Exploring New York City Street Food: A 100-Hour Documentary on Manhattan’s Affordable Eats Tour – Video

Exploring New York City Street Food: A 100-Hour Documentary on Manhattan’s Affordable Eats Tour – Video

Join us on an epic culinary journey through the streets of Manhattan as we explore the best street food and cheap eats the borough has to offer. This full documentary video showcases our top picks for budget-friendly and delicious food options, from legendary burgers to iconic bagels, Asian fried chicken, and more.

With an extensive chapter list, including stops at East Village, Harlem, Midtown, Chinatown, and Times Square, you can follow along as we sample some of the most iconic and diverse cuisines New York City has to offer.

Featuring colorful commentary and mouthwatering visuals, this documentary is a must-watch for foodies and travelers seeking to experience the vibrant street food scene of Manhattan. Whether you’re a local looking for new dining spots or a visitor planning your next trip, this video is sure to inspire your culinary adventures in the Big Apple.

So grab a snack, settle in, and join us as we eat our way through some of the best cheap eats and street food in Manhattan, NYC. With each delicious bite, you’ll be transported to the bustling streets and diverse flavors of this iconic city. Bon appétit!

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We’re going on the ultimate street food tour of Manhattan from Budget Bites to carnivore Delights let’s eat our way through New York’s richest and most famous burrow we’re at noan which is New York’s first Korean American gastro pub and they have a legendary Burger it’s call our name what’s up guys welcome to

Noan number one Burger in New York City it’s a mural of my grandfather not me everyone thought it was me I’m not a narcissist come on in come on in fresh patties so it’s really a blend of using some nostalgic ingredients with some high quality ingredients like we use a great

Blend of of meat we smash it it’s a technique that really matters and to season it with our special Umami seasoning what’s in it I can’t tell you there’s our Sesame buns we get customade Sesame seated buns from a local bakery look how soft and a look at all those

Air pockets you got a nice steer on one side while the other side is cooking we’re going to start to layer some cheese over the top so now we’re going to give it a quick steam just to melt the cheese over the top I love American

Cheese cuz it just melts right into the cracks and crevice of the burger patty every nook and cranny that’s what I really love and we sear every burger patty to order sesame seed is so important so this burger was really inspired by my favorite burger growing

Up when I moved to America when I was 8 years old I fell in love with Big Mac the sesame seeds on the bun that to me is like childhood right there nice and toasted this is our kimchi Special Sauce we’re going to do some raw onion on the

Bottom add some freshness and a little bite this is our homemade roasted kimchi my mom’s recipe so we make this here we make about 100 lb of Napa cabbage a week and then on top we’re going to add some of our homemade house pickles so when I

Came over this burger the the real thing was Korean barbecue is meat and kimchi whether it’s pork belly you know marinated Meats whatever so how can I take Korean traditional flavors and incorporate that into American staple as a burger so the bun is a vehicle for a Korean barbecue in my

Mind we don’t play around number one I don’t think I’ve ever been so hungry watching a burger made in my entire life I’m telling you this is this is a pretty Burger it’s been calling out to me it even feels nice to hold all right ready let’s take a

Bite something a Jay said in there is really standing out to me these two buns here are just holding together that Korean barbecue experience and as soon as I tasted the kimchi and the kimchi sauce with the moist patties and the cheese oh flavor explosion off the

Charts this has to be the best burger ever had like right away you bite into it that hilly soft bun you got that pack full of like Kimi I don’t know what to say about this this thing is perfection really it’s hard to pinpoint any weaknesses when the two sesame seed buns

He’s searing it and buttering it at the same time every single part of this burger has been so well thought out and even with so much going on this is memorable and I think the the word legendary does make a lot of sense here a cheeseburger meets Korean

Barbecue really unlike anything I’ve had before and that that’s what they’re going for I mean that’s the theme Here the the korean-american experience with some beers this is a maku Korean beer a lot of Kim cheese I’ve had in the past have been much spicier than this one but

I think this is the perfect temperature because if it was too spicy it might take away from the burger too much you ever get something that you like so much but you don’t want to eat it too fast because you want to savor every bite

This is a burger like that for me it looks so pretty I didn’t even want to touch it at first I’m trying to think if I’ve ever had a better Burger in my life and I’m I’m struggling I had some good ones in New York like at Raul’s we

Filmed there that was really memorable but I don’t know maybe because I saw this birthed right in front of me this burger will always have a special place in my heart as I eat it you said 10 out of 10 I’m not a ratings Channel but this

Would be pretty close to a 10 out of 10 for me as far as burgers are concerned what about you for me it’s a 10 out of 10 they perfected it with this another thing about this thing is price 21 bucks I’ll easily pay $21 for this normally I

Would find it very difficult to justify a $21 Burger but in in case I would justify the cost you know this isn’t a fast food spot I think this is a burger you come to celebrate something this is a nice date night this is a nice friends

Night catching up I’m want to spend some time here to enjoy it you’ve heard of Shake Shack you’ve heard of Five Guys but have you heard of s Street Burger which has built a cult following in the city since it opened just 2 years ago and now there are more than a dozen

Locations and this is one of the hottest Burger spots in all of New York and we’re going to see if it actually lives up to that hype action k seven Street Burger you’ve heard all the hype what are your first impressions I mean this is basically a hole in the wall right

Here and they make decision making really simple because their menu barely has any choices cheeseburger double impossible fries Coke that’s it keep it simple three cheeseburgers they bring you the burgers outside we are sitting under heat lamps it’s about 40° right now this is nice let you get yours first

This thing is greasy and sloppy look at this the Patty is bigger than the bun like one and 1/2 times size of the bun here all their burgers are served with grilled onions American cheese pickles and their house sauce and a griddle toasted Martin potato bun also noce the

Crisp edges of the Patty here one of New York’s hottest Burgers right now 7th Street let’s try it I remember not quite a White Castle slider not quite a shack Burger but perfectly in between and the first thing that hit me was the onions caramelized onions on

Top what hit me at first is the sauce this is kind of like a Big Mac sauce this thing is amazing the sauce is really what makes it I love how thin the beef is and just satisfying overall I love the Simplicity of this you know exactly what you’re getting no lettuce

No tomato just plenty of Grease plenty of burger here no frills No Frills yeah I’m telling you the sauce brings it all together that that and the onions it would be perfect to me if the onions were just a little bit more caramelized a little bit more but other

Than that it’s a good fast food Burger I have to say yeah this thing 6 and2 bucks I mean great price Great Value too you know I’ve eaten at all the the city chains and a lot of people say that Shake Shack is overrated I am a Shake

Shack fan I do not think seven Street Burger is overrated I think I’m jumping on the hype train they got one of these in Brooklyn I’m going to be hitting up near me now it a pretty but it works yep and these just keep expanding and expanding in 2 years there’s over 12

Which is now matched Five Guys Shake Shack’s got about three dozen so this could be coming to a city near you and why not come to the original the OG 7th Street Burger on 7th Street what do you think Shake Shack versus sth Street what would you pick Seventh Street the price

Is definitely better yeah I think Shake Shacks is at least eight bucks I think for me it would depend on what kind of mood I made if I want a couple of burgers I picked seven street I’m really on the fence I think I need to try more

Of these before I give my final opinion on it this is Lexington Candy Shop it’s been open since 1925 and it is the city’s oldest running family luncheon Ed all right action kid what are your impressions walking through these doors wow this is like a really really retro

Diner I mean I’ve seen this place before when I’ve walked by but I never stepped inside first time for me too this is definitely my favorite kind of Diner in New New York I mean this place is absolutely legendary I their milkshakes are really good as well does this remind

You of your past with the New Jersey diners this is like a New Jersey diner but even more vintage this is more like Corner lunet this is dying out in New York he’s a very tough to find the store started in 1925 and they made candy and chocolate

Down in the basement we’re on our fourth generation okay so still in the same family still in the same location and we’re featuring the butter burger what can you say about it well it’s a a decadent product like what they do in the steak houses they have the steaks

Cooked they add butter to it they give that nice glistening taste everything just tastes better with butter I’ll do uh one of the Butter Burgers Fries and I want to do one of your famous Coca-Cola floats a butterburger and uh small egg cream thank you so much this is their

World famous Coca-Cola float this is one of the only places left left in New York you can still get Coke the oldfashioned way Coca-Cola syrup Seltzer and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top I have never tried this before and I’m Excited wow this feels like something I would run in here for at 3:00 on a school day in 1965 and I’d be sitting at the counter enjoying this this tastes like a childhood I never had so egg cream for those who don’t know it’s syrup and saltsa water and really

Good that’s old school New York City drink right there that’s that’s another tough one to find the only place in Manhattan I know that’s very famous for it is raised candy shop where we have filmed before that’s another destination worth visiting but when they said butter

Burger they meant it look like we got butter on the Patty you got butter on the bun I don’t know if butter will be a good replacement for cheese I’ll be curious and you can do butter and cheese I just thought it was too much I wanted

To see just the butter you can there’s a butter cheeseburger too the butter is Glistening you could just hear the juices and the butter dripping out as I took that first bite it’s so juicy I never really thought about putting butter on a burger before it sounds a little interesting to me but I’m all about this right now combined with the Coca-Cola float this is really like

Going back in time it’s like being a kid the Patty solid the bun is soft and crunchy lettuce but that butter it works it’s like definitely a replacement for cheese or you can even add cheese on this if you want it won’t hurt do not sleep on the fries here and normally I

Want to douse my fries with ketchup I don’t even think it’s necessary here you don’t need it here to be honest these are like nice Hardy fries they were telling me with a Coke float you could eat the ice cream with a spoon but I’ve

Just left it in and I’m starting to get some of that vanilla ice cream flavor towards the bottom so this is a drink that just has a big payoff at the end longer you let it sit it’s so good if you just order a Coke period they’ll give it to you with syrup

And seltzer but I say go for it I think add the ice cream this is definitely elevated the butter burger this is what you have to order if you come here if you’re in the mood for it oh yeah and you combine with the experience of sitting in one of New York’s oldest

Running family luncheonettes this just checks off so many boxes and why I put it in the video you definitely know this place is retro when you have like tens of bottles of Coke against the wall on the window yeah they they really do you’re right they have some old looking

Cokes that I’ve never seen before is that like the 1980 Olympics on there you have kids take them here or if you’re a kid at heart like me come here as well next T candy shop definitely has a new wine spread appeal you know right before we came in it was absolutely jam-packed

They’ve gone viral on social media many times over and I’m I’m really happy that a new generation is discovering a lost art if you’re not from the US you’re probably never saw anything like this unless it was in a movie and this place actually has been in a couple of movies

This uh was featured in 3 days of the Condor Robert Redford they even have a menu on the wall from 1925 a Coke was 10 cents and fancy Sunday was 25 cents so in 100 years is a little bit of inflation right yeah a lot of inflation

The last two or three years a lot of inflation the East Village of Manhattan one of the city’s hippest neighborhoods and it’s also home some of the city’s best cheap eats today we’ll be showing you can’t miss Budget Bites in the East Village don’t watch this video on an empty stomach you’ve been Warned W feel like I’m third Wheeling on a d here the interior is sick it’s got like octopus Pirates lights everything this isn’t your like average whole in-the wild dumpling spot this is very new hi gu welcome so dumpling and dip is thay dumpling from Thailand we specialize in

Homemade dumpling right now we have 10 different flavor so we have vegan option for the customer we also have regular pork chicken good andree option as well and highly recommend for chicken green curry and spicy pork basil homemade Thai milk tea wow party platter perfect for a small

Group all right we’ve got the party platter and some extras they gave us so we have 10 different types of dumplings here guys let’s let’s let’s give it a bite let’s try it cheers cheers M shrimp is really good I and crunchy M this is really spicy they’re not playing

Around same is so good though I mean Ben you were saying that you saw some differences that are more Thai style than Chinese style here I would say so you know everyone loves dumpling everyone loves Tha food and they really stepped it up in terms of putting the

Two together and you have the best of tha food like the fresh seafood all the herb so I think they really stepped it up created their own lane with this TI dumpling combo yeah like in in New York just The Dumpling game is so crowded I

Think you have to do things a little bit differently to get some attention these days I’ll try this octopus dumpling no I’m not a big octopus guy so I’m letting them do it what do you think of it it’s amazing you guys agree this could be the perfect group activity get

A party platter like this they’ve got Barcade across the street they’ve got karaoke we should check this place out at night yeah Koke word I mean you got St Marks right here which is one of the busiest most hopping streets in all of New York City for

Night lives I think they put this like the perfect location yeah oh this time milk te is really good with this chili oil Missing Link here wow got a nice kick to it but I can handle it Ming ate this all by herself you know one of the biggest food

Crazes I’ve seen in the city the last couple years are Korean corn dogs big time thanks to Tik Tok thanks to Tik Tok yep not only do they have Korean corn dogs here but they got K-pop albums as well this isn’t my thing are you you know anything about K-pop Ming actually

You know I love the old school stuff big bang I don’t think most Korean corn dog spots have K-pop this is unique yeah all right number one number four number five number 12 yes Wow my sticks don’t break you guys went wild with the the condiments my God this is a monster all right I’ve actually never tried this before I’m I’m super excited ready big bite big bite let’s do it CH I’m working to that level I’m working to that

Level I never would have thought that powdered sugar on top of a corn dog would work as well it’s just working right now but somehow amazing M crunchy cheesy spicy Savory sugary all in one she sound like a commercial for this place right I can understand why this

Got so popular on Tik Tok just watching Ben with those cheese PS This is actually a fun food to eat there we go I think it takes some skills let me do it skills I lack I’ve never felt so left out my entire life so disclaimer I just realized that

Neither of them actually had hot dogs in their K Dogs it was just cheese and I think sweet potato and cheese hence it was easier for the cheese pole I don’t feel as bad anymore Ming you recommended yubu for this video you’ve been here a few times

Right I love this place it’s rice pockets of joy since this is one of Ming’s favorite spots in the East Village she’s going to order yeah basically Bei four of them pork spicy chicken spicy chicken cheese mus mushroom Bui spicy mushroom crab meat salmon avocado and the fish and then we

Got three EGS all right this is Inari if you don’t know what it is rice filled tofu Pockets with different meats or toppings this looks a littleit like sushi here Ben so we’ve got another spot here in yubu that’s been open about a year so the Asian cheap eat scene in the

East Village just keeps getting tastier and tastier oh yeah and this place here offers high quality protein that I don’t feel bad eating at all yeah usually when you think of cheat beats you’re not think you’re think of carbs carb overload you do have some carbs here but

You have some high quality protein yeah I got beef full GOI on top and some salmon basically sushimi and what I got to say is that they get the tofu rice and protein ratio down right let’s try this my first time here let’s do it wow so soft just melts in your mouth

I love how spongy it is and flavor the GOI just right the salmon is so fresh oh my God I didn’t expect to get fresh salmon from a Korean quick bite like you said how fast it melts in your mouth if you’re not careful you get full of these

Easily I feel like I can just knock these out one by one pretty quick it’s dangerous very dangerous right I’m going to try the uh the salmon now I want to see how fresh this is wow I think I might look the salmon better right Super Fresh really similar

Sushi Vibes for me with the salmon on top of the price really similar but heartier clearly bigger Ben and I were actually having this conversation that the St Marks area probably has the most diverse Asian Cuisine for quick eats cheap eats in all New York City I think

So yeah I remember from my year high school days it used to be a lot of Japanese quirky Japanese seats now it’s a lot of Korean a lot of Chinese lot of Taiwanese Boba shops you get everything here guys here these drinks are called AIDS USU AIDS and this one is the

Grapefruit Aid and that is the honey Citron Aid and they’re basically like fruit soda a great addition really refreshing to these little pockets the key is you have to stir it yes before you drink it I drank it without stirring it and I’m like guys what’s the hype

Here like completely ignorant to what this was so like Johnny has to stir it and he’s like poking it oh yeah we’re like no that’s not how you stir it like a baby you know yeah but also super cool thing about yubu is that whenever we ask people hey what’s your

Favorite place to eat in the East Village they say yubu I what’s your favorite place to eat in East Village yubu is amazing yubu is also a really good spot too I want to let you guys know that Ben and may have introduced me to so much amazing cuisine in New York

City subscribe to their Channel if you think this is an adventure they go to spots like this all the time food adventurers subscribe right now all right you insisted on lady Wong why cuz I’ve been noticing a lot of new Southeast Asian food spots food halls

Open up so I think this is a good place to check out and it’s desert Best For Last so we’re a Malaysian Singaporean style Bakery we do a lot of traditional stuff um as well as some more Western sty stuff with Southeast Asian flavors it’s fun to bring these flavors to New

York City and America in general just because you really can’t get this stuff anywhere else in the country two of the Indonesian rainbow cakes two of the pondon cere and we’ll do two of the talum jaas and then if we could get one of the black sesame passion fruits would

Be great even cold for it’s fancy nice touch this is so colorful this will be perfect for Pride next year in New York ooh it’s actually fun to eat you can peel the the Indonesian rainbow cake layer by layer all right here we go m sticky M I’m feeling the hints of

Coconut right now coconut and pandan very sticky so delicious I love this half of this is soft and the other half is sticky rice really good texture I’m pretty sure this dessert is Showcase a lot in Crazy rich Asian cuz that’s South Asian food one of your favorite phrases

On this channel is it reminds me of something in the Philippines but this time you’re actually on to something this Indonesian rainbow cake smells very familiar I’m almost positive I grew up smelling this in every fiestas but I’ve never had this before yeah this is basically a sapin

Sapin in Disguise wow back home now I’m officially homesick this does in fact remind me of the Philippines you’ll never see this in the Philippines though which is so weird black sesame passion fruit their bestseller we’re splitting it try it m I can see why it’s the best seller

M where it go melt it m disappears in your mouth M even that shell that custody shell disappears too yeah this is delicious M and sweet and sour and so so good this would be an amazing pastry to bring to a birthday party you will impress the birthday

Person I promise you I’ll eat a whole birthday cake of this I’m absolutely Blown Away by the options here everything in this video is within less than a 5minute walk and we barely scratched the surface of the East Village cheap beat scene like could do

Part two 3 four and five if we wanted mhm New York’s holiday markets are like a fantasy land for anyone who loves food today we’re eating our way through the Bryant Park Winter Village they’ve got street food Galore tons of stalls lined up with all sorts of international

Dishes many with a special holiday spin to them you don’t want to miss it all right actually kid we’re starting with baked cheese house and this always has one of the longest lines at the market you excited oh yeah every time you come by here it smells wonderful and yeah we

Got to try for sure can smell that cheese a mile away there P salavi or no me oh I was thinking traditional can we cut it in three yeah all right this is intense rocklet Alpine cheese melted and scraped off the wheel with spring onions baby gerkens and Dion mustard the cool

Thing is they will split this even into halves or thirds if you want my first impression was I couldn’t believe how much extra cheese they kept putting on this thing I mean this thing’s like overwhelming man like just the smell of it you pass by crazy amount of Swiss cheese like

Flavor M nice crunchy baguette mhm and then so much cheese it was almost like having an extra cheese pizza getting that pull on the bite overwhelming but in the best way possible but get so crunchy I think that’s the best part of it and then you have that strong swiss

Cheese type flavor and it’s counteracted by the sour pickle and the spring onion it’s really good are you surprised by how long that line is I think this is the spot I’ve heard people tell me they traveled from far away to give a go this

Is not easy to find in New York I know I mean I haven’t had anything like this before the closest thing I could think of get of having to this is like a Philly cheese steak even then it’s not like this foreshadowing a little bit on

The cheese steak soon from looking it up rocklet I mean this is popular in Switzerland in French Resort towns also reading that this is well known in Scandinavia it’s like kind of giving us those Alpine night Vibes right I can see why they would probably eat this in like

A really cold climate it’s very like heartwarming and cozy it’s like a nice like warm apple spider next to you eating this definitely worth it you know split this with your group you can have a fun little you a street food crawl and that’s something that maybe scares a lot

Of people about the Brian Park winter village is yes it’s very pricey but you could split Things well this wind’s longest line of the day so far apparently truffled cheese steak is a very big deal in this market as you can see the line stretches there around and around it’s only going to get busier as time goes on start at 4:00 on a week night okay earlier the

Better good it’s about one truffle cheese steak that’s it yeah thank you take care New York’s most expensive cheese steak $22 for the truffle cheese steak here right we’ve got a half lb of seared riy steak caramelized onions sauteed peppers melted mozzarella and provolone blend and bashal cheese sauce on a toasted

Rustic roll with their homemade truffle oil to top this all off it’s really tough to hold this thing together look at all that meat and cheese dripping out I don’t even know where to begin with this thing my senses just went into overdrive I don’t even know what we’re focusing on

Here the truffle oil hits you right away but the blend of the three cheeses and like the thinly chopped meat hits a lot better than I thought decadent bite of cheese steak I think they’re building up something that’s considered just standard street food into I don’t know

Something you might see at a fine dining restaurant at least this would be the version maybe we’re missing like a goldplated leaf they really thought this through like all the flavors combined together CU somehow it’s not too much it just works this is probably one of the messiest sandwiches I’ve ever seen but

If this is as good as what John says it is I’m curious what you think be honest with me oh my gosh you just lost you just lost $5 worth of meat there and cheese it’s coming off we got to eat this at an angle go ahead here we

Go M okay now we’re talking first of all right away that truffle oil just hits you three blend um cheese while the Bimal cream sauce and the mozzarella provolone rich in bold Flavor this thinly sliced meat so good too bun part of it that I ate a little bit soggy but

I think it’s been sitting for a while yeah so extremely bold sandwich and then you got the peppers I think it’s worth it to spend the extra two bucks for the truffle oil I mean that’s kind of the point I know yeah you have to get it

With the truffle oil I mean make sure you’re prepared to eat this with a fork and make sure you do it over the uh container cuz it’s going to get all over the place bring some napkins too cuz your hands are going to get oily this is

A whole procedure to eat this this reminds me of the roast beef sandwich Brennon and Carr a little bit a little bit different flavor profile but the messiness and how like soggy the bread is getting there a little bab that’s the one thing I could say about the sandwich

It gets soggy and messy quick so got to eat it quick this would be good to have with like a beer you know I wouldn’t compare this to like your average cheese steak this is his own Beast okay honestly I’ve never seen anywhere else maybe this will be a new trend in New

York I don’t know truffle cheese steak an next beia taco okay if you split this with somebody 11 bucks each do you think it’s worth it yeah totally I’m super picky for something this expensive but once in your life yeah I I would do it what would be good for like two

People to split you think I mean chicken and shrimp for the stock um and then flavored with the Malaysian Curry and then top with shrimp and fish balls um and the bowl comes with egg noodles and Let’s Do It full loxa um it comes with the egg noodles and the rice noodles and

Then it goes in our noodle warmers to just like warm up so it comes with Chinese long beans which is almost like a string bean but a little hardier and then shrimps which our shrimps are also poached in our curry soup it’s a Malaysian fish ball this this one we’re

Using is a white uh one not fried just a boiled so we just warm it again in here so this is our alxa soup you’ll see the tofu Puffs are in here um that also goes in the bowl but we let it soaked in the soup so then like it really absorbs the

Flavor of the loxa but the vegetarian ones are shitake mushrooms for the stock with some miso and then the Malaysian curry in there the full portion um the bean sprouts are at the bottom and then we put the noodles over it then the toppings on top okay ready for soup now

This is where we finish the bowl so it goes with a some cantro on top slice of lime squeeze it on before you enjoy the bowl a half a hardboiled egg finish it off it’s a fried shallots so the curry is more on a milder heat we do have a

Side of hot sauce if you guys like spicy it’s Mama Lamb’s hot sauce W it smells great already ready Rock Let’s go as I said eating around the world Malaysian curry noodle soup and that is the glory of New York you can find food from everywhere

And this is the kind of delicacy kind of dish that excites me coming to a market like this cuz maybe you wouldn’t expect it have you had much Malaysian food uh I’ve had some yeah this one though looks really good we’re both trying Locka for the first time cheers cheers let do

It this is really good the rice noodles are very thin and what hits you is really that broth from the Malaysian Curry I can really taste that coconut milk as well which gives it just that little bit of extra thing that you need here she was telling us about Malaysian

Food in general and I’ve only had it a handful of times Indian influences Indian spices but then you have the Southeast Asian influence going on like the coconut milk and the flavor and it’s spicy like in the best possible way oh yeah like hits you but not that much

What I’m going to do now is squeeze the lime in it that’ll just enhance the flavor some more and try some of the other ingredients in here like the tofu and the hardboiled egg this might be the perfect food to walk around the market and to keep you warm on a really cold

Night like tonight oh for sure look at that tofu piece right here you know I’m normally not a tofu fan but covered in that broth so good wo probably the best Malaysian Curry I’ve had in a while it’s not overly um heavy I’m actually surprised that they don’t have a brick and mortar

Or a food truck yet they were telling me that they’re looking into it amazing thing about coming to markets like this you could find like the next up and cominging Food Spot in New York before it gets really popular if you come on a weekday like today no line you don’t

Have to really wait yeah weekends gets a little busy I’m sure closer Christmas as well I had a big like bunch of bean sprouts in here and they’re just so crunchy and it hit that egg the cilantro packed with flavor I think this might be

The best thing in the market I can see why eer wrot wrote them up eer wrote them up and this is one of their top picks for the market I still want to try more things before I say what the best is but this has really really impressed

Me a lot I don’t think there’s anything in this dish that they did wrong a lot of places they gave you half a hard boiled egg but a full egg this is a fishball which I didn’t even try there’s more stuff in here a lot of ingredients stuck in on us let’s try

This and it’s nice to you could split this easily too in a couple of Cups just want to drink this like chicken soup right now if you’re visiting New York for the first time and and you need some more information check out my thatch guides we’ve got places to

Eat neighborhoods to check out even a complete holic guide to the city constantly updated check out the link in the description for more details Hell’s Kitchen paa Heaven is owned by same guys that run easy paa in Hell’s Kitchen is a different name for the market and I I love their brick and

Mortar store and I love their location at Bryant Park as well you can get most of the same stuff or we want two of your famous chicken paas all right right away much graas always excited to eat this Alex always excited so easy pay is actually one of my favorite tapa spots

In all of Midtown Manhattan it’s cool because it’s a fusion of Venezuelan Style with Spanish paa he’s done one of the only paa burritos actually in in the world have you ever tried this before um I’ve had paa in general more like seafood but to have it with chicken

Never had it yeah all right let’s give it a go yeah looks for very colorful sticking with that warm hearty theme I always love the extra virgin olive oil as well that they put on top of the rice is very distinct their paa i’ got to tell you very light texture

With that olive oil and the rice PR very well oh well enough that it falls on my pants got to try the peppers now oh yeah those sweet peppers they really do it this is definitely one of my favorite Fusion spots at the entire winter village worth it yeah and they

Gave you a lot of food too really good for sharing yeah how we going to eat this much today now bet everybody thinks we’re eating every single thing in this video we are taking some things home yeah there’s no way we can eat everything especially like with the

Cheeses and the heavy sauces a lot of heavy stuff here you know what make sure you walk a lot before you come here and walk a lot after or go ice skating something to burn those calories about 10 steps away from Spain we’re going to Portugal Joy’s vfe it’s my son Joy when

He moved into Manhattan 11 years ago they nick name him Jo bat so then he he thought it’ be a cool name for a business then he got sick of his job we decided to open the the business with my cake then we started doing the natis which is Portugal’s most famous pastry

Pel na in the middle uh it’s a a custard but my son describes it perfectly imagine a warm cremet wrapped in a FL pant you’re going to need two because one is not enough I also call him love at first White a little cinnamon a little po

Thank you so much thank you I have to say uh I loved her story and her pride and her son for opening the business and a mom’s son combo is I don’t think it’s so common anymore in food businesses I love it I love family-owned businesses

Like that and uh Nat’s as you heard the most popular pastry in all of Portugal I think I actually had this before in Lisbon you were impressed by the price right four bucks I mean I just came back from a trip from London and over there

Was hard to find some cheap Beats I was in the Chinatown I paid $5 for a custard bun that explored all over my jacket this can pass for a cheat beat let’s see what the hype’s about Joey Bats Cafe trying toata let’s do it she was right wo love it first bite M

Like the creme Bret in the middle ble m a croissant yeah pretty accurate actually yeah I would even say like it might be part donut too she looked at us I said there’s only three of us she’s like you’re going to need more than one she knew she knew something there you

Might even need three warm gooey I finished that in two bites maybe that was a little quick but wow yeah I could do it in two to but I want to show the rest fun fact this Portuguese pastel the is actually the inspiration for the Hong Kong egg Tarts or the Cantonese egg

Tarts that you’ll see in dim some I don’t know I’m actually struggling to think what I like better the the Portuguese Hong Kong style egg Tarts or the natas right now I’m I’m leaning on the natas I don’t know I’m leaning on the OG I think the OG is better man

There’s something about this crust and the the cream in here and really makes it stand out the egg custard is just perfect for a holiday market this surprised me a lot I didn’t know what to expect this might be the best dessert in the market to really warm you up and Everything I think this could be the best ice skating rank in the city at least for the price cuz it’s free if you bring around skates Much appreciated thank you thank you look at these desks here this is like going back to school going back to school of eating I don’t want to knock this over they even have a little cup holder look at this yeah it’s pretty tough to find a table here not going to

Lie yeah it is we got like the prime seating in the entire Market are you really at a Holiday Market if you don’t have hot chocolate you got to have hot chocolate it’s $550 for the classic they have a $14 hot chocolate somewhere on this Market this is actually considered cheap I would

Say ooh big chocy flavor Rich very rich tough to say no to the whipped cream on top but the star of the show definitely the bomb Malone Nutella yeah there’s so much sugar on it that I’m going to hold on to it with a napkin I don’t spill

Anything what do you think I don’t know is it going to explode it’s already coming out on the side you see I I’m I decided not to try to open this we’re just going to eat it yeah I’m going to eat it all right Bona te okay here we

Go oozing in there I didn’t have much Nutella it was just a donut exterior and the powder another bite will do it oh yeah that is good I like the little powdered sugar on top definitely different than your typical American donut and that’s another you know cool

Thing about this Market we’re not doing donuts and hot chocolate okay we’re doing a bomb alone yeah I can see why I call it big bomb look at all the stuff in it it’s like an explosion of Nutella fried dough powdered sugar this is going

To put you to sleep that’s why they have the ice skating rink here so you can go ice skating after you eat it a lot of good reasons to burn calories after this and I’m glad I ate use a napkin to eat this cuz there sugar coming all out now

You ever heard of this before um I’ve seen like something similar dunin Donuts where they put the like the jelly or like the Nutella on the outside but not not like this inspired by Italian pastries yeah this reminds me more of a canoli than a donut yeah definitely see

That I’ve never actually done a food crawl like this at the winter village I’ve usually stopped for one thing maybe two tops but with a bunch of friends even two people as a date I think you could have a lot of fun I mean you’re

Going to spend money but it might not be as bad as you think yeah I mean there’s definitely an interesting Market to come by I certainly learned a lot of different places in here Whoever thought you have Malaysian food and baked cheese next to Italian Donuts I guess the moral

Of the story is there’s more than just shopping here that’s fantastic for my Foodies watching today we’re eating and drinking our way through Harlem a neighborhood equally known for its culture and Cuisine we’ll be guided by a local who knows all the hidden Gems we’ll show you by Harlem is a c Miss

Destination Larry we’re starting at jingan Cafe and from the outside it just looks like your ordinary Cafe but that couldn’t be further from the truth right yeah this is a local favorite a lot of people come here to do some work but they got excellent food here they got

Great African teas great African cuisine sandwiches wraps bowls soups and so forth and this is also a place where I start my walking tours in Harlem I think we should check it out let’s do it okay we started the company back in 2015 and the whole idea behind it is to make food

And beverage products that are based in traditional African recipe a lot of ingredients come from the continent but no products or brands have been built around celebrating the people the culture of the continent we have unique um bowls and salads and wraps and snacks that are all inspired by um dishes that

We grew up on super star on that is probably the jellof rice rice cooked in a rich tomato stew fried plantains roasted veggies fruit vegetables potatoes carrots seed potatoes actually Julian U cabbage and carrots sted in a little bit of a vinegar the chicken is actually cooked in the St itself chuty

On top what do you think this is a meal right here man this supposed to be a snack for us to start I like the the spices how they combine in here I like how the chicken you said is also cooked right in the stew as well it’s so juicy

And moist I’ve not had enough West African food in my life I need to change that I don’t know Larry should we just cancel the rest of the video and eat here we can make we can make you we can do the whole do the whole Buffet here

There’s a version of it in every country you go to that we we actually have moms if you will right pair them up with our with our chef but we started with mom’s recipe and sort of played around with it do you have a lot of people that come in

Here and say this reminds them of home oh all the time all the time it’s like the best compliment you can pay so I want to recommend my guest to get this I always tell them to get the drink but now I’m going to tell them to get the

Meal Cava fries Cava we boil de deep fry them uh and we garnish it with cilantro parsley some fresh onions uh salt and pepper and some uh lemon juice and toss it all up oh this not your ordinary fry no good stuff I’m try with the ketchup definitely never had fries like

This before no never I have friends that I went to college with that I brought here in 2010 you know the plan was to come get fancy degrees and get fancy jobs lawyers Engineers you know but I would not trade the last 10 years of doing this with

Anything if you want to explore West Africa African cuisine but not feel like you have to order a ton of things just keep it simple this is where I would go Larry this is a great start this is Hidden Gem for sure yes yes I agree I agree yeah thank you

Appreciate this is like stepping back in time you’re right 1990s this train station fell into disrepair then in 1999 they renovated the train station to make it look like his glorious pass back in 1897 he did a good job oh we got one more little surprise we I usually show

People is we Center ourselves right here in the middle okay and look straight down 125th Street the yellow line goes all the way down about eight blocks on the right of the building there’s another building with a sign sticking out like this the world’s famous apav theater this is the picture that people

Think about when they think about holl Metro North 125th it’s the best free views this one we we’ve agreed this is the best free view of Harlem yes so you could tell us somebody’s from Harlem by what street name they choose to use so 125th street is Martin Luther King

Boulevard but if you come to Harlem and say I’m looking for so and so at Martin Luther King Boulevard people know right away you’re not from Harlem right cuz we still say 125th and if you really cool you won’t say 125th you’ll say 25 there’s a lot of famous soul food in

Harlem we’re at Jacob restaurant this is a buffet I’ve never heard of this why is this your locals pick I like Jacob because this is where the local people go to eat soul food every time I come here I it’s an open Buffet you pay by the pound usually my plate usually comes

Out to $8 and less Che that’s pretty cheap uh and the food is delicious as you will see and um I usually walk around this way there’s like a whole Buffet strategy yes it is a strategy right you got the lasag you got the rice and beans you got this sweet Canyon yam

Oh yeah yeah now we’re talking you think it’s a good choice yeah yeah it looks nice look at the color on that looks good yeah and I could hear I can hear the crunch this is the lone healthy thing we’re getting a single sliced avocado yes yes it’s like having a Diet

Coke with this so when the restaurant’s full and it’s 40° outside we sit outside that smell hit me right away start with the cold Salad oh yeah this is Soulful is Comfort F yeah and this is making me feel really good right now I’m actually curious about this Fried Chicken here oh I hear a crunchiness mhm crispy I like it how important is soul food to the the culture of Harlem Soul Foods everything

Because during a great migration when millions of people from the South came to the north migrated to the north most of the households they make soul food especially when they have a family gathering the first question is who made the potato salad right right now anybody can just come in

Anybody’s kitchen and make something you got to know what you’re doing that’s why people love Jacob’s you eating food that reminds you of family gathering I want to know who made these candied yams they’re fantastic wow yeah in the summer time this this outdoor area is pretty packed

Yeah you see the diversity of Harlem has this street changed a lot in the last I don’t know 10 20 years you used to have more mom and pop shops but now you have a little bigger Brands you can’t talk about Harlem without talking about Langston Hughes he wrote about lenux

Avenue uh lenux Avenue is like one of the most famous Avenues in Hall I don’t know what I’m enjoying more about this the fried chicken or the the mac and cheese it’s on another level here oh my goodness you picked a winner there m that barbecue sauce barbecue

Sauce is kicking I think this is actually a really cool spot for a casual lunch or dinner you know you don’t have the time to go to one of the famous sit down joints come over here I could see myself spending way too much money here

I think if I came out an empty stomach it’d be bad it’d be 2 to three lbs of food eat with your eyes I eat with my eyes if it was all you can eat o i I’d be here all day it wouldn’t be pretty you know Larry I think that

Harlem gets certain negative stereotypes about it as far as being dangerous can you set the record straight with that for a tourist who may want to visit here it was a little rough Growing Up In Harlem in the’ 60s and 70s but now Harlem has changed Harlem has gentrified

A lot and for the 1990s to current times all the places in Harlem to me are the same they’re not dangerous at all Harlem reminds me of any other block or neighborhood in New York City it’s more safe than it ever was when I was growing

Up so to me there’s a big difference people come to Harlem with preconceived ideas but after they finish my tour they see that Harlem is nothing like they expected it to be and then they they can form their own opinion their own ideas I mean I think it is important to come

Form your own opinions to come yourself EET at the restaurants meet some of the people yes the local people you told me about this spot last night you just discovered this Cafe and we’re sticking to this hidden gems in Harlem theme why why art box as I was

Doing my tour she gave me a card and she said I’m new want you come check me out I had some free time yesterday pleasantly surprised he makes a great banana pudding someone mentioned it as they walked out they said enjoy the banana pudding I think that’s what we’re

Going to do good afternoon afternoon we open September 16th 2022 Growing Up In Harlem I remember seeing a lot of small mom and pop shops I worked as a letter carrier in Harlem now I remember delivering mail to some of these small businesses and always wishing and hoping

That I could one day own a small business in my community artbox Cafe is a small black woman known Coffee Cafe in Harlem that also serves as an event Studio this was once the studio of Mr Alexander Gumby first African-American male that came out as a gay black male

And he used this as a scrapbooking museum for all of his work and that is where the name derived from art box spelled o Ur for hour and I added the T the pronunciation became art box what would you say you’re most well known for our famous banana pudding and also our

Carrot cake which you’ll be tasting today you get all of my ingredients and I have to make it fresh every day but when we sell out we sell out can’t make banana pudding without vanilla wafers and some chaita bananas this is a family recipe and that’s why I had to make the

Pudding before you guys got here so that it can settle so you guys save the best for life fast so right now we’re cutting up a chaita banana to go on top of our vanilla wafers and then we’ll be adding another layer of pudding and another

Layer of Wafers on the top and this recipe is a vegan banana pudding which is very important especially with people that have specific dietary needs are you guys ready to take a taste oh yes you told me that banana pudding is very connected to soul food as well right yes

Because the banana itself is a food from Africa and the other interesting thing this is vegan I don’t know if I’ve ever featured a vegan dessert on the channel in seven years so we’re going to we’re going to we’re going to go with this let’s try let Try M now it’s like I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter I can’t believe that this is vegan can’t believe it this is so good it bring back memories yeah I used to eat these cookies we used to like sneak them in the middle of the night my grandmother made banana pudding that was

A treat and that’s what soul f is all about is right it’s connecting you emotions to the memories I love these vanilla wafers on top just nice and crunchy and the banana pudding super super creamy look another layer this should be good to share with somebody and you can get plenty of

Coffee as well you know I’ve had like 10 spoonfuls but it seemed like I’m not making progress here I’m I’m kind of with you there this is the NeverEnding bottomless banana pudding a bottomless banana pudding yeah that’s a good that’s a good idea for dessert I like you just keep

Eating oh this is too much thank you I was thinking about it since yesterday I could include this it’s off the beaten path we’re going to take a big nap after today but we’re trying the carrot cake and paired with a coffee and you’re not

Going to believe why I have to leave a acupuncture appointment acupuncture thought you were going to say you have a physical and they’re going to do like a blood pressure check no no act f oh yeah oh even better see I I I put the to go plate backwards cuz we never take

Anything to go cuz I always finish everything but I finally admitted defeat here I don’t even know what to go means few minutes before you came in we had some people from the community that came in the homeless Community they know that they can come here sometimes you know I

Feel that they should be included as well it’s about helping one another and seeing where people need help at the areas and inviting them and including them so that they know that they’re not excluded in whatever we have going on Now have you’ve enjoyed Larry as a co-host imagine him leading a tour of Harlem for you he has one of the highest rated tours on all of Airbnb Larry tell him about your tour a soul of Harlem walking tour it’s a 2 and 1 half hour tour Harlem’s history Harlem Renaissance

The major plays in Harlem you are here walking tours.com take his tour you won’t regret it if you’re visiting the city all right Larry I’ve actually been here before Harlem Hop’s first blackowned craft beer bar in Harlem that’s right and why do you like it so much cuz they got 16 distinct craft

Beers uh they do a lot of work for the community and they got bar food you’re still thinking of food at this point uh I really want something to drink at this I want something to drink too yes yes do it let’s go it opened about 5 years ago

Uh the owners uh Kim Stacy and Kevin are all HBCU grads and they wanted to have a place where the locals can come and drink great craft beer in har some of the best beer from New York state New Jersey Connecticut from all over we have

16 beers on top we have to promote our own brand Harlem hops Pier 57 Imperial logger my beer brand copper Sun Brewing has been doing very well here as well we have one of the best Vibes here you could be from Germany Uptown downtown it doesn’t matter whether you like beer or

Not you’re going to feel welcomed and have a great time I’d love to try number 11 we rinse the glass so the beer pours very nicely when it hits that side end I’m going to try to do this pour as perfectly as possible this is the pier

57 so it was thought that the oldest brewery in the world was based in Germany up until they found the oldest functioning Brewery ruins in Egypt Africa is the birthplace of everything most importantly beer beer was not invented it was discovered remember that Cheers Cheers thanks Guys there’s light orange peill notes in this one ooh yeah no I read that I didn’t know I was going to say like wow how read that up there I going to say how did you know that of all the videos I have shot in a

Really long time I cannot say I have felt this much Hospitality from the owners wow do you think that’s something that’s unique to Harlem you think about the Harlem Renaissance you think about southern hospitality you know people have preconceived concepts of hem but once they come to Harlem personally they

See Harlem is a pretty friendly Place great great food great great food great drinks Harlem got everything that you could ever want this is definitely a neighborhood that I think too many tourists sleep on for the wrong reasons it’s getting harder and harder in New York City to find cheap eats today we’re

Going to show you three new spots that are perfect when you’re on a budget do you think it’s easy to find cheap beats in New York City it’s definitely a lot of searching a lot of digging I mean because they’re they’re not just like out in the

Open you can find cheap eats at sit down spots you just have to get a little bit clever about It normally when you think of Korean Fried Chicken in New York you’re immediately thinking of K toown in Midtown Manhattan this could set a nice precedent down in Chinatown I actually had Korean Fried Chicken last night because I’m staying in K toown super good so I’m trying to like see how it

Compare the wings eight piece original can we have the sauces on the side a lot of people think a cheap eats in New York it’s got to be $5 this $3 that like you can order something for 14 bucks share it and get a really good value too yeah we’re not like stuffing

Ourselves with like carbs some would call this healthy mhm dude this actually came like super quick oh yeah we waited like less than 10 minutes not even I’m salivating at how crispy that looks and the smell coming and then we have the two flavors waiting for us what was it the Honey s

Gar glic yeah and then the sweet and spicy super crispy oh Hot and Hot not going to lie it was a little scared at first cuz it’s the sweet and spicy one but it’s very light and spice so you’re not going to die it’s actually really good

Though kind of has like a Asian barbecue style type of taste I have no idea what to expect here I literally found this on Yelp I looked up Yelp newest h locations this was on there tell you what I’m impressed so far crispiness soy Garlic’s good I am really curious though about

The sweet and spicy sauce I kind of want to I want to try that this is little food porn that’s good definitely feeling those barbecue Vibes mening yeah I just had some of the like the skin by itself even if you don’t get any of the sauces

Like I feel like the the bread writing is like very well seasoned when word gets out about this place in Chinatown it’s going to get busy come here before it gets too busy you like what I do in New York I love what she does in Vegas

When I was like thinking about becoming a YouTuber and I was like looking for inspiration I didn’t want to watch like Vegas stuff cuz I didn’t want to copy anybody so I watched New York because I love New York and I would actually watch him kind of fang girl when he commented

On my videos I feel like jolby would hate me for lagging this but I did double dip but it’s I I I made shirts the other hand you’re making the rules here huh instead of uh you know I’d rather say it now than see the comments band those S of the crunch on

This much better Vegas time 20 times probably more than that I think more than 20 keep keep you know making content that’s fashion I appreciate it I try thank you so much I blink and you’ll miss our next stop it’s pretending to be a food trick

But it’s actually a stand oh okay oh so you didn’t even go in no oh okay one of the staff told us the reason it looks like this is because there’s no food trucks allowed in the Lower East Side this is as close as they can get so this

Is really cool if you order three tacos you get free chips and salsa one is this is chicken okay this is ala store and beat they’re not trying to be La biria they’re not trying to be Mexican bira they’re trying to do a New York style a little bit of a Puerto

Rican Dominican twist to it as well usually I’m used to more of a a greasier taco shell but this is like just a taco shell I mean there’s not much like grease coming out of it every single beia Taco comes with its own cons so this is the alpas store consum that’s

The beef one and there’s no animal fat in this what did you say it was like is like a garlic oil garlic oil yeah oh I love beeria so much oh look at this I’ve never had a an Al Pastore bira before so even the consum tastes like an

Al Pastore Taco it’s like blowing my Mind it’s a little sweet mine’s a little sweet mhm which is like yeah very different you know they’re really set up in the perfect location Lorry side they’re open at night could you imagine after a night of drinking coming here oh we’re down five of these she

Wants to drink the alpastor consum right here that’s how much she likes it yes we she would I’ve been eating bira since I was like a kid and like we would actually go get bira take it to a house and have it for breakfast normally was it Sundays right or Saturday yeah Sun

Well that’s how I grew up like Tiana is like uh it was like everybody would go get bira for like Sunday morning breakfast v a lot of you vegans complain that I’m doing a vegan stuff I’ve heard your cries and I’m here to tell you that

You can get vegan Bera here jack fruit Bera even has a vegan bira cons let’s see how this is for my vegans out there you don’t got to be vegan to enjoy this there’s a lot of flavor all right let’s get I want to try it from this

Side this Taco is huge Jesus okay I’m pretty happy you’re like not bad New York not bad I think the crispy tortilla compliments the fish taco very well shout out to my boy Marco’s World NYC for giving me the hot tip on this place he has one of the best food Instagram

Tik toks in New York City check it out Cheap Eats Adventure needs to end with some dessert captain cookie in the milk man what do you think of that name I mean it sounds like there’s some superheroes like it’s Batman and Robin we’ve seing the the superhero Decor

Right here it’s pretty cool honestly I kind of just like like the regular chocolate chip I don’t know what it is but this place like makes me want to have milk along with my cookies we kind of have to one chocolate chip one peanut butter one double chocolate

Chip these guys have only been open for 3 months so they don’t have like a cult following just yet maybe they’ll be the next Insomnia Cookies I don’t know I feel like this is a place that you’re going to have all the little kids asking their parents to come yeah for all my

Little kid viewers out there tell Mom and Dad instead of the cocktail bars go right here cheers that’s chewy little sugar on top here see those little pieces I think these are some of the softest chocolate chips I’ve ever had on a cookie yeah I

Want you to try it with try an actual chocolate chip here try that part thank you so much look at that gooey chocolate chips the cookies is not even hot and it’s like melt in your mouth every day the real test though is dunking it in some milk oh

Yeah I don’t know there’s just like this random cookie here on the table probably doesn’t belong to anybody so I guess I’ll try it it’s supposed to be the camera guys I don’t know where we want though yeah it’s so good holy ni that’s so much chocolate camera guys is

Like missing I might take one more piece this is so good it really does like melt in your mouth wow I just don’t think I like uh the crumbs of cookie and my milk why not no you don’t belong in there they definitely belong in there today we’re

Only eating New York’s most iconic breakfast sandwich the bacon egg and cheese we’ll show you some of the best spots in the city to try it and some interesting variations on the classic and joining me for this food Adventure Two fellow New Yorkers we got Ben and

Ming from the Bing Buzz all right we’re starting off the video at Eastway Gourmet just your typical New York Bodega and Ben we would call this the the working man’s breakfast right working man yeah I think so I’ve done a lot of night shifts and every time I see

The sunrise I just couldn’t wait for that bacon egg and cheese with an overly sweet coffee beautiful let’s do it some argue it’s a bodega if it’s two aisles and a deli if it’s three oh morning morning could we do a two bacon egg and cheeses on a roll ketchup for ketchup

Ketchup yeah breakfast for Champions what a start to the day we’ve got the classic bacon egg and cheese so we’ve got bacon American cheese I think two scrambled eggs inside of a kaiser roll it doesn’t get much more traditional than this in the city I got to say they

Give a generous amount of bacon and the eggs and we all added ketchup I know it’s controversial tell us in the comments would you put ketchup on a bacon egg and cheese I say yes as long as it’s on a roll I play as safe that’s

How I get the katchup on the side this deli’s been around for a long time so let’s see how this does you know everything is so perfectly balanced in this I’m telling you like everything the amount of bacon cheese egg just right maybe cuz you brought the

Camera person in that’s why they hooked you up with so much bacon and eggs yeah cuz it never had this much bacon egg and cheese in one sandwich they didn’t know we were coming but yeah I think they might have gotten a little bit more generous this is honestly like two

Sandwich worth of bacon in it so we can’t confirm if they usually give this much bacon but tell them you saw them on the video maybe they’ll be nice too yeah but I’m not complaining though and the roll is like so nice and soft the fact they have so much protein just enhances

The sandwich so much more you never see a bacon egg and cheese where the egg and the bacon is thicker than the bread itself this is really good amazing with ketchup and John said that he prefers Bagels but I prefer things on a roll rolls are easier to eat it’s smaller so

You get more of the meat inside this actually maybe one of the best bacon egg and cheese I’ve randomly got from a bodega like a really long time I’m telling you they hooked it up now you’re saying this thing is stack but it’s not on the Aki way level where he’s got the

Honey bun like 50 other things which we’ve shown in another video before I will eat the Aki way bacon nug and chees though Aki way is still number one for me but that that’s indulgent that’s a little crazy you want to come to New York get an everyday breakfast this is

It it makes you feel badass after eating it trust me I mean I got to admit this is also the perfect food as you said for somebody in the morning who’s working you just take this and walk and eat it I remember those night shifts where I wake

Up at 4:00 a.m. as soon as the sunlight PX in I’m like a nice bacon egg and cheese a small coffee and some sunlight for some extra serotonin it’ll wake me up this is easier to walk and eat with and let’s say a slice of pizza I did a

Little research in the bacon egg and cheese originated in the 1800s and then towards the Industrial Revolution became more popular in the United States then 1950s fast food culture became huge in the US so if you want to do something super American for breakfast like this

Is it and a super New York Ben would you say skip the hotel breakfast and order this from of Bodega 100% why would you get the continental breakfast you’re in New York that’s true that breakfast is one thing in this city that you actually can find pretty Cheap we’ve got Tomkins Square Bagels one of the city’s best and one of their three locations Ming are you in the mood for a unique bacon egg and cheese here always I’m so ready all right let’s check this out it’s a Sunday morning a popular New York Bagel Spot very crowy

It’s a veyor belt of bacon egg and cheese right here I love it that’s a impressive production line want to get two bacon egg and cheeses one on a sesame bagel and one on a french toast bagel do you want your bagel so no that’s it can I John thank you all right

Ming I don’t know if you can handle this oh W this like 50 lb Insider tip head over to Union Square after topkin Square Bagels nice spot to enjoy it two bacon egg and cheeses on a sesame bagel and a french toast Bagel Sesame is my classic

Choice you ever had a french toast Bagel before first time trying French toast bagel I usually get the everything bagel with locks so this is different very different but every bagel shop in the city you can get a bacon egg and cheese this is my preferred method of eating

This let’s try it out Cheers Cheers even though this has less bacon than the last spot I think they gave my bacon to Ming this is fantastic I love their bagels so much definitely one of my top five in the city nice and fluffy don’t think you need it toasted and then

The generous portion of egg and cheese on top of the salty bacon I mean this is a a great breakfast sandwich as far as I’m concerned mine is sweet and salty and soft and warm it’s really good do you like that mix of the sweet and the

Salty at the same time how does that work for you I’m a sweet girl but also I love salty so this is great I get everything and something interesting about topkin Square Bagels is they’re really well known throughout the city for their wild flavors we’ve had birthday cake Bagels before there

They’ve got rainbow Bagels if you can think of it with the cream cheeses they have a lot of funky stuff so if you find something like this boring you’ve got to check out Tomkin square but for a bacon egg and cheese this is tough to go wrong

This is more filling I’ll say this is going to fill you up for the whole morning if you do it with a bagel you want to try Bagel in New York and you want to have like a full breakfast bacon egg and cheese on a bagel two birds of

One stone mm that’s true New York New York New York Times New York the bacon egg and cheese on a road that was breakfast but this one is brunch you’re right you got French toast you got all your Main brunch ingredients in one it’s really Hardy it’s always reassuring when

You get the bagel from the right placees to it’s so true what do you think of the French toast flavor by the way you ever had something like that before honestly I prefer the regular bacon neeg and cheese on the road yeah the bagel’s Fuller it’s heavier flavor it does

Overpower a little bit the bacon egg and cheese I will say but for someone like me who’s a bagel lover this is the way I prefer to do it but you know to each their own you do have to work for it yeah you got to work for it a little bit

There a lot of guys by the way if you enjoy watching Ben and Ming as much as I enjoy having them on the channel check out their YouTube they do food Adventures just like this all the time in New York subscribe down below yeah I want to get

Two of the uh the Chinatown egg and cheese sandwiches both with bacon we’ve got golden Diner which is a social media sensation we couldn’t even get a reservation at this spot so we’re taking this super unique bacon egg and cheese to go what what are you thinking about

This you know we’re fans of Chinese to we’re fans of bacon egg and cheese but I honestly don’t know what to expect in this one all let’s show you the inside of this place it’s really interesting what Vibes you get very Lively Diner but also a little Asian fusion buy that

Looks like a burger we got the Chinatown egg and cheese sandwich with bacon 17 bucks soft scrambled eggs American cheese a hash brown patty served on a sesame scallion milk bun oh that’s a lot of egg it’s a big boy right here this is uh definitely the biggest bacon egg and

Cheese of the day and probably the prettiest one as well yeah that’s a lot of fluffy eggs I’ve got to give them credit on the eggs like a lot of attention went into this it’s also $17 John it costs five times as much as a regular bacon egg and cheese what does

The AI way bacon egg and cheese cost about 17 bucks now as well this is tied for the most expensive bacon egg and cheese in the city I think will live up to the hype I mean they told me 2our weights on weekends for brunch I don’t

Know if I’d wait 2 hours make a reservation if you want to come here all right let’s take a bite and we’ll we’ll discuss what we got going on here ready let’s go let’s do it this is just bringing like different textures and flavors to the mix that you

Don’t think about with a bodega bacon egg and cheese like how soft the milk bun is the hash brown on top which you know this is different there was no hash brown on anything else even the eggs being super fluffy this is incredible I know it’s a bad comparison but I do like

Putting hash brown in my McDonald mcgr so this kind of makes me think of it a little bit this going to sound crazy do you think this is too de it in for bacon egg and cheese yes and no I wouldn’t mind it at all actually if I’m waiting 2

Hours inside at this Diner I think I would order this and the scallion taste is actually pretty pungent pretty strong in a good way yeah no it’s it’s all super balanced and apparently they pick up these milk buns fresh every single day from a Chinatown Bakery yeah usually

Sweetness wouldn’t be a part of your bacon egg and cheese sandwich but the bun itself has a hint of sweetness to it which is really good actually probably less sweet than the French toast Bagel too actually that’s true usually a roll just carbs your to your bacon egg and

Cheese but this one is something you should really enjoy what do you think about the idea behind this like a Fusion Chinese Asian Diner like diners are dying out in the city I think this is probably a right way to do it this is a way to get young people interested in

Diners again exactly hip new restaurants and popup shops four Side Fire es skate scallion pancake rap burrito it’s like all very unique innovative ideas around food so I think this is a way to go it’s more popular for brunch to order avocado toast I think this is a unique way to

Bring bacon egg and cheese back into the picture at a diner room yeah I wouldn’t be too proud of myself eating an avocado toast in the public but this one you could be eat it probably nobody wants to watch that video we’re not making that video that’s too healthy for this

Channel I just feel like they’ve ele they’ve elevated most of the basic ingredients Dr a dollar worth egg I just dropped a dollars worth of egg right there we talk about Trends I think this is a trend in New York just elevating basic food items and turning them into

Something like this I eat this every day if I win the lottery dropped another $2 oh my god look this is delicious I love the hash browns it’s delicious eggs are so fluffy this really good would you pay 17 bucks for it though is it that good I would pay for

It but I never wait 2 hours for it I would pay for this if I had a reservation and we were eating indoors I just think this is too nice to walk and eat on the street cuz every little egg you drop is a buck right there so yes I

Would definitely pay for this inside this is by far the tastiest bacon egg and cheese of the day but it’s also no contest because of the ingredients yeah the hash brown really elevates it so much love it grunchy and the eggs are soft and you don’t need ketchup for this

No you definitely do not need ketchup what do you think about that with New York that you can find like every type of bacon egg and cheese imaginable we went from Bodega to Bagel Spot to expensive Diner action oh what bless New York’s the best I love New York you know

What could make this one better be right back what this John yo that’s what oh this was The Missing Link here not a coffee in Arizona amazing I’m going to enjoy this with the rest of the sandwich yeah it might just be the ultimate New York City brunch $17 bacon egg and

Cheese 99 cent Arizona aage is out today we’ll be chowing down at three New York eateries that are absolute institutions in the city and have been around for a combined 242 years visit these while you still can trust me I’ve got Greg my New York food Insider there’s diners and then

There B&H yeah this is an old school gem just really like you can only really find the spot in New York Old School Lunch Counter I’m a sucker for old school places like this growing up in New York and there’s not many of these left the old school Vibe here this is

Like bringing me back only in New York this narrow only in New York stools counter love it I think b& is like the last place of the koser and is a village and I think in Manhattan so we homemade cooking Eastern Europe food we prepare the food every day so it tastes

Delicious cold outside warm in here some Hardy soup no better at a cold gray Ry day there some hot you eat the soup okay I want to I check you know I’ll be honest growing up I didn’t always love matal soup had I have grown up eating matal soup this

Good I think I actually would have liked it more in front of me right now is like a who’s who of Jewish food for people that aren’t Jewish and maybe don’t live in the New York area we’ve got hola French toast we’ve got matab Bal soup we’ve got alatka we’ve got stuffed

Cabbage fried perogi Greg’s got the borch if You’ never grew up with Jewish friends just come here order all this food you can catch up yeah it feels like we’re at home here but this like it’s a whole different vibe I love it oh stuff cabbage is phenomen tastes homemade fried

Perogi I’ll put their parois up there with some of the best of green point I don’t know about you yeah I like these there’s something about the food here in general I’ll say is that nothing here is too sweet too salty too overpowering it’s just like very home cooking taste

Very fresh just I I love it just you could taste the love and care they put into the food here I think love and care is the right word we saw their calendar or their customers here this is a restaurant where if you’ve been here once they’ll

Probably remember you this is the rabbi da nice I don’t know this the aroma of this uh Hala French toast is killing me right now I smell that cinnamon pour some syrup on top it it looks absolutely phenomenal the Hala they make it in-house here they’re very

Famous for it they’re sling a Hala around all over the place it might hit you in the head got a nice eggy flavor a bit of cinnamon not too sweet so it’s actually good to add a little bit of syrup for some sweetness I love it very fresh

Made something about the hollow bread that when you convert it to French toast form so soft just amazing now you might be wondering why do they call this B&H Dairy places like this popped up in the early 20th century in this part of New York because they were cheap and filling

For Jewish immigrants looking to eat out according to kosher law so by keeping milk and meat strictly separated with fish eggs and vegetables has neutral go between so every single thing here is vegetarian this is the kind of place that I’m honestly shocked does not

Always have a line out the door I think you’re not going to find a place like this anywhere else the food is delicious and just the vibe you come for the food you stay for the vibe oh you definitely stay for the vibe you become part of the

Place eating here it’s chaotic in the best possible way greig I have to say the Yona shimel sign is one of my favorites in New York City couldn’t agree more I love old school signs like this you can see the wear and tear the paint but it still

Just looks beautiful and it doesn’t get much older than Yona shimel since 1910 oh this place hasn’t changed at all every time I come here like stepping into something comfortable y shim Kish is the first knishery that came to United States it’s a granddaddy of all kishes so if you

Haven’t had y shimal Kish you really never had a Kish and what I say it’s one world one taste one Kish I’ll do uh one potato old school Greg what are you thinking oh man um one spinach okay and we’ve got 14 different flavors you’re feeling adventurous we got mustard too

And nothing very perfect thank you so much sure now if you’ve never had a Kish before a Kish consists primarily of potato onion and seasoning filling wrapped with a thin layer of dough that is baked never fried popularized in North America by Jewish immigrants the great thing about a place like Yona

Shimo is you coming to the inventor of the Kish one of the oldest remaining eateries in all of New York City that’s tough to find anywhere oh yeah I mean these are the places you really have to cherish and treasure when you come and visit and as a local and a native like

Myself here we go words cannot describe how satisfying and comforting a bite of a fresh Kish from Yona shimel is oh man so good I love that it’s very light on the outside and it’s so soft mushy inside I got my spinach I like there a little bit of

Earthiness to it and a little extra vegetable why not I’m actually a fan of the classic potato one they have so many different flavors that you can go with I do want to grab some mustard though that’s kind of a must here don’t forget the spicy brown mustard now a little mustard

Added so pillowy and this is the same kind of mustard that you would put on a hot dog now for many years we’re talking about a 100 years you would get your canese with a hot dog but in 19 96 Rudy Giuliani made it very difficult for hot

Dog vendors to sell kishes so now you pretty much have to go to spots like this and Yona shim’s the last one left in Manhattan queens has at least one right yeah there’s Kish a and Forest Hills good spot I actually regretfully used to eat those mass produced

Conditions as a kid I love them but over time I really grew more of appreciation for these the classic OG and I love it I love that family-owned they got their kids working there celebrities come in everyday Joe’s like us come in you should definitely come in because these

Are absolutely delicious just make sure to ask for a fresh one warm unbelievable never had a bad experience here came here like 10 years ago for the first time on a food tour never forgot it best condition I ever had by far hands down in 475 for a canese pretty cheap and

We’ve covered them in so many other videos but right on HST Street two blocks away you’ve got Russ and daughter’s appetizing store and cats’s Deli so if you want to add to this theme just walk down the street try with the mustard I can’t tell if it’s like a meal

A dessert a snack it tastes good it almost tastes like rice that’s probably why if you’re watching this and planning on visiting New York soon you’ve got to take Greg’s street food tour if you love going to Insider locations old school spots you want to eat like the locals do

Check out his food tour link Down Below in the description you won’t regret it Greg there are certain celebrities that we’ll call New York celebrities and Ray is definitely one of them absolutely he’s one of the ultimate New York characters and a real sweetheart all right it’s actually the first time I’ve

Ever been to Ray before and it totally lives up to the hype this is like a a kid’s dream come true with all the ice cream candy everywhere wow this spot is Old School New York to the cor I want you guys to come at my

Store I need the more business this I am here from 9:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the morning so please come here my store otherwise I’m going to Quit uh can we do three egg creams and then could we do one order of the fried Oreo all right for Greg for anyone who’s not from the New York area tell them what’s in an egg cream okay there’s no egg no cream it’s milk typically chocolate

Syrup but we have chocolate and vanilla and seltzer so to me it reminds me a lot of like a sparkling chocolate milk if I can really describe it to anybody let’s try very refreshing you know I used to work at this Cafe in Ridgewood New Jersey I would make egg creams these

Blow my egg creams away this is the best cream I’ve ever had actually by far this is one of those New York Spots I’m thinking like I’ve lived here 11 years I’ve never walked in these doors and it’s open 24 hours I used to go out

Around here all the time like shame on me I remember it was a time we walked in here we met Ry and he was talking about how you know even though his prices are going up he really does not want to raise his prices he was forced to but

Like very slowly he was like I don’t want to raise my prices he tries to keep pric as low as possible he really is a neighborhood spot he wants people to be able to afford everything he’s got actually any just turned 90 years old we have the mural on camera a few blocks

Away and everything in here is like stepping back in time including that old cash register right there man look at that oh thank you thank you so after the egg cream fried Oreos is the other most famous thing here right oh yeah these are a must never tried it here before let’s let’s

Go you know this originally started as like I believe count fair food it’s like amusement park food yeah now this is maybe one of the most sinful bites you will ever eat in New York City right here and somehow it doesn’t feel as heavy as you might think though it

Certainly is but I think a spot like raise is a reminder that it’s okay to be a kid sometimes it’s okay to get an egg cream milkshake sundae fried Oreos you earned it the best in the low E side forever New York has many iconic places

To eat but are they actually worth it today we’ll take you to some Big Apple Classics and see whether or not they live up up to the hype and if You Should Skip them or not here we go I got Mike here born and raised New Yorker and

We’re starting this journey at Russ and Daughters and this is pretty much as famous as it gets for a New York bagel and New York appetising store yeah this may be the oldest bagel shop in New York 109 years classic New York this is on a lot of tourists and locals radar we’re

Going to see it lives up to that hype right now let’s get in there let’s go this is the first time I have not seen a line down the block here how do you feel walk getting Russ and Daughters you know this is like what I grew up in like

Stores looked like this they felt like this you don’t see much of it anymore no appetizing stores are a dying thing in this city like this is a throwback just seeing all the fresh fish that you can buy right here appetizing items here and amazingly it’s mostly young people in

Here that’s what impresses me the most a lot of young people they know they do I get two classic bagand locks I want to do everything bagel sky and cream cheese got to get the Nova that’s it got all right we got our prize right here heavy Bagels we got the

Classic right here $17 this may be one of New York’s most expensive Bagels okay we got Nova salmon we got scallion cream cheese we got it on everything bagel we’ll give you your half told me you’ve actually never done the Nova before no never the Nova so all right well first

Time for you and 50th time for me there you go let’s try this I love the Nova salmon Smoky flavor different than your typical belly locks which is a lot saltier I love coming here I mean I kind of knew my answer before I even took the first bite but I

Want to know what you think I think you can get a lot better Bagel in New York the bagel as itself is one area they could do a lot better flavor is great Bagel they don’t make their bagels fresh here this is my favorite locks not my favorite Bagel Spot now imagine you

Combined absolute Bagels Utopia bagels with this Nova salmon to be like an Avengers level Bagel you go one place to get the bagel yeah you go one place to get the cream cheese yeah you go one place to get the novin and you put it all together in your kitchen it won’t

Come cheap like we saw some of their options in there you can get caviar cream cheese you could make the most expensive Bagel in New York just going in there if you wanted you want to get like old school jewer stuff this is what the Lower East Side

Used to be like a 100 years ago they were full of places like Russ and Daughters and now this is one of the last one standing that’s why I think you have to come here I’m going to say worth it even though it’s expensive because this Nova Sam is fantastic and this

Place has a lot of history what do you think I’m going to be on the KN side just because you’re saying without a really good bagel this doesn’t work for you I’m saying this is halfway there okay so like to be an absolute come try like halfway there doesn’t get it for me

I I’m still going to stand by my rating because coming to Russ and Daughters you’re here for the appe izing stuff you’re here for the fish you’re not here for the bagels bagels are just the medium not the message okay the message is is the fish good great would be an

Amazing Bagel that would be great you know I’m going to throw you on the spot a block away cat is what do you think trash that may be one of the most overrated places in all in New York City I actually do think the cat is overrated

I don’t think it’s trash I don’t think it’s a bad pastrami sandwich I just don’t know if it’s worth all the hype um other spots debatable but cats is I’m a sares fan I’ve always said it Serge just to my top Pick Mike I think when you ask most tourists they’re going to say Nathan’s is the go-to for a hot dog but you talk to locals and Grace papaya is always in the conversation absolutely for for decades and decades it’s been an institution here in New York we were

Talking about earlier how we used to go there coming out of clubs at 4:00 in the morning this is now the last surviving location let’s check this out let’s go oh places like this never change the prince the tropical Vibes I’m going to buy a t-shirt today I didn’t realize

They s tshirt so that’s the other thing is I was here the other day somebody was ordering breakfast I was like breakfast you could do breakfast here yeah it’s only for a very short window do one just with ketchup one with onion mustard sauerkraut two papaya drinks Nicholas gray opened Graves papaya

1973 this is not the first of the tropical hot dog chains of New York actually papaya King’s been around way longer I still like gr’s better okay not much different honestly they’re so similar show people what you got so I got your basic with ketchup I know this

Is going to drive the internet crazy but what I like all right internet if you got a problem with Mike’s order feel free to say something I want maybe a little more classic New York I got onion mustard sour crowd can’t go wrong with either of this all right let’s take a

Bite of this here we go man yeah Man this tastes the same always to me like nice snap anytime of day this is great I don’t know I I’m just such a fan of grav papaya and then topped off with a tropical drink the papaya she’s been around for 50 years I think for a good

Reason how’s yours oh my I love it I love it clearly love it man you’re almost done almost done one more bite how many bites could you finish adding two three probably three what do you like about the hot dogs here it’s been the same quality even when they had

Multiple locations across the city it was always the same regardless of which one you went in and even now it’s still the same thing it’s a lot more expensive what do you think about that like comparing Grays to a street hot dog where we going to get viewers who want

To do either or yeah I mean like there’s people that eat Dollar Pizza I I don’t recommend it take yourself on the subway right up here literally Subway is right there and come get the best hot dog in New York city so for you this is the

Best it’s absolutely oh not even close I actually do have a hot dog I like better I like Billy’s hot dog stand next to Central Park we’ covered him in quite a few videos not a huge difference but the experience is different like come here for like the tropical you know kitchy

Vibe local New York go to billies you want to talk to a local who’s been there forever you want to have a little conversation so here’s a question for you grav papaya worth it or not oh absolutely no question don’t come to New York and not come here I’m going to

Agree I think hot dog is a hot dog but going to grav papaya definitely an experience especially for a firsttime New Yorker great location here he said 72nd Street not expensive get up a pie drink get a t-shirt can we can you show us that t-shirt man oh look the best hot

Dog over 100 million served I agree that’s a kind of shirt you can see selling for 50 bucks at some thrift store too we should do that we should uh get some T-shirts bring them to California and sell them in thrift shops for the record this is the first

And the last grav papaya in New yor New York they closed the one that was in the village for a long time and Mike you said you used to go there late night I’m highly highly upset about the fact that it do not open because there has not

Been one successful business in that location since this place closed de up but I used to do that every night that would be late night the recession special two hot dogs and a drink were under two bucks hot dogs were 50 cents amazing absolute Bagels as old school as

They come just an icon here in Upper Manhattan oh yeah this is the Upper West Side staple right here one of the best bagel shops in the city I’ll say along with Utopia an important note bring your cash cash only I love it it’s like the old school

Like Chinese takeout style I love it usually the line here is around the block you come around on a Saturday or Sunday be prepared to wait for an hour with a bunch of Columbia students oh they charge you 10 cents for toast we’re not toasting no no I never toast what do

You say I I never think you have to toast a good bagel I never toast either what I like is I see a lot of the everything bagel seasoning on this really coated on the bagel they don’t look too puffy as well these they look great about one everything bagel with

Veggie cream cheese please three TI teas also please small thank you so even while ordering the bagels I see them hand rolling them up in the back over there I see the big Kettle to boil into to right in front of us it’s cool to watch there’s not too many Bagel spots

Where you order a Thai iced tea and you’re going to find out why shortly perfect for summer this the spot all right got our drink got some bagels Rock we got the uh everything with vegetable cream cheese I’m getting kind of similar Vibes actually to Utopia not

So dense not so big what do you see yeah not so dense here it’s like a a little thinner some of these Bagels be very puffy this one looks just nice as far as size so how many times have you been here this is my second trip I think this

Might be my third or fourth time here absolutely was blown away by this but let’s let’s see how it taste the second time around very chewy very crispy on the outside this is solid this is as good as I remember you very good it’s like a nice

Chew not so dense and heavy um nice coating with uh everything spice on the outside do like that something else I like about absolute is a location here where right under morning side Heights you don’t really see tourists coming here not so much but this a place I

Would really recommend for anyone in Manhattan what’s a really good bagel it’s worth taking the trip cuz also it’s a nice neighborhood very Scenic now remember I mentioned the Tha I te interesting fact the owner is from Thailand his name is Sam thonging and in 1990 he moved from Bangkok to New York

City he actually used to work at Essa Bagel so I think a lot of the staff here is Thai and because of that well you’ve been to Thailand recently how does the Thai IC tea rank for you I’ll say this one is not too sweet you really taste

The tea it’s not as heavy on the milk and I think it pairs really well with the more salty Savory bagel I mean that’s just New York City right there you have someone from Thailand who is running what was traditionally a Jewish business with Bagels I would say a lot

Of bagel shops right now are not owned by Jewish people Greek people people of all ethnicities in New York make bagels yeah it’s like pizza too pizza from all different backgrounds Albanian Mexican You Name It We got a bagel and I think this is the most well-known Bagel Spot to

Tourists and people who aren’t from New York this is the original location opening 1976 here in grar SE yeah they have multiple locations throughout the city I used to work nearby one very solid Bagel makes you think of like Joe’s Pizza as far as like recognizability for New York iconic food

Like bagels or pizza definitely an icon I agree all right well we’re going to the original let’s see hey everything scallion yeah thank you that was quick bro yeah wrong thank you thank you have a good day you too you can see how far these bagels have traveled on this map

Like where they’re shipping them out I guess with gold belly and as Greg noted Florida has the most people oh my the whole state is full of order all the snowbirds you know what I I notice immediately is just how much heavier one Bagel is like one from Essa feels like

Two from Absolut Utopia yeah a little workout Greg did you know that Esa Bagel in yish and German means eat a bagel I did hear that once before yeah hence the name mhm yeah playing off the uh the Jewish background of the New York City Bagel because that is where the bagel

Originated from uh Jews from Poland came to New York City at the turn of the 20th century and you know when I think of like the stereotypical New York Bagel I’m thinking of Vanessa Bagel it’s fat like this and it has 3 lbs of cream cheese I love the coating of the

Everything bagel seasoning on the B oddly on the top there’s not so much but here it’s covered and I love that on everything Bagels very puffy as compared to the first two stops but it looks good all right let’s rock let’s try this definitely a lot softer and deer

Than the other two Bagels we had no everything bagel seasoning is a little more on the salty side here though there is a lot of it I do like that I do like the Sho and the bit doughy but I’m really more into the lighter big say

Yeah I think this is more what you’re typically going to find in New York this style of bagel again especially with this much cream cheese if you don’t say anything but I think it’s perfectly fine this was the first Bagel you ever had in

The city and for a lot of people it is I’ve been to the Midtown location and the line was insane this is the original we came in the afternoon on a Monday so not that many people but you know they get a lot of return business for a

Reason they definitely you’re in like Midtown area down here they’re very solid op you know what say I don’t know if I’m getting the same reaction to the Utopia or the absolute Bagel which just completely stood out for me as far as just like your your classic Bagel but I

Do think this stands by itself I do think this is solid definitely famous for a reason I think it’s quite good I think it really depends if you you like a bigger fluffier like little deer bagel this is probably your kind of spot but it’s quite good I think half of this

Could fillm me up like really it’s a it’s mive the thing is absolute Utopia really aren’t in touristy areas so you’re probably more likely to come to ESS Bagel yeah those are more I would say destination spots this is more like a very convenient very solid vagal we

Can get in New York if you’re visiting New York and you want one of the best local Street Food Tours in the city check out Greg’s tour we’re going to put the information down below I send so many of my viewers to him and they always have an amazing time oh yeah love

To see you on the tour please come join us Tomkins Square Bagels hoping 2011 named after Tomkins Square Park just one block away and I would say this is the Hipster choice this the really popular East Village option yeah all over social media you definitely see the rainbow

Bagel that they’re very famous for that and a lot of other sweet bagels and other funky combos probably the funkiest Bagels we’ll eat today 33 different types of cream cheeses that’s that’s where we’ll start you’ll see the rest oh it’s big definitely feel like we’re in the East Village yeah hi we’re looking

For Frank ah yes we all are my name is Frank Russo I am the district manager for Tomkin Square Bagels we have about 33 to 40 different spreads we created a lot of these just from Trends comments people wanted different things and we came up with our own recipes all the

Cream cheeses here are made in house my men aren’t uh Deli guys they’re food stylists there they sandwich artists they they just don’t make it they create it curious you ever people who look at these flavors they’re like no you can’t put this kind of sweet stuff on a bagel

Like the traditionalist what do you say to them uh they don’t know the kids at NYU they’re they’re oldtimers they like their old cream cheese and locks that’s it no nothing else you know your audience yes yeah the people that come in here are the ones that really love

The bagels and the actual oddb oddb stuff that we serve okay one of our classic favorites it’s the French toast bagel with birthday cake cream cheese now birthday cake cream cheese is basically like a sweet cream with the Funfetti sprinkles plain bagel with Walnut raising cream cheese chocolate

Chip cookie dough on a french toast Bagel growing up in uh Falon New Jersey I think I would have been really interested in trying Bagels like this as a kid now he was telling us that the NYU students are in love with these wild Bagels French toast with birthday cake

Cream cheese you got the got the cookie dough chocolate chip cookie dough cream cheese so this is completely putting some of those flavors we had like on their sides right now we’re going from very Savory to very sweet go from very traditional to very non-traditional and

I’m here for it you know pay is one of the people who’s more of a skeptic initially but seeing it and smelling it I’m actually very excited let’s give it a Go deserty that would be the first words that come to mind like serve this at a party afterwards I don’t know even for breakfast if you’re looking for something sweeter yeah the birthday cake cream cheese it’s sweet but it’s not like overly sugary literally tastes like I’m just taking little pieces of a

Birthday cake you’re taking off the layer the cream and this uh French to Bagel I he said is bio I really taste that I taste a bit of the cinnamon in here um so it’s pretty cool it’s pretty cool Riff on like a french toast breakfast but in Bagel form the bagel

Sells quite uh pillowy soft I really like it I think a pair is really nice with a sweet cream cheese I’ll say it’s probably the first sweet bagel cream cheese combo I’ve ever tasted that I enjoyed what’s Wild to me is comparing this to Absolute Bagels like almost old

School as they come and then they have these flavors here and these cream cheeses do you think that people’s tastes are be to change yeah these in general I think people are getting more creative with uh you know like sandwiches you have these places to do crazy customizable like AI way think

That I think now just kind of like very creative even with pizza like a lot of foods are getting much more creative I think there people are more adventurous World step out of the Comfort zones with it comes traditional food and I think Tomkins Square was the first one to do

The French toast vehle and this was before Instagram this is before Tik Tok this is before these things really blew up who would you tell to come here uh someone who Lov dessert I mean we haven’t really tried the Savory we had a lot of savory today but we want to try

Something really unique and really like sweets I was like come here if you want to go to like a pastry store you want to kind of you want to try a bagel but you want to get a little sweetness to it here plus you’re visiting New York City

High chance you’re in the East Village at some point and maybe one person in your group likes really sweet stuff you can still get all the classics here they even have a jersey Bagel Taylor ham and cheese they have everything here I really like the bagel itself this French

Toast Bagel is really unique I haven’t heard of this before here uh really like the flavors it’s a little subtle cinnamon in there eggy flavor very nice I had certain expectations for all the spots especially utopian and absolute but I would say this was the biggest

Surprise I did not expect to like this sweet dessert type of bagel as much as I did same here I’ll actually say that Tomkins this the first time I’ve ever been here and I’m just really shocked in like a pleasant surprise kind of way like I usually don’t go for sweet Bagels

I’m very much a traditionalist like the funkiest I go maybe some Chipotle cream cheese on a bagel cuz I like that flavor but I will rock with these um sweet ones I actually tasted a little bit of the espresso cream cheese which is amazing if you’re a coffee lover really like

That one New York City is full of iconic places to eat that you’ve seen in the movies TV or just on your friends Instagram feeds but are they all actually worth the hype today we’ll be visiting New York’s most popular tourist eateries to see if they’re overrated

This is New York’s oldest running Deli established in 1888 it is Iconic two different locations and it also may have New York’s most expensive sandwich the pastaman Rye 26 bucks this is pretty much the one spot in New York City you’re guaranteed to find a line like

Any hour we’ve got Greg with me my food Insider Native New Yorker and cats is one of the most iconic spots for you right oh legendary one of New York’s ultimate institutions one of my favorites I love it it’s a very polarizing sandwich so let’s See welcome step all the way down guys everyone gets a ticket you will need that ticket do not lose this ticket or they’ll charge you I believe 50 bucks forget waiting in line for an observation deck is way more fun and more delicious smells better too

Can I get two Pam on rye with mustard two root beers two do brown cream sodas sneak Peek the pastaman corn beef here is cured over the course of 30 days which is much slower than your typical Deli looking at this sandwich we’ve got Ramy that’s been brinded dried seasoned smoked and steamed then we’ve got that healthy coat of mustard creating maybe the most iconic sandwich in New York

City history I love it I love the thick cut of pami I love that black bark on the outside it’s so tender you already get that little taste when you’re waiting in line oh men waiting all day for this Mhm I love that Smoky flavor pastrami is so juicy and this is amazing yeah the flavor of that meat so succulent it’s it reminds me so much of like like a barbecue brisket just in texture so tender juicy and just like you said Smoky I love all those flavors it’s as

Gray as it always has been for me you know i’ I’ve been here a bunch of times they had no idea I was coming by the way I think this is actually the best I’ve ever had it now Insider tip we left a $5 gratuiti for the guy who was cutting the

Meat for us putting a little extra effort this is tremendous right now they really packing in the meat look at that meat to bread ratio it’s pretty incredible oh yeah since 1869 doc Browns now I’ve had a lot of oldtime New Yorkers call me out for not ordering this enough whenever we

Do videos at delies and I’m just getting into this cream sodia really goes well with that cat’s pastrami so if you want to do it the most traditional way possible the straman Ry with mustard and a doc Browns cream soda as New York as it gets and of

Course we got the pickles yeah can’t sleep out of pickles I feel like the people are enjoying their food so much you hardly hear any conversations it is the strangest phenomena you go to other restaurants in the city you can barely like hear yourself think here people are

Eating you come here to eat you don’t come here to talk I just love the old school VI this place the old signs it’s very much a throwback to Lees old school New York I’m in YouTube oh thank you you guys enjoy it here you think it’s worth it

Maybe maybe now I got to ask him 26 bucks overrated or not um for 26 bucks I say no especially with inflation of a price of beef I say no it can feed two people or one very hungry person I’ve done it before uh maybe regretfully but

I still say it’s worth the 26 bucks also you’re paying for the experience for the history that’s not something you do every day I’m going to have to agree I think if you’re a chorist and you’re big food person just to come here have the

Experience to order it to get that s of the pami once in a lifetime got to try it definitely worth it this is the move you get Joe’s go across the street with your slices over the whole family yep I’ve done it I like it and we’re going

To do it yep Joe’s Pizza founded 1975 it’s a Greenwich Village institution most famous probably for being in Spider-Man tourists are absolutely obsessed with the place there’s four other Joe’s around New York that are affiliated with this one and then there’s other Joe’s that aren’t affiliated with this one it just gets

Confusing but this is the OG right here’re we’re not even the only vloggers here okay okay for regular uh to go thank you thank you fresh pie lucky us I’ve always been one of those people that thought Joe’s was a bit overrated I’ve had some good experiences here I

Filmed here one time where the cheese was literally like dripping off was disgusting so it looks good today but this is not my favorite pizza spot at all in New York Greg is a much bigger fan than me oh yeah I think Joe’s is a great example of a classic New York

Slice like I grew up with I’ve probably been here maybe 20 30 times never had a bad experience and it looks really good today I’m excited look at that under Carriage like Antonio My Boy Pizza review used to go likes to show the Char mhm nice thin crust classic even cheese

To Sauce ratio I agree all right let’s let’s see what’s up four bucks I think it’s excellent you know this is definitely better than the last time I was here and I agree that this is your you know representation of what that gas oven classic New York slice is

But I’m still not a big fan of it I don’t know I don’t know what it is maybe it’s the flavor of the sauce doesn’t do it for me but my experience has not changed I’m sorry like for four bucks I’m I’m going other places like I would

Rather send you to pis in Harlem n white pizza Prema right by Penn Station I’m calling this overrated all right yeah if you’re not going to love it today I don’t think you ever will I still don’t think it’s overrated now 4 bucks is pretty steep but I mean everything in

The city is getting more expensive that worth it is a little more debatable but I still think it’s very good it’s one of the top classic New York slice that still stay in the city looks like someone didn’t like this Joe slice someone kind of agrees with you here here we

Go yeah it really there’s nothing about it that stands out from your typical dollar $150 slice now so wo wo wo wo wo I don’t think so I honestly if I close my eyes and take a bite of a dollar slice next to this I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference

Yeah I’m pissing off Greg today you always a troll I want to give Joe’s credit for one thing I lived in the village during the height of the pandemic and they were the only pizza place that was still open the only slice shop I will never forget that about them like

Their commitment to the community so for that I think they’re absolutely an institution locally so you probably heard of all the places in this video your Joe’s your Cates but if you want to go on a really cool food tour that I recommend all my viewers Greg takes you

On a street food tour of Queens to places you’ve definitely never heard of and you need to hear about you want that Native New Yorker perspective his tours are the best Link in the description so as you can see tourist are really into Magnolia Bakery which opened right here

1996 and it blew up to fame because of a cameo it had in Sex in the City they’ve got eight stores in New York and 30 around the world including Saudi Arabia while they’re most famous for their cupcakes I wanted to show you guys the banana pudding which I actually think is

The reason you come here could we get three small classic bananas of pudding I had the Good Fortune of living in grwi village for almost 10 years and my wife and I definitely would stop by Magnolia Bakery just for this banana pudding Insider tip order your banana pudding in advance on

Their website they’ll just be sitting there waiting for you you don’t even have to spend any time in Lime this is one of those really hyped up spots that I think lives up to it but you’ve never had the banana pudding the banana pudding now my old office they would

Always order the cupcakes I got sick of them I’m I really that into cupcakes personally so I’m very curious about the banana pudding all right ooh nice banana Aroma for sure it looks like ice cream but it’s got a much softer consistency which you’d expect from something like

This so yeah give it a try let me know what you think what I like about it it’s not too sweet it’s like just the perfect amount of banana flavor and you really enjoy that texture of the pudding too I think it’s pretty good not terrible I’m not

Going to say overall overrated uh out of all three spots I would say maybe this is the the biggest tourist them allall but I don’t think it’s necessarily bad okay this is a nice thing about two New Yorkers disagreeing on something I don’t think this is overrated and I think

Joe’s is way more overrated now their cupcakes on the other hand I don’t even think Magnolia is the best cupcake in the neighborhood I think Molly is better but when I think of Magnolia I’m always thinking about this delicious banana pudding New York’s most popular street

Food is the halal cart and today we’re going to be visiting the city’s best reviewed Halal trucks all in Midtown Manhattan to see if they’re worth it now you might be wondering what is halal it’s an Arabic word meaning permissible and it means it’s meat prepared by

Islamic law now typically New York Halal consists of some combination of rice greens and halal meat either in a foiled dish or in a sandwich first stop Royal Grill halal food 4 and a half stars on yel if I could fly this man to California to live with me and cook me

Food for the rest of my life I would I was in New York for about a week came here twice twice once in the pouring rain and once in the freezing cold great food nice people underrated huge portions chicken Tika is my go-to I’ll come here whenever I’m in New York way

Better than the overpriced Halal Guys chain food truck that charges $14 for a dry Euro wow we’ve got some shots fired already on this video I didn’t say it he said it let’s check this out got my food expert Greg with me and one of the amazing things about the

New York Halal scene is it’s not all the same they all their own personalities right absolutely Ro girls pretty famous they won a vendy award which nominates the best street food vendors in the city and they’re known for their chicken ticka this is a really interesting delicious dish yeah one uh chicken Ticka I don’t want to eat this this looks too pretty to eat this is like a work of art oh all those colors what do we got break this down for us pretty much everything but the kitchen sink here we have the chicken ticka which is

A very deep red color you have the white sauce which is like the yogurt Mayo sauce a little bit of the hot sauce the green sauce like a mint Chutney and also this mango pickle which is a really kind of a secret thing you have to ask him

For here now the owner is from Bangladesh so it has that kind of Bangladeshi flavor in this plate all right let’s try it m this tastes like something I would order at a nice Bengali restaurant not on the side of the street here in New York City wow that first bite that’s a

Lot of flavor that’s a lot of spices yeah very Punchy spice and we haven’t gotten to the rice yet the rice here is also very special M spicy creamy get that mango pickle that minty flavor the briani flavor it’s it’s got it all of his flavor dude I have to say it this

Might be the best rice I’ve ever had at a Halal truck before it’s up there for me for sure would you say the halal cart in New York New York is like the taco stand in La I would say yes I mean Halal carts have really taken over New York I

Se in the last 20 to 30 years it’s overtaken the hot dog cart I would even say it’s overtaken Pizza is the number one street food you want to say pizza is the street food but i’ say it’s definitely by far number one street food

In New York City I just have one problem with this this is our first stop and I want to finish it right now that’s the only problem I have with this this is unreal is absolutely tremendous I’m shocked there wasn’t a longer line for this quick meal NYC 4.5 on Google

Reviews New York’s Exquisite street car experience created by Bengali Chef Muhammad Ramen former Russian Tea House Chef the spices are delicate food is the best take your tasty meal for a sunny afternoon at Bryan Park once in a lifetime experience as a native New Yorker Halal carts have become a staple

Of my diet I visited Halal carts that are terrible meh okay and Unforgettable quick meal Unforgettable best halal food I’ve ever had in a while whenever I’m in the city I always come for quick meal perfect for vegetarians too and Plenty of Fish options to choose from my

Vegetarian viewers I’m looking out for you guys too so quick meal is a little bit more of a higher end halal cart the price is maybe a dollar or two more but it’s for good reason the quality of the ingredients here so we’re going to order

The lamb over R right here they actually use marinated pieces of lamb not the minced mystery meat stuff Hello how are how are you hello compared to Royal quick meal is a lot simpler and look most of his sauce is actually on the side so if you’re

Someone that doesn’t like a ton of sauce I think this could appeal to you all right let’s do it this is high quality lamb I can tell absolutely it doesn’t have really bold Punchy flavors but I don’t think it’s meant to this one’s meant to I think more showcase the quality of the

Ingredients you know I would also I would love this like a a Euro or a sandwich too yeah the white sauce it’s not even your classic white sauce this is definitely more yogurt it’s more like a ziki like a Greek yogurt it’s thicker has more of a yogurt I don’t taste any

Mayo in that yeah it’s not like a really strong flavor it’s very different than your typical Hal cart this is for like the true meat eater someone that just wants that lamb you’re going to get your money’s worth with this I’ll tell you what they actually have salmon here and

It’s shockingly very very good probably not something you would normally think of ordering in New York City not typically no especially from a cart but it’s very good the quality here is next level what’s amazing about today’s video is that everything here is right on Avenue the America Six daab in Midtown

So if you’re a tourist watching this is so easy to complete by yourself but if you want to go more off the eaten path this guy offers New York’s best food tour I do in the most delicious neighborhood in New York City and queens of food tour and my favorite halal cart

In all of New York City is on that tour so if you want to taste my favorite overall halal cart and I’ve eaten at a lot of them you come and take my tour we’ll put the link in the description we’re about to go try the

Famous Hal guys and when a card is as famous as Hal guys you have a lot of imitators like this one the original guys don’t go here if you want to try the Hal guys don’t go here it’s very confusing CU they even use the same

Color scheme you can see we found the original Halal Guys by the line the Halal Guys four .4 on Google best food in Manhattan at a great price you may need to line up and wait to order because all the locals do the same and they know better than anyone oh my God

This was excellent we got the beef Euro and the combination platter loved every bite the white sauce was special guys were great at the C loved it all right it’s got the hype we’ve got the OG of the Halal scene in New York City Hal Guys open in 1990 and they were actually

A hot dog cart originally by three Egyptian immigrants today they’ve got six locations in New York City 94 locations worldwide with up to 400 more coming they may be coming to a mall near You we’ve actually returned to 6 and 1/2 AB if you saw my 10 curious NYC Secrets video this may look familiar and it’s a cool spot if you want a little Hideway to eat your Halal Guys so this is something I don’t don’t really like about Halal Guys is they give you sauce

Packets I would much rather they do it themselves cuz it’s part of the experience yeah I mean they’re very corporate now at this point they have all the branding on it just from to look at this I say it really does need the sauce the meat at first glance looks

Very dry I’ll be honest guys my first time ever eating Halal Guys I’ve been waiting years and years to try it here we are all right let’s do It there’s no flavor in that chicken at all you know I don’t dislike the beef with the sauce with the white sauce and the red sauce not bad I’m going to I’m going to try the chicken I think you’re going to like the beef a little bit more

Yeah the beef is definitely better than the chicken on its own but not very good either chicken’s not really good you know I I was thinking of an analogy for this I’m not the biggest fan of Joe’s pizza for the record but a lot of people

Want to go there just to say they’ve eaten there I would say going to Hal guys if it’s on your New York City checklist go for it but it tastes pretty mediocre to me like it’s not the worst I’ve ever had I just don’t think it’s

Worth waiting in a super long line for it no this is a worldwide chain now even with the sauces is still not good it’s very Bland to me I don’t like it I I think it’s maybe one of the most overrated Foods in New York City I will

Say a lot guys maybe in the past it used to be better yeah sometimes the places expand the quality goes down but I don’t even know I went here 3 years ago and it tasted just like it did now so you are going to get consistency but not in a

Good we bar yeah nice to meet you me too good one Adele’s 4.5 on Google reviews My every week late night dinner currently the best food in the city for me don’t even think just go here it will be worth it normally a typical time to

Place order stand in line 30 minutes but definitely worth it they work really fast you know that if there’s a line at 11:00 p.m. it’s got to be good and the line doesn’t lie the guys working were fast and efficient the chicken Euro was delicious a chicken NOA rice quite tasty

Same thing over the spicy rice makes it even better this is my favorite spot guys I will say that up front this has always been my favorite and now Greg’s going to try it spend at least 40 minutes in this line wow it’s insane 107 people just waiting it was all the way

Down to that that pink truck down there huh it’s just that is crazy Adele’s hasn’t even open yet and she wants to go right before her flight right yeah so we have a flight at like 8:00 it’s almost 600 now and this is our last St we got

To get it before we left so uh want to do the combo platter spicy rice okay you like some Veggie some brocc got yeah us the works and this is about 5 lbs worth of food so let’s start from the top they gave us french fries they gave us

Falafel then we’ve got veggies including broccoli here we’ve got a mix of chicken and lamb and if you can get to the bottom somehow someway we have their famous spicy rice it’s actually better to use a spoon but don’t have this is messy this is messy food

M that is good you know what it is for me I think they their white sauce it’s the best white sauce I’ve ever had in the city there’s a reason for those long lines folks I’m telling you I can see it it’s it’s good I don’t think it’s good I

Just feel like the flavors for adell’s are a little bit more classical New York Halal which is why I would personally put adell’s in my top five must visit food destinations in New York City oh I just got a bite of that spicy rice it’s

Got a lot of flavor I think it was kind of covered up by of meat it’s growing on him this is very good I would definitely come back ideally not at the end of that line though I say it every time but right in front of us we have Radio City

Musical it’s such a cool New York City moment to even be here I think the evolution of Halal carts and how popular they become in New York is really a testament to the diversity of New York because this was a food that was aimed at Muslim taxi drivers and now all New

Yorkers eat it many New Yorkers will tell you this is their favorite street food yeah and really something for everybody if you like chicken if you like lamb if you’re vegetarian you can even get it with Falafel and quick meal you can even get fish and I do like that

They all bring their own kind of spices maybe depending on the background of the country you know Egyptian Bangladesh Pakistani wherever I appreciate that and I mean let’s think of like New York pizza every place has their own little take on him just like Halal and I don’t

Think Halal gets enough love from tourists way more from locals Billy’s hot dogs this place is really intriguing 100 fstar reviews on Google best hot dog I’ve ever had had cooked just right other reviews are totally true good hot dogs but especially such a friendly owner this spot has no social media no

Phone number just a schedule off of Google I don’t even know if this is going to be here come on all right so simple it’s so New York we heard you were the best hot dog cart in New York you seem very popular around here I’m seeing the line only a

Rumor I’m going to send people to you I have so many customers I can’t even handle it thing we can do is just put over here help who want no experience necessary deal we’re about to eat hot dogs on a bench next to Central Park

Does it get much more New York than that so excited how was my dream when I came here was it it was one of those things a as you want to do because you see it on the movies this looks fantastic look at this thing this is the OG street food of

New York City if you think about it before Halal before anything else hot dog ready all go let’s try it I think of a hot dog experience in New York City I’m thinking of this right here like nice snap to the dog when you take that bite onion sauce adds another

Layer to the flavor I think this is what you go for this is what all the reviews said to get is the onion sauce what what about you how you feeling simple but perfect you don’t need much just like the bone red sausage and the Fantastic onion

Sauce I almost never see long line at hot dog stands in New York we even saw Billy running to a car somebody just pulled up ordered a hot dog that’s how much of like a neighborhood celebrity this guy is I saw people running over real quick everyone has a chat with the

Guy he even have like like holiday cars from families probably around the area that’s so cool having that neighborhood guy be it a hot dog be it coffee be it anything where like he knows what you want and he’s got absolutely no attention it could be the first ones to

Ever film him as far as I know this is a milestone moment our baby boy was not born yet just had his first New York City hot dog is he kicking no he will soon he’ll be happy only locals know about it I think I think if a tourist walks by

They’re going to think it’s just one more vendor thank you it was it was that was honestly one of the best hot dogs I’ve had my entire life it was so good thank you keep up the good work today we’re going to explore the Lower East Side of Manhattan and focus on an

Important part of its history we’ll be taking you on a ish food tour at some iconic locations from biali to Bagels and more let’s get ready to nsh New York City Style members of the bario I am so pumped to create this video being Jewish myself I really want to learn more about

The Jewish history of a lower east side and I’ve got two New York City Experts who are going to take us through this tour this is going to be a lot of fun hey guys hi thanks for joining and thanks so much here bar for having us on

Your channel again this first stop Mo’s bake shop which is a kosher bakery is the oldest koser Jewish Bakery still in existence here in the lowy side there used to be many more but this is the only one left Hudson who the the famous Hudson who’s smelling something there we

Go there we go oldest kosher bakery left in the Lower East Side sounds like a good place to start let’s get in there guys I mean I’m definitely going to get a loaf of Ry bread because we used to get weekly from moy’s uh Bakery which was a

Their sister bake shop uh in the East Village on Second Avenue sadly it closed but we I’m missing our rye bread because that’s what we get every week this is a little far a walk for us to get every week so when we’re here we got to get it

So I’m definitely going to get the Ry bread and their HS are amazing I started when I was a little girl really yeah oh now I’m I got old here you shouldn’t work here you get old the reveal big reveal the homin I just have to say this hamash looks

Incredible growing up I was used to eating a much smaller version of this so this is just making me smile right now looking at it I also got a black and white Cookie in here for Adriana go later oh I got to show it of course let

Me we won’t eat it now cuz Aton would be very mad at us if we ate her black and white cookie this is a really good New York City cookie here for the record two three M mhm I just bipped right into the apricot first bite Heaven mine is still cookie

Mhm cuz I didn’t get to the apricot yet but even the cookie Is So Fresh So Delicious you can see that that they’re made with love I mean you can see that they’re hand done these are all pinch by hand there’s no machine making these

This is for the holiday of porum it was named after Hamman who is the villain in the Torah in the porum story oh remember that from Hebrew school I’m saying this cookie is villainous in an extra extra good way it’s the rye bread and it was freshly

Baked this morning $4 for this whole entire Loaf and no preservatives no additives it’s just Super Fresh super delicious hat oh stop number two guys we are in front of Kosar now many of you have heard about the bagel the most famous Jewish food in New York City but how many of

You have heard of the beali cuz it was founded by Morris Coast who is from be stock Poland and in fact the whole word be is basically a shorten word from be stock cuz that’s where the beali Originated it’s like a big the Alle yeah oh my God yeah could you show us that we’ve never seen anything like that before thank you wow we got to we got to get that that is not a regular be folks it comes with everything that’s everything inside yeah

Everything inside all right guys we have got both biali and the bagel in front of us this Bagel by the way is absolutely one of the largest Bagels I’ve ever seen it barely has a hole in the middle but we’re still going to call it a bagel

Carla can you talk more about the differences outside of the obvious in the middle right besides their obvious appearance because this beali has that depressed Center full of the onions cuz we got the onion B Alle um the baby basic big difference is the ingredients like I said the Alle much much simpler

Just flour water yeast and salt that’s it very simple and then because you’re adding the onions in the center it’s onions as well but I mean you can forgo the onions and just do garlic or something like that but the bagel has malt and sugar so like when you taste it

You can taste like the sweetness even in a plain bagel but not the be Al the be Alle to me I would say like the dough itself is like the consistency and the taste of like pizza dough if you didn’t put sauce or cheese on it if you just

Ate the pizza dough you know crust or something like that here we go I haven’t had this in a long time going in much thicker than a bagel completely tastes like pizza dough I see that you can feel it right and then it’s Airy but not like the big

Airiness that’s in a that’s in a bagel and you know it’s not it’s not as high obviously it’s denser right it is denser definitely definitely you know the yeast is making it rise but it doesn’t have that extra add sugar which I think makes the bagel rise exactly

Higher as well so because there’s no sugar definitely in this one I got to get to the onion part that’s that’s what I’ve been eyeing yes yes I I do too but I’m going to have to go for a bigger bite than this M oh you went the onion I ripped right

To it look at this thing guys I would say the onions a nice surprise in the middle I’m a fan of onions if you like onions you may like biali more than Bagels but I will say that I grew up eating bagels all the time in New Jersey

And I’ll still take a bagel over a beali but if you’re visiting New York and you want something very unique an old school biali place like this you are telling me is extremely hard to find Stop number three I’ve actually been to this place a really long time ago we’re going to try some kosher pickles and this is actually something that used to be everywhere in the Lower East Side and now these are pretty much your only options in the area so the people brought over what

They knew how to do they knew how to make pickles it was an inexpensive item and felt like home cooking home food at that time was nickel for a pickle new pickle see how green it is right so that’s kind of like the like closest it can be to a cucumber yes it’s

Only been pickled for 1 to 10 days after two weeks it turns to a half sour picker you see how the color changes it goes sort of yellow and then the other pickle we saw the salad pickles those are 3 months old and those were the most garli and the most D

Flavor so we’re going with the classic we’ve been doing classics all day sour pickle super sour right full sour this is full sour three weeks curing three weeks for this okay let’s let’s do it m so much pickled juice I would say in it definitely sour so juicy so sour and

You you like you heard that snap too when I bit into it right it’s super crisp like extra fresh good really crunchy oh yeah yes this is actually a very popular stop on the Jewish food tours they have some on the Lowry side I took one a long time

Ago I have been here before I think the owner is a character definitely stop by this place yeah like you said it was five cents a pickle hey hey no no Hudson loves pickles too and now only a dollar a pickle so it’s still a very apportable

Food you said a pickle for a nickel a pickle for a nickel that’s it oh Hudson Hudson ready catch all right Hudson deserves his own channel I think not too sour Hudson what do you think Hudson what do you think stamp of approval yeah all right as

Someone who’s Jewish I find the history of this neighborhood so fascinating many Jews who live in the United States can trace back their roots to the Lower East Side at one point there was 1 and A2 million Jews living in this neighborhood and in fact between

1900 and 1910 there were more Jews in the Lower East Side than anywhere else in the world now it’s not like that anymore but the history history remains Russ and Daughters we have covered them before I like them so much so I thought this video could not be

Complete without a stop to a very famous spot in the Lower East Side if you’re a fan of bagels with locks back in the early 1900s you know stores were passed down from like father to son father to son never to the daughters but the interesting story is Joel Russ who

Founded Russ and Daughters he had three beautiful daughters who worked in the store as teenagers and he quickly realized that his store became the most popular appetising store in the early 1900s because people would come in to flirt with his daughters like the you know little matchmaking going on or

Whatever it was and he’s like oh my daughters are actually big assets to my business let me put them on the sign because before then it was called Joel Russ cut rape Appetizer every time I go to Russ and Daughters I get the same thing of the classic it’s an everything bagel with scallion cream cheese Nova scoa salmon it’s just the traditional best choice trust me I’m sure you’ve had this just as many times or not if not more than I’ve had this

But it doesn’t matter because you don’t grow tired of a Russ and daughter’s smoked salmon cream cheese on everything bagel I mean who could ask for anything more okay let’s go for it let’s do it this is what mornings need to taste like even though it’s the afternoon this is

What a morning in New York should start with I agree I have to have an extra bite that’s how good it is extra extra good they do their salmon better than anybody M oh wow so fresh it is and I want to tell you another quick funny story Nikki Russ fetman the fourth

Generation co-owner told us that her father was never so happy she actually was a lawyer before she started working at uh at the shop and she said that her father was more happy when she learned how to smoke how to um slice properly their smoked salmon like slice it so

Thin that you could read through it then when she you know graduated from law school and got her bar degree that he was more proud of her for that smoked salmon cutting so priorities were’re in the right place exactly exactly Midtown Manhattan the heartbeat of New York City

But not exactly known as being cheap today we’re going to change that I’m going to be sharing some of the best lunch specials in the Time Square area all around $10 you’re going to love this here we go the thing I’m missing is a co-host hey Ben you eat lunch lunch

Sure the whole area around Rockefeller Center is full of food trucks during the week during lunch time but there’s one in particular I want to highlight for 10 bucks a flame grilled Steak our part is like a aler high style is like a classic steak that we have a big fces and me the meat for you all of meat we marinade already So fast amazing thank you $10 and it feels like I’ve Got 5 lbs of meat here we have the steak lots of mayo on top french fries and some veggies on top of a bed of rice this a heck of a value for 10 bucks if you have cash 10 bucks all

Right Big Bite m I can taste the marinade like I taste it right away with the Mayo on top the flavor just compliment it so well wow this is the basil steak and I got the spicy mayo and I see there’s some vegetables here too that they added I’m

Going to give the steak a try M wow you know how people say this is my cup of tea this is my bowl of rice and steak this is good it’s amazing because we are standing in the exact same location where Adele’s my favorite truck opens at 6 it’s good to know that

There is an amazing lunch option in the exact same spot all right I think our next stop is this way but uh our newborn’s about 2 weeks old so I’m a little sleep deprived we totally could get lost this is the kind of place that if you blinked you would miss it just

Walking down 51st street but a lot of you have mourn the loss of Aquario Cafe the fabled $5 Midtown lunch special well zorale has amazing Dominican food not much more expensive let’s check it Out can we just do the the beef stew for 10 yeah I’d love one of those it’s pouring rain and there’s a line out the door for this the the first thing we got to talk about here is the value for $10 I mean a lot of beef stew we’ve got some

Plantains yellow rice and black beans I think this could feed two people in a lot of cases definitely I want to take a big bite here of this beef stew and take a bite too it’s let’s try this at the same time like melts in my mouth yeah that

Sauce that sauce is really good I’m remembering Aquario Cafe they didn’t have seats like this though we’re we’re under a tarp it’s pouring rain and we’re sitting outside eating food that I think if you went to a sit down laat restaurant will be 15 20 bucks yeah I

Agree I mean I think what impresses me most about this dish is that we have so many different ingredients going on it’s not just beef stew and rice it’s not something simple like that got about five different things on top all I could think of right now having this is just

Like it’s just everything is genuine you know as real as it could get all the locals love it oh yeah the people in the kitchen are Dominicans and even though we’re drinking cocoa Rico which is from Puerto Rico so having a nice Caribbean lunch here this was just $1 extra we’re

Like I don’t know 12 minutes or less by foot to Time Square and is a completely different vibe here and they were super nice in there by the way like everyone there I think knew how it worked what they wanted the lady explained it to me very calmly what the lunch specials were

So depending when you come it could be a different lunch special but I say go for it there’s something just beef stew too you know it’s just like it’s hot it’s cheap it hits the spot yeah beef stew melts in your mouth little bit of a colder day we’re entering the fall right

Now got my medium jacket on for the first time yeah this is perfect this is uh a lunch I’m not going to forget anytime soon this might be Loki a local favorites cuz it’s like even this van right here like the people inside and they’re probably on just on their break

And they’re eating same food from zaral if you’re watching this video you probably love Cheap Eats I’ve got good news we just released our newest Manhattan Cheap Eats guide where I just dump all the info from my channel the best cheap spots we’ve ever covered and more into one guide just by purchasing

This guide you are going to save a fortune on your trip to New York knowing where to go to save money we’ve got photos reviews audio video even GPS so you can see exactly where these restaurants and street food carts are it’s also updated in real time so when

We visit New spots that I think are worth it I add it to the list and you get it for free automatically check the link Down Below in the description 50% off limited time only it’s amazing how many tourists stop at ath a they don’t

Go one Avenue over to 9 a the beginning of Hell’s Kitchen this whole Avenue is full of local restaurants where you’re almost never see tourists this is one of my favorite restaurants in Midtown I’m so convinced that easy paa has one of the best sit down lunch

Specials in all of Midtown one of the things that makes easy paa different is we serve the Paya in a easy way so if you come here just sit down you probably have your paa served within the first 10 minutes so you don’t have to wait 45

Minutes for a Paya we have very easy experience to try the best p in town well luncher specials here are great we have sangrias we have burritos we have lunch size Bas and now we’re going to have Aras one of my favorite things about ESP spaic easy pay it’s like small

Family-owned business this is the the lifeblood of the New York City culinary scene places like this love the Venezuelan Spanish fusion and Alex said he’s not positive but he believes this is the only paa burrito in the entire world for $9.95 during lunch special so you’re trying something pretty special

Here what really does it for me is how you it is to have a burrito shell with a paa rice never had that before and somehow it just works out brilliantly love the flavor love the chicken so much going on it’s like the perfect marriage AA

Burrito less than 10 bucks for this AA in Latin America and in Spain is the reason to celebrate uh birthdays Father’s Day why not baa is the the main dish look how big this sangria is is passion fruit for 5.95 well if you have

A group of uh six people or more we have the best place to celebrate your birthday because the birthday person gets to eat and drink for free I did want to note they they have vegetarian options here vegetarian burritos and vegetarian arpas this is new to the menu black bean Venezuelan cheese I’ve

Actually never tried this here before take a nice bite wow a Missy it ain’t right Ben the cameraman hashtag this kind of spicy actually he told you not to put too much ben you are not listening I like this you just put the whole thing all Right it’s spicier but it’s so good it’s worth the pain you going to hose them off oh no not yet not yet if you come here eat a meal and say you saw easy p on Herby bar he will give you either a free sangria a free wine or

A free Tapas any one of those three try it Midtown Manhattan is known for two things tourists and commuters but it has some amazing Cheap Eats you know the rules $10 or less we’ll be eating pizza halal food pastries and even grilled cheese you don’t want to miss it one

Thing we’ve been sorely lacking in this series are coffee shops 10,000 coffee is a brand from Sydney austral yet they’ve just opened and they’ve been super busy I love the modern minimalistic feel here you can tell they’re concentrating on the most important element the coffee you even have bean cards here where you

Find out the exact details of the coffee blend you’re about to drink let’s do one of the espresso cream lattes with the honey cookie the other will be a a Panella latte then we’ll do the columia pourover cool thing is if you order any of their signature coffee comes with a

Pairing menu and you get a free Suite on the side this lot ever it’s sweet I like that I’m not an expert of coffee but I think I can tell I love coffee when I don’t and I really really love this one like it’s really really good the amount of effort the

Staff puts in to make each and every one of these coffees absolutely impressive well worth the price espresso cream latte little chocolate on top and I’m going to take a bite of my little honey cookie After it’s got just like the little hint of chocolate flavor this is pure art I don’t know if I’ve ever enjoyed an iced coffee more in my entire life seriously if you are a coffee a fish anado owe it to yourself to try this so for a little extra bought myself a croissant

Too we’re not that far from Time Square this should be your first coffee New York City we’re talk about first p Pizza this going be your first coffee in New York I have to say I always drink my coffee really slow sometimes it gets cold look at this like I can’t stop

Drinking it’s true I live with her it’s quite an experience I think this is the first black coffee I’ve had that uh didn’t make me go you know like when you go like 65° in early March this day is an absolute blessing to be spending it

Doing Cheap Eats it’s just like icing on the cave this one’s a little bit of a no-brainer since the Empire State Building is right across the street oh it smells so good I got one gr out two cheese Little Italy Pizza has the exact same owners as bleer Street Pizza and

You all know that’s my favorite pizza spot in the world actually been here a couple of times love the spot got the margarita slice right here looks a little bit like the Nona Maria for my bleer Street Pizza fan hands out There you can tell they’re in the bleer Street Pizza family because the marinara sauce on top very similar to the tomato sauce on the Nona Maria and this crust is so flaky I’m usually not someone that compliments the crust of a pizza when I take my first bite but

Wow you’re in Midtown Manhattan little LLY Pizza you can do a lot worse for your first New York City slice this is fantastic this is what I imagined when I saw the Ninja Turles so good I need my happy BL I’m trying the famous Grandma slice which is what they’re known for at

Little Italy Pizza like Nona Maria style but on a Sicilian it’s like a really thin flat crust very different from your traditional cilian that you’ll get in New York City which I always feel like is more puffed up really unique and again I know the owners here I know the

Ingredients they use it’s really Good All right let’s get one classic got the goods I’ve been to Melt Shop many times before I know the quality of this spot got five locations in New York City and in order to keep this cheap eats I had to get the classic melt American and cheddar cheese on white bread now many

Of you ask Adriana and I how do we stay so slim doing all these cheat beats videos I’ll tell you how by splitting stuff sometimes Cheers Cheers it’s something that’s so simple but they have really high quality cheese they’re American and their cheddar it’s just simple just Simplicity here that works it’s so crunchy I really like that this is definitely one of my favorite Dr of us really what are some other American foods that you’re into outside

Of grilled cheese now I’m curious I like chicken waffles I never thought about that combo before and it’s so good mac and cheese is also really good I tried it in Mexico before but that’s American I really like that too they do grilled cheese here they do mac and cheese here

You want a slice of the United States no pun intended come here Empire State Building pointed to Pizza Radio City Music Hall points to some amazing halal food everyone’s always talking about the Halal Guys I say give a Del’s here a look instead I always know it’s a good time

When there’s a long line forming if it was your first time what would you recommend I get probably prob if you get the spicy rice I would get the sauce on the side comos like rice or a spicy rice what do you think spicy how how adventurous do you feel don’t [Applause] Adventurous what I find funny is that a lot of tourists think that hot dogs are what the local New Yorkers eat no no no no no h food a combo rice platter like this this is real New York this is what the locals are actually eating lamb

Little pieces of PE Chicken in here spicy rice some lettuce and it is just absolutely drenched and I mean drenched in white sauce Big Bite a yogurt sauce so creamy so much flavor spicy rice doesn’t feel too bad I didn’t put any hot sauce on it how much better does it get than this they got Radio City Music Hall right across from us and some epic street food man where has adell’s been my entire

Life they didn’t know we were coming they had no clue they didn’t pay me to say this this is some of the best Halal I’ve ever had in my entire life honestly blown away I I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it is knowing New

Yorkers and seeing a long line like this of non-tourists I’m not surprised you see a long line of locals in New York you know something’s up oh my gosh oh wow you’re can tell when J really really likes something because he rises his eyebrows and then he closes just one

Ey he’s like oh my God it this so my my brain short circuits yeah Insider tip you want a nice dinner to bring back to your hotel room in midtown stop by here n bucks you’ll Feast like a king thank me later I hope you brought

Your appetite we’re going on a food tour of Harlem visiting three iconic locations with someone born and raised in Harlem get ready to get hungry you guys are all in for a treat today’s guest host is making his second appearance on the channel born and raised here in Harlem also one of my

Best friends let’s meet Evan what’s up members of the Mario this is your guest host Evan coming to you straight from Harlem can’t wait to take you around to some of the places that I think that you’ll enjoy while you’re here on a trip to New York City all right Evan we are

At Mo Burgers right now you’ve been talking up this spot for a long time why’ you choose it when you come to M burgers and it’s just like when we’re talking about Amy roots in our last video it’s it’s just a really good Community feel that you end up with it’s

A nice Char boiled Burger Fresh Off The Grill and honestly like I’m sure all your viewers will agree that there’s nothing like a fresh hamburger with some cheese that just kind of melts away in your mouth so guys right now we’re in front of Victor’s Barber Shop uh Mo’s

Burgers is really famous because Mo owns the barber shop and started this whole thing as a part of feeding the community and like really making sure that this is something that the locals have access to can I grab two small cheeseburgers and two small um what do you want to do half

An house eliminates half house uh two two small half and half as well you can get always get something to eat man oh 100% little winds are always open especially you go to the bodega that’s right always over slap it down about to do damage

To guys I have to say I smelled Moe like a half block away that smell of burgers grilling unbelievable really y you guys are in for a treat right now honestly it’s a pretty solid burger like literally solid like I know a lot of times when you go to places and you

Get burgers a lot of breading a lot of filler in there and you don’t really get that much meat this is just a really solid beef burger that comes Fresh Off The Grill like there’s nothing more you can ask for all right let’s see what the hype’s all about moose Burger first time

Trying it for me this tastes to me like you just got it Off The Grill at a backyard barbecue and I love the social Vibe over there people just chiming in telling their stories about eating at Mo this is a really solid burger and a great type of

Food you could just get on the go if you’re exploring Harlem anyway I mean we’re off to a a really good start to this video the one thing to remember is right now when you come to mbers like you can get the small for $2 and that’s

Important because he does it for the community and I’ve mentioned this before a a little bit earlier when we were doing the ordering process and everything like that like this is something that you really typically don’t find throughout Manhattan which is people who are more focused on their neighborhoods and everything like that

So there’s a there’s a huge social implication here that we definitely encourage people to like at least come and like you know support and you know show them some love while they’re here and don’t forget to tip from everything I saw just hanging out around there I

Felt like the burger is almost secondary to the experience of going up and ordering and chatting with people in the community like that’s really where this sets itself apart it’s really not about the burger you know again you get a burger from pretty much anywhere in New

York you know but when it comes down to this like it’s really about getting the feel of Harlem like even when we were standing in line we were talking with somebody who was local to the area and said hey this is this is really what his lunch break is All right Evan we are in front of Charles pan fried chicken and you told me that this was a a unique spot to visit in Harlem absolutely see the best part about this is like I remember when I was young and hanging in the kitchen and my grandmother was frying chicken it

Was always pan fried chicken what I loved about it is that you always got those like crispy like little sections that were just like hit in the bottom of the pan Are we doing thighs we doing legs what what do you recommending well I’m a f man all right see me too two drums two thighs we need to do uh some mac and cheese and some candy Ys it’s a lot of food you know we did run into Charles the owner the man the myth the legend unfortunately I didn’t tell them we were coming and he was on his way out so he said a word or two on camera so we didn’t get that big

Interview but we’re going to we’re going to pay them homage we’re going to give them some respect by eating a ton of this on camera now this isn’t really the best food to eat outside this isn’t really street food yeah it’s not like a slice of pizza where you just take it

You fold it and you just kind of walk and go like the best part about like having fried chicken and soul food is the fact that you get to sit down and like really enjoyed and spend time with those that you care about it’s definitely not something that you’re

Just eaten out of a container yeah we’re going to we’re going to do soul food uh covid-19 style outside here we’re in front of uh St ala wish’s Church uh this is the church that I grew up going to uh used to come here every Sunday with my

Grandmother for services so uh I figured you know what if we’re going to have you know fried chicken and memory my grandmother uh and all the stuff that she used to do for me we’re going to go ahead and just have it in front of where

She used to come to with me every Sunday that my friends is what you call fried goodness Evan insist that I go first I have not had fried chicken in Harlem since we were at Amy ruths doing chicken and waffles this is different this is just a drumstick coming right

Out of the bucket perfect let’s try This mhm it’s just so crispy I see exactly what Evan was saying about the panf Fried Chicken how you just get a better flavor out of it and clearly you know Charles is a legend for a reason excellent just just in one bite I could tell how good this Fried

Chicken is really happy Evan took me here as usual Evan another good choice honestly like this is just bringing me back some memories already just by smelling it and oh yeah this is perfectly done like it’s crispy it’s juicy it’s full of flavor and like even when I bite into

It like it’s it literally brings me back to my childhood like I I can’t think of a more perfect piece of chicken right now baked mac and cheese here all right side dishes what it’s all about so much flavor oh my goodness oh my goodness I think I like the mac and

Cheese as much as I like the fried chicken and I was not expecting to say that mhm definitely some of the best Mac and Cheese I’ve had in a long time not just saying that like halfway through this I know Evan’s afraid I’m going to finish this

Literally right now all right so got a little got a little candy yams here and uh my grandmother always told me like you can always tell how good somebody’s soul food is by their candy yams so let’s see what we got here solop honestly not overly sweet cuz I

Know some people like to put a little bit too much sugar in there very buttery it it honestly reminds me of just like a slightly sweetened Mash like mashed sweet potato this is excellent and probably one of my favorite dishes that I’ve had in a very a long time from a

Restaurant Evan likes the shirt if you guys are interested in purchasing a New York strong shirt and supporting his channel see the link right down below we keep a small proceed helps us fun the things we do on this channel guys appreciate it honestly tastes homemade

To me like that’s how I would describe it I feel like this is Homemade we are at our final stop and I will admit that Lees was my choice for a really cool reason so obviously uh John has talked about his culture before but he’s Jewish I’m pretty obviously black so we were trying to figure a way in which we could bring everything together

To solidify our friendship so with that we discovered that there was rugula made by a black man in Harlem so we were just like how much more perfect could this be so with that said we bring you to Lily’s Bakery oh hey how’s it going not bad just here for some rugula how

Did you come to make rugula of all things to bake well 1962 I started Bing at New York hospital and uh I found a recipe in the newspaper and I you know adjust it to where I thought it would be should be it came out this way my blessing good pure

Ingredients right and we try to you know put lot of love in it Jewish people come in here are they very impressed by how it tastes like the quality like I’m I’m so excited to try this like they said they always said better than grandmother better than

Grandmother okay we’ve got to try this all right we’re trying this I like it we’re like twins here all right I’ve got the chocolate rugala he’s got the apricot as ly said Jewish people were telling him it’s better than how their Grandma did it so I want I want to

See if it lives up to that that hype right there I mean I don’t have a grandma that’s done this before so uh I’ll give you my opinion on it ready let’s try this let’s do it here we go oh man that’s good mhm I’ve had R

Before mhm this is amazing it’s so fresh it’s really light and it’s got like a nice cristas to it with a little bit of tenderness on the inside it’s it’s honestly the ultimate patri right now it’s really good it’s like very a word to describe it it’s very crumbly like

You eat it just crumbs up in your mouth excellent flavor I love love the chocolate I would say it’s a bit different I can’t put my finger on it but it’s a little different than what I’m used to normally eating rugal but different isn’t bad here this is still

Really good and I think just so unique to have him doing rugula not being Jewish and that being his staple I think is absolutely fantastic it’s something that’s very New York oh I agree especially with the culinary history that we have here oh yeah you got to

Come up you got to try this mhm these places are excellent compliments to things that you’re already doing in Harlem so for example if you’re going to the Shamburg like we talked about in the last video definitely make sure you’re stopping off for lunch or grabbing some pan fried

Chicken if you are in the neighborhood and you’re grabbing dinner and you want something sweet to end it definitely grab some ruga if you’re just walking through Harlem and you want something that’s like a quick bite that it’s just going to hit the spot make sure you stop

By m so we we wanted to make sure that we were just highlighting some of the really awesome things that are designed to complete your visit to to Har Chinatown is one of Manhattan’s best neighborhoods for Budget Bites and today we’re going to be joined by two Chinese

American YouTubers who are going to be showing us five cheap eat spots like locals you don’t want to miss it hi everyone we are the P bu and today we’re going to show you and John bar around Chinatown to some of our favorite quick Bites come On that’s cute look at that that’s very cute perfect for ch Town look at this tiny little booth we got air conditioning Foods on the tables this is a little Weir alley Street I used to get my haircut here for $5 actually and then just get a quick byy after yes and this

Place is called tasty Hull noodles but we ordered the pan fried D dumplings because they are a little underrated and you can’t sleep on them to know that it’s a good pan fry dumpling the outside is a little crispy lightly fried and then the inside is a chewy take a bite

And look at the inside M wow it’s got such a nice crispy exterior and then we have good portion of pork with just a couple chives some veggies made some of the soy sauce on top I’ve actually never eaten here before and I know so many other pan

Fried dumpling spots in Chinatown but already one bite I’m really impressed with his choice let’s take another M I’m impressed it’s actually one of the best pan fried dumplings I’ve had in manhatt Chinatown is ready tell very fresh very very fresh Cheers Cheers oh M it actually tastes so much better

With the soy sauce you can’t you have to dunk it in soy sauce is so good and there’s some ginger in there some chives It’s So Fresh So we’re refreshing so you can get them Frozen too right yes take them Frozen take them home cuz you got

The all these options right here I’m kind of curious about this $5 haircut to be honest with you how how good of a haircut is it for five bucks Chinese Americans when they’re younger we all got the same haircut just kind of short everywhere and that’s what I got yeah

Yeah and it was good and then the dollar T we have a private booth and we spent $7 this is one of the cheapest ways to eat out in Manhattan and actually have some privacy like would you admit this is a pretty good cheap date for a couple

Oh yeah and it comes with water come I love this we have not one but two different doors in this place there’s so much things here there’s a lot of food places a USPS and there’s haircut your oh we’re going to stop I’m going to stop

By your $5 haircut I I’m in for this I think it’s absolutely crazy how this street had some of the most murders in US history here on deer’s bloody angle and today it’s so colorful and full of restaurants I will post right here too just like that

Girl and I always remember these kind of haircut places on ground level it’s about 20% more expensive than the basement level yeah that’s the U instrument traditional Chinese music so can I get the three Hong Kong sound mil it’s kind of influenced from the 19th century when during British

Colonial times and a British like to have their tea with milk and sugar and over time it has evolved into the Hong Kong milk tea black tea along with evaporated sweetened condensed milk typical cup probably has like maybe 50 Mig of caffeine this could go up to like

220 Mig super highly caffeinated it’s really creamy I’m going to drink a little bit because this is freaking hot really milky really really creamy mhm it’s smooth it’s super caffeinated you I can feel I can I I can taste the tea and I can just like instantly I’m

Feeling more awake I’m feeling like in Hong Kong they like to drink this during the afternoon time just to give a little energy boost so we’re a little late for this we’ll stay up all night so can we get the Tony special yeah of course one order yes anything

Else that’s it all right 550 okay thank you here’s my sponge cake look we just ordered something off the kids menu it too right it’s like I’m eating I’m dining out in China with all the grandmas grandpas it’s a good time yeah we’re looking for some soft silky

Pillowy smooth rice noodle rolls slip down your throat almost sounded wrong never mind so this is a staple dish it comes from wo Province in China and the way to make it is they add water dough make it into liquid dough put it on a platter steam

It add all the toppings in it wrap it up chunch and soy sauce dried shrimp pork and chicken in one for 550 this could be one of the best values of the day M I got the minc pork best word to describe this is so pillowy it’s silky

Smooth do you know how they bake the meat is it all in together or is it separated I think it’s so they put it in a platter and then just throw all the meat on there throw it all together at once and then wrap it up this could be a

Little bit elusive to get on your fork huh sort of like Jello-O yeah this is com fruit food isn’t it yeah it really is look at this yum drench in soy sauce perfect M so slippery it just slides down people visiting New York they have such a big

Opportunity to experience more than your typical American Chinese food right there sure there’s so much variety here and this is just one region of China Hong Kong there’s so much More Hello can we get a number four and five on me yeah this is so heavy to too these are not light little sandwiches we got a lot of food Vietnamese Bon me here such a popular thing in Chinatown there’s so much variety all over here within 10 blocks I

Have the more traditional bonme the pork and the Vietnamese ham and you have the fusion right mhm I have a more Americanized one inside here there’s the smoke ham and the salami M definitely taste the salami a lot of pork definitely not skimping you on the meat here it’s always been so overlooked

For a bon meat sandwich that bread is holding everything together it’s got to be good crunchy it’s Airy there’s some French influence in this spaget wow you knew you knew right away I got to say Asian food it’s all about balance there’s a lot of carrots vegetables goes so well with the heavy

Meat this totally keeps with our No Frills Vibe today curious what we’re getting it moves too this looks amazing feels like very 1950s $2 than you three sponge cakes $2 $2 oh my God that was such a fast pick up they have little toys here you want

To bring kids this is a good spot so this is some really light fluffy Lun cake freaking delicious subtle taste less less sugar than Western pastries but so freaking good I feel like everything has less sugar than Western pastries while while you’re on the subject that’s true another name for

This is called jiggly cotton cake and also a paper wrap cake cuz you see there’s a paper wrapped around it so you don’t have to get your hands dirty eggs flour cream and baking powder that’s it very simple yeah the fewer ingredients it is the more precise you have to be we

Have Ube flavor we’ve got matcha we have what was it say cinnamon butter butter we can’t even tell we’re just going to be eating a bunch of them and letting you know what they are it’s so soft and pillowy isn’t it so fun to eat it is really fun to eat like

My lips or my teeth green or something now I can only imagine look at this like you actually can enjoy the texture of the bread all right all right all this food for me sorry Ben sorry John okay I’ll here here you go especially during the nicer weather

Months like now in the fall there’s so many places you can come bring your friends cheap as heck sit outside enjoy the city it’s perfect we’ve been open for over 35 years and we have the best sponge cakes in Chinatown so come by and they agree for sure I agree we just had

It we got two big fans we got three big fans here we loved it thank you so much you guys have a good one okay if you enjoy this video we also do a lot of fun videos and Cheap Eats check us out link down below today we’re going to show you

Some of the best cheap eats in the video Village an area that absolutely well known for having some of the Best Budget Bites in New York City and we’ve got a special guest today a rapper and a producer from New York what up uncom NASA here really I

Consider myself rais in Manhattan been coming out here for 20 years I know a thing or two about some cheap beats out here so you hungry starving let’s do this let’s do this I get the uh the falafel paa the both the harisa and the green yeah

That’s it just three of those yeah right here thank you so much all right I had a friend of mine say that this is the absolute best falafel in New York City $8.95 barely qualifies as cheap eats we’re keeping it under $10 two different types of chickpea and there’s a lot

Going on in here I I think this is going to be really really tasty let’s do it let’s try this it’s fantastic I like how there’s the different color you see two different color chick there we got a mix of the Falafel here we got the Harissa which is

Orange and then the more common one in New York the green is you can see right there so it’s up to you you can get either or we decided to do both to really compare the flavors having this Harissa for the first time I would probably get a full fapo of that from

Here the next time I go cuz I do like that spice I’ve never had a like a a spicy Falafel you know without just putting hot sauce on it like this is cool to have to have a spicy Falafel like thisly all we do is eat meat on

This channel so to show you something that I would actually consider on the healthier side also fun healthy and I guess relatively cheap relatively cheap for this area yeah you know if you really want to cut in half you you’ve been involved in the hip-hop industry

For you said over 20 years now how are things changing in New York City at the moment things have changed a lot one of the things that I noticed on when I walk around Manhattan especially this area cuz I had a lot of my hip-hop moments

Here in the village a lot of venues are gone um a lot of people have changed you know what I mean like people would get up in Washington Square and and out at 6th Avenue where fat feach used to be these were epic places where people would gather and freestyle and Cipher

And and talk about hip-hop and and do that thing age 16 to 25 and Beyond like I would come out here and chop the records and get cheap back in the back in the days when pluck youu was still a thing I have not seen McDougall Street here in Greenwich Village this crowded

In over a year what a positive sign for the reopening yeah just one one classic one classic you want it spicy Med or not spicy medium this is how we make you guys hungry we do this intentionally five bucks I’m shocked they haven’t raised their prices over

The years you yeah I mean it’s just it’s it’s Word of Mouth advertising it’s got to be easily one of the most famous places on McDougall Street which was hopping uh I’m happy to see the village coming back to life we’re in the heart of grenwich Village let’s you ever tried

This before I have not tried this before this one’s my call so we’ll see if he likes it’s Tangy Tangy it’s just like I remember than I thought yeah yeah two different types of pork and then we’re really tasting those pickled carrots I like the the hard roll a lot

Too you know is this the best Bon me sandwich in New York that I’ve had no is it one of the best deals for the village heck yes oh thank you should bring her on the video do you think that New York has shaped rappers that have come out of

Here is there something different about a rapper out of New York that you wouldn’t find from I don’t know LA or anywhere else because hip-hop is from here there’s a certain of respect for hip-hop that I think is true anywhere no matter where you’re from but in New York

It’s um it’s it’s really embedded in you you know you don’t have to like go out of your weight to have respect for hip-hop it’s part of who you are growing up here like you just you have that if you want to see where the birth place of

Hip-hop was check out our Bronx video we actually covered it to say of all the neighborhoods in New York City The Village has by far taken the most advantage of outdoor seating it’s really something else around here I’ll I’ll do one of the Oreo Rings all

Right do you want to do half a dozen or in a bag no just CU have one you want to buy does anyone ever just order one or it’s always Half and I have to say this place looks so cool it’s like we’re in our own little dut fantasy world the original donut Pub on 14th is like authentic we old school New York they did not have the famed red velvet glaze today we got brooken cream

I I did Oreo I mean I’m not I’m getting a little fancy here but I I love cookies and cream ice cream so I went with this dut Pub is like if you’re from the’80s and you remember what Dunkin Donuts used to be like when they made

Donuts this is what what donut Pub is everything is fresh all they do here is Donuts the coffee and everything else is kind of secondary it’s about the Dut I’ve never had a donut with little pieces of Oreo on top before it’s more something I think of with ice cream but it works perfectly for me I mean I love this see how froy that is that’s special right there wow that’s low key $2.50 a little

Doughnut Heaven here and I like what you said place it specializes in the donut not the coffee not the other stuff and we’re the only ones even sitting here like just we show them like look at this little counter here I like that setup super clean it’s almost like this place

Is like a tribute to the original like I used to go to original all the time I actually shot part of a video on the old Donut PB and I think it’s great that we’re eating dessert in the middle we’re yeah dessert before like two more

Dinners coming up I don’t know how I do this sometimes a really tough job it’s a really tough job I got I I I feel for you man I feel you know we’re we’re all we’re all hoping that you pull through this we’re hoping 50/50 you know what’s funny I walked by this

Place like a hundred times I never actually ordered here in like 10 years this is this is spot for the the Rando less than $10 sandwich this is this is good stuff go it’s just literally a hole in the wall yeah I mean it actually is it’s

Just a hole like in the wall right here on the street my favorite is this chicken schnitzel which is really kind of just a chicken cutlet you can see what the full sandwich looks looks like yeah we split in we split in half yeah pretty gigantic for n bucks um you can

Save half and eat the other half I get this for lunch a lot Chipotle mayo you know it’s basic it’s basic but it’s delicious basic and I I’m just impressed by the amount of chicken you get and I thought they’d be skimping us here but no this a decent amount of chicken if

You consider it$ 450 each you’ve tried it never tried this let’s see let’s see what it’s all about we got first B really solid I like the spicy Chipotle kind of mayo pepper yeah adds a little kick to it just a really well put together sandwich the breading has like

A layer of flavor too I’m not sure exactly what kind of like you know breadcrumbs are using or if they’re adding some more spice but there’s definitely something else going on in the breadcrumb so there something there I would say if if especially if you live

In the area and you want a quick sandwich to go even something to maybe split with a roommate or significant other this is a lot I don’t know how we’re still eating as much but we did a lot of walking that’s a key in new yor

You got you got to get your steps in man you get your steps and you can eat like this all you want actually have a new album uh coming out it’s called only child it’ll be out on August 6th couple singles are out right now you can go to

Spotify and check them out Time Square New York’s biggest tourist trap but can you actually find good food here today our challenge is to find out now it might not look like much from the outside but margon half block off Time Square one of the best hole-in-the-wall Cuban restaurants in New York City

This place is no secret I will tell you to locals locals know about this spot and you eat a lot of Cuban food in Miami now right that’s right I mean the standard in Miami is verid restaurant they make some pretty good Cuban food but let’s try it in Time Square just one

Cuban sandwich I also get three Cuban coffees three Cuban coffe yeah these are strong right no idea wa for these C need an energy boost this is no ordinary Cuban sandwich this is special from meat we’ve got roast pork ham salami melted Swiss Mayo mustard garlic sauce toasted bread what

Else could you ask for yeah let’s try it let’s see how it Compares it’s so meaty I’ve been through three different layers of meat there the salami the roast pork and the ham all at once paired with that mustard nicely toasted bread that’s a good experience

I’m enjoying this took me a good like 15 seconds to chew through it all there’s so much meat in this thing man but the garlic sauce the Mayo mustard I think really makes it overall a great Cuban sandwich if you’re a carnivore you’re going to love this place they have

Plates too that you can get you don’t just have to get a sandwich you can get a pretty big lunch for about 14 bucks oh what is thaty oh thank you UMAS thank you so they saw us filming I didn’t tell them we were coming and um they’re

Gifting us shrimp ceviche I love Ceviche let me try good flavor it was a lot fresher than you would expect to get in New York City do you feel like this is I’ll use a big word the antithesis of a Time Square Restaurant I mean yeah you don’t really

Wouldn’t think this is a place in Time Square you would think it’s a chain restaurant so the only thing around here we are going to be hitting some chains today it is Time Square but I feel like I had to show you all a spot that local

Actually go to in fact looking around I don’t think I saw a single tourist in here right off Time Square half block away surrounded by these big restaurants big flashy spots you got Maron which has been here like 50 years starting off a challenge on the right foot all right

This coffee is dangerously addictive ready to uh Explore More Time Square jolbe opened in Time Square just a few months ago and there’s now three of the these in New York City this is no ordinary fast food chain trust me super famous in the Philippines and all over the

World I don’t think I’ve ever been to a Jollibee in the US that did not have a long line interesting fact there’s actually a jolibe across the street from Port Authority like 5 minutes away let that sink in two jolli bees in Midtown Amazing Ben worked at jolbe in Virginia

How do you feel walking into this shop I feel proud honestly it’s almost like the ultimate Filipino immigrant thing to do in America is to work at jol you know I’m very proud to have been part of it proud to be Filipino definitely I would like a two-piece chicken Joy with a side

Of white rice uh a jolly spaghetti order and I want to get a peach mangle pie and then two more of the pineapple juices this isn’t the first time we’ve included a Jollibee on the channel we filmed at the one about three blocks away a couple

Times and I’ve had a lot of viewers surprised at me for including this they’re thinking like why would you include some random Filipino fast food chain on your New York guides and I always tell them this is different this is not that common around the world and

People are addicted to this fast food myself included I love their chicken Joy so we got a two piece I’m going to have one action can you insisted on the Jolly spaghetti why yeah because it’s a little bit different and you really can’t find this anywhere like in a Italian

Restaurant who puts hot dogs and spaghetti together you know it’s also sweet it’s uh an acquired taste I would say it’s not for everyone I’m a fan of it but I have had people say they don’t like it here we go here we go crunchy and crispy and not that spicy

It’s got a little kick to it I’m feeling right now but I’ve never gone wrong with a chicken Joy ever mhm what about yours definitely very Savory sweet sauce hot dogs I mean we just feel good eating this I’ve always felt that like children would find this spaghetti interesting if

You want your children to try something new in New York maybe sweet spaghetti like this will work yeah definitely I like it I want a bucket of this next to Adriana and my wife watching Netflix the perfect like binge TV food to have this and there’s a reason why this chicken

Scored high in our Fried Chicken uh food test yes we had Jolly on that dedicated Asian fried chicken video we did it scored quite highly I’ll put this over any the American Fried Chicken CH of KFC like I’m sorry I pick Jollibee all right step one spoon in

Fork you got to use your spoon as a knife just like so now you got to take this piece of chicken dunk it into the gravy prepare your bed of fries put the chicken on topoo make sure it’s dripping in gravy see and in for the

Bite that’s how you do a chicken Joy it’s a three-part series chicken rice gravy people Rave about these peach mango pies I mean this is actually my favorite thing at Jollibee I don’t know what it is but this skin is so so good it’s like super flaky unbelievable I feel like I’m in

Heaven right now just I would have a whole lunch just peach mango pie from jolbe kind of jealous right now kind of jealous if you’re visiting New York you’re going to be in Time Square in Midtown a lot check out our latest Guide to the area we’ve got Maps suggestions a

Lot of what’s in this video is going to be in that guide and a lot more Link in the description this is an absolute viewer favorite Los Tacos number one you know how Shake Shack got started in New York and spread all over the US well

This is one of five Los Tacos number ones in the city and one of my favorites I have seen lines lasting 30 minutes before at least during like the lunch rush right now it’s pretty chill and by far the best taco you’re going to find in the Time Square area no ticket no

Taco look at that truma right there humongous right this place never gets old this never gets old the price has slowly but surely gone up on these These are close to $5 a taco but I will give a pass to any spot that’s right next to Time Square because the rent here is

Ridiculous I know I mean considering this location I mean five bucks a taco I think they’re worth it I think they’re personally worth it well we got to bite into it see if it’s still worth it see if it’s still good here we go conto arob now I know what people are thinking

Well this is really expensive but having my wife from Mexico eating many tacos in Mexico maybe they’re a dollar there but they’re half as big you get so much meat in these tacos again I’m not saying this is cheap per se but one of these tacos

Right now like I’m starting to feel it they’re heavy yeah they are you really feel like all the pork in here the pineapple is a nice touch I mean you got to get a c Toto and you get it here cilantro onion salsa guacamole yeah salsa is a little spicy depending on

Your tolerance maybe you don’t want to ask for it but this is excellent I love their uh handmade tortillas as well I think that’s something that really sets them apart I don’t know if you agree but I feel like the New York Mexican food scene is really On The Rise we were

Always second third fiddle to Chicago LA but New York’s up and coming yeah I feel it I mean years ago you can never find a place like this in no definitely not so those tacos is starting the right Trend here but now it’s all about like the bira tacos popping up everywhere and

Even Mexican spots that didn’t have bira in New York now have bira this Crispy Cream is so big you can see it two blocks away this is the world’s largest Crispy Cream dut and it’s bright it’s loud it fits perfectly into Time Square it’s also the busiest

Crispy Cream donut in the world and I’ve never been here before for so I’m finally knocking this off the list AK have you been here no never I mean I passed by it all the time but I never thought to go in here I was like uh sis

Be cream but I’m I’m a Dunkin’ Donuts guy but we’ll let’s see if I change allegiances after this and by the way they have 24-hour pickup at their walkup window I don’t know of any other crispy creams in the world offer that see where it all begins wow

Wow that’s pretty cool I love the open layout I at all that glaze getting dropped if you’re a Crispy Cream fan you can you know complete the experience by buying a t-shirt 25 bucks that’s not terrible wanted to do a three pack of the original glazed and then I wanted to

Do a three pack of the uh custom assorted I do strawberry ice glaze with sprinkles chocolate cream and then one of the Oreo cookies and cream gaining weight just looking at this man this is like a a really touristy experience that I’m happy to be trying Oreo cream donut original glaze glaz

It’s been a while since I had Crispy Cream let’s see what’s up let’s see what’s up once I got to the cream filling of the Oreo that’s when I got satisfied with it not bad not the best donnut I’ve ever had in my life I won’t lie to you

But interesting what about yours yeah I mean John you you got to try this original laaz it’s fluffy it’s got the sugar on it I mean you talk me into it I love glazed much better for me yeah you can see that they really specialize in this

Donut and they’re they’re going to do it well yep buy the Cuban coffee from margone come here for one of these dunk that in there oh that’s a morning that’s a breakfast that’s what you got to do M all right all right great debate Crispy Cream or Dunkin Donuts what what do you

Go Crispy Cream I need to try more to give you a proper answer but leading Crispy Cream right now I’m going to come back someday have more flavors give you a final answer today we’ll be showing you how far $100 can go in New York’s Chinatown from dim sum to street food

Restaurants and more and to make this challenge even more interesting this budget is going to go for three people I’ve got my friends Ben and Ming from the Bing Buzz joining me we’re starting with perhaps the most famous dimsum spot in Chinatown pings it’s a great Spot Great customer service

It has a good ratio of locals to tourists that’s what we’re looking for here we don’t want all tourists no no no no what a good sign lineing down the stairs if you see a fish tank like this you know it’s a legit canese Restaurant is it me or does that guy look just like Anthony Bordain scary resemblance we ordered the steamed shrimp dumpling steam seai the steamed rice noodle wish shrimp and the steamed sticky rice and chicken wrapped in Lotus Le look at this Feast for three of us anyone watching who doesn’t know what

Dim sum is how would you describe it to make it easy Chinese breakfast Chinese breakfast 2:30 all right we’re starting with the shrimp let’s do it Oh so fresh wow I’m in heaven right now the shrimp is the most pump in this one though this one and then here we have the shumai M damn John you know all the words learning a little bit these two have taught me more about Chinese culture and Chinese food than anybody

Let’s do it that’s a frous them some guests really I would love to take relatives and Friends never been to New York here for for Anon need them some experience if they love Seafood this is the perfect spot all right we got the rice roll yes the steam rice roll with shrimp inside

Which is my favorite dish of them some I like to like drench it in soy sauce like back and front messy goodness here we go there it is nice a spot this soy SAU the best and the shrimp this one takes the longest to pick up but goes down the

Fastest that’s a good point this is steamed shrimp and chicken and sausage and other types of meat wrapped in sticky rice wrapped up in a Lotus Le so it has all the textures and the ingredients to make everything super hearty and F filling it’s amazing how I’ve walked by

Here so many times and most tourists know about hop key and Wo Hop across the street but I actually think p is my favorite of the three for sure I’ve liked every single thing we’ve had so far and the service in the past because he China to didn’t really have the best

Customer service but if you come here you’ll see the difference and they still PA it really well to the local Chinese residents absolutely so at this sink in we spent a little bit over $25 we have approximately $75 left and we had all this food for three people already D

Some take my money take my money yes Ming some would say going to fried dumpling is like a New York City initiation this lady is is legendary you have to be confident you have to know how many dumplings you want and you have to be quick got to be quick got to be

Confident yes we got exact change ready hello oh yes one small order Please thank you on hold on all right Ming’s going to count how many we got we don’t we don’t know if we got the 13 that was advertised and we’re we’re too afraid to say anything but of inflation at a famous spot from 33 cents a fried dumpling to 38 cents 3846

38.46% bodybuilder would want this I think so you know good amount of cards like if you’re bulking maybe yeah watch awesome and Ben oh hello Ben you get recognized more than me now wow nice kind of like the the Dollar Pizza of dumplings I think it is the

Dollar Pizza of dumplings I I like that right you call it the 38.46% dumpling we’re going from 5 dumplings to dare I say a more upscale spot but still affordable nailed it this place will bring your taste plus to Hong Kong all right I’ve never been here and they

Recently were featured in The New York Times so they’re pretty Popular we get the crispy garlic chicken and the fried sweet and sour spray rib you definitely get a contemporary Vibe at Uncle lose compared to the last spot we were at Ping’s two different experiences big difference at the same time it’s very comfortable and cozy even the artwork everything is so

Intentional thank you wow so we’ve got the Lowa Q favorites in front of us starting with the garlic chicken now for those who don’t know the waiter the owner was telling us you got to go with the Lowa Q choices why that means it’s on the OG list the first wave of Chinese

Americans coming from guangong Hong Kong it’s like their ghosted dish you can’t go wrong with it let’s do this let’s try it wow so much flavor this is the dish that they’re known for and it hits every time right amount of chewas so tender So Soft

So juicy it’s kind of insane how you make chicken this good M and if you look at the way that it’s been presented to us it is the perfect share we’re not going to call this a dim suum spot but it’s a good spot for groups anyway yeah family

Style this looks phenomenal sweet and sour ribs Ming’s mouth is watering I don’t want to hold her up anymore let’s do it let’s try it oh still the best every time it’s Tangy with a light crisp to it and there lii and pineapple in to give it extra

Sweetness as well it’s right off the bone oh it’s like it melts in your mouth when I heard rib I thought it’d be more like the um Texas Southern style where you’re eating it off the bone with your hands I’ve never actually done this with chopsticks before so thank you for

Introducing me to something new yes yeah these are all CAU up into white siiz pieces so that it’s easier to eat with Chopstick and on that note if you want to learn new things make sure you subscribe to Ben and Ming you like the food Adventures I have their Channel got

Plenty more so subscribe to them right now because they teach me a lot this was the most expensive spot totally worth it for the video $41.95 fed like kings your family style we got to get clever with what’s coming up something that we don’t do enough on

This channel is pick a spot that nobody has ever been to we’ve just settled on this Bakery here mhm it’s called nice one Bakery there’s so many bakeries in Chinatown to go to trying out this one for the first time all right let’s see let’s try something different can we get three pork Buns thank you I just have to say somehow I got a lot less pork filling in these two I don’t know why it’s the luck of the draw it’s just luck of the draw there’s a metaphor somewhere in this I don’t know there’s a life lesson here

Buy two that’s a lesson byy two yes all right let’s let’s take a bite let’s try this looks good nice and fluffy this the part when we say pillowy pillowy yes I like that word and usually people eat this for breakfast but you can also eat this for

Lunch and dinner that’s what we’re doing now so this is pretty much like AR Bago you come here any time of the day I guarantee a nice steamy hot bun they’re like little hand warmers too after eating all day we still manag to eat more MH it’s incredible I don’t know how

We do it cuz the food in chinatown’s so good makes it easy yeah you got the world famous melee W right down the street with a huge line but it’s okay to try different spots this Bakery is nice because it has seating inside for all the locals grandpas grandmas to come and

Sit read their newspapers I like that spot I also like the the 1980s era menus still there lot of character mhm you’ll know how much these buns are until you get the price well we only spent about five bucks on this so so what do you say dessert

Good I’ve been here before huge fan Ali mama I love this spot I can’t get enough of the cream Puffs all right we’re in business all right we’ve got matcha munchkins try saying that five times fast matcha munchkins matcha munchkins what is let’s do it very comforting chewy matcha flavor if you grew up with like a Dunkin Donuts munchkins think complete opposite here complete opposite situation don’t talk to me about

Duncan I think if you mention the name Ali Mama people are going to think cream puff yeah think so this is the the go-to here let’s do it wow wow bro every freaking time the Vietnamese coffee one that I ordered has a little boba in there as well tastes

Like I’m drinking a Vietnamese coffee more or less which is strong which I like good flavor delicious dessert I’m so proud of you getting that flavor yeah adventurous I got the Yuzu cream puff it’s a little citrusy a little Tangy this is great for if you want something

Super light and it doesn’t have boba in it and this one tastes like I’m drinking a BR sugar Boba crunchy on the outside super creamy on the inside tiny Boba go so well with this in case you’re wondering the Boba here is actually very melty it’s not like the real Chewy Boba

You getting in a bubble te Ben and Ming I have to say I’m impressed by the amount of damage we did for $100 for three people I think we got pretty creative mhm five spots everything was so delicious all right we’ve done the tally we spent $100 25 cents I’m 25 cent

Short any oh thank you Ming thank you all right we’re good we’re good for this video members of the bario today we’re going to be showing you some of the best Asian fried chicken in New York City from Filipino to Korean and Taiwanese hope you brought your appetites this is

My go-to Fast Food Spot in New York City not Arby’s Jollibee so it’s going to be the three-piece chicken Joy with one side one pineapple juice and one water it’s my boy here jellybee this is how you know you’ve come to the right spot Fried Chicken this is what they’re

Known for this is their signature AC had this before yeah I’ve had Jollibee fried chicken before it’s pretty good it’s a lot different than like Kentucky Fried Chicken I put it that way in a good way mhm in a good way okay I’ve been told that to do Jollibee right you’ve got to

Dip it in the gravy this piece is so big I can barely fit it in oh there we go there we go drumstick looks like honey dripping off incredible it does all right let’s uh let’s take our first bite of the day Cheers Cheers if a bite is worth a thousand words you

Could hear how crunchy and crispy this Jolly chicken is with the thigh covered in gravy the gravy just adds this nice extra salty flavor to it I mean it is good and it’s funny you mentioned how the gravy was like honey it does taste like that like the consistency but it

Adds a little bit of saltiness afterwards and this chicken’s like so moist I love it jolli Fried Chicken can never go wrong absolutely not this is one of those places when I tell people to come to sometimes they get surprised or like fast food I’m like Jollibee is

Not your average fast food I’m sorry right m not talked about enough here is the pineapple juice at Jollibee now it’s about 40° outside not exactly tropical weather but you know this is still it’s putting me in a warm mood I guess is warming me up a little bit you know I

Was here the week it opened the line was down the block jolli is such a cultural institution in the Philippines and we just so happen to have an ambassador filming right now Amazing Ben get this used to work at jollibean Virginia what’s the secret to the Jollibee chicken this is just typical

Salt and pepper simple it’s not they never actually they come in already marinated so in the stores we would just deep fry them apart from dunking it you can also just pour the gravy over M if it ain’t messy it ain’t [Laughter] right it’s time for some KFC and we’re

Not talking Colonel Sanders here Korean Fried Chicken is the hottest type of fried chicken in the city right now could we do the small combo wings and drums with soy garlic anything else that’s it that’s it all right I said I was only going to have one piece maxed to conserve my

Appetite but after staring at this it’s going to be more than one just from the looks of it compared to Jollibee I feel like Jolly is more of your American style fried chicken this is very Korean I mean just look at this thing you see

All the glaze on it it’s just coming at you like eat me I agree it’s saying eat me like I I don’t want to waste much more time on this let’s do it I know Che cheers let’s do it m it was so good I needed two bites

At once it’s really crispy and the soy garlic flavor doesn’t overpower you I was afraid that the sauce would be too strong but it’s just like the perfect amount and the consistency of the chicken excellent so good I almost ate into the bone and now ate my teeth but

Totally agree with John the soy garlic flavor doesn’t overpower the chicken at all it’s super crunchy so far I think this is the best Asian fried chicken I’ve ever had in my life yeah I haven’t had a lot I do not have a huge amount of experience with Asian fried chicken with

Korean Fried Chicken but this is just jumping out of the page for me now this is important research we’re doing because my wife Adana loves Korean fried chicken I don’t think she’s ever been here before so I’m doing really vital research for our relationship I know it’s important to have good fried

Chicken if you want to stay together husband duties bringing Adriana some what the heck Next stop is in the heart of Korea Town which and by the way we did an amazing guide to Korea Town if you want more ideas what to do here check it out down below this is honestly one of the best blocks in all of Manhattan for eating

And drinking I will tell you hey here we are all right so this is more of a grab and go kind of place I admit there’s a lot of choices here we got boneless with bone wow a lot of choices uh I’m thinking honey garlic it’s like the

7eleven of Korean Fried Chicken right here this thing all right here we go dig unveil oh that’s a lot o that is a lot honey garlic turning into an Asian fried chicken clean after this video no joke B Appetit let’s try it try I like it but it doesn’t have the

Same flavor explo iion that bonchan did this honey is a lot more understated yeah I would say the same thing that it’s definitely a lot more crunchy I give it that definitely lighter I feel like I can eat more of these really quickly or Bon Chan I just wanted to

Savor every single bite like for me this I could just go through this really fast yeah I mean like you said this is more of like a casual restaurant you just grab and go and these you could really just down them having a few drinks a lot of people don’t know this but

Fried Chicken got very big in South Korea after the American GIS were there and that’s how it spread similar story to the Philippines with Jollibee and some other chains so we’re actually looking at some American influence here just done a little bit different though MH they’re not supposed to talk oh yeah

Ben he’s not real he’s not he’s not real that’s what they call or is he I did that you know I actually did I did that when I was in London but I didn’t mess with them but they really don’t flinch they just chill yeah tkk Fried Chicken we’ve went from

Philippines to South Korea now to Taiwanese I think we’re going to get wings you want Curry seasoned or lemon pepper your choice Curry oh I smell the curry it’s a strong that’s a really strong curry flavor here gosh look at this it’s not as glazy as the other ones

But it looks seasoned very well I smell the it has the strongest smell of all the chicken wings we’ve had so far today that’s for sure these aren’t really that big the cheaps fast food style cheers all right M definitely the spiciest of all of the Wings we’ve had so far today that

That Cur flavor smacks you in the face wow like with no sauce with nothing extra it’s a little hot got a little hot yeah M I’m digging the curry flavor though yeah I like it it is a lot of flavor here I love the curry definitely

Not in that same jell style which I think is more Americanized like this is something distinctive I think it stands by itself I have to say of all the spots we went to today tkk surprised me the most I had pretty much the lowest expectations of this one never been

Before really impressed though just like quick grabbing go fast food pkk like really went high on my list for it today we’re going to eat at some celebrity eateries in New York that have gained Fame due to popular TV shows and see if they live up to the hype we’ve got

Gordon Ramsay fishing chips in the heart of Time Square now there are four of these in the United States this opened back in December will it be worth it or is it going to be a kitchen nightmare to me you run a hole of a kitchen yourself

No okay no off is this the kind of spot you two would normally eat at not at all actually I’ve never eaten fish and chips in New York actually I don’t remember the last my a in Time Square and Gordon Ramsey what are you thinking about the

Spa celebrity chef let’s see what he got good cooking angry guy and if you’re curious this has a 4.1 on Yelp oh that’s actually pretty good it’s like it’s mediocre I I for New York I don’t know the door looks like a foam Booth like the ones in London all right my first

Impressions I I definitely feel like they’re catering to tourist here like this uh little fake British world how are you want to get two of the fish combos okay two saes for each please I’ll do Gordon’s tartar Curry and mango for one and then let’s do sriracha aoli

And Gordon’s tartter for the second 4786 all right well I I have to say they dress it up very nicely like a for presentation this is a really nice presentable box everything the the fish looks really fried but it looks really good actually what what do you think

About the size of the fish and chips it’s pretty good actually one of the biggest complaints here that I’ve heard is that you’re paying $18 for each of these boxes it’s basically a Time Square Tax all right let’s try It my big issue here and this is an issue I saw in a lot of the uh articles written about it doesn’t have much seasoning I think like these were made to be dipped in the sauces and they really didn’t want you to overdo it I

Mean yeah I could add a little bit of lemon right now if I want maybe maybe that’ll help but I didn’t get a lot of flavor in that first what did you think it was not flavored but the fish is soft I like the look of the fish but I’m a

Sauce girl so I always dip a lot of sauce for my food a Korean mango I think this I think this is going to change things up a lot let’s try with some sauce now much better we got a lot of fish in here it’s a good piece I mean I I don’t

Think they’re skimping on the portions of fish per se yeah I would like another piece or two for that money the Cur and mango had like just the right combination of Korean mango flavor it wasn’t too strong I actually enjoyed that a lot but I don’t I don’t know if

You could really eat this without the sauce like I would want more seasoning out of it pretty good right I had fish and chips in London and on cruises I think those are the only times I eat fish and chips I like this better than the

Cruises and in London so this is better than the fishing chips you had in London wow I mean I only had like one tusy spot in London as well this isn’t something I typically see out like for my British viewers watching how often do you actually eat fish and chips know Gordon

Ramsay said that growing up fish and chips was a big comfort food for him I mean he has so many different restaurants and chains though I don’t I don’t know how much he had to do with this like I wonder if if this was on Kitchen Nightmares what would he say about the

Spot and then be like surprise this is actually your own restaurant I was so confused the first time I ate ever ate fish and chips we got it I’m wait where are my chips you thought it’ be potato chips so yeah long time ago this was like I don’t know 20

Years ago fries are crispy McDonald’s fries are better where are you from Ireland Ireland okay is this is this a big in Ireland fish and chips no so you’re saying no okay it’s okay that’s what I was thinking too sometimes British F chips depends what fish they use yeah the best fish is

Obiously C that’s so it is good quality fish at least it is it is very good you know New York really is isn’t that much of like a celebrity gimmicky restaurant kind of town do you agree with that like do you think if more of these popped up

People would go they wouldn’t care you know Time Square is teaming with people so they’ll have people come but if you want celebrity restaurants you could go to Vegas for that I mean Gordon Ramsey has a couple spots in Vegas he has I think two restaurants in Atlantic City I

Guess for him this isn’t that big of a deal but I can’t wholeheartedly recommend my viewers come here if they want authentic fish and chips seeing Gordon rams’s cut out outside that is going to be familiar for some people it’s like going to the Olive Garden in

Time Square which is the worst that’s the worst restaurant in Time Square in New York in my opinion John thanks for spending $50 on this all I could say is I would have gotten five Chipotle bows man if it’s up to me $478 you got to get it right I’m going

To get a refill on this drink at the fountain to make it worth it but yeah when we went to Vegas it was like Ramsey territory all over I do prefer this over uh fish McDonald’s how much would you be comfortable spending for this meal for

One of that $10 so you’re saying it’s a for you it’s a value thing if this was $9.99 you say okay it’s fast food It’s Time Square I can deal with it I would and and it’s fish and it’s interesting that you said it’s somewhat gimmicky and

Time Square is perfect for that yeah that’s why all the scammers are here are you call Gordon Ramsey a scammer no I’m not I’m just saying it happen it happens to be here like an everyday meal it is oh it is guess what gave you the motivation to come here in

New York I’m wondering I’ve been to this one before what do you think about it the fish and chips it’s good you like it it’s authentic enough you know while I didn’t love Gordon Ramsay’s fish and chips I actually am curious to try Hell’s Kitchen in Las Vegas cuz I’ve heard you

Have to make a reservation like weeks in advance when we went to Vegas I think everywhere you needed to have a reservation which was like crazy because in New York you could just kind of go in you just pop in usually yeah it’s just so different I find interesting is

People just like stop here and take photo Gordon Ramsey is the attraction if this was just London fish and chips no one would be here so celebrity sells I had to say Time Square is hopping right now like tourism is back in full swing now this is something that

Typically has celebrities that I highly Ador we’ve got Carlos bake shop which was made world famous on the TLC show Cake Boss which aired for nine seasons and Buddy Vostro has got 12 of these Nationwide with the original being in Hoboken New Jersey and apparently that’s turned Hoboken into a destination by

Itself now it does have a lowly 2.6 stars on Yell all right let’s check it out shall we to you thank you oh there he is this it with these spots in the cardboard cutouts I get one of Buddy’s box okay you go buddy thank you o both of the

Celebrity spots they get a 10 out of 10 for Branding this would look nice if you brought it home as a gift yeah I just saw your face $34.95 for these six items we got to get a second job I need a second job to afford this video you’re

Absolutely right you know I don’t eat enough canoli for someone that lives in the city with such a big Italian American population but I have to say that at least it’s big enough all right let’s let’s let’s try this let’s take a Bite the words that come to mind are not bad this would be a good canoli at some tourist trap from Little ly like not the best one I’ve ever had in my life first what I came to mind is it tastes nice I learned that you don’t want to be

Described as nice whenever someone describes you you’re saying they’re not taking risks correct it’s good it’s cooling you know on a h day like this the exterior should be a little crumbler I mean I don’t know how long these have been sitting there a Cano is 5.95 wow it’s

Funny cuz I’ve walked by this place so many times and I’m always like no it looks kind of gimmicky I don’t want to try it and I’m not saying it’s bad I think nice is the right word yeah and the fact that it’s right next to the PO

Authority doesn’t help for to a local New Yorker my viewers out there that have went to the original Carlos and Hoboken and tried this one did you notice the difference I grew up in a town with a lot of Italians I grew up eating canoli same this is just mediocre

Mediocre average is pretty good for towards the area is this a national chain or a global chain they opened one here now there’s 12 nationally so it’s started as a family-owned business and then it’s gone National we were asking how why would tourist go to Gordon

Ramsey why would someone from UK come to New York and visit Gordon Ramsey I think when you’re away from home you miss the food that you’ve been eating when I leave New York I’m not eating pizza anywhere else unless it’s Italy unless it’s Italy then I will right we got a

Lobster tail which is super Italian American John told us oh we’re going to eat lobster Tales today and I was like that sounds awesome let me Google it I Googled it and then I was like this is not a lober tail I would prefer the real

Thing John maybe next time you had your fish you had your pod give us a bite try it like syor is much more crunchier than I thought the inside is cooling the cream feeling in the middle is actually pretty comforting I like the flavor of it but the exterior it’s just I think

It’s too crunchy for this like it it needs to be a little softer I think if you ordered enough items here you probably would find a couple that were solid but I don’t know if they had an off day or they just don’t do canoli and

Tails well but it’s all right but I prefer my other desserts more we’re we’re going to see how the Cake Bus does cake I could see a chocolate fudge uh cake slice this is interesting oh wow it’s so packaged so packaged $10 slice of cake I’ve never seen a cake package

Like this it’s so funny you guys are getting married soon you know if this is good would you consider getting your wedding cake from the cake box no we already have a cake yeah that’s why that’s why cheers Yeah it’s actually not bad it’s so rich it’s rich but I was afraid it might be overly sweet and it wasn’t I think I’ll prefer this over the penoli actually I like the lober tail the most I’ve definitely had more chocolate cake in my life than lobster tails and canoli

Combined so let me See I would definitely take this cake over the other two thinking that was like what the show was really big on kind of not surprised cake would be decent got a reputation to uphold I don’t know you’re traveling with friends or family and they’re a huge fan of Cake

Boss maybe you come in for something but Italian pastries you guys said it first Vos in the East Village is where I would send people actually this is better than a supermarket cake maybe yeah maybe as you can see eating a Time Square is not the most healthy place for your food I

Feel like Time Square is just a mini Vegas strip I said it to Norma heli Vegas YouTuber and she covers a lot of these chain out in Vegas we were walking by I’m like yeah I get those vibes completely

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