Dog pretends it’s safe, then attacks rescuer repeatedly!!! 😱 EPIC #Trojans #rescue – Video

Dog pretends it’s safe, then attacks rescuer repeatedly!!! 😱 EPIC #Trojans #rescue – Video

Dog made us believe it was over and then bites rescuer multiple times!!! 😱 EPIC #Trojans #rescue

The video titled “Dog made us believe it was over and then bites rescuer multiple times!!! 😱 EPIC #Trojans #rescue” captures a tense and dramatic rescue of a large, nervous dog. The rescuer, Aiden, and his friend, Lindsay, attempt to calm the dog and coax him into a cage to transport him safely. However, the dog becomes agitated and bites Aiden multiple times, requiring them to come up with a new plan. The video showcases the struggle and determination of the rescuers as they work to save the dog and get him to safety. Despite the intense situation, they ultimately succeed in securing the dog in the cage and express their gratitude for this small victory. The video highlights the challenges and risks involved in animal rescues and the dedication of those who work tirelessly to help animals in need.

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Oh he’s bigger than I thought way bigger hello how are you hi hello you’re Aiden’s friend hi Lindsay nice to meet you Hello nice to meet you hey oh God he’s beautiful you’re here he’s not even interested in her food come here good boy thank you All right come here come here sit sit sit good boy come on sit come on good boy here let’s go for a walk let’s go for a walk come on let’s go for a walk Lord check let’s go towards the grass where people won’t walk by I don’t want him to be nervous every time let’s go to the corner Maybe you went there yeah Boy boy it’s okay it’s okay okay what’s up hey hey hey get closer or you want to hold him foreign it’s okay it’s okay okay there we go just sit with him good job Fine oh it’s okay it’s okay I got you it’s okay hey hey hey so I need you to bring me oh oh my the cage from my car you will need uh you will need her to help you it’s heavy thank you I’ll bring some food Just offering the whole thing okay like if you eat good boy it’s okay look look it’s okay no no my arm get the leash when you can get a leash there we go hey hey no no don’t show it okay it’s okay it’s okay it’s okay it’s okay no

Hey hey no no no I have another leash I’m gonna put in that one I want one around his waist wait hey no no no no no stop stop wait watch out Florida because he will jump on YouTube I eat he did look wait wait no don’t don’t don’t don’t

Stop wait oh wait wait wait hey no no stop he where’s the leash another pocket another pocket oh yeah yeah good grab her grab it quickly quickly around his waist around his waist just drop and drop it and then hey you know what’s already grab the camera let’s go to the building

Let’s go let’s go into the building no no he’s gonna freak out he doesn’t like the sounds okay let it maybe sit here hold on baby you’re gonna faint what are you doing he’s choking he’s choking wait wait a little release it release a little bit release choking a little bit Okay I can’t okay I did okay that’s it that’s it okay wait should I put it around his waist This is just um no just just hold on it’s okay It’s okay they pulled the leash we have a we’re gonna have a little bit of a battle still invite me okay no I won’t let him yeah because he he started chewing the stick and the leaves because they can chew through it and get away

Good boy okay so now we have just an extra backup so now yes just lift the cage open so you can open out the cage good boy okay don’t let it cut your hand now Eden he’s going to freak out a little bit like big time now hold the stick hold

The stick and you need to be able to you need to be able to pull it from where your door your hand comes in just in case and you can lift him you can lift him a bit okay head in full okay perfect beautiful No no we’re gonna release it right now here okay let me can we do this I’m sorry sorry you’re amazing good boy All right you can pull it out okay oh my gosh guys we did it I feel like it didn’t save the world so we’re gonna go take him to take about get a bath now then he’s gonna go to the hospital imagination today we’re grateful for people like you this

Is so perfect because today is my aunt’s birthday so she’s an animal rights activist Big Time big big big time yeah Happy birthday Kristen cheese good boy look at you okay he’s right behind you hey it’s okay it’s okay hello good boy that’s a good boy Peace out a little bit oh my god look how cute he is no there’s no language he’s not even no dirt okay good boy okay he’s tiny you know yeah and he’s very skinny too good boy okay there we go [Applause] Jesus Okay come on good boy good boy Jake oh good boy and take a good boy Such a good boy Suffering some surgery all right Good boy she recognizes my back because she couldn’t care before I don’t know you don’t understand he has been so sad for like two weeks now like yes he’s usually nervous with people I’m really nervous Oh cool you’re worried about the rain yeah yeah just left her in the rain right before this is so fries hey good boy the mouse come here come on you’re happy now no thank you good boy okay you guys smile [Applause] Foreign

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