Eating all day in Vietnam for under  – Video

Eating all day in Vietnam for under $2 – Video

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option for dining in Vietnam, look no further than this video titled “Full day of eating for LESS THAN $2 in Vietnam”. In this video, the host takes you on a culinary journey to explore some of the cheapest and most delicious meals in Saigon.

Starting off the day with a traditional Vietnamese breakfast of Cơm tấm, the host shows how you can enjoy a hearty meal for only 25K VND. The plate includes a generous portion of broken rice, grilled pork chop, pickled vegetables, and a flavorful fish sauce. Despite being a budget option, the meal is described as flavorful and satisfying.

Moving on to lunch, the host takes you to District 8 to try a cheap bowl of Bánh canh for only 10K VND. The bowl is filled with noodles, pork meat, prawns, and a rich broth that is packed with flavor. The host emphasizes the quality of Vietnamese broths and how they can make a simple meal incredibly satisfying.

Throughout the video, the host highlights the affordability and quality of street food in Vietnam. From the aromatic broth of the Bánh canh to the flavorful grilled pork chop of the Cơm tấm, each meal showcases the diverse and delicious flavors of Vietnamese cuisine.

If you are looking to experience authentic Vietnamese food on a budget, this video is a must-watch. The host’s enthusiasm for cheap eats and hidden gems in Saigon will inspire you to explore the local food scene and discover delicious meals for less than $2.

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Video Transcript

Good morning now everybody says in Vietnam is so cheap you can eat for so cheap well today I’m going to push the limits and find out how cheap we can eat to make it harder we are in the most expensive city in Vietnam Saigon rules of the day three meals no buffets no

Vegetarian how cheap can we eat let’s find out apparently early bird gets the cheap meal cuz it’s a little bit before 6:00 a.m. and we got to get our first meal in wow we’re going back up in here welcome to District 4 Madness all right look at

This we got to get in line it’s takeaway so I got to turn around all right welcome to vitam fast food uh so yeah even though we’re eating the cheapest day ever we still get Kum to start our morning off it’s kind of interesting waiting for

B meat food this longest I’ve ever had to wait no no cutting no cutting she just cut I’m getting aggressive I’m going up here now so here’s what happened right so she sells a 15K plate of now the catch is it’s only takeaway and she only sells it from 5:00 a.m. to

6 I got their six she was done with them so I got a 25k and I’d argue with her for a while hi she wouldn’t let me pay was not able to pay I’m going to act like this cost me 25k and I’m still even having spent a

Dollar at my first place I’m going to show you I can still eat under $2 for today the pressure’s on and we’re going to do it so we got the ultimate breakfast this morning we’re on a road we’re in a cafe we got some drinks but let’s see what

25k can get us still pretty unbelievably cheap if you think about it a dollar and this wasn’t even the cheapest version wow look at that look at that Chad right there look how big a piece you get now what I like is her actually soon it’s kind of small and so that’s

How you can keep it kind of cheap right you still get the meat you got the Pickled daon and carrot in there we got some fried scallions and oil we even got the pig skim that’s spin in that toasted rice it’s actually a pretty nice little

Hefty plate for a dollar even though I lived in Vietnam so long sometimes I’m still so bad at opening these ha she gave me two spoons ha ha she thinks I share my come down with people ha so there right there got the fries SC and all got the actual J right

There and then I got oh that nice steaming hot rice oh to me that’s perfect for a nice cheap nice small broken up actual rice bits it’s fragrant it’s warm cooked perfectly but to me her CH what I like right there are those little side bits

That got a little bit burnt a little bit crispy but let’s actually give some of that be try this is kind of like breaking my mind right now because that budy is so juicy wow I was actually I came in with preconceived you know sometimes you

Think oh it’s so cheap like how can it be good but man just righty nice and juicy not dry really strong rice The Toasted rice flavor very strong almost a little bit bitter nutty I like that a lot and here I got to go fingers in but

You see right here not a huge piece so but that’s okay with me sometimes like I don’t need a huge pork chop in my K to me it’s more about the rice and the fish sauce if I go there I don’t know if I order the pork chop again but I

Definitely would get the chai and I definitely would get the bee maybe try something else woo she’s a spicy lady that no bom it’s chil predominant hello okay okaye okay Aransas so you can see funny people so we came out to District 8 I’ve never had like I don’t know if I’ve ever had a bad experience out here the people are like some of the funniest so this place is super special because it’s

Got a cheap bowl of bank right um it’s a version from me tall which is out in the mechon you can get one here just for 10K you can get a bowl of noodles for 10K in saon which is insane uh if you want to pay more you can get more things like

Good looking little prawns here you got the actual Muk uh looks like you got little ribs of pork meat as well live stream all right come on okay I I broke one of their chairs it was kind of already broken but whatever look honestly I’m going to tell you

Eating cheap in Vietnam so easy because even when you get like a noodle like this right we had some rice well now we’re getting a noodle well Vietnamese people make the best I’m going to say it right now the best broths in the world so that

Being said you don’t have to have all those fillings and add-ons because the broth itself it’s going to be so hearty so filling so satisfying to your taste buds that’s really all you need and also just the assortment of like free stuff you get insane like usually when you go

Eat like bun sale or anything like that you get all the vegetable free you get all these condiments for free insane I would normally fix me up like some fish sauce and some chili onside I almost feel guilty though cuz I’m only paying 10K but I talked up the broth and I

Haven’t even tried it I could be wrong right but I’m not to me it’s all that aromatic stuff in there it’s all that fried garlic it’s that shallot a lot of sweetness they are M people so they get it just a little bit sweet but then it’s the body you get

From the pork meat from the bone the fish sauce in there oh my gosh I love Vietnamese rths not to mention there’s more goodies in here than you think like one of my favorite pieces the skin of the pig that’s been kind of boiled nice and soft a little gelatinous

Like oh that’s the only thing that’s going to make you want to pay more per bowl is I could take about 30 more pieces of that now actually what I’m really curious about is can I eat these noodles with a spoon look at this it just kind of like fall off here we

Go look at that fast oh my gosh okay this is why most people usually eat this with the spoon you definitely need the spoon forgive me for judging I thought this was going to be like the pork blood cake I thought they were going to keep it

Cheap but instead they doing the best the duck that blood cake is number one yeah once I get this stirred up and you get down there in that bottom you can see like these little tiny I guess like a k I do not know what to call this

In English you call that a k I don’t know if it’s actually like a rot like uh when you make mum like if that’s small enough to call that terminology does not matter the seafood really starts to Blossom from this bowl of B when you dig it down to the bottom

And you Stir It Up a so they invite me back for dinner people are so funny anyways oh I missed the owner she’s like some people that come here they can eat four or five bowls or you can just go back for dinner as well oh let’s keep it

Moving this Nick’s Place is so tiny and crowded oh my God look at the people lying up for bun me can’t do a eating Vietnam especially cheap without a bu I don’t know if y’all can see we’re down here in ban we’re way up here at bu yeah

Come all right we’re going to get this one to go you can see their production here come okay this is a grab and go so a lot these cheaper places knowwhere to be I got to find to go get a bu me oh my gosh I think I’m going the

Wrong way less vlogging more paying attention to traffic yeah this looks like about a nice spot is anywhere else the the best seat in the house besides Chef’s Table right where you’re going to watch people cook right here on the back of your bike eating a by me

Would you have it any other way hold on I just had I got some nasty fluid dripping on me we got to move okay right here I actually thought it was going to be smaller I’m not going to lie for 7K I’m just surprised I get a piece

Of bread okay okay it is a simple bunme but the fact that you can get a bunme for $7,000 blows my mind I mean I had what is it and by what are their names the famous bunme down in district one I had them not too

Long ago they’re almost 70k now I can have seven of these woo the fact that I can pay 7,000 V me down and get flavorful creamy fat with b and a bun bread it just feels like it shouldn’t be possible honestly oh they gave me the

Chili the chili death woo I’m kind of jealous I kind of wish I would have gotten they’re fully loaded cuz honestly they’re roasted por the sasil ooh look good fatty melt in your mouth that fat quality I like it with the the butter they actually give you a lot I don’t

Know how they make money on these maybe quantity cuz there ain’t no way they making money on one one M the middle though you get more of that Pate in the middle oh my gosh it look like a bunme cereal killer Yes and that’s how we do it free things came out to

48,000 d190 six and they’re all pretty darn good especially for the price if you’re going value for flavor the spots I hit today are three home runs y’all we are bat in a th we did it I hope youall enjoyed it we’ll catch you out the next one peace

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