Exploring India’s Most Extreme Festival: A Hidden Gem – Video

Exploring India’s Most Extreme Festival: A Hidden Gem – Video

of trance and it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before it’s like a euphoric chaos I can feel the energy and the passion in the air as people are fully immersed in the festival spirit. The sound of drums and chanting fills the air as devotees move with such intensity and purpose. It’s a mesmerizing sight to witness and I can’t help but feel grateful to be able to experience such a unique and spiritual event.

One thing that struck me the most about this festival is the fact that everyone is sober. It’s not about drugs or alcohol, but rather about connecting with a higher power and embracing the spiritual side of life. The devotion and dedication of the people here is truly inspiring and it’s a reminder of the power of faith and belief.

As I reflect on my experience at Dussera, I can’t help but be in awe of the incredible rituals and traditions that are carried out here. From fasting for 41 days to dressing up as goddesses, the level of commitment and passion that the people exhibit is truly extraordinary. It’s a reminder of the rich cultural heritage of India and the importance of celebrating and embracing our differences.

Would I ever attend Dussera again? Absolutely. It’s an experience that I will never forget and one that has opened my eyes to a whole new world of spirituality and devotion. If you ever have the opportunity to attend such a festival, I highly recommend it. It’s a chance to step out of your comfort zone and immerse yourself in a culture that is truly like no other.

Overall, my time at India’s most extreme festival was unforgettable and I am grateful for the opportunity to witness such a unique and spiritual event. The energy, the passion, and the devotion of the people here is something that will stay with me forever. Thank you for joining me on this journey and I hope you too can experience the magic of Dussera one day.

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Video Transcript

Every person around me hasn’t eaten for 41 days and they’re in a crazy state of TR if you’re into weird wild and bizarre rituals don’t go anywhere as I take you to a festival in southeast India this is the most intense human emotion you’ll ever see in your

Life right now I’m literally at the southernmost tip of India when you see the coconut trees behind me it feels like Thailand or the Philippines we have mountains in the distance the Indian Ocean’s right there so the mission right now is after we fill up our car we’re

Going to drive 4 hours to the area of where the festival is going to take place this video is happening totally spontaneous on a whim I don’t know who we’re going to meet but I got the Goosebumps because it’s going to be freaking epic immediately thrown into

The chaos here on the streets trying to make sense of everything you know you’re in the countryside of India when the sign is not in English because everybody here speaks English duera is a vibrant Hindu holiday that celebrates Good over evil the people here go all out crossdressing to resemble the goddesses

And fasting for 41 days to prepare their bodies to enter a State of Trance no e already fting 4 41 days over 100,000 people have come here to worship and everyone is telling me that I’m the only Foreigner they’ve ever seen at this Festival we are hopping in a Rick Shaw

To take us to some outer Villages here we just found our first devote here on the side of the road and he all dressed up you look very nice can see people just chilling outside their houses they’re getting ready they’re getting dressed are you from here chenai

You’re from chenai So You Came From chenai for duetta here yes you took an overnight bus that’s a long time on Tuesday what’s going to happen here the festival what does that mean one Beast was killed by God we’re walking around the Villages here and starting to get in

The spirit and you can see this guy he has a double nose ring he’s got the thing coming from the hat and it’s going inside of his nose daa chendur is the epicenter of dcera but it’s also celebrated all around India depending on the region you might find different

Traditions but here you can see men worshiping goddesses while giving blessings and taking donations but things are about to get pretty wild I have no idea what is going on right now but I’m being followed by these people with their hands I’m following the kids they’re saying let’s go let’s go we’re going

We’re going this guy is going around his village drinking coconut smashing it on his head and being really aggressive and I asked him why he just says that’s how monkeys act that was a total mind if that has any indication from what we’re about to

See the next few days it’s going to be insane hi it’s early morning so everybody’s kind of standing around eating breakfast and pretty soon they’re going to start getting dressed for the main event which is is happening later today English speak English Hindi it’s really interesting the people here they don’t

Speak English or Hindi they just speak tamamo almost everywhere else I’ve been in India you can communicate with English or you can find someone that speaks English but here it’s very difficult in this Temple right here everybody’s starting to get ready get prepared you can see it’s not just a

Quick thing it takes many hours to dress up they even have the bras on they have the jewelry they have the lipstick it’s like the full thing how do you feel good the goddess Khali represents death and destruction you can recognize her by her blue face paint and many hands what I find

Interesting is how crossdressing as a means of worship can also provide an outlet for Indians who don’t identify with traditional genders I’m here with mohel him and his whole family are about to start getting dressed for the main event it’s so fascinating how the entire house here turns into a makeup studio

These are just some of the costumes that the kids and the adults are going to be wearing here would you take up a large portion of the house beautiful beautiful beautiful this guy looks like a mixture of Freddy Mercury and Sasha Baron Cohen but more like Freddy Mercury look Freddy

You you look like him same same same same same I’m with madash and she speaks perfect English and so far she’s been a Lifeline for helping understand what’s going on how old are you 10 you’re 10 you speak the best English here thank you so I want to know how do you feel

That you’re putting all this makeup on and you’re getting all the dress how does it make you feel they’re putting the traditional but they’re not feeling anything what um what god or goddess are you dressing as mat mat can you explain what happens during tuera Festival they are just praying for what

We have to think that have to be true that’s why they are just putting like this get UPS the men here they they do they enjoy dressing as women in my country if a male dress as women they are considered to be gay or transsexual is it the same

Here cannot like this and that this is a festival so everyone know about anything you do in India is colorful whether it’s holy festival or just walking down the street and this is another example of that everything is colors it’s very festive the sound of drumming captures

My attention as people Rush towards the temple I have no choice but to chase the mob and weave through the crowds I have no clue what’s going on this is wild everybody’s dancing already trying to figure out what’s going on you see behind me they’re all in a state of

TR this person is nearly going to pass out right here is a giant tub of orange juice that they’re passing around I had my shoes on and they yelled at me oops and in here is a temple where they’re doing a blessing literally shaking quivering as he’s blessing this lady

I’ve seen a lot of crazy in this world and I’ve never seen anything like this I’m getting blessed by this guy over here I have not been blessed thank you what do you think about daa this feels good nice why do the men dress the women they worship the like God the

Godess walking in a village somewhere following wherever they’re walking through a combination of fasting prayer and music the goddess of death enters a worshipper body and controls their movements and the person possessed is unconscious from what he is saying or doing the things I’m witnessing here makes me believe that Hindus are the

Most devoted Believers on the planet if this is intense now I can’t imagine what I will see later tonight we are heading now to the beach where all the festivities are going to go down you can see the lines and lines of cars and buses behind me everybody heading to the

Main event there’s a lot of people here I’m sticking my head just out the window and you can see the cars are driving like 3 in away from for me it is absolutely insane we are now 2 miles outside of the grounds where the festival is happening on the beach and

Look at all these people walking in okay what’s your name raes rajes he stapled the tongue onto his lips is it hurt painful oh no we are now following rajes to the temple to see what’s going to happen what’s going to unfold basically a Cali is the most spiritual ones here

And these are the guys who are fasting for 41 days it’s only 2:10 p.m. right now which means for the next 12 hours these guys are going to to be here paying dedication on the beach to the Hindu goddess you can see like it’s this whole festival there’s food vendors

Trampolines entertainment people camping out in trailers sleeping on the floor and a lot of people dressed up in different colors it’s basically like Coachella with no drugs Rajesh is walking barefoot and it must be 100° outside dripping down the face in sweat so many accessories on his

Body I can’t imagine how hot he feels right now in front of me I see tens of thousands of people on the street just masses of people what is the god Ki is a goddess they’re throwing water on us rose water rajes he said Raj mom our mom mom mom

Yes Mother he’s your mom mother I called him by his name r then his friend came up and said no no no we call him mom Mom he’s our mom interesting just a few minutes ago I was walking with this guy and he was acting totally normal and now he’s completely

In a State of Trance in another world the fire is literally burning this guy’s beard I’m stuck in this side everyone’s push ping me as I go by people are carrying fire the dude who is leading this parade literally has a spear through his cheeks does that hurt does it hurt

Pain whatever just happened is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life and I don’t say that lightly okay we have just now entered the temple they’re parading through screaming dancing crying painting themselves what’s happening as we walk through the temple now they get more and more intense and more

Spiritual look at this they literally need people to hold them up even as we come out of the temple my friend Rees is still shaking he has so many helpers like around him holding him up and giving him support like they encourage going in a state of

Trance it’s a good thing it means that you’re closer to God are you okay okay are you okay two hours ago I was walking with him normal on the street and now he’s just like has just been in a state of transfer these last 2 hours you feel

Okay okay no problem no problem now I’m heading with rajes to the beach after he’s made a pilgrimage here we’re going all the way to the water you can see the sea of people behind me it is absolutely mind-blowing how many people are here as they say India is a

Country of color and behind me I think you can see why how do you feel right now seeing is very happy to proud and happy for this moment can you explain what’s what’s happening in your head when you’re like this he’s speaking very spiritual in an hope of this moment he has very

Headache and he cannot open his eyes and everything and everyone’s staring at me because I am the only white person here in this entire Festival which makes it extra special after dark I am told the most powerful rituals occur on the beach I wander around for an hour or so until

The drumming starts back up again and the spirits come out to play It’s So Smoky I’m literally crying I don’t know how these people can do this these ladies are walking with fire like I can’t even open up my freaking eyes it’s hard to even scratch the

Surface of what duera means for the Hindu people but by witnessing people pray and push their bodies to the extremes I am reminded of what this Festival is all about the Triumph of good over evil and the pursuit of inner transformation I can definitely say that after being here and witnessing to Sarah

Over the last few days I myself am transformed

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