Exploring Russia’s Baltic ‘Shadow Fleet’

Exploring Russia’s Baltic ‘Shadow Fleet’

Despite facing numerous sanctions, Russia has managed to continue shipping and selling its crude oil to countries around the world. The Danish straits serve as a key transit point for Russian oil, which in turn helps finance Moscow’s military efforts in Ukraine.

The flow of money to Russia can be disrupted by halting the movement of these ships through the Danish straits. This has placed pressure on the Danish government to take more decisive action in preventing Russian oil shipments from reaching their destinations.

This has given rise to the concept of Russia’s Baltic ‘Shadow Fleet’ – a network of vessels used to transport oil in a covert manner, bypassing traditional channels and avoiding detection. By shining a light on this shadow fleet, efforts can be made to disrupt the flow of money that supports Russia’s military operations in Ukraine.

As the conflict in Ukraine continues, the importance of stopping these illicit oil shipments becomes increasingly crucial. The international community, along with countries like Denmark, must work together to prevent Russia from using its Baltic ‘Shadow Fleet’ to fund its actions in Ukraine.

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