Chef Crystal Wahpepah highlights Indigenous cuisine in Queens on National Geographic’s map – Video

Chef Crystal Wahpepah highlights Indigenous cuisine in Queens on National Geographic’s map – Video

In National Geographic’s series “Queens,” Chef Crystal Wahpepah is shining a spotlight on Indigenous cuisine and culture. With a mission to honor her ancestors and put Indigenous foods on the map, Wahpepah is breaking barriers in the culinary world. As the ‘Queen of Cuisine,’ Wahpepah draws inspiration from the wisdom of her elders and the traditional ingredients that have sustained her family for generations.

Her restaurant, Waby Kitchen, is the first women-owned Native American restaurant in Northern California, symbolizing a powerful representation of Indigenous food and culture. Wahpepah believes that food tells a story, and she aims to connect people to their roots through the dishes she creates. Whether it’s Bison, deer, rabbits, or berries, Wahpepah’s menu is a tribute to the land and the people who have called it home for centuries.

Working alongside her daughters and family members, Wahpepah is not only creating delicious meals but also fostering a sense of community and belonging. She sees herself as a protector of Native foods, ensuring that these traditions are passed down to future generations. Through her leadership and resilience, Wahpepah is inspiring other women to embrace their heritage, stand tall in their communities, and make a difference.

“Queens” celebrates powerful female leaders like Chef Crystal Wahpepah who are making an impact in their respective fields. By sharing her story and her love for Indigenous cuisine, Wahpepah is paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse culinary landscape. Tune in to National Geographic to witness the incredible journey of Chef Crystal Wahpepah as she puts Indigenous foods on the map.

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Video Transcript

National Geographics Queens celebrates powerful female leaders in the natural World and behind every inspirational animal on screen is an equally gritty and determined Woman all the women on this Queen’s Journey are true leaders Fierce smart resilient and female all hail the Queens all right all I need is celery and potatoes NY and then I’m ready to rumble I’m on my an Anor shoulders my ancestors are cheering me On I like to make different kind of foods that really highlight these old ingredients that fed my family for many generations that’s honoring my grandfather and that’s also honor in my grandmother I believe that our ancestors are calling us through these foods and calling the community and people from

All over the world to eat healthy and to actually have that connection with the food that’s been lost for so many years my name is cryistal wppa from Oakland California I’m a kicky tribal member and I’m the owner of waby Kitchen having a restaurant is like having a child you really want to love that child and let that child grow we’re the first women own a native restaurant through Northern California and so this is something I really believe in that needs to be represented and needs to be

Seen all over the country and actually all over the world how we are very much connected to our food what is Native American Cuisine it is food from this land it is bean corn squash we have a lot of strawberries your raspberries you have your blackberries your huckleberries we have

A lot of Bison we have a lot of deer we have a lot of rabbits we can actually tell a story on a plate as as we make our different dishes I always like to honor these foods that actually represented this land first I have three

Of my daughters they all work at wot’s kitchen and I always tell them you’re not just representing me they’re representing their tribe they’re representing women of color you’re representing your generation it’s been a privilege working with family here especially my older sister my younger sister have my cousins and we’re making

A difference in the community my mom inspires me to be a leader she inspires me to be resilient and having the power to change the world having a Native American restaurant open up less than five blocks from us has been has been revolutionary um Crystal has been able

To gather community members from all over Indian country and they come here to this restaurant to see a representation of their food of their people and reminds them of home she’s making fry bread um this is something where um we have the stew and fry bread

Um that’s what reminds me a lot of my grandma and my family so um Grace does a good job I feel like a protector when it comes to Native Foods I feel like a protector when it comes of course to my children we have to guide our children’s

If we want these foods to move on to the next Generation I I believe that where we pass things on and many queens has done that for many many thousands of years a show like Queens can inspire a lot of women we are natural-born leaders we’re strong where we have a lot of

Perseverance there’s a reason why we all have our different paths we all have different talents I just so happen to have with my hands and my heart and something that my grandmother had passed along it’s been a lot of hard work a lot of sacrifice to be where I’m at but also

At the same time I love to create spaces for the Next Generation if I can do it you can too Crystal wiip paw is a really is a strong native woman and has inspired me to just be a leader within my community and show other native women

And what it’s like to lead in your community and help bring healing she heals our community through her food food can tell a story food can bring people together food can heal

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