Diego Luna Reveals that the Filming of the Second Season of ‘Andor’ is Nearly Complete at the Emmys Red Carpet – Video

Diego Luna Reveals that the Filming of the Second Season of ‘Andor’ is Nearly Complete at the Emmys Red Carpet – Video

Diego Luna Says the Second Season of 'Andor' is Almost Done Shooting on the Emmys Red Carpet

Diego Luna, on the Emmys red carpet, shared some exciting news about the progress of the second season of ‘Andor.’ Luna, who plays the lead role in the Star Wars spinoff series, revealed that the shooting for the second season is almost complete. Luna expressed his enthusiasm and gratitude for being a part of the Star Wars world, emphasizing the strong family-like bond within the team. He also mentioned that being a part of ‘Andor’ has been rewarding as they know the series has a definitive ending, allowing them to work towards a specific goal. Luna also discussed the challenges they faced during the filming of the second season, including shooting under difficult circumstances due to the pandemic and dealing with a strike. Despite the challenges, Luna is looking forward to the wrap party and is confident that it will be worth the wait. The article hints at the dedicated efforts and emotional investment that Luna and the team have put into the series, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the upcoming season of ‘Andor.’

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Did you have a good holiday I had a fantastic holiday in Waka on the beach nice very nice yeah yeah yeah beautiful um so who do you want to meet tonight you’ve met everyone at this point but is there someone when you come to something

Like this you say I got to meet them you you no you met me you’ve met me Oh you mean me meat like that like meat like you’ve never met I no I don’t think that way it’s like I’m I’m too old for that you know like I I just come to

Celebrate with my people the team I haven’t seen Tony in a long time I haven’t seen Kathleen I haven’t seen s it’s nice what’s a like being part of the Star Wars world it’s amazing man it’s amazing because we are a family because we we do I mean it’s been more

Than 10 years now for me you know so it’s quite a long time they know my kids uh before your kid yes there is a there is a strong connection and and we care about what we do together and and we feel that belonging you know do you see

Yourself being part of the Star Wars World more are there other stories to be told I mean I know obviously what happens with your character but there are other stories to be told that you’d want to be a part of I don’t think so no

No I’ll be I’ll be part of it because I I’ll always be part of that family but uh but no I think it’s been I mean the good thing about Andor is that we know it has an ending and uh and it’s nice to work knowing there’s an ending and you

Can aim for something you know and uh and we’re getting there I I have a few days to shoot and I’m still have to shoot how many more oh cuz strike right how many more how many more days you have to shoot I have seven days so I’m

Going tomorrow I’m flying back to London and we’re finishing this yeah because of the strike it just feels like it’s been it’s been forever we the first season we shot under very very hard circumstances the the pandemic and and now the strikes this time so the party is going to it’s

Going to be worth it it’s going to be a what’s the rap party going to be like I are you planning it already yes yes yes yes we we had a a party planned and we had to like you know ask the place to you know keep the money deposit keep the

No keep the deposit and and uh make sure we’ll be back yeah

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