Completed: Airstream Solar-Powered Off-Grid Build – Video

Completed: Airstream Solar-Powered Off-Grid Build – Video

In this exciting and informative video, we follow along as Ronnie at Airstream Nuts & Bolts completes the final touches on an off-grid solar build project. The video is part two of a series, so if you haven’t checked out part one yet, be sure to do so. The project includes two battleborne gc3 batteries, 1,000 watts of solar, and an onboard generator, making it a comprehensive off-grid set-up.

One of the highlights of the build is the installation of the Quattro 2 inverter from Victron, which allows for powering a 50 amp trailer. Ronnie also shares some clever modifications he made to the inverter to improve heat dissipation, ensuring optimal performance.

Other noteworthy additions include the Airkraters air vents, which provide adjustable airflow for optimal comfort, and the Smart Plug upgrade, which simplifies the connection process while ensuring secure electrical connections.

The video also showcases the installation of a Ford OEM camera wire for improved visibility and safety while towing. Ronnie’s attention to detail and expertise shine throughout the build, resulting in a clean and functional off-grid set-up.

Overall, the video provides valuable insights into the process of creating an off-grid solar build and offers inspiration for those looking to embark on a similar project. Be sure to check out the full video for a more in-depth look at the build process and its impressive results.

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