2024 Sees Another Record-Breaking Blob Measurement

2024 Sees Another Record-Breaking Blob Measurement

Florida’s First Coast may be particularly nasty this summer. The Atlantic seaweed known as sargassum will be coming ashore and may be particularly plentiful this year.

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Latest Update on Seaweed Situation in Florida:

January 15, 2024: Another record blob of sargassum was measured in the Central Atlantic Ocean

University of South Florida scientists have reported a significant increase in sargassum, a type of seaweed, in the Central Atlantic, near the Caribbean Sea. As of December 2023, the mass of sargassum reached nearly 5 million metric tons, a substantial increase from the 1 million metric tons recorded at the same time in the previous year.

This amount sets a new historical record for the region. Despite a 15% decrease in May 2023, which deviated from the 2022 record high of 22 million metric tons, researchers anticipate 2024 to be another major year for sargassum growth.

Currently, the majority of this seaweed mass is located about 500 miles east of the Caribbean Sea, with significant blooms also observed near Venezuela’s Orinoco River, affecting areas like Trinidad and Tobago and the southern Caribbean Sea.


July 18: Latest seaweed news and photos from Florida

Last spring, Florida’s renowned beaches faced an unprecedented challenge with the arrival of a massive, foul-smelling seaweed mass known as the Great Atlantic Sargassum Seaweed Belt.

However, there’s good news as recent findings by scientists from the University of South Florida’s Optical Oceanography Lab indicate that the seaweed belt in the Gulf of Mexico has significantly diminished, shrinking by an impressive 75% last month.

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June 1: Jupiter Dog Beach

June 1: Panama City Beach

May 22: Latest photos and reports from travelers and locals in Florida

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May 22: Bahia Honda State Park Seaweed Report

May 22: Panama City Beach Seaweed Report

May 21: Melbourne Beach Seaweed Report

May 16: Bal Harbour Beach Seaweed Report

May 1: Travelers and Tourists are reporting record arrivals of seaweed to Florida already

Activity in our dedicated FB reporting group “Sargassum Seaweed Updates Florida” has been increasing with daily updates of seaweed arrivals. Most of the places are already reporting record amounts ahead of the peak sargassum…

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