“Dolby’s Latest Atmos System Allows for Speaker Placement Anywhere in the Room” – Video

“Dolby’s Latest Atmos System Allows for Speaker Placement Anywhere in the Room” – Video

Dolby’s New Atmos System Lets You Place Speakers Anywhere in the Room

Dolby Atmos Flex Connect is the latest technology from Dolby that aims to revolutionize the way we experience surround sound. In the past, surround speakers had to be carefully placed in specific locations in the room to achieve the optimal sound. However, with Dolby’s new Atmos Flex Connect, this is no longer necessary.

The system allows users to place their surround speakers anywhere in the room, rather than being limited to specific positions around the television. This is made possible through a simple calibration process using a smartphone app, which listens to the output of the speakers and adjusts the sound accordingly.

The result is a complete surround sound experience that is tailored to the unique layout of the room and the capabilities of the speakers. This means that even built-in TV speakers, which are often lacking in bass response, can be compensated for to provide a richer sound experience.

Initially available in high-end TVs from TCL and Hisense, Dolby aims to make this technology accessible to a wider range of consumers, with hopes that it will become compatible with a variety of TV and speaker setups in the future.

Overall, Dolby Atmos Flex Connect promises to enhance the Dolby Atmos experience by allowing for greater flexibility in speaker placement and ensuring optimal sound quality regardless of the setup. This innovative technology is set to transform the way we experience surround sound in our homes.

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Hey everybody you know how surround sound speakers have to be put in a particular place well Dolby has a solution they’re calling it Dolby Atmos Flex connect the idea is you can kind of place your surround speakers anywhere in the room so I just got a demo here of

The technology with Dolby and it sounded really good let me tell you how it works so first of all there’s a television and it’s all based on the TV you can also connect speakers around the room and they can plug in wherever and instead of placing them you know to either side of

The TV and in particular Parts in the back of the room you can kind of place them where they naturally should be placed for example not to block a door or something like that and when it comes time to set up the speakers you have a

Little phone app you can pick it up aim it at the television and it will actually listen using your phone’s mic to what the speaker is putting out whether it’s on the television or these speakers placed around the room so after that relatively quick calibration process I got to say super simple you

Know when you’re setting up like an AV receiver or something like that the calibration process use a sound pressure meter can be pretty complicated this was really simple in my experience after that process is over you have a pretty decent Atmos surround sound system now in my listening I got the full surround

Effect it didn’t feel like anything was you know too loud or too quiet for my position on the couch and at the end of the day it also calibrates for the particular capabilities of the speaker so for example on a TV we all know those speakers can be pretty thin sounding

Don’t have great base response so the system is designed to compensate for better or worse speakers around the room so it’s actually going to be available this year in highend TVs from TCL and high sense and that will work completely discreetly using the microphones built into the TV but what Dolby showing us

Here is something that’s designed to trickle down to you know less expensive televisions and you know you can imagine a manufacturer of a TV selling speakers alongside it that can work with this whole system or sometimes maybe even a third party if they want to make speakers compatible working with the

System as well because again it’s all based on the phone app and working with Dolby system so pretty cool technology for again making that Dolby Atmos experience sound uh you know better regardless of where you’re placing the speakers that’s a look at Dolby Atmos Flex connect uh if you want more

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