Discover the Beauty of Morocco: Ouzoud Falls & Marrakesh 🇲🇦 – Video

Discover the Beauty of Morocco: Ouzoud Falls & Marrakesh 🇲🇦 – Video

“Morocco Is So Beautiful! Ouzoud Falls and Marrakesh”

The stunning beauty of Morocco is on full display in this mesmerizing video documenting a visit to the Ouzoud Falls and the night life in Marrakesh. This adventure begins on a three-hour journey through the Moroccan countryside, driving alongside the majestic Atlas Mountains and into the heart of the desert to arrive at the magnificent Ouzoud Falls.

The video captures the captivating views of the waterfalls, descending into the valley and surrounded by lush greenery, and teeming with an array of wildlife, including the famous Barbary Monkeys that reside in the area. Viewers will get a first-hand look at the experience of exploring the falls independently, with opportunities to witness local restaurants and interact with the friendly inhabitants of the region.

Additionally, the video showcases the vibrant city of Marrakesh at night, offering glimpses of the sprawling markets, delicious local cuisine, and intriguing cultural experiences. From the bustling streets to tranquil viewpoints, the video immerses viewers in the beauty and vitality of Morocco’s most iconic attractions.

The creators share invaluable insights and disclaimers throughout the video, providing useful information and tips for travelers. The engaging narrative, combined with breathtaking visuals, offers an immersive experience that celebrates the rich culture and natural wonders of Morocco.

For those seeking to embark on a similar adventure, the video provides valuable resources for booking tours, finding travel gear, and supporting the creators. Viewers can also access copyright-free music, exclusive discounts, and essential travel information via the links provided in the video description.

Experience the awe-inspiring sights and sounds of Morocco in this captivating video, and let it inspire your own journey to this enchanting destination. The beauty and charm of Morocco await, ready to captivate and delight all who venture into this vibrant land.

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Good morning everyone once again here from Morocco today we’re on a journey to a waterfall called waterfalls one second noisy car coming by so it’s supposed to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls to visit in Morocco and we’re heading there from Marakesh so we booked the transport at

Our hotel in the Medina in Marakesh going to be20 per person takes about 3 hours to get there so we’re about 2 hours in right now stopped in the middle of nowhere pretty much in the desert at this gas station just for like a toilet break and snacks been really nice drive

Driving past the villages in the desert we haven’t seen that in Morocco so far and also been driving alongside the Atlas Mountains which I think is those back there the gigantic mountains we’re going to be visiting those in the next video Hopefully So we’ve arrived at The Falls now there is a bit of a scheme here when you arrive we read about it online before so the car Park like 3 minutes away from the main car park and then a guy comes saying that you need a guide to do the

Tour but we already read online that this is like a scheme that they have going you don’t need a guide it’s not mandatory so we just told the guy that we didn’t and other two guys also didn’t want the guide I think he charges like3 per person but we don’t really want to

Be with a group of like 20 people yeah it’s not about the guide really is just that we want to do our own tour of the waterfalls and just explore by ourselves yeah we also know that it’s only like a 20 minute walk to arrive to the

Waterfall so it’s no big hike or anything it’s very straight for with just one path hello so they have some restaurants here as well probably going to get a bite to eat later on might even come to this one already got some of the big monkeys

Too that are around here yeah it is a big guy I think we’ll see them up close later on and yeah this is the waterfall here can’t see it complet completely yet all the way down there you can see the little boats you can do boat tours more

Restaurants down there have to see which is the best place got another Viewpoint here a little monkey no no thank you a big Monkey hello no thanks no thank you yeah it’s kind of a bit annoying here there’s like some dudes following you around trying to give you information trying to be the guide still even when you’re inside so it’s not only outside there’s been about three or four of

Them no thank you no thank you thank you yeah just don’t go away all right now he left I mean I know they want to try and make money right but I mean sometimes just got to accept that some people want to do things on their own if it’s an

Option it’s weird cuz they don’t charge anything to enter so I don’t know I think I think I would prefer just to pay like a I don’t know $5 or even $10 I don’t know to enter and and not have anyone bothering you yeah and then that

Money could be divided by the the local community I think it would be better yeah I’d prefer that too saw on line that some people call them gibralta monkeys or barbery Monkeys So now we’ve come down the left side before we were over there for the good views you can continue on but it’s like a 3-hour trail so if you come on the left side this is like the quick way down wow some some more incredible views

There’s also a point on Google maps that show swimming pool so I guess you going swim down there I think it’s too cold right now in this guy is Sleepy yeah they really don’t care about us at all sometimes monkeys are aggressive or they look at you trying to see what they can

Steal these guys don’t seem to care getting the good treatment yeah spy SP yeah that’s one of the best angles now you can see the whole thing so it’s around 110 m in Height Yeah that’s awesome so this isn’t the bottom this is like the middle section that was where we were at the beginning when we first saw the monkeys that is epic though I didn’t mention in the previous video but you’re not allowed to bring drones into Morocco so we left ours at a

Friend’s house in lbon where we were just before we came to Morocco and we’ll have to pick that up Afterwards So we ended up choosing this restaurant here because of the view a lot of the other ones the views were already taken but definitely not disappointed with this these guys probably have the best view on the front they’re like sit in head on but the majority of the places have

These kind of views so easy to find a place so it it’s a set menu 120 per person I think that has like this salad the bread olives a drink main meal dessert yeah dessert haven’t had this before it looks like there’s rice in there yeah I think that is rice pretty

Interesting mix we both went for the Tajin Carol’s is vegetarian as usual and mine has beef I think can’t really see the beef yeah there’s a little bit of beef there but this is the weirdest salad I’ve ever had what the rice yeah rice and just mayonnaise on top and the

The vegetables just weird but it tastes good yeah I don’t know if that’s like a Moroccan thing and they just brought this so I guess this is the dessert I thought it would be like a cake or something some oranges healthier though and the drink I think the option was

Only the water probably going to have to pay extra for Carol’s Pepsis what is it the bees yeah and as usual they included the Moroccan mint tea we’ve been here like 2 days and I think I’ve already had what like eight of these yeah 5 L 5 l a

Day of Moroccan tea it’s great so it turns out there is an actual dessert some sort of biscuits not too sure looks like it might have nuts in though so that can be for Carol so it was 260 overall I think that was just an extra 20 Oh all right now it’s looking all of its 110 M that’s for sure I read online that this should be like2 to go on the boat so if that is the price we’ll probably do it get real up close that guy’s pretty hardcore though swimming in that

Must be freezing Carol I guess we got the private boat yeah we’re still 20 per person though so that’s good all right never mind I think we just switch in boat too good to be true thank You Getting wet I should have put my coat on wow look at that though so powerful yeah I don’t want to go closer than this So now we’re going to be heading back time for the leg workout going to be a lot of steps so we just saw that here at the top they have the exact same menu that we just ate but it’s just 50 per person not 120 but obviously you’re not

Getting any views up here so that’s why so if you’re on a budget though there are options for 50 here the set meal so we almost did a different tour to this to a place called I Ben hadu which is like some awesome old ancient desert

Village but then it seemed like it was further away like 4 hours in the van to get there and it didn’t seem like you got much time there so that’s why we decided to do this place instead definitely wasn’t disappointed though probably one of the most beautiful waterfalls that we’ve ever Seen N And this is the main Square where the Marakesh Madness is that actually seems quiet right now compared to last time pretty fancy restaurant right there not sure where we’re going to eat this time last time we went to one of the food stalls here but maybe we’ll try

Something better like fancier yeah maybe somewhere with a view of the square uh the other day we wait here like you said but it it was actually my least favorite food that we had so far here it wasn’t much taste no and we tried some other local restaurants uh

The other day we didn’t film but the the other local restaurants are good but just here that we didn’t enjoy that much yeah so the day that we decided to film eating here it wasn’t so good and then when we didn’t film it was good should have been the opposite way around so

Where should we eat Carol I don’t know I’m afraid they are going to be too expensive those big ones the fancy rooftop ones yeah we can check the price I guess yeah maybe I’ll check online yeah now we have Internet yeah now we have Internet so we can check so

We ended up coming to that first fancy restaurant that I filmed when we arrived in the square and we got the views that we wanted so so here’s the main Square can see the entire thing can even see the CIA Tower back there in the distance and the square spreads all the

Way around that corner over there where you can see the other restaurants and the restaurant is called Agana the prices are actually not super bad really they’re not like super expensive I think I’m going to get this minced meat skewer 125 I think I’ll have a pasta with salmon International option yeah how

Much is that the international 100 D 100 yeah it’s pretty good yeah for so my dish is looking exactly like I wanted it I used to eat this a lot when we went to Turkey I have some gravy here too not sure what kind of gravy that is looks

Fancy extra cheese so it’s like a minced meat but inside is herbs and I think there’s some light onions in there really tasty maybe I can dip it in the in the gravy or the other way around or throw the gravy on here oh yeah with the gravy it’s way better

So put that on the whole thing mine is really good too what’s the pink things on there salmon oh the salmon yeah obviously I I forgot you got a salmon one I thought it was Veggie And we also wanted to mention that we resolved our SIM card issue on Carol’s phone cuz we said at the end of the last video that we were having problems with it what was the company called Moro Telecom it was the company that I bought

The other day and the guy said it was going to work the next day but it never uh never really worked until today I’m like 2 days uh without SIM card just waiting for it to work and we tried to go to the store again but it was closed

We lost maybe 2 hours trying to solve the problem and still not uh working so I gave up on them and I’ve lost €7 because that’s what I paid for the S card and the plan and now uh we just went to another store from another brand

Called Orange orange and that one is working so I paid 25 USD uh 250 dam for 20 GB and that’s going to be uh available for a month yep and that one was working straight away yeah it’s working now so I have internet so we walk through the chaotic part of the

Square for the last time where they’re playing all the music I don’t know if we’re going to be hearing this kind of music in other places in Morocco we’ll see but they have loads of little shows going on pretty cool fun Place some sort of game Again so that’s going to be it for this video in the next video we’re heading to a place called imil which is one of the places that we were most excited about visiting it’s in the mountains that we showed earlier the Atlas Mountains and yeah I just think it’s going to be nice

Seeing the mountains sometimes it has snow there I don’t know if there’s going to be snow there right now but yeah we’ll find out so we’re going to be heading there tomorrow if you like this one just drop a like as usual to support us subscribe to see more videos like

This follow us on Instagram Facebook and we’ll see you in the next one

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