Consuming Eggs Linked to Higher Risk of Heart Disease-Related Mortality – Video

Consuming Eggs Linked to Higher Risk of Heart Disease-Related Mortality – Video

In the video “Eating Eggs Increases the Risk of Dying from Heart Disease,” the host begins by informing the audience about the alarming news provided by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. It is revealed that scientific studies have shown that eating eggs can be hazardous to one’s health, particularly increasing the risk of dying from heart disease.

The host discusses various studies that have been conducted, highlighting a 2021 study that found an association between consuming half an egg a day and increased deaths from heart disease, cancer, and other causes. Additionally, the video mentions that eating eggs has been linked to developing certain types of cancer, such as colon, rectal, and prostate cancer.

However, the article goes on to critique the validity of these studies, noting that they are all based on observational studies using food frequency questionnaires, which have limitations in terms of recall bias and inaccuracies. The host argues that the studies do not prove causation and also highlights conflicts of interest among some researchers involved in these studies.

Furthermore, the host provides a comprehensive overview of the nutritional benefits of eggs, emphasizing that egg yolks are a highly nutrient-dense source of essential vitamins, minerals, protein, choline, and other beneficial compounds.

In conclusion, the video suggests that there may be a smear campaign against eggs by certain groups and encourages viewers to critically evaluate the information presented before making decisions about their dietary choices. Overall, the video raises questions about the validity of the claims against eggs and provides evidence of their nutritional benefits.

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Recent studies have found that eating eggs increases the risk of dying from a heart attack, but is this true? Find out in this video.


0:00 Introduction: Are eggs bad for your heart?
1:40 Recent data on eggs and heart attacks
5:10 Are eggs healthy?
5:40 Vitamins in egg yolks
7:43 Other benefits of egg yolks
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In this video, we’re going to talk about some of the new data surrounding eggs and their role in heart disease. Out of ten recent studies on eggs and heart disease, all of the studies were observational, and all but two of the studies were self-reported.

Studies that require people to recall everything that they’ve eaten over a period of time are generally inaccurate. People often forget what they’ve eaten and focus on the positive things they can remember eating rather than reporting the negative.

Questionnaires do not prove causation. There was also a conflict of interest in many of these studies.

Eggs are one of the most nutrient-dense foods you can consume. The egg yolk contains almost every nutrient except vitamin C.

Egg yolks from pasture-raised eggs are an excellent source of the following:
•Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12
•The active form of vitamin A (retinol)
•Vitamin E
•Vitamin K2
•Vitamin D
•Omega-3 fatty acids
•Potassium, magnesium, and selenium

Eggs are the best source of protein next to human breast milk and are one of the best sources of choline.

Egg yolks promote healthy levels of cholesterol. They can increase HDL cholesterol and can increase the size of your LDL cholesterol. Egg yolks are the perfect combination of protein and fat and can help reduce insulin resistance.

Egg yolks contain lutein and zeaxanthin—carotenoids that are most commonly found in vegetables. These carotenoids are more bioavailable in eggs and help protect the eye from macular degeneration and cataracts. They also protect the endothelial tissue inside of your arteries.

Eggs don’t cause heart problems—they help with heart problems!

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps you understand the health benefits of eggs and the issues with the new data connecting eggs to heart attacks. I’ll see you in the next video.

Video Transcript

Sorry to tell you this guys um but have some bad news according to the Physicians committee for responsible medicine on the website they revealed that eating eggs can be hazardous to your health okay and they actually list several scientific studies that prove that eating eggs can be very hazardous

And I just want to tell you some of the conclusions on these studies this is not good guys eating eggs increases the risk of dying from heart attacks oh my gosh I’ve been eating all these eggs this whole time and I’m in trouble 2021 study

Found that the addition of a half an egg a day was associated with more deaths from heart disease cancer in all causes this is not good this is scary another study they mentioned eating eggs also can be connected to developing certain types of cancer colon rectal and

Prostate oh my gosh I’m going to have to change all my videos change my diet this is not exciting guys I mean I thought I was the expert apparently not well I tell you we’re going to uh explore this topic a little bit deeper and I think you’re going to be Shell

Shocked I’m sorry I just had to do that before you evaluate a topic okay and you try to figure out what’s Truth Or Not truth you have to first make sure that the data is good data not bad data you want to make sure that you include all

Of the data so there’s no missing information you want to make sure you don’t exaggerate the data I have all the studies right here I printed them out there’s like 10 different studies about eggs seven of these studies are observational two are meta analyses of observational studies one is a review

Article and one is a systemic review these observational studies are based on food frequency questionnaires none of them is an experimental study randomized controlled trial which is a study in which a treatment procedure or program is intentionally introduced and a result or outcome is observed the problem is

With our recall who’s going to remember what they ate in the last 12 months I don’t even remember what I ate last weekend when I was in practice I would ask people um you know what did you eat the the previous week right they couldn’t remember and then come to find

Out they kind of exaggerated talking about all the good things but not the bad things so it’s very very difficult if not impossible to extract the exact thing that person ate and the amounts it’s not credible questioner studies do not prove causation and as far as an association

Yes there’s an association but there are so many variables why do you pick eggs out of the million variables what about their smoking what about their drinking what about their medication side effects what about their genetics what about their inactivity what about the Doughnut that they just ate why didn’t you pick

That it’s literally impossible to isolate this link between two things now at first I couldn’t find if they were actually credible studies that showed some randomized trials things like that but then I dug a little deeper and I found that 100% of those metaanalysis were complete questioner self-reported

Studies so right there I can’t even evaluate whether the study shows any real substantiation or not because it’s based on questioner studies so pretty much puts that data into a certain category not to mention the conflict of interest uh the Canadian Journal of Cardiology this showed that those who

Ate the most eggs got a higher risk of cardiovascular disease Dr Spence and the Dr Davon received fees from several pharmaceutical companies that sell anti-cholesterol medication and Dr Daviston also had support from fizer Astro zenica and Merc all right another study uh by jamama um Dr Wilkins reported receiving consultation fees from NGM

Biopharmaceuticals Dr men reported receiving research support from various big Pharma companies and is on their Advisory Board as well so unfortunately the Physicians committee for responsible medicine is putting out doubts uh about the health of eating anything animal products they are plant-based physician group but their membership really is

Only 5% Physicians and honestly I think it’s really really bad for someone to put out information that’s just a lie to scare people into not eating eggs I I know the news does it all the time they’ll put these little doubts in people’s minds and it’s very difficult

For most people the general public to evaluate that data themselves so they depend on someone else who’s responsible do it for them and and I think this is just really a smear campaign on eggs egg has gotten a bad wrap for many years but the egg is a very interesting protein

That I want to share right now some additional information just to give you some factual information about what’s in an egg first of all an egg yolk okay an egg yolk um is not a developing chicken okay it’s the nutrition for that chicken the egg yolk is probably one of the most

Nutrient-dense multivitamin mineral phytonutrient substances that you can consume based in some additional protein around that egg yolk the egg is almost complete with about every single nutrient except vitamin C but it’s loaded with vitamin B1 B2 B3 B5 B6 B9 and b12 it’s one of the best sources of

Vitamin A and I’m talking about the active form of vitamin A called retinol you cannot get retinol from carrots okay in carrots you have the precursor beta carotene that is supposed to convert into the active form of vitamin A um you have to get it from animal sources or

Egg sources but vitamin A which is so crucial for your eyes for your immune system for your skin especially the inside of your skin the sinuses the throat the lungs even the colon anything internal skin is supported by vitamin A and of course liver has the highest

Amount of vitamin A but egg Yol is right up there as well it has vitamin E that by the way supports the inside of your heart eating eggs is going to help your cardiovascular system it’s going to support the inside layer of the arteries because it has vitamin E as well as

Vitamin K2 which is really important in removing the excess calcium in the arteries it keeps the calcium out of the soft tissues of the body it is vitamin D very few foods have vitamin D but egg yolks have it and of course I’m talking about um an egg that comes from

A pasture raised healthy chicken okay I’m not talking about this chicken that’s in this cage their whole life but the egg is the best source of protein the most quality source of protein behind breast milk it’s a super bioavailable source of amino acids it also is the food that has the second

Highest amount of choline behind liver and choline is important in reducing fat off your liver it’s important in supporting the brain because it makes this neurotransmitter called acetylcholine to help your memory it also has minerals potassium magnesium selenium it also has omega-3 fatty acids as well which is good for the heart um

Another uh thing that it can do is it can increase the particle size of your LDL what does that mean there’s two types of LDL you have the small dense uh particle size which is the one that kind of invades the arteries it creates more problems creates more inflammation but

Then you have uh something else that’s bigger called a large buoyant particle size and that’s the one that is not pathogenic also eggs can help reduce your insulin resistance think about the carb level on eggs there’s not a lot of carbs and eggs so it’s a perfect keto

Combination of protein and fat and nutrition also can increase hdil it has lutein and zanthin what are those those are carotenoids you see those in vegetables but the bioavailability in vegetables doesn’t even compare to the bioavailability from an egg so these two carotenoids protect not just the eye because it’s

Good for the eye against like things like macular degeneration and cataracts but also protects the endothelial tissue inside your arteries so no eggs don’t cause heart problems okay they help heart problems so consuming eggs is an excellent idea and the next time you hear some bad news about eggs um take a

Look at the study uh make sure it’s not an observational study make sure that the source of the study it doesn’t have conflict of interest but the egg can be a super heart healthy food to consume now if you haven’t seen my new Resource page on my website where I

Have a lot of very cool downloads so go there now and check out all the onepage summary um things that I have on various topics I think you’ll really enjoy them

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