Exploring the Tower of London with a Beefeater Tour Guide 🇬🇧 – Video

Exploring the Tower of London with a Beefeater Tour Guide 🇬🇧 – Video

Journey behind the scenes of one of England’s most iconic landmarks, the Tower of London, with exclusive access to one of the Yeoman Warders, also known as Beefeaters. In this captivating video, you will be taken on a tour of the entire Tower of London, including the Crown Jewels, and will learn about the fascinating history and duties of the Yeoman Warders.

The Tower of London is rich with history, filled with stories of kings, queen, wars, and even ghost tales. You will be given a rare insight into the life of a Yeoman Warder, who not only serves as a ceremonial Bodyguard of the Monarch but also has a deep care for the history of the tower.

You will also have the opportunity to meet Emma, one of the three female Yeoman Warders in history, and hear about her journey to becoming a Beefeater. Through this video, you will learn about the strict criteria for becoming a Yeoman Warder and the significance of living within the Tower of London.

You will also have exclusive access to the Crown Jewels and hear the incredible history behind them, including the superstitions and legends surrounding them. The video will also touch on the mesmerizing Raven’s at the Tower of London and the significance they hold in English history.

Prepare to be amazed by the secrets, the history, and the goings-on Inside The Tower Of London with a Beefeater. Whether you are a history enthusiast, a royal enthusiast, or simply a lover of all things England, this video is a must-watch for anyone looking to delve deeper into the enchanting history of the Tower of London.

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Welcome to the Tower of London Star Wars Game of Thrones aoo ghost tales off with everybody’s head this is the symbol of England this is where William the Conqueror came in in 1078 and built his Tower the White Tower this was his death star King Henry VII and bind the tutors

War of the Roses Richard III and the murder of the two boys this is AR going to be the most important symbol in English history today we have special access to a yman water which is an extremely special position that guards the Tower and the crown jewels follow me

Inside dvas let’s go we won’t be able to film in there there’s a lot of places we can’t film crown jewels is one the chapel is another but we will be going around the grounds and I just saw one of the yman guys right here look who’s walking right

There all right that’s it we’re entering the tower Tower of London we excited uh so this is Emma she’s a yman water yman water what is a yman water a yman water is I would suggest is a carer a carer of the tower a career of the history of the

Town of London uh in in a cannon nutsh show I would describe it as that but we’re also ceremonial personal Bodyguards of the Monarch too so we get involved in the coronation um gun salutes uh I actually stood around the coffin when the queen laid in state over

At Westminster Hall so yeah some of those responsibilities still belong with us which is uh very cool yeah and how do you become one there’s three criteria quite strict 22 years in the military is your minimum amount of service required and we take all the branches and we also

Take Commonwealth soldiers you also need to be of a certain rank so highest rank in the non-commissioned card so uh one officer sergeant major in the Army the wording Changers depending on which branch you’re in and then you also need to have your long service called Conduct

Medal which is this one on the end of my my ribbons here on the end you’ve got one with a little rosette that’s my long service called Conduct Medal and that basically says that I’ve got an unblemished career for recogniz at the time we sometimes call it the undetected

Crime medal yeah we’ve not been caught yeah and so you when you were growing up did you want to become a I didn’t no not at all I didn’t even know it existed to be honest um wasn’t something that I’d probably ever seen and I’ve never visited the tower myself before I uh

Thought about getting the job and uh then it yeah yeah so a job came open and I thought oh I wanted a new challenge and I thought oh I’m going to give it a crack so yeah amazing and you apply for it you you obviously that CR IA you

Apply for it upload your CV on online you know like any other job really so you wait for position to come open cuz we’re one for one and then um yeah I was I was chosen there’s 35 of us employed yeah and we all live here too families

Uh children whoever’s you know connected to with us lives here also so that’s pretty cool it’s amazing yeah yeah and so Tower so much history tell me so what’s the most obscure thing uh you could tell me that people don’t really know about I know there’s one that’s

Very interesting I I I I I think for me the the most obscure many people don’t really know that we live here and I think that’s quite a surprise for for a lot of people you know they come in and they say they always say oh I’ve just

Seen you know um some houses and there’s some kids uh scooters and toys and that what what’s that all about well we live here and they’re like wow you know absolutely so I live right next door to the bloody Tower wow so yeah the bloody Tower uh my bedroom window opens out

Onto the entrance of the bloody Tower and the Bloody Tower if you weren’t aware is some hor things happened in the bloody tower the two boy princes uh 1483 they disappeared while they were living in that Tower and um yeah and although they haven’t concluded they found two

Skeletons the other side of the the White Tower uh about 191 years after the boys disappeared and then they they declared they were the two missing boys taken to westmin Abby on all those of the king and re re kind of reburied in inoc corner and they still remain but

Yeah we don’t really know uh whether that whether they are the two boys or not it’s kind of still unknown really it’s not not beened yeah so the crown jewels behind us crown jewels i’ I’ve seen it in so many movies over my lifetime what are the crown jewels the

Crown jewels I would describe them as a collection of um crowns Jewels themselves so a lot of the crowns are reused uh but what’s more important and what’s older are the jewels inside the CR s so the jewels are moved with with monarchs and you know created into

Different things and it’s a collection of um crowns um robes jewelry that is used during coronations and such like and actually the generally the question we get asked about the crown draws is are they real that’s always the question are they real and absolutely 100% no they’re real because during the

Coronation 75% of what is in on show over there disappeared yeah it so it went so why would they need to be you know they wouldn’t disappear if they weren’t real would they just stay there yeah so that’s kind of ravens the Ravens the Ravens they’re amazing the Ravens they’re very popular

Actually for guys when they come visit uh and generally the question I get asked is Emma where’s the crows well we got loads of crows but we got seven very special Ravens the Ravens are the largest member of The Crow family and it’s actually they were here before the

Tower was built the White Tower behind us which is the oldest part yeah 107 will the conquer ordered that to be built so they were here before that Tower was built and over the years Superstition and Legend decreed there’ll always be Ravens at the town on King Charles II commanded six Ravens must

Stay and if they ever leave the White Tower crumbles to dust the monarchy Falls and a great tragedy falls upon the people of England wow and I’ll be out of a job in a place to live which is key so are there ghost stories ghost stories could this be a ghost what and

As an otherworldly blob floats across the Tower of London before disappearing into the Sky um another question always gets asked uh ghost stories I don’t I’m not a believer in ghosts so I’m going to say I haven’t really got any ghost stories but they say number seven which is next door to me on Tower green over there next door to Billy Tower is supposed to be

The most haunted house in the town of London they do say the Martin Tower is haunted as well which is just behind you but I I’ve never really experienc anything so um I know some of the other y wers possibly would tell you a better story but I’ve never really seen

Anything or but I think to be honest if there anywhere that’s going to be haunted it’s probably going to be the tower London is it you know all the stuff that went on here oh for sure how many people died here you want to be very special to lose your head inside

The tower only six people were officially beheaded inside the tower amberin obviously being one of them and the one that we generally get asked about amberin in fact they say that she was executed pretty much where we start yeah right here in this Central Area yeah wow life for a prisoner in that

Time life for a prisoner do you know what I think there’s a there’s some confusion between what that kind of thing would look like you know prisoner because a lot of the people that were imprisoned here were were state prisoners so they were they were they were people that the monarchs they were

Important yeah they were important they were Nobles wealthy people and they would have lived in really quite nice Surs with servants and Maids most of them you know so a lot of that stuff was going on absolutely some people were locked away in some horrible places no

Out about it but many of the people were state prisoners and not not you know not probably the ones that people assume were here they were probably kept here to stop causing trouble that was generally the reason they were kept inside the tower CU they weren’t away

You know causing offense to to anybody else or yeah especially in that time you can just disappear in two seconds like out there yeah yeah yeah I forgot I I forgot which prisoner it was that he had his wives and dogs inside the cell so

That was toal Riley he he he was held in the uh bloody tower for for many years years he spent about 13 years in total inside the town of London and yeah he was locked away in that very small Tower with his wife and his kids must have

Been hellish yeah in a very small place wow I have another question ceremony of the keys it’s been going on for 700 years ceremon of the keys very important part of our history here so it’s been going on for 700 years and more so that’s the traditional locking up of the

Tower of London happens every night uh 10:00 every night the the tower gets locked down okay uh and a lot of people say well you you live here are you locked in or are you locked out well depend on obviously what time we’re getting home but we’re not locked in we

Can still go in and out okay so we’re not prisoners we we can still move in and out but um yeah 10:00 every night the tower gets locked down soldiers that are out here they’ll do a ceremony basically on the steps uh the king’s keys are used there’s a challenge

Obviously which is part of that uh a lot of people talk about the challenge who comes there you know um because basically a group of people are walking soldiers and he wants to find out who they are and that’s why he brings his weapon down and challenges them and says

He call it so that’s how it originated H who comes there that exactly that but probably a little bit more you know confident and louder yeah want to do it again go halt who comes there better that that yeah you could fit in quite

Well I can fit in and how does that work in terms of like do you have vacation time I don’t know I mean I don’t know if that’s even curious about that okay so uh my typical day is this really just answering questions like you’ve just been asking me um we generally start

Work between 9 and 10 o’clock in the morning most days um we have a 3- week rotor so we’ll do a 37h hour week pretty much but it’s it’s kind of balanced along those three weeks and um absolutely I get vacation I wouldn’t be

Here if I didn’t get time on yeah uh we get 3 week uh vacation in the summer and we get a two we vacation in the winter and um yeah we can we can obviously just do whatever we want in that period of

Time and our day off up to week so a lot of people think that we just walk around in this uniform all the time you know even when we go out shopping but we don’t we obviously we have days at work uh uh like I say my day today is

Basically sharing the history with you guys when you come visit the biggest question we generally get asked is where the toilets that’s generally what I do most of the day the other question is why we call Bee featers right that’s generally the two questions we get asked

And uh we don’t really know the answer to that question so it’s a little bit disappointing when we say actually we officially written down logged anywhere in history we don’t know there’s nothing written down that tells us there’s lots of suggestions a lot of people say oh is

It the beef eater gin well it would be nice but actually we’ve got a really good affiliation with the beef eater gin distiller and they gift you something every year every year we get a bottler ofin on our birthdays wow so every birthday a y and water will get a bottle

I’ve got four birthdays throughout the year bit like the Monarch you know with all those birthdays My Gin stash is massive but uh but yeah uh they also say that we were paid with beef possibly that’s a suggestion and maybe we ate beef at the king’s table but like I say

Don’t know officially we don’t know there’s nothing written down that clarifies it so it’s a bit of a I hear there’s a private club that you you eat there is yeah and there’s like a silver goblet with your names on them so yes we

Do have a lot of people call it the PO I like to call it Club because it makes it sounds a little bit uh you can only get into the club by invitation from one of us y wers That’s the only way you’re going to get in it uh you can come if

You want you like my eyes anyway I’m Jing I was like yes an a with great so yeah it’s uh we we run it ourselves so it’s it’s our club okay and there are only 35 members of that club in there the young that live here at T London so

Um yeah we we open it on an evening and uh we invite people in to come and come and do an evening tour uh and then they get to watch the ceron keys also as well as our guests but it’s quite prestigious in there you when you go for a drink in

There you have to wear a shirt tie Blazer oh so you have to be like dressed up you have to be dressed up it’s not like a you know although we do have a little snog area where we can hang out in our shorts and t-shirts and stuff but

Uh but yeah it is quite a special place were you serious about the invitation I’ll come back I’ll come back to London coming back well next time you come back give me give me a shout oh wow thank you and I’ll take you in for a drink amazing absolutely thank you Emma

Thank you we appreciate it it’s amazing so beautiful today it’s like a real winter day got the Christmas trees in here you have the buildings around but then you have the airplanes above us shows you like ancient Modern of their Uncle Richard Duke of boster who had the boys brought here to the tower for their own protection as soon as they were here he had the boys declared illegitimate the boys out the way funnily enough that made Uncle Richard the first in line for the throne

And he was soon crowned King Richard III now shortly after his coronation the boys dis disappeared they were never seen alive again Richard he died fighting a few years later at the battle of boswood Field in the year 1485 shortly after the battle some men came forward and actually admitted to

Murdering boys whilst they laid sleeping in a bed chamber behind that top window they said they smothered the boys their sleep they bundled their young bodies down the staircase and covered them over with a pile of stones the next day an unknown priest came he took the bodies

Away he buried them underneath the staircase inside the White town there they lay undiscovered for 191 years till some workmen working on the staircase and covered a box probably thought they’ found hidden treasure you can imagine their horror and dismay when they open that box to find the bones of

Two young children now experts at the time immediately declared these must be the bones of the two boy princes so y words explained to us what the trailer gate is this was the Water Gate this is where all the prisoners would come on a boat through and you know and from here

Enter the tower uh on the way in very very scary though they would see like dead like heads of everybody who has been decapitated before and uh yeah Queen Amin Catherine came through here and then right here we have Bloody Tower and on the way uh through here we’re

Going to make our way to the crown Jews your boys were murdered by Richard theii right here in that like right in those window window that window we just saw the crown jewels and the process is very simple you just walk in they tell you you put the phone down

And people are taking photos and recording they keep screaming it uh but super impressive you have gold plates you have diamonds the biggest diamond in the world is in there so many crowns impressive to say the least it’s a must look right here sparkling and splended like decorations on Christmas tree it

Literally is like super bright in there uh it’s big actually and there’s a part where you like a like a small escalator that’s flat and it just takes you through all the crowns and that was my favorite part of the whole thing uh beautiful you know it’s the first time

I’ve seen it I was never here before I’ve seen a Tower of London from outside first two trips that I came but never like this and this is where it all began the White Tower back in 1078 we didn’t the conquer conquered these lands Normans Conquering the Saxons and he

Built his death star to show the population who’s in power to subdue the population upstairs that’s executions bottom torture chambers ulim went through here guy uh guy Fox as well uh can you imagine being back then know thousand years ago in here and later in the 12 Huns they whitewashed the

Building and that’s why it looks like this in its current state this is the Wardrobe Tower built in 1190 by Richard I and he built it on top of the Roman city walls the tower became part of a large building the house the great wardrobe the king and queen stored portable valuables there

Such as Jewels f furniture and armor later the ordin office which supplied the military equipment used the building and it was demolished between 1878 and 1883 it’s pretty amazing he built this as for his cloth huge so we just passed the White Tower and now we’re going to walk on the

Walls so we have some good views from up Here definitely a workout oh area salt Tower in front we have Tower Bridge the most iconic bridge in the city and right here we have a raven whoa look at down right there go we’re going through the White Tower it’s room after room Armory after Armory swords guns you have to keep going

There’s no way to go backwards once you enter there’s only one way out so all the way to the top and then all the way down this is very crowded they prepared for some lines so this is King Charles II’s armor so the first and the second as boys

Super look at the design incredible stainless steel mix with some Gold Elements maybe some copper in there they also have the the armor for the horse we have a different hat here his shield armor of a char Charles 1 and Charles 2 that’s boys my Spe pass Tower London check Tower Bridge check let’s go

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