Filipino Residents Have Established a Home in Honolulu’s Chinatown ūüáļūüáł (Hawaii) – Video

Filipino Residents Have Established a Home in Honolulu’s Chinatown ūüáļūüáł (Hawaii) – Video

Experience the vibrant and historical neighborhood of Chinatown in Honolulu, Hawaii in this exciting video. Join the host as he explores the streets and meets the Filipinos who have made this place their home. Discover the unique mix of cultures, food, and influences that make this area so special. Follow along as the host and his companion navigate through the streets, taking in the sights, and even indulge in some Filipino food. This video provides a unique glimpse into the heart of Chinatown and captures the small-town USA vibes that make this area truly unique. Join in for a virtual tour of Honolulu’s Chinatown and get ready to be captivated by this fascinating and vibrant neighborhood.

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Both for men and women yeah oh okay let me get¬† two two white ones please is this for special¬†¬† occasions yeah what what what do people use¬† these for for anything looking for more specific¬†¬† anything I just want something that says I’m¬† in Hawaii oh you know something that just that¬†¬†

Just grabs the eye oh really oh no like well¬† maybe something yellow now the streets here are¬†¬† extremely beautiful they give me those small town¬† USA Vibes extremely different from the mainland¬†¬† USA it’s still part of America but it almost feels¬† like a different country when you’re here what’s¬†¬†

Up everybody welcome back to another beautiful¬† day here on the island of Hawaii today I’m in¬†¬† honolulu’s Chinatown and I’m going to give you¬† guys a tour of this extremely vibrant part of the¬†¬† city now the Chinatown is actually located right¬† near the pier these here are uh Pier 13 and Pier¬†¬†

14 I also see that there’s a police station over¬† here Pier 15 and I’m guessing this is where a lot¬†¬† of the goods show up um to the mainland here in¬† Hawaii because well a lot of the items that you¬†¬†

Purchase on a daily basis from the food to the  drinks to even the clothing uh 90% of all the   goods that are found here on the on the islands  of Hawaii are actually imported so Chinatown is  

Located right in the heart of the downtown right¬† along the piers and today I’m going to be giving¬†¬† you guys a tour of this extremely historical part¬† of the city now of course I’m with glattus today¬†¬†

Hello hello are you excited to be here in Hawaii  yes so happy this is so beautiful it is it is   extremely beautiful and it is extremely different  now a lot of people told me that Hawaii was one of  

Those places that’s um extremely different from¬† the mainland USA it’s still part of America but¬†¬† it almost feels like a different country when¬† you’re here walking around talking to the people¬†¬† they have their own accents their own way of life¬† and it’s it’s beautiful to see yesterday while we¬†¬†

Were on our way from the airport to our hotel our¬† Uber driver was actually telling us that a lot of¬†¬† the people here in Hawaii well they obviously¬† are well aware that they are American but that¬†¬† they consider themselves Hawaiian and almost¬† consider themselves their own country so it’s¬†¬†

Very special it’s a unique Place hopefully we¬† can and uh discuss that with some locals here¬†¬† in this series but yeah this here is Chinatown¬† now Chinatown is one of the most historical areas¬†¬† of the city it’s been around since the 1800s¬† and according to everything I read online this¬†¬†

Area actually became extremely popular because  of the whaling industry that was found here in   Hawaii during the early 1800s the Welling industry  was extremely huge they used to actually um yeah   I guess go and hunt whales off the coast of the  Mainland and this here is where they would bring  

Them in and I guess you can say butcher them up¬† and disperse the goods from the whales across not¬†¬† only Hawaii but other surrounding areas now the¬† streets here are extremely beautiful they give¬†¬† me those small town USA Vibes and a lot of the¬† buildings that you’re actually seeing here in¬†¬†

This area are actually buildings that have been¬† rebuilt over the course of the last century and¬†¬† I’ll tell you guys a little bit more about that¬† later on as we walk around this area now right¬†¬†

Now we’re actually Kicking It Off on King Street¬† King Street is where people told me you can start¬†¬† walking around Chinatown and that it actually¬† spreads out quite big and that this area of the¬†¬† city is not only known for being Chinatown but¬† also for being the arts district these days that¬†¬†

I guess there’s a lot of art galleries and art¬† exhibits that take place here throughout the year¬†¬† now I must say it feels so good walking around¬† these streets after being in Southeast Asia for¬†¬†

So long it’s not too humid it’s fresh but it still¬† is it still is warm how do you feel walking around¬†¬† these neighborhoods uh amazing I I always like¬† to explore new things new countries this is not a¬†¬†

Country well I mean this is USA but you know what¬† I mean it’s a part of USA so I I’ve already been¬†¬† in um USA so many times but nothing like thisai¬† has its own Vibe yeah and it looks very beautiful¬†¬†

Here all the buildings you can tell they’re pretty¬† old yeah they are I like how it’s kept its um it’s¬†¬† simple touch it’s nice and it’s always like it’s¬† always um good to see how this country is built¬†¬†

By different communities from all around the world¬† so here for example right here in the corner you¬†¬† can tell it’s a Chinese store where you can¬† find a lot of things from China like little¬†¬† cute souvenirs Buddhas so that’s very incredible¬† and you can tell that on the food too there’s food¬†¬†

From all around the world but Hawaii has its own  food like the pock or the CH ice cream which is   also something we need to try yeah we need to  try a lot more Hawaiian foods but um yeah like  

Glattus was just mentioning we’ve noticed that¬† a lot of the Hawaiian flu food has an influence¬†¬† from other parts of the world we actually had oh¬† man what was it called cowb St steak and eggs and¬†¬†

We actually did some research and by research  I mean you know just typing it in into Google   and it told us that cowb steak and eggs are  actually extremely popular here in Hawaii but  

It is actually um a Korean dish a Korean dish that  has become extremely popular here so a lot of the   food that you find here in Hawaii has an influence  from another country but they add their own twist  

To that food so yeah let’s start our little walk¬† around and see what we can get our hands on here¬†¬† in the Chinatown area of Hawaii we’re going¬† to do a little bit of shopping a little bit¬†¬†

Of eating now everything that people have told us¬† about this area basically we’ve come up with the¬†¬† same conclusion from every conversation we’ve had¬† and that is that this area of the city has some¬†¬†

Of the best food yes so let’s see if we can get¬† our hands on some on some good eats Nice produce¬†¬† markets and see this is this is very cool to see¬† because um only in the Chinatown areas in the US¬†¬†

I feel like you can find fresh produce being sold¬† like this on the sides of the streets same in San¬†¬† Francisco same in New York City like you got all¬† kinds of um different cooking utensils cleaning¬†¬† utensils and yeah it’s just not something¬† that’s uh common to find just walking around¬†¬†

Normal cities in the US outside of you know chat  town so usually when you want your vegetables in   America you have to go to a big grocery store  but not here in Chinatown you can walk around  

And just um pick away at anything that you might¬† need to take home with you now over in this corner¬†¬† there’s a big Market aahoo Market looks really¬† interesting as well looks like there’s a lot¬†¬† of produce and fresh meats being sold and I’ve¬† noticed that there is a lot of construction going¬†¬†

On but I guess that’s uh pretty normal pretty¬† standard for a place like Hawaii that’s just Ever Changing bananas cucumbers tomatoes¬† green peppers sweet potatoes Ginger¬†¬† oh man all of that looks amazing now¬† everybody told me that I have to try¬†¬†

The guava here in Hawaii as well¬† as the papaya everybody says that¬†¬† the papaya comes from the north side of¬† the island and that it is very delicious now as I mentioned a lot of the buildings that¬† you’re seeing here have actually been rebuilt¬†¬†

Over the course of the last century and that is  actually because um Hawaii is a place that has   suffered many tragic accidents due to wildfires  there was actually a big Wildfire recently on   the island of Maui that completely took out a  very a very popular side of the island that had  

So much history and the same has happened here¬† on the mainland or the big island of Hawaii I¬†¬† believe actually you know what let me pull this¬† up on Google because I don’t want to get these¬†¬†

Facts wrong but um yes it says right here that the  famous Chinatown fire which was here in this area   of the city of of the island actually took place  in 1886 and it began in a local restaurant and  

Ended up uh burning for three days straight and  destroying eight blocks so this was actually not   a wildfire this was a fire that was started inside  of a restaurant a business here in Chinatown and  

Then later in 1899 there was a bubanic plague that  um wiped out a large population of the island of   Hawaii people were getting infected by the by this  plague and it caused man extreme an extreme large  

Amount of of lost to human life and then it says  that um the the disease had spread so quickly that   the Honolulu Board of Health actually quarantined  the area and ordered for the destruction of any   building that had housed an infected person due  to the plague so a series of controlled fires  

Took place in the year 1900 and destroyed 41¬† structures intentionally intentionally and then¬†¬† after complications arose when they couldn’t put¬† the fires out it actually grew so quickly that it¬†¬† ended up burning for 17 days and it destroyed 38¬† acres of the city how crazy is that huge part of¬†¬†

This area pretty much the entire Chinatown was¬† burned to the ground so a lot of the buildings¬†¬† that you’re seeing they’re still um pretty old¬† but most of them were built between the 1920s¬†¬† to 1940s and this area of Chinatown that actually¬† looking at that is now super trendy and known for¬†¬†

Its shopping and nightlife well this area let me  just tell you it has another little crazy side to   it as well during the 1930s and 1940s during  World War II this was actually where the red  

Light district was here in Honolulu was here on  these very streets so um a lot of the sailors and   um military service members that were actually  stationed in Pro Harbor getting ready to the way  

To the CL getting ready to head off to war this  is where they would spend their last few days   getting rowdy and having a good time people would  get tattoos here go to brothel you know what you  

Do inside of those places and basically just get¬† absolutely Rowdy before going to war it’s pretty¬†¬† nice to um you know think about all those things¬† and try and see in or imagine in your eyes like¬†¬† what this area looks like like in 1940 imagine¬† all the sailors out here getting drunk getting¬†¬†

Sailor Jerry tattoos interesting I wonder¬† um which one were the trendy places in that¬†¬† moment like the trendy bar that would be Co know¬† huh there’s actually a lady who um Let’s cross¬†¬† this way gles there’s actually a lady here who¬† runs a tour around this area or used to run a¬†¬†

Tour around this area and we saw a news article¬† about her and she actually run it used to run a¬†¬† tour around Chinatown showing you guys the old¬† red light district places unfortunately though¬†¬† from what I read online she no longer lives here¬† she lives in Seattle now so we can’t actually book¬†¬†

One of those tours which is quite unfortunate but¬† look we got a jewelry Jade antique shop here wow¬†¬† this almost reminds me of Chinatown Hong Kong¬† all right let’s hit the road a little bit and¬†¬† start walking wow look at this building the one¬† we were just walking alongside that is absolutely

Beautiful wow that is gorgeous now you know¬† I did actually get some recommendations for¬†¬† a place called the pork and pig lady or the pig¬† lady something like that it’s located down this¬†¬† street we’ll have to go down there and check¬† it on out here in a few minutes and maybe try¬†¬†

Ourselves the famous uh Bon Me pork sandwich that¬† they make there oh wow look they got Vietnamese¬†¬† restaurants a nice little Marketplace here now¬† I am noticing that just like most places in the¬†¬† US here in Hawaii they have a big I’m noticing¬† it’s a big homeless issue there’s a big homeless¬†¬†

Problem and there’s a big um well throughout the¬† parts around the city you’ll see tents and a large¬†¬† homeless population which I was not expecting¬† to see because you know you only always hear¬†¬† about the paradise side of these places however¬† like most places in the world they do have some¬†¬†

Some struggles here as well um but I feel like  this is just a huge problem in the US because   um obviously homeless people do exist all around  the world but yesterday when glattus and I arrived  

We were blown away way yeah like it was it was¬† super sad to see we walked inside of McDonald’s¬†¬† yesterday at like 11:00 at night because we were¬† super hungry and there was just so many people¬†¬† sleeping absolutely everywhere inside of the¬† McDonald’s and it was sad to see because you¬†¬†

Know as you’re walking around especially W Kiki¬† Honolulu area there’s just so much money around¬†¬† like so much people out here just man buying¬† the most expensive handbags the most expensive¬†¬† everything and then right along somebody walking¬† with the her mes bag there’s just someone like¬†¬†

Literally living the worst time of their life on¬† the sidewalk yeah it’s very rough to see I was not¬†¬† expect expecting that in Highway yeah neither was¬† I but you know what let’s actually cross on over¬†¬†

And let’s see if we can purchase some items from¬† the marketplace because I definitely want to um¬†¬† see if I can’t get my get my hands on a few items¬† from here look at how cool these little statues are all right let’s come on

Inside oh glattus you wanted one of these you  wanted a lay a l i wonder how much these are   flower lays oh $4 each that is a deal these  are beautiful which colors would you go for  

Maybe white or colorful what white or colorful¬† I think the I think the colorful ones A vibe¬†¬† but the white ones also pretty beautiful¬† you know what white I think White’s a good¬†¬† choice you want to buy one yeah I am hello¬† okay are these yours yes hello how much are¬†¬†

They uh 150 150 oh okay can we get um is this¬† they’re both for men and women yeah oh okay¬†¬† let me get two two white ones please is this¬† for special occasions yeah what what what do¬†¬†

People use these for for anything anything  just to wear yeah okay so $3 what else do   you sell in your shop oh you can come inside  take a look okay what are these uh live bamboo   live bamboo and they actually grow bigger yeah  okay wow look they got massage and spas yeah oh  

Pay inside okay hello $150 um I got two two  or3 $3 thank you wow your store is beautiful yeah wow these are interesting looking I wonder  what these are used for hello excuse me what are   these used for yeah but is it for a special  occasion yeah oh okay thank you yeah those  

Are interesting I like this okay we got our¬† flower lace thank you so much now I feel I¬†¬† am in Hawaii with the flowers all right I was¬† trying to spark up a little conversation but I¬†¬† don’t think they wanted that one sometimes¬† you got to try but then sometimes you also¬†¬†

Got to know when to walk away you know what¬† I’m saying yo these are super beautiful as¬†¬† well these are actually extremely popular¬† here as well glattus was actually reading¬†¬† up on these what are these used for GL it’s an¬† A too how did you pronunciate this a what Le¬†¬†

Sorry oh it’s a lay also yeah it’s a l also¬† so it’s everything you can put together as a as a as a necklace as a necklace exactly and I¬† read online you can use it to as a welcome also¬†¬†

Like as a way to say goodbye but also they use  this for special occasion like graduations so   when somebody left the college when they graduate  here in Hawaii they can have so many lays that the  

Lays can go up to the ears because it’s something¬† that people that love love you give to you okay¬†¬† that sounds nice now I was actually um where I¬† was growing up in Long Beach California we got¬†¬†

A huge Samoan population so when I actually¬† finished uh High School I remember all of my¬†¬† Samoan friends walking around with yeah next¬† just filled all the way up to the top with¬†¬† these it’s quite cool some even had some that¬† were that was like a bunch of dollar bills and¬†¬†

Money folded into a necklace but this sp’s cool¬† like they got all kinds of massages hair and nail places I love it it’s nice it’s¬† interesting I wonder who this is here well I’d like to

Know yeah I’d love to know who this is if¬† you guys know please let me know down in the comments did you find another beautiful shop¬† for us to do shopping hello hi wow your Shop’s¬†¬†

Beautiful oh wow thanks oh thank you so much  do you do you have any great shirts for men   I do have a lot of if you want to come down yeah  please yeah are you looking for more specific I  

Just want something that says I’m in Hawaii oh you¬† know something that just that just grabs the eye¬†¬† oh really oh no like well maybe something yellow¬† that’s like okay oh that one that one okay that¬†¬†

That’s a that’s that’s a little too Poppy huh for¬† real that is like you got the that is that is like¬†¬† palm trees you got the beach sunsets everything¬† naked volcano yeah you can’t go wrong there huh¬†¬†

You got all that Bamboo House look at it I like¬† that what’s the price of this one really nice what¬†¬† size are you extra large I give it to you for 22¬† 22 yeah is that a good deal it is a good deal okay¬†¬†

I I believe you I believe you of course I’m not¬† going to wipe you out all right yeah you’re sweet¬†¬† promise you okay you know what what what do you¬† think what color do you think would look better¬†¬†

On me the yellow actually your skin tone you’re¬† like a little bit of a orangey thing you’re Fair¬†¬† actually I guess because you have yeah I think you¬† look good in this what do you think ma’am she’s¬†¬†

The boss she’s the boss huh yes of course ins wow¬† what is it’s beautiful I think I think yellow is¬†¬† cool you think it’s it really like a e color if¬† you want something wo you know okay something wow¬†¬†

This is your color oh that one is nice too but but¬† this is I feel like this this is more more Poppy¬†¬† but this is more like I’m I’m like I’m like 50 I’m¬† I’m on my vacation about thinking about retiring¬†¬†

In Hawaii you know right though no not really or¬† you think that’s the young taste okay yeah there¬†¬† is like about oh 17 18 wearing this even this¬† one too don’t take me wrong they’re both okay¬†¬†

You know what let’s go with the yellow though I¬† like this it depends on your iude exactly yes yes¬†¬† okay you’re very approachable and loud I think¬† that was super okay so people like you and me¬†¬† would wear yellow cuz we’re approachable I think¬† yeah I think you’re approachable I love yellow¬†¬†

I love green I love anything like okay same here¬† man you’re so kind thank you oh thank you are you¬†¬† from here no I’m from the Philippines yo we just¬† came from the Philippines from crazy yeah we just¬†¬†

Came we love the Philippines just like I it very  friendly oh really we were in sebu City yeah we   went in City and Manila oh manil and B where are  you from um in the south side of the Philippines  

But I GRE up in Manila do you like binka of¬† course yeah binka we love oh my god oh man p¬†¬† h h h h my favor dessert oh my God we got to stop¬† talking about this because I’m going to miss the¬†¬†

Philippines and I’m in Hawaii I’m supposed to be¬† enjoying Hawaii first time I didn’t mix it I just¬†¬† grabbed the little ice cream yeah the little ice¬† cream I was say amazing Hal you know what’s crazy¬†¬†

Is that the whole world is here in Hawaii there’s¬† people from all over the world here oh well yeah¬†¬† they said it’s a paradise but I heard yeah it is¬† a paradise Paradise I think people here are very¬†¬†

Welcoming they’re very friendly you know somebody¬† told us that the that the largest population on¬†¬† the island of ha are Asians and mainly Filipinos¬† we Asians I would say Asians I think the Filipino¬†¬†

Side of it is there’s a lot of here then tal cuz¬† I am tal and then tal is in the mland soos are¬†¬† more here but you know what we have a lot in a¬† lot of I mean lot ofes you know which is good it¬†¬†

Makes it little more like you know welcome we feel¬† like right you feel at home yeah the weatherwise¬†¬† everything actually it’s a little bit more fresh¬† here the Philippines that humidity had me beat¬†¬† that’s so bad it’s true you’re just speaking for¬† the truth yeah it is hot right you know what I’m¬†¬†

Going to take this one though oh yeah awesome¬† one for you you have to get something for you¬†¬† little flowers for din I do you don’t want to get¬† a dress or anything you can with him yeah I made¬†¬†

I already made my yeah she already made she just¬† made a purchase this morning yeah what do you have¬†¬† any of those hair ties for um not the haai one¬† let’s go check them out let’s go check them out¬†¬†

Hello hey how you guys doing doing great how are¬† you great enjoying my enjoying my vacation here¬†¬† nice thank you Hawaii is filled with such lovely¬† people it’s awesome yes it is it’s I I think it’s¬†¬† the Island the island life that makes everybody¬† super happy you know oh those are beautiful¬†¬†

Matches your shirt although this matches his¬† so you can oh so should I can I wear one too¬†¬† yes you can course yeah it’s flower it’s just a¬† oh I like that one man you look you look good it¬†¬†

Matches it matches I like all right no we haven’t¬† been to a luau how do you go to a Lu out do you¬†¬† got to get a special invitation yeah I think¬† you you can purchase a ticket toline I I been¬†¬†

To Paradise Co and it was so wonderful it’s just¬† by the beach um how how do you find those online¬†¬† um yeah um man we got to go to a do¬† Paradise okay down it’s really nice okay¬†¬†

You know and you know I think you guys should go  and you can go on the front and on the stage and   dance hoola learn how to dance yeah and dance in  there too you guys have to you know how to dance  

Hoola no that’s sad how many how many years is¬† did you say you’ve been out here oh I’ve been¬†¬† here for like about 30 years 30 years oh you’re¬† you’re Hawaiian Filipina oh no not really cuz I¬†¬†

Wasn’t Bor here oh okay okay my friend yeah my¬† my husband’s friend’s daughter was born here she¬†¬† danced she Dan that he should dance but she go to¬† classes okay wow that’s that’s very interesting I¬†¬†

Know you guys do what’s the name of is this your¬† shop Erica store yeah me Erica store okay you and¬†¬† your mom it’s hers just kind of like dipping in¬† Hey where’s the money okay all right all right¬†¬†

She takes the money old right how much do we owe¬† you um this is 22 and that’s $3 so 25 even 25 even¬†¬† there you go thank you I’m so glad I met you oh¬† really hi because come and visit Chinatown yeah¬†¬†

Come visit Chinatown and come to Erica store what¬† what are your guys’ hours um from 8 to 3:30 800 to¬†¬† 3:30 and if you want to come in here and just do¬† a whole bunch of shopping past 3:30 then they’ll¬†¬†

Stay open for you and say you yeah and then say  Chris sent you come on over here guys if you want   to if you want to have a smile on your face this  is where you have to come yeah thank you so much  

Thank you let me put this in the back for you  you can always find uh you can always count on   the Filipino Hospitality all around the world to  make you happy amazing talk to you guys as well  

Thank you so much here let me leave you with¬† the card you know what you make her day we’ve¬†¬† been so quiet all day long yeah yeah you just¬† F that’s the goal you made our day too cuz you¬†¬†

Know I’ve been walking around trying to talk to¬† quite a bit of people and then like everybody’s¬†¬† a little bit shy shy or quiet you know they’re not¬† yeah yeah some you got to sometimes you got to try¬†¬†

And I’m the ice breaker you know I like to just¬† break the ice but sometimes people don’t want to¬†¬† have the ice broken they’re typical sometimes¬† they just shy a little bit and when you start¬†¬†

Talking to them they go for it yeah exactly here¬† let me leave you with two cards oh awesome what is¬†¬† that there are YouTube channels yeah that better¬† be posted down it’s getting posted on there we¬†¬† we’re we’re promoting Erica’s Erica’s store the¬† best place to get your your lays and your your¬†¬†

Hawaii shirts package for you my brother thank¬† you so much thank you now who’s on the Statue¬†¬† out there do you um I think that’s the um Vietnam¬† got but I’ve heard she is a b of protection so oh¬†¬†

Okay yeah a lot of so a very important person¬† yes very yeah okay that’s now everybody told me¬†¬† that when I’m in Chinatown I got to try a donut¬† donut is that is that really what the what I got¬†¬†

To try here here but they move I’m not too sure¬† where they are now what else should I have to try¬†¬† before I leave chinat have you tried aino dish no¬† man we just left the Philippines I didn’t realize¬†¬†

We were going to be doing Filipino in Hawaiian¬† so you wanted the Philippines only eat dessert¬†¬† no regular meal no of course we had adobo P um¬† Leon oh have you tried that which one it’s pork¬†¬† with mayonnaise onion whatever and they they¬† barbecue it and it slices and the small pieces¬†¬†

And they mix it together okay it was pretty did¬† you want to try some yeah maybe I’ll try some¬†¬† of that yeah inside of inside of this smart game¬† okay maybe we’ll check that out for lunch you’re¬†¬†

Not going yet oh you want let’s go let’s go thank¬† you my friend I always recommend him okay let’s¬†¬† go thank you so much thank you nice meeting¬† you take care sir she’s going to take us to¬†¬†

Her favorite lunch spot let’s go oh man Hawaii’s¬† great thank you you’re welome oh this looks lovely that one is very famous they’re in YouTube¬† they’re on YouTube oh they got Poke Balls¬†¬† and everything I haven’t even tried Pokey¬† yet can you believe that oh for real oh you¬†¬†

Better to try them okay we’ll be back here¬† oh Muro Bros I saw them on YouTube they’re¬†¬† good yeah okay well let’s go to your friend’s¬† business we’re going to try Filipino food here¬†¬† in Hawaii all right oh so this is your one¬† no I haven’t a pig’s blood Pig’s blood yeah¬†¬†

Oh I’m not sure about that one just and what¬† is that one adobo yeah that’s adobo that’s¬†¬† adobo this is sant okay and this is the you¬† about and what is that one inside that one is

Just I want [¬†__¬†] I’m and pepper okay well you¬† know what I I’m going to I’m going to I’m going¬†¬† to take just an order of that that’s really good¬† okay I’m going to I’m going to try that one try¬†¬†

That’s my because we we got to do a little bit of¬† everything because yeah we’re eating everything¬†¬† you know I’m going to try this one thank you¬† so much thank you thank you man Erica’s store¬†¬†

Remember yeah okay come back thank you thank¬† you hello can I can I get an order of this um¬†¬† just like that so what size you want um small one¬† please how much is that $9 okay that’s fine thank

You thank you so much sir I mean ma’am¬† thank you so much uh make sure make sure¬†¬† you check out the video yes I will I’m thank¬† you take care you’re so kind all right hello¬†¬† are you guys from the Philippines too¬† yeah wow we love the Philippines Salam

That’s where are you guys from in the Philippines¬† in local store oh okay yeah we didn’t go there no¬†¬† no we need to go back Philippines is so big we¬† only explor St City Manila and boo oh Manila you¬†¬†

Goore next time next time or nor Locos nor Locos¬† nor Lo nor man it’s amazing that Filipinos are¬†¬† everywhere huh yeah and they are so friendly¬† so doesn’t matter where you go I love it let¬†¬†

Me help you with your F we got shirts we got  food we got lace you got hair decorations hair   decoration this is nice wow look at this this  is what glattus would love to eat right here  

The octopus that’s like an octopus that e it¬† yeah now you know what the problem is guys is¬†¬† that glce and I literally just got them stuff¬† our face thank you so much have a nice day no¬†¬†

Glattus and I literally just got done eating¬† so much food but you know what let’s see here¬†¬† real quick I’m going to I’m going to try this¬† out and then um I’ll just take one bite or so¬†¬†

And then we’ll continue on with our tour but I¬† couldn’t pass up what was her name Erica Erica¬†¬† Erica I couldn’t pass up the offer of her¬† bringing me here I mean she was so kind h&j¬†¬†

Cafe Filipino and local cuisine okay no I’ve¬† never even heard of this but to be honest in¬†¬† the Philippines there’s so much food to choose¬† from and you’re always trying new things every¬†¬† single day but you end up leaving the place¬† and still have so much that you haven’t tried¬†¬†

But I’m glad we we met Erica because that’s¬† literally The Vibes we’ve had since we’ve¬†¬† showed up to the island I mean everybody’s¬† been talking to us and treating us extremely well oh it’s like a salad it’s very good but the texture is hard for me

Mhm not my favorite you want to try it no guys¬† is like no I’m full I ate that beef Co how was¬†¬† the name uh c um called by beef yeah C with¬† eggs I’m sorry I can’t think right now how¬†¬†

Does it taste try it try it try one piece¬† okay I don’t know guys it’s uh for me it’s¬†¬† it’s super the flavor is good it’s just the¬† texture it’s kind of like um I don’t know you¬†¬†

Know in in Latino America we eat these things¬† are in Mexico better weat these things called¬†¬† queros that’s like the texture querito no I don’t¬† I don’t think it’s that but that’s the texture I’m getting it’s pork she said Erica had said¬† it’s pork mayitos it does taste like qutos¬†¬†

Huh I think it is yeah so you know what not bad¬† just um not for me but I like to try new things¬†¬† so hey it was worth trying we’ll make sure we¬† give this to somebody um that is in need of some¬†¬†

Food outside because it’s sad to waste and it’s¬† it’s delicious it’s just not the texture for me¬†¬† did you like it yeah do taste bad it doesn’t¬† taste bad at all it’s delicious and you can¬†¬† see why someone would like it because it’s¬† it’s very sweet it has like a smokey flavor¬†¬†

A smokey flavor flavor you’re right yeah I like¬† that but that Muto roast I’ve seen that one on¬†¬† YouTube I kind of want to try that spot too but¬† I think we’re going to save that one for another¬†¬†

Day yeah cuz poke bowls a must in Hawaii all¬† right let’s continue on with our little tour¬†¬† let’s head on outside and continue on exploring¬† Chinatown oh man what a great what a great time¬†¬†

Are you holding on to my shirt for me yeah I feel¬† like I want to put it on but you know what we’ll¬†¬† hold on to it I’m going to save it for our our¬† island adventure all right let’s get on out of

Here thank you you’re welcome where’s the¬† food we got we got some right here I just¬†¬† tried it yeah man it’s because there’s so much¬† stuff that we have never tried before and we’re¬†¬† dabbling on everything yeah Ah that’s not going¬† to be enough it’s not going to be enough but we¬†¬†

Still got some poke to try here in a little¬† bit we got to try the Shave Ice where can we¬†¬† find Shave Ice around here the most popular¬† one like can Chinatown or just on yeah in Chinatown oh I don’t know there’s really any sh¬† places in Chinatown there’s like a few smoothie¬†¬†

Places over here along the outside for sh yeah but¬† the most popular one is going to be the wild yeah¬†¬† yeah they told us that one okay we’ll check that¬† one out it’s pretty good I haven’t been there for¬†¬†

Years but I’m pretty sure they still hold up to¬† the same standards okay yeah yeah yeah well thank¬†¬† you so much sir yeah you’re welcome you’re welcome¬† bye thank you bye and enjoy the rest of your¬†¬† vacation thank you so much you’re welcome well¬† remember guys Erica store a lovely Place lovely¬†¬†

People great Vibes all right well let’s continue¬† on with our little tour of of Chinatown why not let’s continue walking around now¬† it’s a beautiful day out here today too¬†¬† guys like it is so beautiful out here it is a good

Time and as I mentioned it’s lovely to be able to¬† walk around in this weather this weather is cool¬†¬† it’s refreshing especially after coming from Asia¬† but yeah that gentleman that was actually sitting¬†¬†

There I I’m not sure if he was a police officer¬† or something but he had a gun handcuffs and it¬†¬† said Public Safety on his um shirts but he was a¬† super gentlemen as well it’s always nice when you¬†¬†

Run into kind people because it makes it boosts¬† morale yeah and if noce here just there’s a lot¬†¬† of police yeah there is a lot I don’t know I¬† personally um yeah have felt extremely safe¬†¬†

Walking around here oh look these are Le uh lay¬† shops Tina’s lay shop yeah so they they must make¬†¬† these all around here oh yeah cuz there’s flower¬† shops in every corner look there’s a f place over

There nice I’m loving the Chinatown area so far oh¬† Let’s cross you know what somebody told me that we¬†¬† had to go to the Chinatown cultural Plaza as well¬† while we were here so uh maybe we can find that¬†¬†

Area and we can finish the video there hello hi do¬† you know where we can find the Chinatown cultural¬†¬† Plaza next block next block okay thank you so¬† much see thank you all right so let’s cross over¬†¬†

One more block and we’ll check out the Chinatown¬† cultural Plaza and we’ll bring this video to an¬†¬† end over in that way over in that direction now¬† the airport’s incredibly um Clos too that’s why¬†¬†

You can hear the planes oh no that’s a wow that’s¬† a military jet look wow you guys can’t see that¬†¬† but that is a military jet that just skyrocketed¬† into into the sky wow that is impressive yeah¬†¬†

You can definitely hear all the G forces in N I¬† wonder if another one’s going to come up I would¬†¬† love to film that for you with my phone man that¬† was sick n can’t see it anymore Koy what is a su¬†¬†

Koy a plane oh really I’m bad with my planes¬† I don’t know planes I only know c17s and c130s¬†¬† cuz I used to jump out of them but man that was¬† sick the noise is impressive you hear it after¬†¬†

You see it yeah it’s amazing but yeah guys look¬† at these buildings here this one says the sumita¬†¬† building 1926 the Lum yep key building this place¬† is gorgeous man all kinds of different markets oh¬†¬† wow they got sugar cane juice across the street¬† oh my so um Chinatown actually became extremely¬†¬†

Popular because of the well the whing district  right they brought in a bunch of Chinese merchants   and Chinese sellers on contracts um right after  the whing ended here in Hawaii to help work on   the on sugar plantations and once their contracts  expired here here on the mainland everybody kind  

Of like congregated into this this little area¬† that we’re in right now that’s known as Chinatown¬†¬† and that’s how Chinatown became Chinatown um¬† yeah I’m I’m really bad at the history stuff¬†¬† guys I kind of like read things and like you¬† know I’m one of those people that gladus and¬†¬†

I are completely different because she can read¬† something one time and like with withhold all that¬†¬† information me I kind of just like withhold bits¬† and pieces of all that information but essentially¬†¬† um that’s how not only this Chinatown came to¬† be but also the chinatowns around America came¬†¬†

To be same with um San Francisco New York City¬† um they all kind of have the same the same same¬†¬† similar story so it’s Unique and you know what I’d¬† really like to visit all of the chinatowns in the¬†¬†

US I think that’d be pretty damn cool that’d be a¬† cool series but it definitely takes some time to¬†¬† cover all of that ground all right where’s the¬† Chinatown cultural Plaza oh it’s that building¬†¬†

Right there oh it’s a building okay well that’s¬† not what I was expecting I don’t know what I was¬†¬† expecting though to be honest something we Chinese¬† architector yeah I was expecting like to see like¬†¬†

A temple or a shrine or something all right well¬† you know what um let me put the camera down for¬†¬† a second guys let me get um let me figure out¬† where we are and let’s make our way over to the

Shrine the shrine let’s see oh we’re actually not¬† far from the shrine you know what um I got to I¬†¬† got to put the camera down anyway because I got¬† to rechange the battery so let’s cross the street¬†¬†

We’ll change the battery and then we’ll walk over¬† we’ll walk on over to the shrine and that’s what¬†¬† we’ll bring this little video to an end I feel¬† like there’s still so much more we didn’t cover¬†¬†

In Chinatown but you guys know how I like to¬† do it raw running gun and I also don’t want¬†¬† to I don’t want to leave you guys with a two-hour¬† video even though I know a lot of you guys would¬†¬†

Appreciate that I don’t want to leave you with the¬† 2hour video because you know I know you guys got¬†¬† things to do but let me know if you’re here at¬† this minute right now what minute are we at 41¬†¬†

Minutes if you made it to 41 minutes say leave me¬† a comment and say and say Chris loves tacos that¬†¬† way I know you made it here to 41 minutes and if¬† I see a Chris loves tacos comments I’m going to¬†¬†

Leave it a Hearts well to be fair I leave hearts  on almost all the comments I get I appreciate you   guys so much all right enough Jib Jab let me  turn the camera off and uh swap the battery on  

Over all right got the battery changed and now¬† we’re walking alongside inside like a rivered¬†¬† and I’m noticing that across the water there’s¬† actually all kinds of people gambling and playing¬†¬† cards and I’m not sure what oh look these are¬† like Checker boards on the table so yeah this¬†¬†

Must be an area where people come and yeah gamble¬† or play games now I’m also noticing that there’s¬†¬† a lot of sketchy sketchy [¬†__¬†] happening around¬† us like there’s a bunch of guys running with bags¬†¬†

And like old men were coming up to them in like¬† little bags and they were like dumping boxes of I¬†¬† don’t know medicine inside of their bags and like¬† changing money and then taking off in different¬†¬† directions and I was like man are these people¬† selling like like medicine or something under¬†¬†

The table like some black market stuff but who¬† knows um I just decided you know what you got to¬†¬† be Street Smart in those situations it’s best to¬† turn the camera off so like I started filming and¬†¬†

I was just like no you know what let me turn this¬† off like I’m not about to get I don’t know put¬†¬† in the wrong situation at the wrong time and have¬† people think I’m trying to film whatever the hell¬†¬†

They got going on so I was like you know what¬† camera’s camera goes off but we’re approaching¬†¬† the shrine now and I think it might actually be¬† close looks like there’s a fence around it right

Now but yeah this area is is really unique it’s¬† nice to see because it got that old touch feel¬†¬† and as you can see it’s super modern just on the¬† other side of Chinatown um where we’re staying¬†¬†

At in wakiki is where the resorts and hotels¬† are all the Louis Vuitton her mess stores so¬†¬† it’s nice to see this uh this side of the city¬† the contrast it’s great so yeah we definitely¬†¬†

Made it to the shrine what does this say the  bell of Peace it says that this is the bell   of Peace presented to the City and County of  Honolulu by the city of hirosima to celebrate   the 25th anniversary of the sister cities  affiliation January 7th 1985 wow that was  

Donated to Honolulu by hirosima and this is¬† the shrine wow this is beautiful man this is awesome what is this a bamboo sink dude¬† don’t play with me oh what it’s censored¬†¬† yeah it is censored no don’t play with me this¬† is awesome I want one of these at home a bamboo

Sink oh this is refreshing it’s so nice huh¬† yeah oh my God look at the signs thieves at¬†¬† work oh thieves at work yeah we were¬† we’ve been told to um keep your eyes¬†¬† on your belongings and to make sure you¬† don’t walk around with too many valuables¬†¬†

Here on the streets but I mean that’s pretty¬† standard for any big city around the world¬†¬† including one here in Paradise but yeah this¬† is the shrine wow this is beautiful I don’t¬†¬† want to be too loud look at this they¬† put lays on the on the Guardians of the shrines

Wow very nice now I don’t want to go in there with¬† the camera on because yeah it’s a Rel believe it’s¬†¬† a active religious Monument so I don’t really want¬† to go on in there but yeah guys the shrine super¬†¬†

Nice let’s actually read if I can’t figure out any¬† any more information about this Shrine let’s see¬†¬† um where am I right here okay a lot of tourists¬† though it says that the shrine the Shinto Shrine¬†¬† of the no it doesn’t say anything about it okay¬† but it’s beautiful nonetheless it’s beautiful¬†¬†

All right well you know what guys I think with¬† our visit to the shrine and our visits around¬†¬† Chinatown I think I’m going to bring this video¬† to an end now I barely scratch the surface of¬†¬† Chinatown Chinatown is one of those places you¬† can spend the entire day we’re actually about¬†¬†

To walk back over in that direction right now now  maybe get some ice cream relax but um definitely   one of those places worth visiting now do you  keep in mind um you got to be pretty careful  

Right there’s like a lot of um crazies running¬† around um so keep an eye on your belongings and¬†¬† please come here with someone else that way you¬† know you’re safe walking around the area I would¬†¬† say it’s overall a safe place but um there are¬† some crazies when we first arrived before we¬†¬†

Even took off the camera when we made it off the  bus actually good information you can make make it   from W Kiki to here on the number two bus or you  number two bus for $3 per person but as soon as  

We got off the bus this guy is like there there’s¬† these two guys arguing and one of the guys is like¬†¬† put that [¬†__¬†] knife away like dude whooped out¬† a knife and was like I don’t know threatened the¬†¬†

Guy and like they were fighting but I was like¬† [¬†__¬†] dude this dude’s about to get stabbed¬†¬† here but yeah it was crazy so be be smart be smart¬† come out here with your friends stay in a group I¬†¬†

Mean you’re in a big city you’re in a capital¬† city of a state just like you’re in a capital¬†¬† city of of any other country there’s some crime¬† so um be safe be smart and enjoy Hawaii I’ll see¬†¬†

You guys again soon for another video now give¬† me my shirt I think it’s time to go to the beach¬†¬† beach coconut Hawaii shirts let’s go let’s do it¬† thank you for joining me thank you [Music] always

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