Directs Himself as Aliens Invade

Directs Himself as Aliens Invade

Martin Scorsese followed up his three-and-a-half-hour epic “Killers of the Flower Moon” with a 30-second commercial. The Super Bowl spot, an ad for website builder Squarespace, stars the director as he gets stuck in traffic during an alien invasion.

As extraterrestrials descend upon the Earth in giant UFOs, everyone is too busy staring at their screens to even notice. One woman scrolls past a video captioned “Proof of Extraterrestrials” to a clip of a cat unraveling toilet paper, as she smiles while a UFO hovers overhead. A dog barks at the sky while its owners are glued to their phones eating a meal. A flying saucer visits a corporate board meeting, but the employees are too tapped into their laptops to realize.

The aliens catch people’s attention when they hijack their screens with a website titled “Hello Down There,” which prompts everyone to finally look up. That includes Scorsese, who is sitting in the back seat of a black car stuck in traffic. After he peers out the window and sees the giant UFOs circling New York City, he chastises his driver: “I told you to take Broadway, this always happens!”

“A website makes it real,” reads a card at the end of the ad.

Scorsese also directed an extended cut of the Squarespace spot, which clocks in at 90 seconds, and acted alongside his daughter, Francesca, in a featurette that follows Scorsese as he plans to direct a “really, really short film” about a website.

In a…

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