Creating chaos on the way to Palawan – Video

Creating chaos on the way to Palawan – Video

The video “Causing Trouble Sailing Into Palawan” by Gone With The Wynns takes viewers on a journey through the Palawan province in the Philippines, specifically to the beautiful spot of El Nido. Despite the misadventures and challenges faced along the way, the Wynns find themselves surrounded by stunning landscapes, hospitable people, and meals fit for royalty. The video captures their sailing experience, encounters with locals, and the picturesque views of the region.

The Wynns, made up of Jason and Nikki, are modern-day explorers and documentarians who have been traveling the world on wheels and keels since 2011. Their curiosity and desire to explore off-grid living, talk to strangers, and learn about alternative lifestyles define their journey. They aim to #CultivateCuriosity and share their experiences with their audience.

The video showcases the beauty of the Palawan province, complete with dramatic sailing scenes, encounters with friendly locals, and a relaxing sunset atop a bamboo tower. The Wynns’ interactions with locals, trying traditional Filipino dishes, and their exploration of the stunning landscapes all add to the charm of the video.

Overall, “Causing Trouble Sailing Into Palawan” offers a glimpse into the Wynns’ adventurous spirit, their love for exploration, and their willingness to embrace the unknown. The video serves as an invitation to experience the beauty of Palawan and the warmth of its people, making it a must-watch for travel enthusiasts and adventure-seekers alike.

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