Exploring Ancient Mysteries at Abu Ghurob in Egypt: New Video March 2024 – Video

Exploring Ancient Mysteries at Abu Ghurob in Egypt: New Video March 2024 – Video

Join us on a fascinating journey through the ancient mysteries of Abu Ghurob in Egypt with our new video released in March 2024. Delve into the intriguing discoveries made by archaeologists at this mysterious site, located right next to Abu Seir on the Giza Plateau.

Witness the excavation of unique bowls at Abu Ghurob, believed to be pre-dynastic creations made before the time of the Pharaohs. These bowls, with a tapering hole in the middle, raise questions about their purpose and origin, challenging the standard egyptological narratives.

Explore the enigmatic ‘Hotep’ artifact, the only one of its kind discovered at Abu Ghurob, featuring intricate designs and alignments that defy explanation. Uncover the secrets of this ancient relic, made of travertine stone that may have origins beyond Egypt.

Discover the evidence of advanced craftsmanship and engineering techniques at Abu Ghurob, including drill holes and precision carving on different materials like sandstone, travertine, and high-quality granite. Uncover the influence of pre-dynastic cultures in the construction of monumental structures that later fell into ruin.

Witness the transition from pre-dynastic to dynastic times through the evolution of artifacts found at Abu Ghurob, shedding light on the cultural and technological changes in ancient Egypt. Join us as we unravel the mysteries of Abu Ghurob and uncover the hidden stories of this ancient site.

Don’t miss out on this immersive exploration of ancient mysteries at Abu Ghurob in Egypt. Watch our new video now and embark on a journey through time to uncover the secrets of this fascinating archaeological site.

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Video Transcript

Little pyramids at Abu here we on the Giza Plateau just falling apart it’s trying to kill me yeah was great tra team well they got the tent set up so they were doing you know yeah they’re Excavating a temp these mysterious bowls at Abu gurab which is right next to the site we

Were just at called Abu seir these are unique to this site most likely they were found here but that hasn’t been confirmed and the archaeologist decided to line them all up and they were going to try to take them to the museum in Cairo but they never got around to

It and the hole in the middle has a taper so it’s actually narrower inside that than it is outside so that requires a very special tapered kind of drill bit it’s almost 100% likely that these are pre-dynastic creations made before the time of the Pharaohs the standard egyptological story is that

They were ritual bulls for Bulls blood but why would the hole not be in the bottom then 2/3 to 3/4 of the way up that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever so another one of the great mysteries of ancient Egypt this is called the hotep located at Abu gab in

Egypt and it is the only one of its kind whether it’s the only one that ever existed or not is unknown it’s a very intriguing piece of work so you can see it’s made out of one two three four pieces aligned 23 and 1 12 degrees off of the cardinal

Directions the center the circular bit is actually the lid of a shaft that goes down 100 feet and intersects with two underground streams that cross each other the stone is travertine which may very well not be from Egypt it could be from the location called Amara which is where aanan had

His Capital but it’s also possible that it was brought in from another country Ma so evidence of a cord drill here then a router it looks like created this curve it’s very very uniform very even going all the way to the end so very enigmatic piece of

Work little pyramid in behind that used to have a large Obelisk complex Obelisk on top and this could be megalithic because you see the bottom is granite very large slabs of granite so it could be a pre-dynastic construction because we are in the area of where all the

Pyramids which comes from the Greek pyom meidos meaning fire in the middle or Fire Within are located the plateau is not simply where you find the Great Pyramid but you find also the pre-dynastic pyramids of dashur and Sakara abug garab abusir and Abu rash so like at abusir where we just

Were there are these very large drill holes you look very carefully you can see the marks of the drill supposedly some experts in engineering and machining state that the feed rate which is the penetration rate of the drill was three 3 mm per Revolution so that is a massive amount of material to Remove either very rapidly or simply very efficiently so at this location we have of Abu gurab we have all sorts of different materials here we have sandstone and the Traver te of which the hotp is made from and the travertine of the big bulls in the background then high quality Granite

That could very well have come from the Sinai area the Eastern desert according to our geologist Susan as well as Quartzsite so this was clearly a pre-dynastic construction later adopted by the dynastic time period and then later destroyed by the other cultures who arrived in the area and another example of a cord

Dril something so now at Abu gab where approaching bowls made out of a different material not travertine Sandstone with two holes in them this is that is that the uh original so these are either more highly weathered than the travertine ones or maybe they were even done in dynastic times they’re cruder in

Terms of manufacturing as compared to the travertine ones so the travertine ones were probably pre-dynastic and then these could very well be dynastic it’s not like so relatively large pieces of Quartzsite the Quarry is most likely in the area of Cairo where the colossi of mnon statues were also taken

From and then dynastic time period hieroglyphics crudely carved into the surface because Quartzsite is a very hard Stone

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