Can Keir Starmer fix the UK economy?

Can Keir Starmer fix the UK economy?

The United Kingdom is facing economic challenges as it navigates through a new era with Prime Minister Keir Starmer at the helm. With promises to restore stability after years of chaos, Starmer is tackling issues such as high taxes, ailing public services, low productivity, and lackluster investment.

In an interview with DW Business, Greg Thwaites, research director at the Resolution Foundation, an independent think tank focused on improving living standards in the UK, shares insights on Starmer’s plans to address these economic issues. Thwaites provides valuable analysis on the steps that need to be taken to boost the UK economy and improve the lives of its citizens.

As the UK looks to rebuild its economy and strengthen its financial footing, all eyes are on Keir Starmer to see if he can deliver on his promises and steer the country towards a path of economic recovery. With uncertainties looming, it remains to be seen how Starmer will tackle these challenges and whether his strategies will lead to a brighter future for the UK economy.

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