Google enhances Maps with new AI travel features

Google enhances Maps with new AI travel features

Google has announced several new updates to its Maps and Search functions, aimed at assisting users with their travel plans, thanks to AI.

Users in more than 40 cities throughout the U.S. and Canada will be able to access lists of suggested dining and visitation spots via Google Maps. These algorithm-generated suggestions comprise three main lists, which include a “Trending” list updated weekly featuring places currently experiencing a surge in popularity, a “Top” list of locations known for their enduring popularity, and a “Gems” list highlighting lesser-known but worthy destinations.

In addition to this, Google Maps will feature curated recommendation lists from top sources including Lonely Planet, The New York Times, The Infatuation, and OpenTable. At the same time, Google Maps on Android and iOS is introducing enhanced customization features for creating personal lists.

For the first time, users can rearrange the order of places within these lists and link to relevant posts on their social media channels. These customizable, shareable lists are useful for trip planning, keeping track of favorite locations, and more.

In the upcoming months, they will begin showcasing some of the best lists from the Maps community. Therefore, if someone has created a list they believe others will appreciate, they can nominate it by sending it to [email protected].

Google will also be updating its design, giving Maps a new look, including a cleaner home screen with fewer tabs, and new pin colors that make it easier to find places on the map. The tech giant also states that it is using AI to generate intelligent summaries of locations in Google Maps, such as reviews and user-uploaded photos. It will also be employing AI to enhance photos of food with details, including the specific name of the dish.

Google’s push for more AI

In October 2023, the California-based company announced Immersive View for cycling, driving, and walking routes, offering detailed previews of journeys powered by Google’s AI. Users can view photorealistic 3D simulations of their whole route, helping them prepare for each turn and avoid issues like heavy traffic.

The feature also integrates AI-based analyses for weather and traffic forecasts. Immersive View, which initially launched in July 2023 for places, was extended to routes in cities globally. The expansion shows routes in 3D, as well as augmented reality search capabilities and information on electric vehicle charging.

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