Hands-On Review of Lenovo’s Transparent Laptop Concept – Video

Hands-On Review of Lenovo’s Transparent Laptop Concept – Video

Lenovo’s Transparent Laptop Concept Hands On

Lenovo’s Transparent Laptop Concept Hands On showcases one of the wildest concepts in laptop design. The laptop features a glass screen that allows users to see through it, opening up a world of possibilities for architects and designers who could use this feature to design in a more innovative way. The laptop still functions like a regular laptop with a keyboard and stylus for drawing, but the lower panel is essentially a big piece of glass.

Although Lenovo states that this is still a proof of concept and not available for sale yet, the potential for a transparent tablet in the future is exciting. The transparent screen could be useful in settings like hotel lobbies or shops where both staff and customers can view the screen simultaneously. Lenovo has a history of experimenting with cutting-edge display technology, and this concept is no exception.

While the practicality of watching movies on a transparent screen may be limited, the concept’s potential is clear. As we wait to see if Lenovo will bring this concept to market, it’s evident that this transparent laptop has captured the imagination of many tech enthusiasts. Share your thoughts on this innovative concept in the comments below.

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Video Transcript

Well this is one of the wildest Concepts that I have seen in some time lenovo’s new laptop is just essentially a laptop but it’s got a glass screen that you can actually see Through so what would you actually use this for well the noo reckons that you can just use it as a regular laptop but it might also appeal to Architects or designers who could actually see their subjects or their location around them and then design in a much more in ative

Way but it is still ostensibly a laptop it’s got a keyboard down here that activates but this lower panel is basically just another big piece of glass so you can type on it if you want to or you can grab the stylus and you can draw on it but personally I could

Actually see a future Evolution where we don’t need this bottom part at all and maybe we’ve just got this transparent part as a really really cool looking tablets but because of battery and efficiencies and power and a whole host of other reasons we are probably quite a

Few years away from seeing that now Lenovo does say that this is strictly a proof of concept right now so of course we don’t know what it’s running on we don’t know how much it would cost or if it would ever actually go on sale in

This form so it does mean that right now all we can do is just enjoy looking at it and putting things behind it like this Coral or a crystal ball just to see through a laptop screen and that is fine because I have seen quite a lot of weird

Things in my 12 years at CNET but this is one of the coolest and sure I might not want to watch an entire fulllength movie on a screen like this but I can definitely seeing this being useful in situations like hotel lobbies or in shops where both staff and customer can

See what’s on the screen at the same time we’ve seen some really great concept display technology from Lenovo before it was last year where we saw the screen that can extend outwards to become even bigger so it’s really nice to see them experimenting with wild ideas like this and with definitely

Hoping that we’re going to see something like this in a product that we can actually buy but whether that actually happens remains to be seen so what do you think of lenovo’s amazing looking concept make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below and keep it seen it for a lot more

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