Discovering Bucerías, Mexico in 2024 – Video

Discovering Bucerías, Mexico in 2024 – Video

Bucerías, Mexico is a charming beach town located in the Mexican state of Nayarit on the west coast of Mexico. It is situated about 25 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta and boasts a beautiful stretch of sand in the Bay of Banderas. With its quieter atmosphere compared to Sayulita and better beaches than most places in the Riviera Nayarit, Bucerías is truly a hidden gem worth exploring.

In the year 2024, a visit to Bucerías promises an incredible experience. The town offers a long and beautiful stretch of sandy beaches, perfect for swimming and soaking up the sun. Even during busy times of the year, such as December, there is ample space on the beach to relax and enjoy the tranquil surroundings.

Exploring the downtown area of Bucerías reveals a bustling waterfront area, filled with shops and restaurants. Visitors can peruse the local flea market, which offers a variety of souvenirs at reasonable prices. The town also boasts a vibrant dining scene, with local restaurants serving up delicious cuisine, including the best fish tacos in town.

Bucerías is well-equipped with amenities for tourists, making it a convenient and enjoyable destination. Additionally, the town serves as a perfect base for exploring the rest of the Riviera Nayarit, including nearby towns like Sayulita, San Pancho, and La De Marcos, all just a short drive away.

When it comes to accommodations, visitors have a choice of staying in high-rise condos and hotels on the ocean side or opting for more affordable options in smaller Airbnb rentals on the other side of town. Despite some traffic on the main road that splits the town, Bucerías is an ideal home base for exploring the region.

Overall, a visit to Bucerías in 2024 promises unforgettable experiences, from enjoying the stunning beaches to immersing oneself in the local culture and delicious cuisine. Whether it’s relaxing on the beach, exploring the vibrant downtown, or venturing out to nearby towns, Bucerías offers something for every traveler seeking a laid-back and authentic Mexican beach experience.

Watch the video by Laura Bronner

Welcome to the beautiful beach town of budas located in the Mexican state of narit on Mexico’s West Coast about 25 minutes north of Puerto via this stretch of sand in the Bay of Banderas has stolen my heart good afternoon from buas this is the second time I’ve been here but we’re

Going to stay for a couple of days get to know the town it’s a beautiful sunny afternoon so we’re headed to the beach the last time I was here I remember it being really long and nice sand so hopefully it’ll be a good afternoon of swimming we had lunch at this incredible

Ceviche place called lamada highly recommended the cevich were so good so now time to just relax the beach was even better than I remembered it a quiet December afternoon packed with Sunshine although it’s a popular Beach town and December is one of the busiest times of

Year there was so much space on this 5 Mile Stretch of sand we stayed on the beach relaxing popping in and out of the water floating in the salty Pacific until the sun started to set compared to Puerto viarta sunsets here are even more magical because the sun sets directly over the Water the next day we explored the downtown area of bues around the Waterfront there are are tons of shops and restaurants all over the beach front area it’s far more built up than I remember it on my last visit back in 2021 we recently moved into a new

Apartment back in the US so we were on the hunt here in bidas for some cute home decor to remind us of our favorite country the buas Flea Market located right next to the main plaza plaza buas is packed with all kinds of souvenirs to take home and at a pretty reasonable

Price compared to what we saw next door in Puerto on the other side of the market you find the colorful buas sign with the ocean as your Backdrop after all that shopping we were feeling pretty hungry there are a lot of good local restaurants around buas but we were particularly interested in trying L Ron the enada which I had read was serving up the best fish tacos in town it did not disappoint and Rivals some of

My favorites down the road in the Romantic Zone we spent the rest of the day relaxing by the beach buus is definitely well and truly on the tourist map I had this impression that it was a much sleepier Town than it was because we visited in 2021 um but at Christmas time in 2023 it is busy but I

Understand why this beach even though it’s so busy is so big so wide so long that there are tons of places that you can just relax on your own away from the crowds and it’s so swimmable so every day we’ve been here we’ve been going into the ocean and it’s been so nice

Much nicer swimming beach than losos in the middle of so the draw to be able to have the amenities of all the restaurants just aoup blocks away and then this incredible Beach it’s pretty unbeatable speaking of restaurants there are a few others that you definitely don’t want to miss while you’re here

Especially if you love a good taco by night there were two spots we kept returning to one is tacos Jor who are serving up pastor tacos cooked to utter Perfection this place is always packed with both locals and tourists and the the prices are fantastic the other spot not to miss is takeria

Onos it’s all about the assada tacos here which are perfectly grilled pieces of juicy steak paired with a selection of their housemade Salsas if you get thirsty try the local craft beer brewery ceria bulas which often has live music from local bands when you’re looking at where to

Stay in buas there are two sides of town it’s split by the highway 200 which is a four lane road on the ocean side you have high-rise condos and hotels and the majority of the Restaurants on the other side you have more local shops houses and smaller airbnbs which although further from the beach are way more affordable the other great thing about bus ads is that it is a perfect base for exploring the rest of the Riviera narit we stayed here while

Exploring other town towns like Sayulita Sano and L De Marcos all of which are only about 25 to 40 minutes away by car bags are all packed up it’s time to leave bueras it’s been such a good base for exploring the Riviera narit the only

Issue is when you come back at night and you have to drive on the the road that splits the the town in two there’s so much traffic on that road every night but otherwise it’s been so close to get to the other beaches in the morning

Mornings so nice to come back here and there’s so many food options so I would definitely be back here again perhaps basing myself uh in somewhere that’s a little bit easier to get in and out of but the beach here it’s unbeatable it’s so beautiful if you have any questions

About visiting buas let me know in the comments below if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up it really supports my channel and I will see you next time bye join me next week as we get absolutely pummeled by waves in the Riviera naer towns like

S pantro and L De Marcos

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