“Exploring Paris: Museums, Nightlife, and Future Plans for 2024” – Video

“Exploring Paris: Museums, Nightlife, and Future Plans for 2024” – Video

A Weekend in Paris: Museums, Nightlife & My Plans for 2024

Join me for a weekend in Paris as I explore museums, enjoy the nightlife, and share my plans for the future. I’m currently in the final days of my stay in Paris, and I wanted to capture some of my experiences in this beautiful city.

During the weekend, I’ll be visiting museums, enjoying the local cuisine, and spending time with friends. I’ll be checking out the Rosco exhibit at the Fondation Vincent van Gogh. This museum has been putting on some really interesting exhibitions, and I’m excited to explore the new building and stunning architecture.

I’ve also been reflecting on my time in Paris and my plans for the future. I’m here on a trial run, testing out whether this city could be a potential long-term home for me. My ultimate goal is to move to Paris in 2024, so I’m currently subletting my spot in New York and planning to give up my apartment there. I want to experience life in different neighborhoods before making a decision about a permanent lease. I’ve been comparing American culture with Parisian culture and finding my place in this new environment.

As I navigate this transition, I’m also taking some time to appreciate the art and history in the city. I recently discovered a photography museum that showcases different exhibitions every few months. I had the opportunity to see some incredible photographs from the 1860s by the photographer, Julia Margaret Cameron.

This weekend is a chance for me to enjoy the beauty and culture of Paris before heading back to the States for the holidays. I’m excited to share this experience with you and give you a glimpse into my time in this amazing city. Stay tuned for more updates on my journey, and don’t forget to check out my TikTok, Spotify, Pinterest, and Goodreads for more content. I appreciate your support and look forward to sharing more of my adventures with you. Cheers to 2024!

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Morning how are we doing it’s like my last few days in Paris I figured I would make a little Vlog because I feel like I finally kind of found a bit oh oh okay love this color I feel like I’m finally starting to find a bit more of a rhythm

The first few weeks are always kind of hard also correct me if this is wrong cuz some of you guys might know this but someone’s telling me that this is the rainiest or gloomiest fall you’ve had since the 1980s like I know Paris fall is gloomy but we’re talking like 5 weeks

Straight rain like almost every single morning I feel like I woke up to rain not ideal it’s my final B comparison I don’t want to go I’m sad about it so I figured I’d capture a few little Moment I’m really in my silver era these days okay I feel like that’s much better it’s pretty cold out there but I feel like I could use some fresh air before the day starts so let’s go go through draw tell me th and I die be the Ghost of You Heaven should know the one knows to try To make time go by slow keep you found just tell me this before I go this Pena is so good I swear one of these a day keeps the doctor away here’s depression I also picked up be of the monkey by Patty Smith not that long ago it’s interesting

It’s like kind of her like musings and it’s very like dreamy and a bit absurd but it’s interesting cuz obviously I’ve read just kid which was written when she was probably in her LS and 20s whereas this is when she’s in her 60s so it’s really fascinating kind of following her

Lifespan and it’s cool cuz it starts in Ocean Beach San Diego a very like hippie Beach town that I lived in for years which could not be more different than me out here in Paris so I’m going to keep making my way through this Just have a little party for one someone let me know why hearts of pal are so pricey out here so just been getting some work done I’m excited because my sweet friend Nick we’re New York friends but we’ve also done a lot of those like group trips

Together so if you’ve seen some of those videos you might have seen him and I love him so much he’s here for the weekend we’re going to have a cute little evening together going to check out a museum kind of in like the late afternoon and then go to dinner at the

Restaurant of a friend of a friend and then I think we’ll go out so it’ll be a cute little exploratory day so I’m excited We’ve got quite the M pod salad we’ve got some hearts Palm tomatoes cucumbers lentils Peppers basically I have a hard time eating greens in Paris so this is my way of forcing myself to get some veggies in we’ve got the goodies I’m not going to lie this is not an accurate portrayal

Of what I’ve been eating in France it’s been a lot of carbs and cheese but attempting to be healthy so I head back to to the states for the holidays in a couple days and I feel like I didn’t really like accurately kind of explain

Like what I’m doing like I said in the first video that I’m here for like 2 and a half 3 months but it’s like my trial run I got a Visa for a reason and that’s to stay more longterm and potentially move here and I feel like this has been

My kind of trial run to be like does this make sense for me in my schedule and my work and whatnot I feel like younger me was so stubborn if I had an idea I would see it through to completion even if it was like doing me

Harm or wasn’t good for me and some sometimes it was too A Fault where I just like didn’t want to be seen as like giving up hence why I now in my late 20s am trying to just be more gentle with this approach I guess I’m just kind of

Copying the steps of some friends who work corporate jobs but they work fully remote where they’ll go to a place for a couple months try it out and and then some of them loved it some of them didn’t love it so I think that’s why it’s valuable to kind of if you’re able

And your job and your life allows you to give it a test run anyways I know some people were a bit heated when I said I was moving and then I said I was going to only be there for 3 months but the plan is in 2024 to give up my New York

Apartment and to ideally come to Paris so I’m subing my spot right now but I need to finish up my lease need to go back to New York for a bit cuz like all my stuff’s there and we’ll see 2024 is going to be interesting but I don’t

Imagine myself getting a Parisian lease right away I ideally would honestly sublet for a while cuz I want to try out different neighborhoods but it’s been interesting comparing a bit of American culture with French culture actually no more specifically I’m just comparing New York culture culture to Paris culture

Cuz it’s way too broad otherwise but it’s been interesting getting to compare a bit of the two and kind of experience a little bit more of local life I will say with trying out any place the first like 5 weeks is kind of shitty I’m only

Now slowly starting to find a bit more of a rhythm and see some people more consistently and have my little spots and things that I enjoy you know you don’t need a huge friend group it really just takes like one good person to like transform a city oh my God on that note

Nick just texted me wait let’s let him in hello good morning or evening or B B sweet nichas we are fresh into town just arrived croissant Eden yeah straight off the Eurostar going to see the Rosco exhibit at the f vonis v it’s an endowment that puts on some really interesting

Exhibitions building I think is Prett new the last 5 or 10 years but it’s super impressive can see a little peak of the architecture and I’m like it’s stunning she’s stunning she’s futuristic wait it’s so cute I want to get hit by that so badly George that’s the cutest little pu I’ve ever

Seen Wow almost makes you want a Croissant Here [Applause] from the very end of the tuler guards there’s so many museums in Paris it could be a little bit overwhelming and I feel like I’ve done a lot of the main ones several times I I’ve been to the lou and M do which I love um but I

Haven’t been to which is an incredible photography museums and I checked it out today have these different photography exhibitions every like 3 to 4 months and one of the ones that just went on which I thought was incredible was by jul Margaret Cameron and she was this badass

Photographer from like the 1860s to see photographs from that time period hair and their outfits and their expressions was so so fascinating a really amazing thing to check out and a lot of just like cute older little French locals here and thankfully the sun is out I

Don’t think it’s going to stay out but enjoying it for now and enjoying a little walk in the gardens and yeah highly recommend hey hello how’s it going I tried out a Tik Tok tutorial of like Rockstar girlfriend to live out my 205 little punk Tumblr girl dreams I

Know I just have super heavy eyeliner on but anyways wanted to take a second to thank today’s sponsor better help I feel like as I’ve been processing this past year and the new year ahead and all of the things that come alongside with that it is so helpful to have somebody to

Talk with and honestly I feel like the last few months in Paris I’ve faced like the most isolation it’s okay everything’s fine that I have in years and because of that it’s really forced me to work on my relationship with myself and figuring out you know how I want my life to look

And where I want to be headed and so I’m such a huge fan of therapy because it is so helpful to have a licensed professional to really sit with you and support your mental health as you kind of figure out you know your life and go through these different motions and

Experiences and chapters and I know the most intimidating part for a lot of people is getting started and finding the right therapist because it is tricky to find somebody that feels like a good fit and that’s why I really like better help is because they allow you to basically try out different therapists

Until you find someone that you can like so you can switch and try someone new completely for free and I really really love that it’s completely online that’s huge for me I love being able to do it from the comfort of my own home and that

Allows me to be able to do it no matter where in the world I am and it’s super easy to sign up it just takes basically filling out a few different questions to get matched with somebody and start right away so if you have been thinking about maybe starting therapy and you

Want somebody to talk to I feel you and betterhelp could be a good fit of course everything is linked down below and that’s betterhelp HP and you can use betterhelp.com slaber for 10% off your first month if you want to try it out so consider checking it out and taking

Charge of your mental health so thanks again again to better help for sponsoring today’s Video hello from a very cozy day it’s not immediately left as soon as I left the museum so I’m just cozying in for now and I figured I’d share a few of the books that I’ve read in the past few weeks I’m still aiming for a yearly book

Goal but I’m definitely behind I think I’m going to get to like 45 books instead of 50 this year so close but so far I’ve recently finished these big Swiss August Blue by Deborah lovey and Viper Dream by Jake Lamar big was just super fun it kind of reminded me of like

Esson if I’m saying that right with a kind of like chaotic messed up the premise is kind of like a transcribed is transcribing the um interviews of a therapist and then she eventually like Falls for one of the people that she’s been lisening into the therapy sessions

On it’s like very sharp strange and witty writing just like a good combo and then this book debah Levy I feel like her writing is a little bit more like surreal like it’s kind of like absurd and dreamy you can’t really tell like what’s reality and the concept is kind

Of like this professional pianist who’s like a child prodigy and she basically is kind of going through like a bit of may be a mental breakdown of sorts folling her on her own journey of like self- exloration and figuring out her identity everybody who reads this will

Get something different out of it and the last one I read recently was Viper Dream by Jake Lamar and I’m a big fan of Coulson Whitehead and this is very Coulson Whitehead esque that in like 1930s Harlem following the Jazz scene there and the drug scene I always love reading like historical fiction

Especially placed in oldtime New York and I literally was gasping at the end of this book I was reading this alongside Ashley and she’s like are you okay cuz I was like my God good books and I’m getting ready in a little bit here I’m going to meet Moya for um

Dinner and a little dip teak event which should be fun so let’s get Ready K reunited [Applause] Oh I’m stying to find the CL the [Applause] CL

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