“Explore Harrods: The World’s Most Luxurious Store in London” – Video

“Explore Harrods: The World’s Most Luxurious Store in London” – Video

Welcome to Harrods, the most luxurious and expensive store in Europe and the entire world. In this video, we take you on a Christmas tour of this iconic department store, exploring the food, shops, and luxury items it has to offer. Join us as we talk to the people of London who work and shop at Harrods, and discover their favorite items and experiences inside the store.

With 1.1 million square feet of retail space and 3,000 brands, Harrods is truly a massive and impressive place to explore. Whether you’re looking to indulge in a delicious meal, shop for luxury items, or simply marvel at the grandeur of this iconic establishment, there is something for everyone at Harrods.

In this video, we take you on an extensive food tour, showcasing the incredible selection of cakes, chocolates, pastries, sandwiches, and other delectable treats available at Harrods. From freshly roasted coffee to unique and delicious pastries, Harrods is a food lover’s paradise.

We also speak with the friendly staff at Harrods, learning about their favorite items and dishes, and getting recommendations for must-try foods and experiences. From Gordon Ramsay’s acclaimed burgers to the fresh market hall with its array of diverse and mouthwatering foods, there is no shortage of culinary delights to explore.

So join us as we immerse ourselves in the opulence and indulgence of Harrods, and get a glimpse of the most luxurious and exclusive shopping experience in the world. Whether you’re a foodie or a luxury enthusiast, this video offers a captivating look into the grandeur and splendor of Harrods in London. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable tour of the most expensive store in the world!

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Herod the most famous department store in the world dating back 174 years and in 2010 it was sold to guitar Holdings this is the biggest and most famous Apartment Store on Earth it is massive 1.1 million square ft of retail 3,000 Brands it is so big you can

Spend a day in here and never finish seeing it all over six floors uh you can eat here all day long I suggest doing dim some maybe go to Gordon Ramsey’s Burger they say it’s some of the best burgers I have like no time I wish I had

Time to go there but I have to go right now to Chinatown all right guys let’s go there is a line out the door already yeah out the door interacting with the public and uh answering questions and helping and being any assistance I can so what can you tell me about herods

What’s um what’s something people should know Outsiders should know about herods well they should know what it’s I think everyone knows it’s the most fabulous glamorous retail department store in the world um and it’s just a fabulous place to come and Shop favorite food inside here well I couldn’t choose

I mean I do like cakes you do like cakes yeah the selection of cakes and and wraps is incredible and all I mean um there are tisser on the food hul is amazing for selection of meats and vegetables and potatoes and cheese and Mac all in one box for that1 or

Something it’s incredible sorry that it’s very good quality I spent like £50 on nothing but well there we go you need to come to hars and and buy go go do a his and buy a little lunch box it’s it’s amazing have you eaten at Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Burger the burgers I have

Fabulous yeah I about three times now oh so it’s worth it it’s worth coming to the absolutely great Burgers best burgers I’ve had and I’m not just saying that oh yeah yeah well you haven’t had our American Burgers well we see no but it’s it’s great Burgers I’ve been to

America once have you many years ago but yeah it’s it’s co I mean the thing is so much there’s so much um competition around here that you have to be on your you know the top to survive not just hares anywhere so we I mean I think our

Standards are incredible and where you from I’m from London you’re you are originally original Londoner yeah what what language do you speak do you speak Cockney you me oh uh Well a true Cockney supposed to be born within like the sound of bbow but I’m from east

London at w St okay so yeah I’m a true Londoner perfect it’s whole building here we Go all Right Hello all chocolate never ending chocolate here we got stuff dates chocolate dates everything’s dates I want to go to the feel like Willy Wonka’s like playground right here that looks so good oh so you can actually watch them make it here nice there it’s like a dream it is a dream Fresh Market

Hall wow there we have cheese here we have pasta freshly cooked pasta sauce some pakota Samosa food looks really nice B over here is lebanes is that the I don’t know where the seafood is no there it Is justo for the Scallop just oh my God the roll these roll look good what are these Koo roll never seen this these like super thin rolls these are like like similar to like small wraps but they have a mix so it’s like a almost like a TPU skin on top of that wow

Looks good these sandwiches are looking pretty solid right here too sandwiches look good too yeah salt beef Bagel look at that have you seen one of those yet no salted beef Bagel that’s a thing go go grab that which one is that this one right here you buy somebody from Dubai a common thing yeah that looks better the lobster roll it’s the Christmas sandwich n it doesn’t look like it’s a lot it’s also a shrimp shrimp roll and uh shrimp roll really oh man very right There oh these salad are good so many so many here’s the p right Here that Lobster Lobster Thor lobster thermador tart that’s prawn cocktail man that looks yummy oh I’ve never seen this yeah I’ve never seen that before a salmon salmon pie cake unique with the caviar on top of course only here in her huh got the beef wellington over there I’m about to try

Something I’m about to try something see hey no comfy duck orange bro that that’s amazing yeah that’s how grilled English asparagus is that what it is no noar over there I don’t know what this is oh it’s open I didn’t notice this oh wow the crispy garlic potatoes Kimchi the amount of food here everything looks so good I can’t even believe this bro eyes are just mesmerized this is just like oh look there’s another hul though it’s another hul R bake haul let’s go over there and that seems more of a breakfast thing yeah yeah this

Is all like more lunch but they have everything for every palette like in terms of like what they got it’s like a mix Middle Eastern everything you could want down scones look at all these beautiful scones makes like this is a mushroom truffle cheddar stick stick dude they

Have things I’ve never seen in my life what you me you like scones I’ve choked on one before I’m not I’m not doing any more scones for now here we have a coffee bar more bread look at these croissant These are nice croissant pistachio croissant love this

Cookie look Christmas bun it’s a massive cookie got brownies you think the bread area yeah look at all these I if you’re looking for food I think that’s the spot this is more bread over here pastel deata it’s very common here the pastel deata yeah I think there’s a lot of

Portuguese influence here oh really yeah it’s really interesting oh man they look oh yeah There’s a coffee area so they Ro it’s Huge smells like good coffee I can see from there all right let me see smells better from here oh dude it smells amazing so you roasting coffee yeah we do we did well what are you roasting what are the beans everything so we’ve got like 40 different ores so 40 different orang

Yeah wow right now we roasting for the restaurant so every single harage restaurant you have it’s com from here so all the coffee from from right here when do you start now it’s already R it’s already so when is it going to come out proba 6 minutes yeah 4 what 420 or

Something sorry the temperature it goes up 2 20 2 20 yeah talk about par night yeah yeah yeah yeah I know I know that’s why I’ve seen it done before it’s the best when it comes out it’s a it’s amazing wait wait 6 minutes and uh you

Have it 6 minutes we’ll be back in 6 minutes I’ll go have a cake while I wait defitely thank you bro thank you man where you from [Laughter] fr you know what I know is that my my daughters will like remember this forever Dad came from Christmas in 2023

It’s actually like right there you know so in 6 minutes the coffee is coming out The Roastery right there amazing dude I I think I need coffee I need some food what we got here pres you’re good you’re good hey different jams here yeah preserves jams jellies look at the

Amount of jams and marmalades tasty what is this fragrant delicious and full of flavor yeah you know I don’t have jams anymore barely do I don’t eat breakfast so oh man this is good this there is some good jams that Robert’s been here Robert’s no Robert Is Here Robert Is

Here robt Robert Is Here Yeah but David’s been here I don’t think Robert’s been the heroes yet no yeah yeah not yet probably he has bro look at all that ins bro Grand ble CR Brule chocolate fondant Christmas Sher triple Sher triffle trifle actually trifle trifle

There the roll cake oh the snow P all sorts of Christmas there BR the New York cheesecake pot slice it Up H I love this place this game it really is it really like it was empty when we came so where’s the where’s like the O want to eat something though okay well is like something as in like a full-on lunch or as in but look look Jamaica Jamaica look Jamaica Blue Mountain Blue Mountain this Blue Mountain I’ve been also here to Kona and then over there we have esal what is that Costa Rica

Wow going back into this Hall Yeah so here we go the coffee bar green olives 6 lb for green olives I think I’m going to go with um look get the salt beef Bagel that’s like that’s a recommended item in L salt beef bagel go recommended 17 lb let’s do it let’s do

It har is not the cheapest place but you know what’s iconic yeah that’s we knew That all right so I’m going to order that how about a coffee um man I’m just going to take water water water for me that’s what I was thinking too I’m like I need a water right Now I guess I’m going to Salt beef yeah salted beef salt beef cream burer cheese girkin mustard mayo mustard Mayo let’s do it I think it’s but I think it’s roast beef is it roast beef it looks like it maybe yep Right where you from Sardinia Sardinia the best place where’s Sard I’ve heard amazing sardia it’s nice especially summer right it’s the only time that you can enjoy S I mean you can enjoy even in winter but there’s some mountains and stuff I mean beautiful it’s beautiful especially if you go to the center of Sardinia yes yeah it’s

Lovely yeah I saw program and they were in the mountains eating like rabbit it’s amazing man you get the best food in the M I tell you as soon as you get that in the like in the farmers place exactly that they start they kill and cook at the

Same time it’s the best you will never leave 100% And you need it to eat you cannot say no no they get offended oh my God want to go so bad so I’m we’re going to have the Salted uh salted roast beef salted beef salted beef bagel was recommended by people on your

Facebook yeah yeah I know it’s iconic uh English dish especially here in harz and I can’t believe this guy’s from uh from Sicily I was like this s oh sorry sardia sardia sic that shows me how tired I am it’s close it’s close no two different countries bro

Their countries no yeah cuz Sicily’s huge and sardinia’s huge they’re like different nations that’s true that’s true like they are part of Italy but they could be their own States yeah I mean this is beautiful well some of the islands are like Cypress and stuff they are actually Nations yeah yeah and

They’re almost smaller we just us conquered those islands so you me Romans for sardia and Sicily I don’t know I don’t I don’t know the story I don’t know I know Sicily had like change hands a lot Well everybody’s having such good food no it’s 10:30 in the morning this

Place is like literally pilling up you have cakes you have coffee smell the coffee coming through the rooster and they have forever product you can easily come here and buy and buy and Buy this what I’m eating today is it so what do we have here man oh my gosh got Grier cheese got pi that’s roast beef they call it salted beef and this is an English breakfast the best rast beef sandwich in my life oh so it is rast

Beef it’s so good looks similar to rast beef right definitely See wow the cheese M oh yeah the combination between the cheese and pickle wow guys this is it’s unreal bro oh really Yeah Go and here we have this and then I sting you with the beef how much beef it is is a mushroom truffle here See and if I the the restaurant isn’t open till noon so this is really the only place you can eat at at this time my ni roast beef Bagel fell Apart yeah there’s nowhere to eat in parents that was surprising that’s very surprising why would they open so early that you can’t eat anywhere so there’s no Oyster Bar I think the oyster bar is open the restaurants now this is heaven bro I’ve never liked roast beef this much in my life oh no amazing what’ you get there uh yeah so I showed it earlier it’s a mushroom truffle Grant mushroom truffle Grant it’s heavy I’ve never heard of this it’s

Heavy 15 lb Bott of water 15 lb is it so 47 lb for two items and two waters mine was ,750 his was 13 95 and so what was it wow 5 lb of water look it was 46 lb to eat here to have just a small experience but I think it’s

Worth it if you come to Har us come with a budget of at least like 2 or 300 lb I’d say if you want to actually go shopping if you want to do something amazing so I just had an incredible conversation with uh the Italian there

He telling me the prices in this city have gone up dramatically over the past 6 months uh it’s hard to live here you know yeah it’s crazy seems like a worldwide problem right now yep it is called inflation yeah America greed so we have a dining hall here six

Restaurants in there but they don’t open till noon you see now close oh no 11:30 so half an hour so 11:30 they open uh six restaurants they also have a Pizer upstairs so the best you can do now is just walk around and see what they got um for shopping you know let

See man they have so many good cakes this is this is Italian bro yeah panon yeah yeah panon so this is takeaway they have AER here a lot of good food but all takeaway sunglasses do I go shop for some glasses is it dope these for girls though Tom

Ford I look like Jason stum though no I think these are for guys J Jason stum this is what he wears bro it is kind of actually like oh you ballsy what do you think about wear this no no I think this is the new in though like this style

This brown yeah the John lennin the John lenon vibe the new rounds this is like what my Dad wears every day now this style let me see right here oh yeah they’re too small I don’t know I don’t like it I can’t even take it off all right okay

Yeah big is in big as in they say yeah look at these these are like oh those are the ones you like these I like those like in terms of like show yeah what’s up with this new like style everybody has a square box little rectangle box 50s 50s style is that what

It is like the square the square is kind of that this is like for for a bike cyborg ninja glasses right there here’s a here’s a sign yeah yeah let’s like take a look at this so we’re on the first floor the next floor is all men third floor is all bed

And bath children’s hair product where’s the pizzeria pizzeria fourth fourth one I mean second floor second floor and I have a feeling this m and Shandon champagne bar might be your oyster thing oh here it is no look right there the very bottom bakarat Bar N Harr Cafe we here it is Gordon

Ramsy burger what floor is this fourth floor let’s go to the fourth floor but then don’t open for another hour we’ll go look at it at least right maybe Gordon will be there and leton early right it’s funny I was thinking like uh should I do a 1,000 lb

Challenge but you know it’s a joke here get you one item dude not even an item maybe it’s nothing so yeah keep going up the second Flor I think we’re actually the Third third floor yeah third floor one more up no it’s third one more floor up look at that

Grana Padano that looks Gordon’s Gordon’s next up floor up next floor up this fun escalator rides it’s actually a very nice escalator yeah it is yeah they are really nice but this place is massive yeah it’s huge toys Children I think I’m going to take this for my daughter 2,000 $400 I was under by a lot yeah but they ship it for you for Free mini super Brands toys yeah look at this the Gucci Gucci kids Gucci kids hey all you billion out here all you billies where’s the burger place oh look it up there though look at that up there W it’s amazing it’s like an Egyptian tomb in here look it’s a tomb wow lips yeah but it says women’s contemporary I told you to walk this lost here bro going to ramsy Burger huh I mean that’s how he has a viral video of him making that burger you know is that how

It is oh there it Is How’s the burger good too no it’s like super Fair been viral with this I know well to be fair I’ve been here for a month okay so yeah nice but her it’s really good is it open right now or is closed I think it open at 12 oh opens at 12

See put his face on it dude yeah look at this it’s got Diner right here nice British Diner very nice how long has it been here since you’ve been longer longer okay where are you guys from from Miami oh I’m from Texas oh you’re from Texas yeah oh W nice it’s

Always good to see an American I know how’s good yeah really good enjoying and the sun’s out so it’s even better yeah yeah exactly hasn’t been out a couple days yeah I I felt horrible these past few days this this weather weather has been like and then when the sun comes

Out you feel so much better I found Texas a Texan in great verain amazing thank you yeah are you guys going to check out the burger yeah we’ll see if they open okay all right you’ll have to let me know how thanks so it’s the opening time at Noon looks like we sort of getting things so I look like him but with no hair and like 25 years younger but yeah so they got the forest Burger Hell’s Kitchen Burgers 27 lb but it’s 1,400 calories so it’s definitely worth it yard bird burger that one looks good

Dude $27 you’re in her bro you’re in her dude they have a 85 lb Burger wow what what’s on it1 1849 Ser TRW parmesan fries wo beef patty Kobe was A5 but the lobster roll for 55 lbs bro wow yeah that makes sense though it’s Lobster you

Know at least it’s half the calories or $25 hot dog pretty amazing I mean Gordon must spend like what like half a million a million pounds every month well I think for these guys they have a corporation that they you know it’s not exactly he’s Brad yeah he’s

Brad most hated Chef in the world I don’t know if that’s true I mean I think well I think I think people people know he’s not people love the way he like destroys oh yeah yeah yeah that’s true but I think like people know he’s a

Pretty nice I’ve heard he like a nice guy he seems like a nice guy yeah 100% and uh and he is British though I mean I it said that it was all this way though what the food yeah there was like a I don’t see anything else though that’s

All I saw maybe we have to go like over there somewhere there was like a bakery and stuff I think it’s like it’s amazing though going around now uh with all the Christmas carols playing like it doesn’t stop di oh look at all this this is amazing look at this thing all right

Here we goant Baker wow that’s good Angelo mus all look at this dining room right here bro this is amazing this is dimsum Terrace Terrace dress wow look at this it’s closed beautiful though right check the hair check the hair definitely better without the beanie yeah yeah yeah for sure

What is this that only it’s like a waiting room this is where you eat te- room oh te- room right Here know looks like a giant giant Tea House wow is really beautiful they have an outdoor Terrace so you can just go out there and have some feet getting lost here yeah we’re lost already Alo that’s all part of denum Terrace so this is TE room but it’s all

Part of make a wish I’m Joking we’re just going in circle so yeah I mean it’s pretty amazing right Here carriages fish and chips dining hall ground floor what we see that that looks amazing yeah well what happened and this one oh no cuz it’s part of the six restaurants that are closed can can you imagine the image did you ever go to stuff like this did you

Ever go to a thing like this like when you were shopping for your kids this is what I want to get my kids though Kenzo the Kenzo Paris Kenzo Paris it’s actually very nice material how much is it how let’s see let’s see here it is here it is let’s take a look

What’s the guest leave in the comments below what you think this will be and we’re pulling it out and 135 lbs 135 $200 for a t-shirt letters for Santa this is what I get my kids only $20,000 20,000 is it probably yeah yeah well the credit

Card this this joke I never SE it Junior this is literally my jacket that I own it’s like this it’s like if you’re like a little child wearing this stylish of clothing no no it’s too much Stefano Richi the thing is your taste would only increase right as

You get older like where do you go up from here you don’t you just wear gold like a gold jacket dude bro this is ridiculous weird too much too much most expensive toy factory in the world yeah after we got gold Santa only $200,000 yeah yeah oh wow they over Here [Laughter] whoas oh my God look at the shoes shoes are awesome I wish I had a pair of shoes like that we got some preschool what are we doing Here how much for this though right here 4,500 bro it’s nothing bro we’ll get five of them for the kids they crazy the Christmas but how about this teddy bear 3,500 right here I think the Santa’s cool though how much the Santa H 45 cheap cheaper than my not bad it’s not bad but you have to carry the back where you’re putting it no no you could put it inside your jacket and like keep it help you keep warm candy

Cane so we’re exiting AA to get out of here uh from the sixth floor is nuts but I love where this escalator is it’s like literally inside an Egyptian Tomb wow yeah yep everywhere you look beautiful people wow look up look Up I’m blown away by this yeah yeah you missed a few when you were yeah yeah no just too nice this is the the place exit this is what a few billion talents does makes life easier indeed here we go we’re going to be late let’s walk through here

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