Get to Know the Dynamic Women Leading National Geographic’s Queens – Video

Get to Know the Dynamic Women Leading National Geographic’s Queens – Video

National Geographic’s Queens is a groundbreaking documentary series that celebrates the resilience, intelligence, and ferocity of matriarchies in the animal kingdom. Narrated by the talented Angela Bassett and led by an entirely female-led production team, the project shines a light on the powerful females, both animal and human, in a revolutionary way.

The series, which took four years to make, features inspiring women such as Faith MMI, the first black Kenyan woman to produce an episode of Premium Natural History. It not only tells the stories of producer director mentees but also highlights the incredible women conservationists working in the field. Every detail of Queens is thoughtfully crafted and showcases female leadership at every level.

The team behind Queens, led by Janet Vissering, Senior Vice President of Development and Production, and Pam Caral, Nat Geo’s Executive Producer for the series, is committed to showcasing the importance of conservation and climate change in the natural world. Through the lens of the powerful female leaders in the animal kingdom, Queens aims to inspire viewers to take action to protect our planet.

As viewers watch Queens, they are encouraged to see the parallels between the animal kingdom and their own lives, relationships, and leadership styles. The hope is that by falling in love with the characters showcased in the series, viewers will be motivated to make different choices in their own lives to help protect the planet and the homes of these incredible animals.

National Geographic’s Queens is not just a documentary series; it is a call to action to protect and preserve the environment for future generations. It is a celebration of female empowerment, leadership, and resilience, both in the natural world and beyond.

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Video Transcript

National Geographics Queens celebrates powerful female leaders in the natural World and behind every inspirational animal on screen is an equally gritty and determined woman all the women on this Queen’s Journey are true leaders all hail the Queens Story telling is in our blood and the fact that we get to tell stories at National Geographic we we follow in the

Footsteps of Giants and yet at the same time we also want to tell stories that haven’t been told before and we want to tell them in new ways this industry in Natural History has been dominated you know most often by men what drove us to really make sure that this was a success

Is to be able to open those doors smooth the road even though it’s still going to be hard and to empower women to be part of this journey hi I’m Janet vising I’m the senior vice president of development and production for the Natural History slate

Hi I’m Pam caral and I am Nat Geo’s executive producer for the series queens and we’re here today at at the National Geographic Headquarters there’s so much that’s groundbreaking about the series Queens Faith MMI who you would see in our behind the Queens episode we feature her she is the first black Kenyan woman to produce an episode of Premium Natural History there just something at the back of my head that just goes just you

Wait because I’m just a driven prison Faith also tells the story not only of our producer director mentees but also some of the amazing conservationists women conservationists in the field that they worked with during every stage of production so when we say women L we really mean it on every level it took

Four years to make this film there was probably 2 and 1/2 years of that literally sitting out in nature waiting for animals to show up no Bon today just a lot of rain I say that animals don’t have a call time they do not show up when you

Think and furthermore the the bigger challenge these days is is climate change Aon wants to use her skills as a cinematographer to inspire young people to take action to protect our planet animals are not arriving or behaving in some of the traditional ways that we’ve actually had because of climate change

Taji remembers water here but relying on memory only works when the world stays the same you’re featuring animals female leadership in the natural world not every animal has the same strategy and watching this I feel like it’s about women every you know us human women every one of us has a different approach

To how we lead our life how we lead in our family how we lead in the office but there’s no wrong way we can learn from animals in the natural world by looking at their relationships their compassion we’re hoping that everyone can connect to our Queens whether their fathers sisters grandfathers grandmothers

Granddaughters in their lives they will look at these animals and see their own family connections their own relation relationships with female leaders in their lives they’ll see parallels and feel deeply when they watch Queens that’s what I hope for it is the hardest time on our planet for these animals

It’s so important for us to Showcase their lives and hopefully you know we had a saying that if you love something you will fight for it so when you see our films and you fall in love with our characters I hope people in the future will make some different choices on how

They live which will hopefully help the condition of our planet and the homes of these animals that we Feature

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