Exploring a Hidden Island Paradise in Thailand – Video

Exploring a Hidden Island Paradise in Thailand – Video

taking the speed boat especially because I want to get to the island as quickly as possible. So I hope that you enjoyed my New Year’s celebration segment there that was the first real New Year’s that I have celebrated not counting that little celebration in the mountains of Thailand 2018 when I was on my way down to renong on my way to the island went to the mountains from the train station and was celebrating the New Year brought in 2018 that way with people who had invited me to come up to their house that was really cool I don’t that count is a real New Year’s celebration because there wasn’t any going on at the time that I happened to be there uh last time I was on the island it’s a very very small island and there were only 2 restaurants and 2 guest houses or maybe there was just 1 had been built at that point not sure but it wasn’t very developed and so it was quite an adventure being there for 2 full days that I stayed there at that time and this time I wanted to keep the adventure going and uh as I mentioned in the last video I wasn’t planning to go there because it’s not the same as it was when I was there but it’s a super cool chill island really really cool and uh so I hope that you enjoy my first ever attempt to travel to Paradise Island by I mean speedboat I have never gone over there on speedboat either so we are definitely breaking some ground today the hole 2023 2024 Time Frame including the New Year’s experience was very intense there was a lot going on and so I hope that you like the video and uh I’m definitely looking forward to the future in travels here in Thailand and eventually Indonesia china and Taiwan When I will be in March 2024 Also Hong Kong Japan in Korea when I get back to where I left off last year in East asia and after that wherever my whims take me but until then many adventures await have an excellent day or night wherever you are and I’ll see you soon on the next Swift Travel Experience Thanks a lot for watching if you like the video hit the thumbs up button and subscribe [Music]

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[Applause] it’s midnight it is now 2024 going to appear right now on this s toow to catch a boat out one of the islands and we’ll find out where very Simp we are rocking and rolling guess what I did guys and this explains the road perhaps I went the wrong Way [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Hi there good afternoon this is an island of Thailand you will find out which one later in the video it was quite a journey getting here at as you will be finding out soon this is the end of the video or at least the end of my filming for this video but

We are going to go back in time soon here and show you the journey getting here so I wanted to explain a couple of things so the video will officially begin long long ago last year or rather 2 days ago this December 31st 2023 at a little after 11: p.m. right before midnight

2024 I ended up filming my New Year’s experience as I mentioned in the last video then I uh thought that I wasn’t going to go back to the beach for New Year’s I ended up editing that other video and decided to go back and experience it celebrate see

The wild and crazy scene there at huahin or huahin but I also wanted to uh explain that the journey yesterday turned into a very long and intense and challenging one after the New Year’s celebrations the next day which was yesterday then I went through all this stuff and I didn’t

Film much of it so there you go the uh introduction to what is kind of a random video here covering all the stuff that happened over the past more than 36 hours so going back in time to 2 days ago who aen here we go the Journey 2 Thai tropical island Paradise It is 11:43 p.m. December 31st 2023 I made it back down to the center of huahin there is the temple where I was earlier today and here is the Walking Street Scene It is pretty happening we have a [Applause] dragon [Applause] we done we done kitchen kitchen open food food no food Okay so I’m hoping to find some food somewhere maybe that’s a lost cause got to be somewhere Kitchen open food this maybe right here 11:50 p.m. December 31st 20203 10 minutes till Night Che nice cold check and waiting for some food here 11:54 6 minutes until midnight got some food here pork rice egg and here comes the dragon good timing it’s going into the bar let’s see if it goes past cheers here it comes I guess you’re supposed to put some money inside

It I’m not really prepared uh I got cash but let’s see what I can do here got my uh I got 60 bot $2 seems like that should be [Applause] fine well looks like I don’t have to bother definitely an interesting scene here all right it is just a couple minutes away let’s see if this guy wants some money we got 6 Spot here take it if you want it it is getting very close

I haven’t taken a bite yet I haven’t had the chance but uh food is looking good oh boy I don’t want uh H fatty all over my dinner looks like it is time not sure the time but uh it is definitely very close happy New Year 2024 cheers from Thailand well it’s

Midnight it is now 2024 there was no countdown that is it 2023 is in the book it was an epic year 2024 is going to be crazy no doubt about it Oh A Oh Oh Oh I checked in my hotel room I will it later I wanted to get out right away from start that was quite a journey 4 and 1/2 hours it is now a little after 8:00 not too bad all considering glad to be here looking forward to tomorrow heading to the island

So this is padc with the wide noodles with pork and I’m not sure what this is called the menu was all in tie but there were some pictures so I just pointed at this looks like it’s I guess spinach something like that with egg looks really good I’m going to dig in

Here and I’ll just mention that they are both really really good this one is really packed with flavor I am absolutely loving the Thai food He O all right here we go to the islands going to appear right now on this sow to catch a boat out to one of the islands and we’ll find out where very soon 8 minutes away 4 km looks like we’re heading pretty much directly there so we’ll see how it Goes okay how much uh 18 18 yeah and 10 all five all one one and one two and one okay cup cone cup so I’m not sure how well you could see last night but I was riding in one of those things like this here covered motorcycle taxi yes walking walking yeah thank

You it should be just a couple of minutes to the pier four boats going to the island So I don’t remember these motorcycle taxis from the last time that I was here I’ve actually been in renang here twice before once in 2018 when I went to the same island that I’m going to right now and then once in 2014 when I did a Visa Run to Myanmar and so

I count Myanmar as a country that I have visited but I only stayed for one night so I was doing a Visa Run in other words leaving Thailand and then coming back in to get another 30 days saup oh great next uh speedboat speedboat C cup Okay C green C just here yeah

So it is 10:56 there’s a ferry going at 11:00 so just in time I knew that they went basically every 30 minutes the speed boat there is a slower boat that is a little less but not much it’s like 200 bot instead of$ 350 which is $10

But uh the slowboat doesn’t go as often so it’s really worth just going with the speedboat so we’ll be taking off in just a minute so what I was saying is that uh I’m not really sure about these as far as where exactly they are in Thailand the motorcycle taxi

Things not sure what you call them but I just don’t remember seeing them before in Thailand I’m sure that I did when I was here before but that was a decade ago the last time so I’m curious to see where else I come across them I wonder if it’s because we’re near

Myanmar or are they throughout Southern Thailand I don’t remember seeing them you know on like other Islands Canta but maybe they were there and I’ve just forgotten anyways cool to see something a little different I haven’t seen any Tuk Tok so instead of Tok CS they have

These things all right time for the boat notice not many people so what you C but we got eggs all right there’s Breakfast this is not Z [Applause] Yes it has not changed much since the last time that I was here team cop can [Applause] [Applause] cop that was the guy on the uh boat and he has his own uh motorbike he had like no luggage so he must have just done like a day run or something over to

Renang so welcome to amazing Coop payam not Copan that is very different over in the Gulf of Thailand here we are near Myanmar we could see Myanmar out there so what I was saying earlier was I did a Visa run back in 2014 and took the boat to

Myanmar and then most people were just catching the next boat back to Thailand but you had to pay for a Visa there it was like a 15-day Visa as part of the entering Myanmar and leaving Thailand and so I thought well while I’m here and I have a Visa might as well

Stay for the night so I just stayed for one night had an interesting day of exploring hitchhiked I count Myanmar as one of the uh countries that I’ve hitchhiked in okay I’m about to attempt hitchhiking in Myanmar we’ll see how this goes I want to get to that

Temple which you can barely see uh but there’s a beautiful looking Golden Temple there with some steps going up to it if it was earlier in the day I’d just walk it but I’m not really feeling that up for it so I’m going to see if I can flag someone down and

Uh communicate to them that I’m like a right over there I’m sure it’s it’s only 5 minutes by motorbike by the looks of it all right we’ll see see what happens here okay here’s somebody let’s see if if this works I want to go to that Temple is it

Is it possible to ride to the temple up the the steps is it okay yeah okay looks like this is going to work okay yes yes awesome check out this line of monks got a ride on a motorbike to a temple so there you can see

Copay and so I didn’t come to the islands that time I just went to renang and then did the Visa Run and then went back to other parts of Thailand all right uh I will be getting a motorbike but first breakfast how about right here all right all right all right look at

That breakfast two eggs ham toast with cheese fruit salad with yogurt and a glass of milk right on that is going to do the trick this fruit salad is really good so it comes with banana mango and dragon fruit and the really cool thing is that it has both different

Kinds of dragon fruits you can see the just insanely purplish red fruit there and then the black and white fruit there that is the exact same thing the dragon fruit is the craziest of fruits the inside sometimes is white with black seeds and sometimes with pink fruit and black seeds so great breakfast Here I think hard to get lost yeah can’t really get lost too much um how do I turn the off the no why you turn off oh there we go the the blinker was going when you want to make yeah okay very good cop cup we are rocking and

Rolling so apparently there is a new road not a new road but a widened road that when I was here before it was just a motorbike with of a track just a couple of feet wide and now it’s a regular road so it sounds like that might be like one

Of the only changes probably some more buildings I’m sure but overall it really looks uh just the same as much as I can remember anyways from 16 years ago lots of good looking restaurants here I think it will be the next left look at this island green and

Lush am amazing so I’m going to my uh Bungalows which I have reserved for four nights so lots of time to explore here and we’ll see after that okay I think is this it oh yeah yes got to get the uh backpack a little better this is not looking any wider

We’ll see what happens here but uh this is how I remember it was a narrow little road so I’m not sure what she was talking about maybe it’s a little bit wider oh man what a journey getting here but it was worth it thank you so

Much so I stopped to check and see if my uh shoes were still there I was planning on mentioning something about them so I checked and they were gone which I was thinking great now I got to turn around with all my you know stuff on my

Back here and go back down the road and then I heard a motorbike coming behind me and he slowed down and then stopped and then I saw him get off the motorbike and he was going back to get my shoes which were 10 ft behind me so uh what I was going to

Say about the shoes is for those who have commented in the past like why are you wearing sandals all the time doing these big hikes and hiking in cold weather just wearing these same sandals that I’m wearing right now this is why because as soon as I have a pair of

Shoes but it’s hot out and I don’t need to wear them don’t want to wear them then I’m stuck carrying them around which has been the case ever since I arrived in Sri Lanka having to Lug these shoes around because they don’t fit in the backpack

The only reason I’m keeping them at this point at all is because I might go to some colder places on the way back like elsewhere in Asia maybe to South Korea or Japan or something where it’s going to be middle of winter and I will want to have my shoes

So they are a pain once you’re in the tropics I have all this cold weather stuff long underwear warm jacket Etc because I was in cold places earlier okay time to put the camera away here it isn’t going to be very far this is a small little island but quite a bit to

See man it is just so freaking beautiful it’s a little bit further than I thought that it was going to be still not far at all but uh I I’m guessing the beach is right up ahead there just wanted to uh give another shot of the forest the jungle and show

These whatever they are are these rubber trees you can see a uh white substance the sap collecting in those uh little bowls no idea what’s being collected here but uh a little glimpse of the local economy and also I wanted to mention that I did not have to leave my passport

To get the motorbike 300 bought per day that is 9 bucks per day no deposits and on the contract it said you must leave your passport I asked her about that if there was going to be an alternative and she said oh you don’t have to leave

Your passport I didn’t have to leave deposit nothing else so nice and simple n bucks a day for the next 4 days there is the water but guess what I did guys and this explains the road perhaps I went the wrong way so that is a y I believe it is Al means

Bay and that is the bay that I’m on however there is another road that accesses it so I saw the sign that said a Yi thought this was it you have to go just a little bit further and then uh another road so I could get over there by just walking along the

Beach but I guess there is no Road no uh way to get the motorbike that way so I have to go all the way back and it was a bit further than I thought still not bad like I don’t know maybe it’ll be 6 7 8

Minutes going that way and then go a little bit further up and then come back down so you’re getting a little bit of a tour of the island in the process loving this weather the forecast has been showing rain down south haven’t seen a drop so far

So this is just ultimate all right let’s get there and I will show the road and we’ll see if it’s a wider Road over there mango sticky rice spring rolls french fries waffle breakfast Seafood fried rice fried pork with rice Pad Thai crispy pork kale green curry larb what

Is larb I guess I’ll have to order that sometime see what it is masaman s tomyam okay I’m back on the main Highway the left turn is just up ahead here we go Rost the house and indeed it is the big ride Road a big Bride Road a wig Bride Road and a

Score B [Applause] payam this is genuinely easier than the other one it was uh pretty tight passing people it’s great to have a wig ride Road a ride rig Road a wig boo ride nope somebody lost their hat okay I guess I’ll return the favor here for the guy that got me my

Shoes and I am in so my room here is $32 us €29 per night the WiFi is quite slow not surprisingly but could be worse so the surfing speeds are very slow the uploading is a little bit better 1.8 megabits per second it is going to take

A while to get this video uploaded but it won’t take forever at least so it might have to wait until tomorrow I haven’t started editing it yet that will be the mission for the rest of the day so here we are nice little proper Bungalow good comfy double bed no AC but

We got a fan we have screens on the windows that is great I’m not sure what these are for if it’s just decorative or maybe was used during the construction of the place and they left it here or something and then there’s a uh ladder but not

Sure why I will put that somewhere out of the way and then attached bathroom nice bathroom so it is open here but you can see they fairly newish could be you know 5 years old or something like that but uh pretty nice especially for the price a short

Walk from the beach speaking of which let’s get over there and see it although you will have seen it already at the beginning but I still need to record that video clip introducing the whole video so let’s get over to the beach and you’ll get to see it one more time

Finish things off here with the beach scene that’s my Bungalow right there cool place Samosa bar fresh coffee way down to the beach let’s go for it so driving down that uh wider Road there to get to a y Bay here then I realized yes there is a lot of development tons

More rest restaurants and guest houses and things along there so kind of good to see actually that they’re getting more business more uh wellknown yet without being overrun by any means copam here is definitely one of the uh least touristy Thai Islands at least that I’ve

Been to and I am realizing being back here it is absolutely one of and quite possibly my favorite Tha Island so in a previous video when I was in Thailand the last time a year ago then I said that cop was my favorite island certainly not because of the popularity

The party scene and all that just because it’s so stunningly beautiful it’s just like a perfect perfect uh Island but this is a really really nice one as well and and better for exploring because cop P you can’t run a motorbike and motorbike around because there aren’t

Roads it’s all hiking which is fun as well but uh this one has a lot to explore it is absolutely gorgeous it is less popular it really is kind of the uh perfect Thai Island so I might have to put this one at the top of the list I

Will determine that in the next few days but uh so far looking very very very nice A little stroll through the forest here I can hear the water see it nice 3 minute walk to the beach oh yeah it is even nicer than I remember so this is the bay that I

Stayed on the last Time in some very basic Bungalows probably for $5 a night or something I feel like it was a good ways down here not sure they could be gone now replaced by something bigger oh this is just amazing and there are more beaches to see on the island lots more to explore

Jungle motorbike rides I guess hikes and we will see what else ultimate tropical Thai Island Paradise more coming from copay see you

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