Mother addresses controversy surrounding shopping cart incident – Video

Mother addresses controversy surrounding shopping cart incident – Video

In a surprising turn of events, the California mom who became infamous for not returning her shopping cart has spoken out and clarified her stance on the matter. Leslie Dobson, who initially faced backlash for her controversial statement, now claims that she does return her shopping cart, but only when her kids are not in the car.

Dobson explains that while she always tries to return her shopping cart, she prioritizes her children’s safety above all else. She states, “I do return my shopping cart all of the time, but when my kids are in the car, I’m not willing to put the cart back and leave my kids even if it’s 20 seconds.”

Her original video, which garnered 12 million views and sparked a frenzy of angry comments and even death threats, has now taken on a new light with Dobson’s recent statements. Despite the controversy and backlash she faced, Dobson remains firm in her belief that her children’s well-being comes first.

As the situation continues to unfold, it is clear that Dobson’s story serves as a reminder of the power of social media and the importance of thoughtful and considerate behavior in all aspects of life.

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