“Four Key Vital Signs Measured by All-in-One Health Scanner” #shorts – Video

“Four Key Vital Signs Measured by All-in-One Health Scanner” #shorts – Video

This All-in-One Health Scanner Measures Four Key Vitals #shorts

Introducing the Bero by Within, the all-in-one health scanner that fits right in your pocket. This compact device offers multiple ways to measure your vital signs, including a built-in stethoscope. With just the turn of a knob, you can take an ECG or check your blood oxygen levels, providing you with valuable health information on the go.

The Bero also features a stethoscope that uses a microphone to measure the sounds of your heart and lungs. With the help of a dedicated app, you can easily learn how to use the device and send the recordings to your doctor for further analysis. Additionally, the device comes with a USBC port for easy connectivity and allows you to plug in headphones for temperature readings, which are obtained through a simple forehead scan.

While this device is not a substitute for professional medical advice, it can provide valuable insights into your health and allow you to monitor your vital signs at any time. The convenience and portability of the Bero make it a cutting-edge tool for anyone looking to stay on top of their health. With its ability to measure four key vitals, the Bero by Within is a game-changer in the world of personal health monitoring.

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Health deck is getting so small you can have a whole health kit in your pocket this is the beo by Within and it has many different ways to measure your vital including a stethoscope inside here let me show you with a little knob you can be able to take an ECG or check

Your blood oxygen levels there’s also a stethoscope it uses a microphone to be able to measure what your heart and lungs sound like and an app would tell you where to put this because I am not a medical professional you can send the recording to your

Doctor or listen for yourself it has a USBC port where you can stick headphones in for temperature you’ll just do a little forehead scan a little hot a little hot what do you think about something like this let us know

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