some more additional evidence in here one of our principal defendants was actually sleeping there

On the trip he had 40 something, in cash outstanding they do an aty transfer so cocaine goes from the boat out of the Dr onto this boat snaking their way through the Bahamas stopping for fuel and then into the into the US and how many subjects were there four

Were taken into custody to arrested Captain was on this boat that night but we did release them as we collected evidence the investigation took a little bit of time but the plan tomorrow is to go out and execute an arrest warrant for him we’re going to wait till he comes

Out of the residence and hopefully prevent a situation where we have to try to track down somebody who’s trying to evade getting arrested What is this I forgot you forgot you don’t know what you packed coffee coffee what’s this here this is my medication for what headache ibuprofen um headache yeah pain pain he mhm all right so it’s good put it back in here this has a lot of stuff what is all

This what is this medication what what do you have all this medication for your friend have a pharmacy does your friend have a like a store is he a doctor this guy or what does he do more what is this this Doo stop some kind of syy liquid in in her bag was

Like a traveling Pharmacy what people use this for huh I don’t know you know what this is this peptine quind what’s that I she don’t know nothing she don’t know nothing yeah she plays yeah so it could be poison you don’t know what it is the main issue is that one

She didn’t declare any of this it’s not like one or two for personal use it’s like 50 plus two she has no clue what this stuff is and neither do we look at these pills we don’t know what that is we don’t I don’t know what that is and

We can’t test it in such quantity so all this is going to be turned over to the FDA no no that’s that’s going with us so this is all going it’s all going it’s all going they’ll determine whether it’s okay or not if not then it’s seized and destroyed more more than likely It was a good stop it was a good stop it was a good examination we’re trying to find Contraband we’re trying to find things that aren’t allowed into our country and she she had a lot so we we going to release you okay so next time

Just be more careful with what you take back okay it’s very important that people know don’t bring anything here that’s not yours or that you don’t know what it is because it could be narcotics drugs weapons don’t do it it’s not a good idea We’re going to be executing an arrest warrant the individual was identified as part of an investigation into a smuggling organization this guy actually was the captain of a yacht that came into Miami with 456 Kil of cocaine we obtained a warrant for his arrest and we’re going to be executing that warrant

This morning I’ll have you guys stage right here in the corner okay you got a direct eye to the house here and then he will be here at the End of the Street facing north once the take down signal comes out just come to the residence and

Just provide Extra cover who are the other Apostles at the house um his son it looks like the wife was heading to work when I drove by this morning and a gentleman that was there yesterday I don’t know he kind of looked like a visitor at the house if he does get into

A vehicle you know just try to keep containment on that street all right so we’ll head over to the location good to go all right arrest warrants are you know inherently dangerous just because we’re going into an unknown in this case it’s the subject’s home his residence some pre-operational

Surveillance has shown that he’s uh departing the house pretty regularly in the morning midm morning so we’re just going to wait till he leaves to try to mitigate some of those risks of of going into his house and grabbing him all right so we’re on the street of the

Subject’s house getting set up now getting everybody in position position we always want to try to dominate the situation so I think we have six officers back here today we’re dealing with traffickers that smuggle hundreds and hundreds of kilos of cocaine Anything Can Happen be ready to go Yo hey how you doing man you see your passport finding narcotics is very difficult nowadays have anything in your pockets back in the days you open the bag and breaks cocaine it’s not like that anymore they’re getting smart Blaster you can prob it on the side

There’s no set weight as we find it they’re looking for ways to hide it better we’re going to be working Trinidad now sorry passport Trinidad is known for Narcotics so we like to hit this flight how you doing passport you traveling by yourself yeah okay what’s the purpose of the trip I

Found clothes you have a company over there store a store what’s the name of the store sty you have any like little like business card or anything okay how many bags are you bringing in I bring no bag is this yeah how do you get your stuff

Bu when did you buy the ticket to come uh yesterday so was it planned yeah and when do you return Friday talk to her a little bit okay fre me sure I look like you’re question is it you or somebody else you kind of know that okay we’re going to go through

Immigration and then we’re going to go through a customs inspection okay M your hotel is there already people or not yet no not yet so we do have a lot of medication coming in and a lot of people travel in Mexico Canada and know buy over the counter or

Go pay somebody to get schedule medication these appear to be loaded syringes of a yet to be determined pharmaceutical all of this medication coming in that’s not approved by the FDA it’s big problem it’s in another language people not knowing exactly what they’re taking people self-medicating people dying we have schedule two schedule

Three narcotics without a prescription these are the things the United States right now is trying to stop can you put a couple boxes up here please so everything that is here that I’m about to go through is yours you take full ownership and responsibility of everything yes sir now do you have

Any plants no fruits no no no currencies of $10,000 or more No usually when we have families arriving from Vietnam they on average have about five boxes I’m going to go through your bags what I need you to do is just stand behind the yellow line

Right there as I do as such please don’t make no sudden movements towards me okay we have about 14 boxes looks like fish cakes uh a lot of fish cake what is this one same fish some cashews they love having their home food like fish squid they bring

Clothes and medications let’s not forget about those that’s cating this is prohibited it’s a schedule to narcotic no big one and when we go out in the country and my husband really bad and coffee think that my country is really cold and with my that’s It you got this stuff everywhere don’t you how many of those did you buy how many boxes oh what the coding that’s that’s it everybody’s coughing now isn’t that amazing so that’s OTC that’s over the counter that’s for dermatitis yeah these right here are the ones I’m worried about right now I just

Bought only one one one my uh my uh my sister she she say and somebody buy for her that’s it okay let me check these right here okay it says neoc Codine on it but if we’re going to do the right thing and find more information on it that’ll tell us what we

Got these are the 500 mgram my least favorite thing is waking up early the plan was to wait till he came out to make the arrest on this uh individual but since we have not seen the subject go out of the residence and his vehicles are parked out front we

Decided to go into the residence and try to make the arrest we’re just waiting for a helicopter to help cover the rear of the house I’ve been doing this for I think about my 16th year now and I have an inkling that something isn’t right it’s

Extremely easy to leave if you wanted to you know get on a boat and go to the Bahamas we would not have any way of Knowing we just getting set up give me a few and I’ll let you know when I got good eyes on there we go we’re going to go ahead and try to make contact with our subject here good cop standing by all Right hello hello I don’t I don’t come on come on yeah where’s he at I don’t know he went out last night well how many people in the house right now my auntie and my cousin me and my old went to work Mom to work okay

Yeah can you call them out please leave the door open leave the door open can you come over here ma’am any weapons or anything inside the house no no firearms at all nobody else inside right okay we’re going to go ahead and check the house

All right how War we do have a warrant yeah W’s not home I’m not going to find wend in there right you don’t seem too Sure and I came late last night so where’s your bedroom okay like my bedom other side Upstairs Downstairs okay all right good yeah it’s the police careful ni just look hey up careful nice and slow hey hands hands him up got I got him I got

Him you guys are clear thanks for all the assist thank you Guys stay right there okay the son answered we asked if his father was home he said no obviously we said we’re going to check inside he said his dad definitely wasn’t home he left last night went to the last bedroom back of the house and he was down crouched in

The corner so we were able to take him into custody no issues so we’re going to transport him over to the office the arrest was best case scenario subject was taken into custody nobody was injured so all in all successful operation down here in the Marine smuggling

Environment we’re still at it and we’re going to continue to try to identify folks who are supplying cocaine other vessels and other individuals here in the US who are facilitating you know other smuggling Ventures all right copy brother thanks I just got a call that our gang unit has a

Search warrant as part of another investigation that also involves cocaine being smuggled board boats from the Caribbean so we’re heading to start preparing for the larger takedown that’s going to happen Okay tested start this medication this it’s a neoc Codine and it’s a derivative of Codine that’s reported in the countries of

Lebanon and Vietnam those are the two countries that produce this being a derivative of sort of like I guess you would say hemp versus marijuana is there some there yeah as to the itty bitty minut percent so first time pat on the hand don’t do it again

Do not bring this into the United States again do you understand yes sir let me tell you next time somebody go over there I tell don’t don’t BR okay me no more no more that one now I got it you remember me I never never all right put that stuff

Away no more thank you all right you got guys have a great day we’re going to release them and there will be information for the next time they enter to look for these items if they have it they’ve been warned and at that time they’ll be receiving a penalty and a seizure on

These items that’s okay some don’t know and you can’t hold that against them some of them do know and they’ve been doing it for a while and they Supply their store with it I tested stuff the other day that came back as sulfuric acid so think about that you’re buying something outside the

Country you’re bringing it in you’re actually killing somebody we have to protect the United States it’s what it’s all about and I take that to heart thank you Byebye all right this is your bag everything inside is yours let me get your dragon she’s very disorganized so right now it’s just about having a thorough interview because we want to be able to catch him in aivee so you said you want to buy about how much

Clothes 2500 but you got to pay for the hotel I like 2 and that’s after Transportation food okay how much money you bringing in in cash 500 and you are 100% sure that credit card has $2,000 yeah now if there isn’t then you’re getting caught in a lot I

Wouldn’t be caught in a l for my I have to load it is a reloadable card okay I’ll be right back we have a lot of passengers who come here with the same story they come to shop to the United States to resell it in their countries however most of

The time those passengers actually have a plan and she’s only coming for one day normally when these people come they come for 3 4 days because if you don’t find something that one day and you go back home what was the purpose of your trip so we have to make sure that she’s

Authentic because we have had incidents in the past where we’ve had passengers com in with the same story who have swallowed cocaine she hasn’t paid for the hotel she admited she hasn’t paid for the hotel she has 500 bucks in cash she said she has some money in her

Credit card but you didn’t this with work here well that’s like a debit card a GI card basically yeah what’s your name is that her name no what is different name Karina it says Karina it’s not going to let her use it then there’s something she’s not telling us or she’s just

Lying put in the P yeah put your stuff away and come follow me okay I’m going to put her in private room to speak to her a little bit more see if I can get the truth out of her and see where the story goes from here take a seat right

Here I’m going to search your Body what’s her daughter’s name Kara so the debit card is hers right yeah she’s just she’s to calm she’s been through this before obviously she’s been put in the room before she’s been patted down before she said that she mainly shows Jordans and that um last time she St in

3 months there was a few Jordans that were dropping like new jords that she was exporting back home through here and that’s why she stayed here last minute tiet low income you know what make phone calls call her daughter right see if the story makes sense if it makes no sense

If it’s completely off then we write it up too give me your daughter’s number I’m going to give her a call okay wait for Me need an answer I have to check the phone see what you see on the yeah she literally only has three contacts right now I don’t know what you want to do I want to see if she actually leaves tomorrow we can have Al check if she’s taking stuff out she doesn’t take

Anything out she came and she passed or she’s taking out cash I don’t have enough evidence to keep her but every piece of information that she gave me I couldn’t verify anything come this way so I’m going to make sure that we have an inspection on

Her way back to Trinidad make sure she’s taking out merchandise I’m going to be looking after you okay after there make sure you leave tomorrow if she’s not then she’s lying about something we got Santiago landed about a half hour ago see a passport sir Dominican Republic is one of the source

Countries that we have what’s up Budd how you doing you have any bags checked in you can’t go by gender race age could be a senior citizen bringing it in a wheelchair all right I’m going to take a quick look inside of your bag and then

You’ll be on your way all right come this way have you ever been inspected before no I’m going to open one of these okay what is this oh boy y wow all this stuff so offices found boxes and cases these are antibiotics give me a few thousand pills here man

This is seis antiflu kind of like Tylenol it’s got viagras over there all different types of viagras liquid version pill version injectable version massage version all made and sold in Dominican Republic that’s that stuff see the best give me the pill so denill will pop up in this right away every time

So wow comes up as nothing it says that it’s not found definitely counterfeit taking counterfeit pills you don’t know what you’re ingesting in your body they could have Fentanyl and Fentanyl is killing people left and right nowadays everything is not allowed by the FDA so now pretty much it’s uh

Seasonable I think she tried to use the wheelchair as an excuse it throws you off a little bit cuz you think little grandma is not going to bring anything in depending your status you could actually be deported and banned from ever entering the United States we have information that cocaine

Is being smuggled from the Bahamas on vessels it’s being sold from a trailer here in the Miami area the trailer is what we call a trap house which means nobody actually lives there it’s just used to sell narcotics so we are currently on our way to displ to execute a narcotic search

War the trap house is in the area with a lot of gang activity and the subjects have have a lengthy criminal history involving violence and we also have intelligence indicating that these subjects may be carrying firearms so we’re utilizing the HSI Miami Special Response Team we’re here to enhance everybody’s safety

That’s the only reason we exist stand everybody arriving into location that’s it that’s that let’s go you go go go police push push it the back ex go go go police push in push in we out the back just go over a fence let me see your head step towards me do

It now got him they got him guys they got him everybody secure inside yeah there was one guy maning the Trap House the individual that ran away but he was caught right down the street the operation went exactly the way we wanted it to almost textbook we

Were able to conduct a breach of the Fortified fence on the exterior there was no threats or anybody in the way so we’re able to do that safely we did have the primary subject h a fence we were able to call that over the radio so he

Was taken into custody we have search teams that are going through the location now looking for Narcotics Firearms other evidence as far as I’m concerned this operation could not have gone better for us Morning the day before I st this female coming from the Caribbean she told me she’s coming to purchase clothing she owns a store in Trinidad and told me she’s leaving today we see we have an inspection outgoing I I want to make sure she leaves and I want

To make sure she takes back merchandise if she doesn’t leave then we have a problem and she leaves with no merchandise we have an even bigger problem maybe she came and she passed P blue shirt says love I see it I got her hello Miss see your passport please how you doing I’m okay coming with family no no check your lugage and you’ll be on your Way what was the purpose of the trip um come to buy some clothes oh okay when did you came into the US So Yesterday mhm just one day it’s not enough time to shop it’s too little and when you came in how much money you brought into the US cash

Money I 500 oh okay then how much money you taking back home the no cash you went you spend it all oh okay very good this is a new stuff or your your stuff your stuff oh okay do you have any receed of the stuff you bought in the hotel okay it’s good

After checking her bags we feel like the purpose she initially told me is legitimate so I’m going to go ahead and release a passenger right now we get a lot more negatives than positives but I’m going to keep looking we’re going to keep talking and who knows maybe we’ll

Actually find something thank you for your time have a good flight what are you bringing back with you from from over there anybody give you anything to bring try together all right come let me take the bag right anything to Declare why is this still head that’s weird you wear these I’m going to go next give me a second all right sa so you can see how it’s darker on the bottom like really like densed very dense and completely off the so yep they’re loaded oh Definitely there you go white powder from the older I’m going to say it’s cocaine this is the sole of the shoe and that yellow packet is loaded get the test this is so thick there you go Blue positive for cocaine just going to take you to to another area process you all

Right your wife know about this huh just not time to be ly to it your wife know about this she does so why she acting like she don’t know about it I don’t know the only thing that’s loaded is those shoes what else nothing else nothing else all right sit it

Down they’re going to wa both the shoes together they’re big look how wide the shoes Are wow it smell is so strong oh my God it’s like a weird mustard spell yes this is what we do all the time it’s a cat in the mouse game you know one finds it everybody helps it’s a team effort just your thumb like that so

Much hard work we got a a lot of negatives but when we hit it’s just a good feeling that’s One lately we’ve been seeing huge trends of people ordering stuff off of the dark web people have ordered fentol off of the dark webs nowadays it’s leaning more towards prescription pills and we’re just trying to catch everything that shouldn’t be coming into the country okay you can run

It this is map that came in late last night we’re doing routine scanning on it to see if if we can find anything good hold on you can see the pills looks like a book almost it’s labeled protein supplements it did look like supplements but in a

Lot of cases it’s not the right kind of supplements definitely doesn’t look great I believe it’s a presentland commonly sold as Xanax you can tell by the bar shape quite a lot here too you got probably 10 or 15,000 pills here if it was legitimate it would have

Some markings on it not just pills in an envelope we’re getting these pretty regularly it’s highly addictive and chances are these AR aren’t prescribed for someone they’re doing this on their own you actually don’t know what you’re getting I’m going to get a quick weight just to see how much it is 3,400

G this is a massive amount with a high dollar value people don’t get pounds of pills a normal person couldn’t use this in a year here so we’re going to have to contact our HSI agents and they take it from there whether they would like to do a further investigation on It all right so what we end up finding approxim a little over a kilo Coke baggies cash scales how much cash do we think we found about uh 600 bucks 600 we’re still counting it okay so that’s crack too right how many bag is it crack we got

Bags they got loose and the uh subject is still U not willing to speak to us yet is that correct not yet okay well this is good with this kind of weight in this possession maybe this will make him more amenable to sharing what’s going on with Us for a neighborhood like this for them to be sitting on $30,000 worth of of Narcotics and just selling it willy-nilly is pretty significant our next steps on this are going to be trying to turn this into more of a federal case we’re going to be looking to identify the broader Network

That we want to pursue for investigations and potential prosecution outstanding work good job excellent the residents are going to be able to sleep peacefully tonight knowing that these guys are not selling this amount of dope to the citizens of Miami

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