Unbelievable Countries That People Forget Actually Exist! – Video

Unbelievable Countries That People Forget Actually Exist! – Video

The Strange Countries That No One Really Thinks Exist!
On the world, there are countless strange and unique countries that you wouldn’t believe really exist. Each country has its own interesting and unique features, such as a nation with the secret of wealth through bird droppings or a country without a capital or even a president.
I believe you will go from one surprise to another when traveling through these countries below. Make sure to explore these extremely peculiar nations you’ve never heard of.
Now, let’s join with me on my zero-cost travel journey through the video.

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The strange countries that no one really thinks exist on the world there are countless strange and unique countries that you wouldn’t believe really exist each country has its own interesting and unique features such as a nation with the secret of wealth through bird droppings or a country without a capital

Or even a president I believe you will go from one surprise to another when traveling through these countries below make sure to explore these extremely peculiar Nations you’ve never heard of now let’s join with me on my Z cost travel Journey Through the video number 14 principality of Sealand the

Principality of Sealand is located in the international waters off the coast of suffk southeast of England it is a fortress born during World War II but abandoned for many years until Patty Roy Bates and his family moved in 196 in 1975 Bates declared independence and proclaimed the national flag and coat of

Arms of the country in the 1970s about 50 people people lived in what is called the smallest country in the world they were mainly Friends of the Bates family during this time the Bates family installed a wind powered generator on the platform of the Fortress providing electricity for the 10 rooms inside

Sealand as a fortress from World War II cand has a helipad and a weapon system however the upper part of cand became unusable due to the ravages of time the principality does not have a military currently 22 residents live together on if you think of a small country without

Dispute you’re mistaken in 1978 a German man named Alexander asian bar claimed to be the real prime minister of the principality of Sealand and staged a coup on the Fortress he flew to Sealand by helicopter with a group of mercenaries meanwhile Patty Roy Bates was absent and this man took Prince

Michael bates’s son as a hostage in response the royalty of cand organized a Counterattack causing most of Alex under Aken Bach’s mercenaries to flee however the citizens of Sean decided to keep one man as a hostage later the German ambassador to the United Kingdom had to fly to seon by helicopter to negotiate

The release of this man number 13 jouti the country that doesn’t need money I bet with you that anyone can become a billionaire in this country the say money can’t buy happiness might make sense if you haven’t set foot in this country in an era where materialism is

On the rise only those with money have the right to feel that way but in Djibouti you don’t need money for transactions Djibouti is a hot country all year round with mostly desert and dry mountainous T not to mention the roads between jouti provinces almost have no guidance from road signs or GPS

Systems therefore someone coming here for the first time is very likely to get lost and this means they have to face danger because the only water source for the nomadic tribes here is provided by a non-governmental organization even if you have a lot of money you might not be able to buy water

To drink so if you visit this African country bring a lot of bottled water as bottled water here is so scarce that it can be used as a method of payment number 12 Armenia the chess country Armenia is a country where chess is a mandatory subject in school accordingly

Chess is part of the primary school curriculum and is valued as much as mathematics or history so if you play chess here don’t expect an easy Victory against local children travelers to Armenia are not surprised to see fourth grade students with exceptional chess skill additionally this country is

Famous for being the first to accept female teachers at the same time arenus alphabet is one of the most advanced in the world and the first textbook on mathematics problems in the world was created by an Armenian mathematician number 11 to Value youth the country for

Introverts to value is one of the least visited countries by tourists because it is located in a quite isolated position a small island nation with a modest land area the total land area of the country is only 26 kemu and a population of about 10,500 people concentrated on the

Main island and the capital funafuti there is only one airport on the island with two flights per week after landing in the capital tourists will explore other Islands by ferry among the eight inhabited Islands only the capital funafuti has regular electricity the government does not have any newspapers and Satellite Television services are

Only installed upon prior registration there was only one radio station when visiting it is advisable to carry cash since credit card services or not available in this country they have only one bank that the National Bank of two value open from 10 a. to 2:00 p.m. on

Thursdays and from 9:00 a.m. to 1 1 p.m. on Fridays perhaps due to its Tranquility to value is also one of the countries with no reported cases of co9 infections if you are an introvert who enjoys peace this place might be perfect for you number 10 morania a country

Where slavery still exists believe it or not morania is a country where slavery still exist despite being considered the last stronghold of slavery as it officially abolished the practice in 1981 the reality is different currently 10 to 20% of the population still lives in slavery however the term slavery is

Taboo in maania no one is allowed to talk about this regime and if caught discussing it with Outsiders the informant may be arrested and tortured faced with this situation many mortanian half of whom are illiterate live on less than two us today it’s a truly dire situation isn’t it it’s hard to believe

That in our civilized world scenes of slavery like this still exist number nine Republic of massia the loneliest country in the world Think You’re Lonely with no one around think again the Republic of Massi truly fits the criteria for loneliness as it consists of only one house established in

1999 the Republic of mossia comprises only a single acre property this self-proclaimed nation is in the United States although not internationally recognized in 199 98 Kevin B purchased a piece of land spanning about 58,000 square m in Nevada naming it the kingdom of massia B’s governing model is a

Dictatorship he declares himself the Titanic head of state of the Republic of mossia this self- stalled nation has 35 citizens including three dogs all of whom are Bar’s relatives holding dual citizenship in massia and the United States despite being a self-proclaimed country and not recognized by International organ organizations this

Nation has numerous agreements with other unconventional entities even with only one house the country has its own national flag and currency called the valora the value of the Valera is equivalent to a cookie valer coins are made from casino chips but bear boss image additionally this self-styled nation has its own national anthem

Thanks to its uniqueness massia attracts many curious visitors it’s quite strange to think that a visit to this entire self-proclaimed country could be made in just 5 minutes number eight nry with unique currency let’s explore a country with extremely unusual and collectible currency no located in the South Pacific

About 2400 km Northeast of New Zealand New Uses two types of currency New Zealand dollar n doll n dollar n essentially the Island’s government issues five types of coins with denominations of 5 cents 10 cents 20 cents 50 cents and $1 they all have the same size and feature Queen Elizabeth

File one side the other side is engraved with distinctive images from Nel humpback whales crabs divers sailing boats or swordfish notably on the N un dollar coin issued in 2001 officials printed the image of Pokémon Pikachu a famous Japanese animated character furthermore the country also features Mickey Mouse a well-known Disney

Character if you visit this country you’ll never have to worry about losing internet access as new way was the world’s first country to have nationwide Wi-Fi coverage number seven Republic of noru fighing bird guano for wealth first let’s explore A peculiar country that became wealthy through bird dropping

Right B it might sound unbelievable when we are more familiar with countries getting rich from gold or Diamond might while many nations get rich from natural resources the Republic of Naru found its wealth in bird droppings this unique island nation is located in the South Pacific noru is a German Colony before

World War I by and later managed by Australia and the UK until gaining independence in 1968 with fewer than 1,000 tourists per year noru is one of the least visited countries globally and one of the most isolated Islands surprisingly after gaining independence noru economy rapidly peaked in 1975 thanks to revenue from the

Extraction of phosphate a vital compound in fertiliz of production formed from bird droppings due to the almost absence of other Islands within noru 300 square kilm area it became the primary habitat for seabirds thriving year after year leaving the people of noru with a massive asset bird droppings during this

Period the per capita GDP of this tiny Island was estimated to be around 50,000 USD equivalent to over 1.1 billion Vietnamese Dong this GDP placed nor is one of the wealthiest countries on earth based on per capita GDP many locals quit their jobs to exploit bird droppings and still became wealthy

Buying various luxury cars it’s quite an envy and juicing sight however when this industry declined in the 1990s many on the island faced a crisis leading to insurmountable debts they had to borrow money and sell properties to repay debts the entire island has an area of less than 21

Square kilm and is home to about 10,000 residents it is the world’s third smallest country larger than Monaco by 2017 the per capita GDP was 930 us per person per year significantly lower than before it’s a classic case of Easy Come Easy Go isn’t it so six Republic of Yuzu

Is born from a joke located within the capital city of vnus in Lithuania uzupis is one of the smallest republics in the world covering an area of less than one square kilometer despite its small size this country has a president government Constitution and its own currency it

Even boasts its own Navy consisting of three to four small boats along with an army of about 10 people however uir is a peaceloving nation so its military has long been retired additionally every April Fool’s Day celebrated as the national day of the country on this day visitors can get their passports stamped

As they cross the bridge to enter this nation since declaring its independence in 1997 this tiny nation has introduced a constitution with quite amusing provision for example dogs have the right to be dogs and cats are not obliged to love their owners but must Provide support when needed the

Constitution also includes peculiar rule such as everyone having the right to have hot water be warm in Winter and have a tiled roof moreover there’s a claw stating everyone has the right to understand as well as a provision stating everyone has the right to not understand anything at all it’s quite

Bewildering and I even find it challenging to comprehend this constitution number five Vatican City the most powerful country in the world though recognized as the smallest country in the world Vatican City is considered one of the most powerful Nations today serving as the official residents of the Pope and other

Religious dignitaries of the Catholic Church Vatican City has a Theocratic monarchy with the Pope at the helm who acts as the sole absolute monarch in Europe wielding supreme legislative executive and judicial Authority when visiting Vatican City tourists are likely to encounter the Swiss God the Swiss guard in colorful Renaissance

Style uniforms responsible for protecting the pope since 1506 they are well- Tred disciplined and skilled all members of the Guard are Swiss in fact no babies are born in Vatican City because it lacks a hospital however citizenship is not determined by being born there no one can be a citizen of

Vatican City from birth number four Republic of mova a country without an elected president I believe that the head of state is always an essential and necessary part of a country’s government Machinery however there is a country without a president the Republic of mova located in Eastern Europe and bordered

By Romania and Ukraine is a relatively Young nation that declared its independence on August 27 1991 with an area of only 3,846 Square kilm this country went through a period of 3 years without a president from 2009 to 2012 the simple reason was that Parliament could not

Agree on a suitable candidate this led to Mula facing significant negative reactions and even threats of territorial annexation from some neighboring countries it wasn’t until April 2012 that the parliament finally elected a president this marked the end of a three-year political deadlock number three South Africa the country

With three capitals my friends and I might be proud of living in a single Capital City however there is a peculiar country with up to three capitals and that is South Africa prle has three capitals is pray to rorate administrative Capital Cape Town Jo the legislative capital and blam Fontaine

The judicial cap Capital this is a unique arrangement to share power among different regions additionally in the world there is also the Republic of Naru a country I mentioned earlier that does not have a capital due to its small size finding a central location to serve as the capital is not easy furthermore

There’s a misconception about capitals Tokyo is commonly believed to be the capital of Japan but the reality is different in a country with a long-standing tradition like Japan the capital is the residence of the emperor therefore throughout history the capital of Japan has been placed in various

Location in 1868 the residents of the emperor and the Japanese government headquarters were moved and reached Tokyo so people have always considered Tokyo as the capital of Japan until 1950 Japan decided to choose Tokyo as its capital but on September 6th 1986 the Japanese government decided to abolish

Tokyo as the capital hey since Tokyo is no longer the capital of Japan there is also no official provision in the Japanese Constitution regarding the capital number two countries with the strangest shapes first we cannot ignore the Philippines and aric sovereign state in Southeast Asia looking at the map you

Can easily see that it resembles an old man bowing down but sometimes you might see it as a sitting dog when looking at the map and finding Finland a country in northern Europe you’ll see that it looks like a baby C crocodile I’m also impressed by Italy a country in southern

Europe with an area of 301,000 square km surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea the shape of the territory resembles a boot especially in the toe and heel areas therefore this country is nicknamed the boot-shaped country looking at the map you can also see that Chile has the shape of a chili pepper besides the

Shape of Laos in Southeast Asia is like a palm tree Laos has an area of over 236,000 Square km and a population of over 6 million number one Bhutan n the country without traffic lights before 1974 the small secluded country of Bhutan nestled in the Himalayas was little known because foreigners were not

Allowed to enter Bhutan and the bhutanese had no conditions to travel abroad to this day bhan remains relatively isolated from the Civilized world the country has only one airport with a Runway where planes can only land and take off during the day in good weather conditions it is also the only

Country without traffic lights with 60% of the entire country covered by forests instead of using a traffic light system The Buttes feel that having police officers control traffic will be more familiar and intimate so every time you go out you’ll encounter police officers I wonder if people are afraid although

The botines still consume meat the country has no slaughter houses all types of meat are imported from neighboring countries such as India and Nepal the reason is that Bhutan is a Buddhist country with nearly 40% of the population being vegetarian and killing animals is strictly prohibited in the

Country however vuon is known as the kingdom of happiness and the country always emphasizes spiritual values cultural heritage conservation and providing a peaceful life for its people commun we have just explored many fascinating and surprising things about the weirdest most unique countries in the world if you have a favorite country

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