Easy Plant-Based Gnocchi Recipe Using Sweet Potatoes – Video

Easy Plant-Based Gnocchi Recipe Using Sweet Potatoes – Video

There’s no need to be intimidated by making homemade gnocchi because, with the right recipe and guidance, it can be incredibly easy. In this episode of the Whole Food Plant-Based Cooking Show, Jill takes us through the process of making plant-based sweet potato gnocchi with a spinach and sundried tomato sauce.

The sauce starts off with garlic, sundried tomatoes, basil, and tahini for a creamy finish. Then, spinach and soy milk are added to complete the rich and flavorful sauce. Meanwhile, the sweet potato gnocchi is made with mashed sweet potato, oat flour, and low-sodium tamari. The gnocchi dough is rolled out and cut into small pieces, which are then boiled until they float to the surface.

Once the gnocchi is cooked, it is added to the sauce, where it helps to thicken and enhance the flavors. The end result is a delicious and satisfying plant-based meal that is easy to make and sure to impress. With simple ingredients and step-by-step instructions, this recipe proves that homemade gnocchi can be a simple and rewarding dish to make.

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Video Transcript

Let’s make some sweet potato and Yoki with a spinach and sundried tomato sauce welcome back to the whole food plant-based cooking show where we make plant-based cooking easy I’m Jill and today we’re going to make these delicious sweet potato and Yoki and we’re going to make them in a sundried

Tomato and spinach sauce super easy and quick you know you think nooki is something really complicated but it’s actually very simple but we’re going to start with our sauce first so I’ve already got my pan heated here and we’re going to start with two cloves of garlic that I diced up really

Fine and I’m going to put just a little bit of my vegetable broth in there just so it doesn’t burn in the pan just to kind of cook a little bit of the raw out of it before we add our other ingredients but that only really just takes a couple

Minutes because it’s going to be cooking in the sauce for the remainder of the time anyway that will cook the rest of it out of there but just get some of that initial rawness out of it okay then I’ve got a/4 of a cup of sundried tomato that I diced really

Small and these ones do have a bit of salt in it so we’re not going to add any salt to the sauce because there’s plenty of salt that comes from those Tomatoes um these are just dried just with the salt but you could get the ones

In the little jars that have the oil but I would suggest rinsing that oil off before you put it in here then I have 1/2 cup of chopped basil 2 tpoon of tahini that’s going to give you a really nice whole food fat and it’s going to make it just slightly

Creamy going I add a little bit more of my vegetable broth here this is a cup and a half of vegetable broth not going to add it all yet just going to simmer these a little a little bit and while this is cooking you want

To get your pot of water for your nooi uh boiling on the stove so that is preheating just so that when we get our noi May they’re ready to go right in that pot okay now we’re going to add our spinach this is two cups of spinach the rest of the vegetable broth

And then I’ve got a half a cup of soy milk but we’re going to wait till this Cooks down a bit and add it at the end kind of just to make it a little bit more creamy all right so we’re just going to let this cook for a little while and

Simmer while we’re doing our sweet potato noi so I’m going to clear this out and get our noi ingredients okay so now we have our noi ingredients so I’ve got one cup of mashed sweet potato potato this is a white sweet potato but you could use orange sweet potato or even purple sweet

Potato they’re all delicious and I’ve got 1 cup of oat flour and I’m just going to start with about 3/4 of a cup first just to make sure because if your sweet potato is a little bit dry then the whole cup could possibly be too much

Uh too much flour oops and then a teaspoon of low sodium tamari and I’m using my pastry cutter here just to get it Incorporated together but you could use a fork or even just mixing it up is fine looks like I’m going to need I’m probably going to need almost all of

This flour because my sweet potato is very very moist and you don’t want to over mix this it’s not like regular noi where you use glutenous flour and if you over overwork a glutenous flour it will get really um the noi won’t be soft and and pillowy so the oat flour doesn’t really

Do that as much but you still don’t want to overwork them all right I’m just going to put the rest in there okay and the rest I’m just going to kind of gently uh make it into a ball with my hands sure I get all of that in there

These noi are so good so light and fluffy they are just delicious so I’m just going to do it with my hands the remaining just to get it together and then you can either do this on a clean countertop I’m going to move over and do it on my cutting board going

To roll it out and make the little the little noi and because these are made with oat flour it’s a little they’re and sweet potato they’re a little bit heavier than a typical noi so we’re going to make them just a little bit smaller than you would a normal noi

Batter because they they tend to be a little bit more heavy CU there’s all that starch in there all right I’m going to do it in multiple rolls here so you just want to roll it out to about half an inch like that and then all you’re going to do

You’re just going to cut with a knife a nice sharp knife just little chunks and you try to make them an even size and if you want to get really fancy if you have one of the little noi rollers that rolls the little uh lines

On it or you can use a four or can just roll it I’m just going to make these just plain Jane nois okay I’m going to finish rolling these out and cutting the rest and then I’ll bring my wa boiling water over while we’re waiting for that I’d like to

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We’re going to put about half of them in at a time you don’t want to put the whole bunch in at the same time because they kind of need move room to move around a little bit so we’re just going to plop some of them in there and kind

Of the rule of thumb with noi is once they start floating then wait 30 seconds and then pull them out all right so we’re just waiting okay the first batch is done so I’m going to use a slotted spoon just so all that liquid can drain off put them right right in the

Sauce and the sauce at this point still looks a little bit water or liquidy but because we’re adding these noi and they have oats in them and sweet potato which is all starch it’s going to help thicken that sauce a little bit all right in go the next

Ones okay the next batch is done so we’re going to put it back into the sauce here and then if you want if your sauce is still looking a little bit U thin you can just put it back on the burner just for a few minutes just to kind of thicken that

Sauce I’m just going to lightly toss them here I don’t want it you got to be gentle with your noi you don’t want them falling apart all right so if you want to come in and take a closer look to what this looks like finished oh it smells so

Amazing and I’m going to let this cool for a few minutes and then I’ll meet you at the table for a taste all right let’s dig in my mouth is watering M so good come on back next week for another great recipe

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