Delicious Peach Quick Bread made with Plant-Based Ingredients 🍑 Ready in Minutes! – Video

Delicious Peach Quick Bread made with Plant-Based Ingredients 🍑 Ready in Minutes! – Video

Do you love peaches? Do you love baking? If so, get ready to indulge in a delectable Plant-Based Peach Quick Bread that will have your taste buds singing for joy! This easy-to-follow recipe takes advantage of the end of peach season to create a moist and flavorful bread that is perfect for any time of day.

This recipe uses whole food ingredients, such as organic rolled oats ground into flour, flax meal, and sweet, juicy peaches to create a nutrient-rich and satisfying treat. The batter is simple to prepare, and the addition of diced and sliced peaches provides bursts of flavor in every bite.

As with all recipes on the Whole Food Plant-Based Cooking Show, this Peach Quick Bread is entirely plant-based, using ingredients that are free from refined flours and sugars. This ensures that the bread is not only delicious but also nutritious and satisfying.

The video takes you through each step of the process, from grinding oats into flour to blending the peach and date mixture, to decorating the bread with slices of fresh peach before it’s baked to perfection.

By the end of the video, you’ll be eagerly waiting to taste this mouthwatering creation. Whether you enjoy it as is or lightly toasted with a spread of nut butter, this Peach Quick Bread is sure to become a new favorite in your recipe collection.

So, if you’re ready to dive into the world of plant-based baking and enjoy the natural sweetness of peaches in a delightful bread, be sure to check out the Plant-Based Peach Quick Bread video for a burst of flavor in every bite!

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Video Transcript

Let’s make a plant-based Peach quick bread welcome back to the whole food plant-based cooking show where we make plant-based cooking easy I’m Jill and we are ready to jump into making this delicious Peach quick bread just in time for the end of our peach season here in North Carolina

So we’re going to start with our batter which is we’re going to start with two cups of organic rolled oats oops I’m making a little bit of a mess here that we are going to grind into a flower and it doesn’t need to be a really fine flower

Just kind of a loose flower which takes only you know 15 to 20 seconds okay and one tip about your oat flour you don’t want to grind it too fine because it’s already a pretty heavy bread because it’s whole food ingredients we’re not using refined flours or

Sugars that keep a cake like this or a bread like this really light and fluffy so if you grind your flour too too fine it’ll just increase the denseness of the cake and it won’t cook through very well in the middle all right so then we have a teaspoon of baking powder

Uh three quarters of a teaspoon of baking soda and two tablespoons of flax meal you’re going to get that flax meal in there all those good Omega-3s that are so good for you all right now you’re just going to mix this together a little bit just to get the baking soda and baking

Powder Incorporated all right now on to our wet ingredients we’re just going to use our same container here so you’re going to need three peaches overall roughly about 600 grams of peaches or one and a half pounds of peaches so two peaches you’re going to cut just like this just chop them up

And one peach half of it you’re going to dice into small pieces like this and half of it you’re going to slice pretty thin little slices like this because that’s what we’re going to decorate the top with but you’re going to gonna set the the sliced ones aside

For now that’s the last step but we are going to use the big chunk of peaches back into the blender we go a half a cup of Diglett dates a tablespoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of vanilla extract we’re just going to blend this up until it’s a really smooth paste [Applause] all right there we go now we’re just going to pour that into the dry mixture sure we get all of that out of there because this is what’s going to give you that really good Peach flavor essentially this is like a banana bread but it’s just using peaches instead for the flavor

And then you’re going to take your diced peaches throw them in there that’s going to give you a nice little chunks of peaches when you’re eating just so delicious we’re going to Stir It Up really well and I have two other peach recipes if you’re really gung-ho about peach season

I’ve got a peach tart and a peach cobbler and we’ll give you a link to those along with the link for the printable recipe in the details below up really good and my oven is preheated to 350 degrees now I’m going to grab my bread pan and

Then I’ll show you how to decorate the top with those peaches while we’re waiting for that I’d like to share some background on our show the whole food plant-based cooking show is crowdfunded which means these free weekly recipe videos along with our entire catalog of free printable recipes on our website and our plant-based cooking Made Easy cookbook series are all made possible in part by the generous patronage of our supporting membership community so if you love our recipes I invite you to join us on our mission to make plant-based cooking easy and follow the link in the description

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Publishing the results directly on their website as a special discount for our viewers just use code plant-based easy at checkout to save 15 off of your order okay I’ve got my bread pan here this is just a standard loaf besides this is a silicone pan but if you’re using like a

Glass or metal pan you’ll want to line it with parchment paper just so it doesn’t stick all right into the pan we go see those lemon juice and the baking soda and baking powder already working it’s really nice and fluffy but the bread when it’s done itself is actually it’s pretty dense

So that fluffiness doesn’t stay quite like this all right and we want to smooth out the top of your bread just so it looks nicer okay and now we’re going to decorate this guy with these beautiful peaches because it would be a shame not to Showcase these gorgeous that color that

Red blush color so I’m just going to take them right across the top you can do this whatever way you want to do it but I like to layer them kind of like that so you can see them so you can see that red color okay just keep going until you’re

At the end I’m going to take that out and then one just on the end there look at that gorgeous right okay so now we’re going to stick this into the oven for 55 minutes okay guys it’s out of the oven come on in and take a look

I wish you had smell-o-vision because this smells so good I’m gonna let this cool for about 10 minutes or 15 minutes maybe and then I’ll meet you at the table for a taste it’s my favorite time of the day let’s cut into this guy still nice and warm Oh yeah look at that you can see the little chunks of peaches in there um tastes great just like this but my favorite way to eat it is lightly toasted and put a little bit of nut butter on there even better you’re gonna love it come on back next week and I’ll have

Another great recipe for you

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