Exploring NYC’s Crime-Proof Subway System – Video

Exploring NYC’s Crime-Proof Subway System – Video

Crime in subway trains has been a major concern in New York City for years, but the city is implementing new technology and innovations to ensure rider safety. One of the latest additions to the NYC subway system is the R211T train, equipped with crime-proof technology such as accordion dividers every 65 feet and an open gangway that allows passengers to walk the entire length of the train. This new train is the first of its kind in North America, designed to prevent crimes like subway surfing and subway shoving.

The R211T train also features a plethora of cameras that are constantly monitored by the police, digital displays that show clear stop information, and modern amenities like digital advertisements and bright new seat colors. The goal is to not only stop crime but also improve the overall rider experience by providing a cleaner and brighter environment.

In addition to the new train, the city is also implementing yellow safety barriers in four subway stations to prevent trespassing onto the tracks and other dangerous behaviors. While some New Yorkers are skeptical about these changes and worry about potential drawbacks, others see them as positive steps towards improving safety and security in the subway system.

Overall, the new crime-proof subway train and safety measures are part of a pilot program aimed at addressing the rising crime rates underground. While it may not completely eliminate all forms of subway crime, these innovations are a step in the right direction towards ensuring a safer and more secure transit experience for all riders.

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Video Transcript

Crime is on the rise underground this will be the first time ever these cars have been deployed in North America Subway pushings have long prompted for a search for Solutions and as New Yorkers continue getting shoved onto the tracks today we’ll be showing you the many

Changes the MTA is making to the New York City subway system to stop crime and its tracks we’re starting with a brand new subway car that was just released this past month with some anti-me technology the R2 111t and this new Subway is only running right now on

The sea line so there’s only two in service so you actually have to be pretty lucky to even catch it right now it feels like we’re about to step into the future with those green lights there I mean the first thing I notice is just how much wider the door is we’re

Talking about from like a safety perspective if you’re coming in with a wheelchair or a stroller much safer love those doors now the biggest change here and this is the only train in North America quite like this is the accordion dividers every 65 ft and obviously the

The open gang way this is the big differen maker you could walk the entire length of this train legally now one crime this is attempting to prevent is subway surfing because you can’t access the roof of the train from here anymore you can’t stand outside and just ride

You’re in closed but at the same time I have to admit like psychologically having an open train does feel a lot nicer if feels like we’re in a more modern city you know as far as crime stopping is concerned I think this is a bit of a double-edged sword the open

Gang way because the argument is well if somebody’s harassing you if somebody’s acting erratic you don’t have to wait for the next station to get up and switch to another car you could just walk right through yourself but on the flip side someone could follow you

Between the cars as well also this this open gang way is modeling Paris it’s modeling London it’s bringing New York to the modern era the other big change I’ve have never seen so many cameras on a subway before in New York City and these are constantly being monitored by

The police I’ve been told now again a camera is not a police officer on every subway car still the argument goes having cameras is going to prevent some crime if people know that they’re being filmed I love it I’ve never seen it where it tells you the stop clearly and

What door you’re going to be exiting from and if you’re still unsure that green light will show you the modern ation here is what impresses me a lot this is also really clear from the ridership perspective not really crime perspective how many stops you have left very simple to use I think simplifying

The New York City subway is pretty helpful look even shows you where the exits are what car you’re on it’s like having City mapper the app right on the train every single ad on this train is completely digital which I’ve also never seen before also like the the bright new

Colors of these seats here I suppose the argument could be made up here I don’t know feeling better during your commute you got more space you’re less likely to lash out this is definitely an improvement I have to say as someone that rides a Subway a lot this is really

Really cool it’s definitely cleaner it’s definitely brighter and general I liked it better than your average SE train as far as the crime stopping cameras are useful and I know during the mass shooting a few years ago in Sunset Park a lot of the cameras malfunction in the

Stations and if they had cameras in every single subway car it would have been very helpful for the investigation not all New Yorkers though are so optimistic about this new train damn now we can’t even escape from the smells or smoking in the cart incredible shaking

My head God forbid there is a fire on board the train for any reason how would you contain it to one area of this train easier for criminals to just walk through each car to look for victims not a good idea let’s see how long it will take Subway Riders to start complaining

The separated cars are more like a protected hub from smells weirdos and other unpleasantries now you won’t be able to get away from them this is your standard c train it’s old I don’t see any cameras the only way you’re getting anybody’s attention is by ringing the

Intercom to talk of the conductor or sitting in the conductor’s car but yeah adding the cameras is nice and of course you have to move between the cars the oldfashioned way which you’re not supposed to with those sliding doors I think the truth is that unless you had

Police on every single subway car it would be pretty much impossible to completely stop all forms of Subway crime you are staring at a pilot program in the New York City subway right now these yellow safety barriers they’re going to be put into four different subway stations Clark Street which we’re

At 191st Street in Washington Heights then also at West 8th New York Aquarium and the fourth spot is to be determined now one of the main things this is trying to prevent are people trespassing onto the tracks because subway surfing has become a real problem in New York

City the other thing would be Subway shoving which was a really big point of focus last year haven’t heard as much about it in 2024 thankfully now the way that these barriers have been set up does allow for the Subways to pass by for the doors to open and for there to

Be no obstruction now the obvious glaring deficiency here is that yeah this would protect you from being shoved if you weren’t paying attention if you’re standing here if you’re standing here not as much and as far as Subway TR passing well I don’t think it would be too difficult if somebody really wanted

To go onto the tracks to just step around it something else are also looking to prevent are people who have medical conditions if you happen to faint or think that you’re at risk of fainting or anything else stand behind here so you don’t fall onto the tracks I

Certainly see a use for this but I think a lot of people really would love New York to get those sliding glass doors that you see let’s say in London in 2022 the MTA track trespassing task force released a report which found track trespassing incidents increased 20% from

2019 to 2021 a trend it says continued into 2022 and the agency hopes this effort could help prevent that now back in 2023 there was a discussion to Pilot a sliding protective platform barrier system at three stations including 42nd street and that would certainly be a great protective measure for New Yorkers

But 2020 study by the MTA found that platform doors could be installed at just 128 of the subway systems 472 stations and even then the transit agency’s estimated cost $7 billion some other ideas that they had hipy safety barriers installed at three stations in the middle of the platform which I

Believe is what we’re looking at here a pilot program using front-facing cameras and infrared sensors on trains to detect intrusions stopping or slowing trains in response testing the use of video analytics technology to enhance existing camera installations using AI to monitor live footage to detect dangerous behaviors that could lead to track

Intrusions installing track intrusion detection systems at five stations or installing blue lights at three subway stations which the MTA says has a caling effect and can even reduce suicides this is an extremely old subway system and making the kind of modern changes that you see all over the world well it’s

Just going to cost a lot of money it’s as simple as that the most common Subway crime in the system thankfully is not assault it’s fair evasion and it has gotten absolutely out of control in the city we just did an entire video dedicated to the changes that the city

Is attempting to make to curb Fair evasion Transit officials estimate Rider skipping the fair cost the agency $285 million back in 2022 and we showed you how they were experimenting at JFK suland Boulevard with a new sliding Gates but many of you were not impressed

As we saw a lot of piggybacking going on but there’s another area that fair evasion is rampant and that involves emergency exit gates like this one right here in fact it is the most common way that people were evading fairs according to the mta’s fair evasion report now one

Thing a city has been trying to do about that is hiring unarmed security to just stand in front of the emergency exits so people won’t feel so Brazen to do so but they’re going to be exper exp menting with another tactic the MTA taking new steps to crack down on what they are

Calling the Super Highway of fair Evas there’s a pilot program being installed at 138th Street at the 6 the flushing a jmz lines and the 59th Street and Lexington Avenue subway stations and what they’ve done it’s pretty clever is you push the emergency exit handle and

It would take 15 seconds to open which would frustrate people and they wouldn’t use the emergency exate and they would just you know leave normally and they wouldn’t leave the emergency exit gates wide open for people to just come through MTA officials said they chose those three stations because they have

Enough turn styles for masses of riders to quickly Escape actual emergencies like a fire or terrorist attack even if the gates won’t open for 15 seconds this is definitely a cheaper option than hiring unarmed security and people that actually need the emergency exits I’m sure they would figure this out give the

City credit for trying new things but it’s going to be tough to stop Fair evasion in its tracks Fair evasion is definitely still rampant we saw multiple people even doing it here in the last few minutes now that you know about the changes to the New York Subway system in

This video we share what’s coming to the city in 2024 a lot of cool stuff watch this next

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