Exploring Sequoia National Park: 5 Scenic RV Drives to Enjoy in Solitude – Video

Exploring Sequoia National Park: 5 Scenic RV Drives to Enjoy in Solitude – Video

In this video, join the creators on their 2024 RV route as they make their way to Sequoia National Park. Often overshadowed by other popular national parks such as Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Zion, Sequoia National Park is a hidden gem that showcases breathtaking landscapes and stunning scenery. The highlight of the park is the General Sherman, the largest known living single-stem tree on Earth, which is a sight to behold. The park also features the iconic Tunnel Log, a classic must-see drive, and the Moro Rock trail, offering a 360-degree panoramic view at the top. The creators also share their experiences and adventures along the way, including a visit to Tractor Supply for supplies and a chance encounter with fellow Airstream travelers. This video is part of their mini California series, capturing the beauty and charm of the Golden State, making it a must-watch for travel enthusiasts and RV adventurers.

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This is part three of our mini california series as we leave solvan California the perfect place to visit during the holidays and now we’re making our way to seoa National Park oh wow wow wow wow if you’re just joining us we’ve already visited Palm Springs and camped in the stunning Crystal Cove Campground

In lagona Beach we’ll link that episode here but before we hit the road Mark needed to get some supplies at Tractor Supply all right you ready for my tractor supply haul yes is that what they call it Trish a that’s what they do

They do I got a lot of stuff okay okay I got you some things to clean thank you just we should preference that I actually wanted them just like you’re bringing home I got you things to clean I know I that’s what I’m trying to say what can I how can I help

Yeah how can I help see he’s already barking inside a dog B well I did cuz Charlie he he’s a little uneasy he’s got to he’s got to get back into arv life and um I think this would help him you’re just going to put that right up on the feet I don’t

Know where I’m well I thought this is for the the rig too okay um I needed another one of these because well this did make the video just cuz the music was so good in Nova Scotia he really C come out the music was so good in Nova

Scotia that I didn’t want to interrupt it to tell you that we had another sewer hose that came out of our thing and then yeah I see oh there it is gosh darn it what is up with our sewer hoses oh no is a sewer hose yeah I got a sewer hose a

Jeez oh man yeah we got it and then I had a poopsie because I it made when it was dragging on the freeway it actually made holes in it oh dear and then when I used it it started leaking everywhere so oh that’s so bad that’s why I don’t have

The extension and these sights are so long that even when I pulled forward I still don’t reach so we’re 100% great okay I got a long lead for Charlie okay okay and see this this is not for your little dog don’t get any ideas I know I’m

Thinking no this is so that we can clip it onto the Airstream and not have it scratch oh and then we can just clip it onto here wow you know isn’t that good okay I still want to have a conversation about a little dog later okay I got you

Magazine Got You magazine holiday recipes oh that’s so nice Okay wow it’s fun sending you to the store and then oh my gosh and then we got two two of these great oh and then um I was a tractor supply and I was in line and there was

Two gentlemen in front of me and you know he was sitting there getting his propane he looked around at me and then look he’s oh hey anyway his name is Justin uh he’s got a 28t Airstream oh ni he’s head to us and then he’s headed he

Went he just went full time wow yeah so anyway it was fun to meet him that’s awesome okay let’s use that long lead yes Freedom this is where I want to clip it most of the time oh look at that now we should we should mention that our dog is not a big

Polar no Charlie’s not a big polar so if you have I actually considered the thinnest one they they got but I thought this is better we’ve literally seen someone who had this really cool attachment to the side of their rig M with like a d-ring and the dog just

Yanked it right out so yeah Charlie wouldn’t do that which is nice so anyway I think this is a nice little Improvement don’t you think great okay I’m going to go um dump our gray and well our black and then our gray okay great and can I have a pH

Screwdriver so that I can undo the fan in the bathroom and clean it oh wow yes of course That was quite a screech I don’t know what happened but it was a noise I’ve never heard before never ever ever not a great place to pull over either no so um well I’m going to go check it out real quick and there’s no tra I’ll use [Applause] this let’s see I see

Nothing I hear nothing you know we um quickly assumed that it was the Airstream and not the truck it’s genius be right back what’s handy is we got this med in here you hear it no it’s Birds oh okay I think I hope we got this meting here

Which Ricochet the sound back so nice well I don’t hear it anymore it was the type of sound where you had to immediately pull over yeah it was not it was not the kind of sound you’re like H I wonder what that is I wonder if that’ll go away yeah Road

Huh it’s like the million dooll Highway it feels a little worse than that actually does it yeah I like it go get a selfie okay yes we are who we do yes he you can’t beat it 24 resolutions for Trish and I stop at more signs and

Get more pictures and now we’re not just stopping we’re like got to get close we got to get close hey how are you how you doing good you guys got a park house already we do we were just discussing the date looks like it’s expired is it

August did it expire in August yep well now is as good a time as any no one’s behind me yeah it’s 880 bucks if you want to get a new one let’s do it here we go all right how cool is that no one was behind us when we pulled in he said

What oh wow wow you feel like you’re getting more oxygen it smells good doesn’t it it does and uh this time of year today is December 4th December 4th he said aelia the campground is the only one that’s open and he says it’s pretty much

Dead so just go back there find a site he said said you’ll see a QR code scan that as long as you have the recreation.gov app downloaded it works online and offline I said oh well should I download it now in case it’s not on my

Phone he said you have Verizon I said yes he said then you’re good so we’ll confirm um so that’s all good he said that there’s two parks here the did he say grant tree and then also Sequoia managed as one mhm and he said what the names were said two General Sherman tree

Is the largest in the world we confirm that he said where we’ve been before up further up the coast the tallest is the tallest but this is in terms of mass the widest the biggest so anyhow as always Park Rangers wealth of knowledge super helpful always and with no one behind me

I took took the liberty to ask some some questions you tried to stump them I good my mom little market cute ailia there she is in 600 ft turn left on Grand Tree Road Sweet oh you can stay here for 14 days that one one’s nice it’s only problem if you if you

Park inside the national parks and you’re pushing the limits like we are at 30 ft which is not a b big rig I mean I look at this site and looks fine and then you really start looking closely and you’re like oh jeez that’s probably

Like 3 in left 3 4 in left to right probably 8 in front to back doesn’t sound like a lot until you get started yeah Trish if we if we take this site with the trash cans then we get a lot of bear activity that’s that’s exciting okay passenger passenger side

Perfect come on back perfect sight yeah it’s great nice that’s pretty good little lower kind of lags a little bit I’d say the Ambiance here is a little different than San Diego I think it’s pretty cool though that we’ve come from lagona where we were camping on the ocean to now in

The sieras next to some of the tallest trees in our country pretty remarkable isn’t it yeah and we’re the only ones here it’s December 4th I mean I know it could possibly snow up here and I guess everyone did want to take the chance but there’s no one here

To be totally fair because sometimes we might be a little more positive than some people might like we get called out for that sometimes anyway so I’m like yeah this is amazing I could go on and on but we are parked next to the trash cans because it

Is really one of the few spots where you could put a 30ft rig so if you are bigger you’re going to want to be down before you drive up into um up the Kings Canyon Road Sequoia RV park yes Sequoia RV park so you’re going to want to be

Down there if you have a big rig a fifth wheel a motor home um anything that’s bigger than 30 ft cuz we are totally stretching it like I don’t even know where you’re going to park the car so I just want to be you know transparent

With you that um if you do find a spot up here most of them are kind of like yeah yeah you know and small but there are there are there are other sites that are closed off to us right now this is true and there’s other

There’s other um there are tons of other campgrounds I think there’s three other campgrounds and they’re all closed and it seems like some of them might have Water and Electric oh yeah let’s not get ahead of ourselves that’s amazing what do you think Charlie what do you think Charlie what do you Think figured we could share burrito H 26 mil 44 minutes very scenic drive Though General Sherman oh this is great how long is that height about 2 miles half a mile it’s nothing the trail says is about4 miles from the trail head down to Sherman General it’s all paved and really nice paved but it is you know steep going down in high altitude there were signs

About that there are no dogs and as we were coming down meeting people coming up they said it’s worth it unsolicited and unsolicited it’s worth it so five star review so anyhow we’ll pop down and check it out I’m excited this has been on my list for a long time really it is

You know the S National Park is so out of the way that’s why we’re doing it that’s why we’re here that’s why we haven’t HD It oh see these are the Twin Trees this guy made it through a fire look at this most owe their lives to fire the evidence lies not only in their obvious fire scars but also because they may be twins centuries ago they probably started life at the same

Time after fire prepared the ground for them fire creates the ideal conditions for the Sequoia seeds to germinate and for the seedlings to grow heat rising from the fire dries overhanging cones causing them to open the cones then rain the seeds into the fir cleared Ash fertilized ground the perfect seeded

Millions of Sequoia seedlings Sprout after a fire Oh man this is so cool I mean I don’t know which part is better the fact that we don’t have to wait any lines because there’s barely anyone here or um clearly it’s because the trees are so phenomenal I know it’s amazing they’re so neat so beautiful

Just have a moment to sit here and think about what was happening just 3,000,000 years ago it’s remarkable it’s so neat look at these guys I wish they could tell me some things well just hold there long enough yeah scale 1 to 10 highly recommend 10 out of 10 very

Cool not worth is that the question was it worth it 100% not grueling no I mean definitely not um handicap accessible no but not grueling so you just take your time you go up the little stairs on the way back you look around it’s stunning people are in a good mood everybody’s

From everywhere I think I heard like four different languages yeah it was really neat you going to drive of course we going to go to Moral Moral rock Yeah Yay will our truck fit under there I don’t think so you don’t think so no I Don’t that was pretty cool as Trisha was driving underneath the tree I couldn’t help but to think driving through uh is it the needle needle tunnel up near um Mount Rushmore May 6 in to a foot on each side oh it’s pretty cool to have like a resume of things you’ve driven

Like like up in Nova Scotia going around Cape Breton or uh Pacific Coast Highway scenic drives make wonderful RV destinations to plan around so think about adding a scenic drive to your 2024 summer to remember list if you ask Google for scenic drives there are a lot

To choose from a few of our favorites include going to the sun road in Glacier National Park of which we’ve done by Car and Bike of course the Pacific Coast Highway is on the top of every Scenic Drive list which can also include the 17m drive from Monteray to carmount now

If I walk in front of you will I end up in the picture yeah okay walk slow walk very slow on the other side of the country you’ll check off the Overseas Highway on your way to Key West and in the Northeast you can experience the Park Loop Road when you visit aadia

National Park all the scenic drives on Google’s list are worthwhile but there’s one not included that’s a personal favorite of ours and that’s the 89A from Sedona to Flagstaff through Oak Creek Canyon and the 89A is a gift that keeps on giving as you enter Utah near Lee’s

Ferry on your way to Zion through Jacob’s Lake you can even grab breakfast and some cookies to go I want eggs and some hash browns you think they have that here Jacob Lakey I know they got world famous chocolate chip cookies now back to Sequoia as we arrive at Moro

Rock a bunch of people wow it’s very yuse it’s very yuse the is not too far north it’s not cuz they talk about Mount Whitney here let’s look at how far Mount Whitney is is the crow flies not visible not visible it’s right behind here but it’s over there but it’s

Right there it looks so familiar but I called it I said no that’s not Whitney but it looks so much like the the same uh Windows as they say yes that leads up to the summit uh-huh oh my gosh look at this that’s pretty cool this is

Phenomenal I’m going to say this park the bang for the buck within the proximity of the things you’re able to see and experience and go wow and turn and go wow again it’s just unbelievable now granted our expectations we didn’t have any so they’re getting blown out of

The water but every time we turn around it’s something amazing really cool Park is such a treat say what this park is such a treat wow that’s crazy wow look you can see the road right there say what you can see the road right there oh yeah that’s unbelievable Wowowow so you see this whole little break right here yeah there that’s exfoliation a piece of the Granite siding just came off and fell down blocked the General’s Highway and all the park rangers had to blast it into tiny bits to get it down It’s stunning it’s amazing isn’t it it’s totally stunning you know what I was just thinking about is when we first got married you know we were we’d go backpacking and things like that and it was like this big epic adventure and it was it was deal you had to get permits

The whole thing you had to take time off of work but now we’re able to like just stumble across really neat things that we would not otherwise be able to see like we wouldn’t have made time for this cuz we didn’t know yeah and now we are

In our RV I don’t even know what the camping fee was what was it it was 25 a night $25 a night we’re here with barely anyone we’re driving through the arch of the tree we’re seeing the Giants we have a view of the backside of Whitney and it’s

Phenomenal that’s what that’s what an RV does it puts you in these places it’s really amazing little shout out to the park service for their Trail volunteers undying love to the outdoors I just can’t believe this I mean like they got the Game of Thrones crew to to make this

Thing right seriously this is like this is like where dragons come and perch yeah yes it’s unbelievable oh it’s really funny I mean look at that rock that could have been easy to move look at this yeah wow okay I think there it Is make our way up here I think this is the top I think we’ve done it oh yeah here we go pretty cool feel like you’re in the top of the world you really do don’t you want to just be a bird and fly just like that’s the big

Question Trish bird or like whale dolphin oo great white who gets to live longer it doesn’t matter I’m sure it’s a dolphin what would you rather be a bird would you rather be an eagle i’ want to be an eagle I mean I’m not going to just be jump

Chang get back to so you want to be an eagle or uh in the water would you rather be than a great white I don’t want to be a great white would you rather then be like a Shamu you’d want to be like a killer whale those guys are

Crafty okay they’re pretty good and they get to be with their family and stuff they’re not very nice well they get to be with their family so um all right so right now decide Eagle Eagle or killer whale killer whale Eagle is your ball where’s your ball go get your ball let

Me where is it what’s right there it’s right there Charlie even though it’s cold outside I’ve got both the driver and passenger windows down when I leave and our be Park Campground because I want to be able to hear everything I want to be able to see and

I have to remember that slow is Pro He

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