How Jewish people in Germany deal with hate | DW Documentary

How Jewish people in Germany deal with hate | DW Documentary

How Jewish people in Germany deal with hate | DW Documentary

Animosity, attacks, antisemitism in the open: Jewish people in Germany are dealing with increasing levels of hate.

Ever since the terrorist attacks by Hamas on Israel on October 7th, 2023, Jews in Germany are increasingly threatened on social media and their homes defaced with racist slogans.
Many Jewish people no longer feel comfortable wearing Kippahs or Stars of David out in the open. Jewish life in Germany has never been as threatened in the 80 years since the Holocaust as it is now.
While politicians promise solidarity and security, fear is rising in Jewish communities. A Report by Tessa Clara Walther and Axel Rowohlt.

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You son of a beep you filthy Jew I’m getting these kinds of messages by the Dozen every day since October 7th I don’t wear my star David anymore thank God my parents didn’t have to live to see what’s happening in this country hostilities attacks and blatant anti-semitism

How are Jews and Germany dealing with the hatred the Jewish community in maror doesn’t hide behind closed doors it practices its Faith openly today the congregation Tor scrolls are moving to the newly built synagogue in the center of the city State Rabbi Daniel Fabian wishes for a day of joy and celebration

But is such a thing possible so soon after the terrorist attack on October 7 of course there are mixed feelings but at the same time and this is a message that we’ve heard so many times from people living in Israel keep living life Jewish life must never stop it must

Always go on so the opening ceremony of a new synagogue is a good sign because it shows that the Jewish life continues on on October 7 2023 Hamas considered a terrorist organization by the US and the EU among others attacked Israel and killed more than a thousand people taking hundreds more

Hostage in response the Israeli Army launched a massive attack on the Gaza Strip which has killed tens of thousands of Palestinians after October 7 German politicians and citizens have shown solidarity with the state of Israel and Jewish people around the world hundreds of thousands have taken

To the streets with various aims for a ceasefire for a return of the hostages in solidarity with Jews and with Palestinians for an end to what some observers call a genocide in Gaza at the same time anti-semitic and racist incidents against many minority groups appear to be on the

Rise at Bon universities tensions are running particularly High demonstrations take place regularly in December Pro Palestinian activists occupied a lecture hall Legacy this Jewish Israeli student says that institutions are failing to provide space for a diversity of Jewish opinions and exchange our voices are being massively suppressed excluded marginal

And we are afraid to study here they don’t protect us from racist attacks from racist students who are also here huben Len and Monte are Jewish and live in Berlin even before October 7 they didn’t feel completely safe the security controls and barriers in front of Jewish institutions long having been

Part of their everyday life but now the hostility has reached a new level I know that many Jewish people have started asking themselves questions like should I hide away this branded pen from some Association or other or this water bottle with a logo the sticker on

My laptop my bag things like that it’s terrible that we have to deal with such questions I don’t wear a necklace with the Star of David anymore nevertheless it’s important for the three of them that one can and must be allowed to criticize Israel especially in these times it’s not anti-Semitism when you

Described the current conditions in the Gaza Strip it’s not anti-Semitism to address the fact that the actions of the Israeli Army have resulted in enormous numbers of casualties but for them some actions can go beyond legitimate criticism I would say that criticism of fictional or real misconduct by the

Israeli government can always be used by anti-semites to act on their hatred of Jewish life and Jewish people you can see it at demonstrations or such where things are projected onto Israel to justify openly expressing anti-Semitism Ruben points out that the hatred against Jews in Germany didn’t just disappear when the Nazi

Dictatorship came to an end and that Germany hasn’t adequately come to terms with the crimes of the Holocaust antism anti-Semitism is an integral part of German Society this supposed reset after 1945 didn’t really happen there was there is and probably always will be anti-semitic violence and we know from social

Research that around 20 to 25% of Germans have at least internalized these anti-semitic stereotypes a wake up call for many the recent revelation of a secret meeting of right- ring extremists in November including members of center right CD U and Far Right afd the main opposition parties represented in

Parliament attendees discussed a plan for large scale expulsions of millions of immigrants and German citizens with foreign backgrounds a Jews he afraid that the atmosphere in Germany might take a turn for the worse forcing them to leave the country I would like to stay as long as possible and try to work together

Because even if it would come to that not everyone will be able to leave people talk about going to New Zealand but are we just all going to immigrate or and that’s my hope and what I’m fighting for Jewish life in Germany will carry on I want to be a part of

That Beck in Mark the book at the synagogue where the Torah scrolls are currently housed the community building has been in desperate need of renovation for decades young and old attend the celebrations on this important day yes we can open it a little bit like this but we’re only allowed to take them

Out during Services the Torah typically consists of the five books of Moses a sacred text for every Jewish congregation this this is written on parchment not paper it’s a real parchment colored with ink despite the political atmosphere the congregation doesn’t want to cancel the big procession into the new synagogue

The police have been notified the ceremony is called the the Torah is placed under a sort of canopy that is usually intended for a wedding here it’s as if the congregation and the Torah scroll are now being married to the new synagogue so to speak with that the wedding procession

Begins to move through the streets of maor the old synagogue was destroyed by the Nazis in the 1938 November PMS that destroyed Jewish properties all over Germany now 85 years later its long overdue reopening has arrived the members of the congregation are happy to see that many non-jewish M

Borgers have come to participate in the celebration for me it’s important that the synagogue is back in the center of the city it was something special and I was really happy to see such a sparkle in the eyes of the members of the Jewish Community how can Jewish life thrive in

Germany maybe with the type of solidarity in action shown in magor and through political discourse like here at a Berlin meeting of Germany’s Central Council of Jews the association represents almost half of the countries around 200,000 Jews German foreign minister analina Bok has been invited to give a

Speech anti antisemitism has no place in our country that’s why it’s so important to me to talk about how we can make Jewish life more visible sounds good is German Society ready for that though how are we supposed to make Jewish life visible when Jews get messages like this through social

Media I will bleep your kids and your wife you son of a bleep I hope someone does this to your filthy bleep children what your bleep Zionist state is doing to the children in Palestine or even worse you filthy Jew I’m getting these kinds of messages

By the Dozen every day since October 7th because I’m publicly recognizable as Jewish person on social media when that’s the State of Affairs in this country visible Jewish life seems like wishful thinking I’ve been wearing a kipa everywhere I go in my daily life ever since I was a

Teenager but now after October 7th it’s the first time in my life that’s not possible for many it echoes the early days of Nazi rule when Jews were gradually being pushed out of public life in Frankford amine we visit makabi a Jewish Sports Club founded long before

The Nazi era at the end of the 19th century but even back then Jews were excluded from German sports clubs Club president miti tiawa was born in Israel but came to Germany with his parents as a child my grandparents were Gast in aitz and here I am witnessing what’s happening in

2023 feeling like I’m stuck in some sort of a bad movie where you have to look on as Jews continue to suffer I’m at a loss for words it deeply saddens me to thank God that my parents didn’t have to see what’s happening in this country here too they have the

Impression that deep-seated anti-Semitism is surfacing through criticism and sometimes hatred of Israel with Jews once more being used as scapegoats do people really think that if the problem of Israel is solved and Israel would just disappear tomorrow do people then really think that Humanity will be on a better path

Tia has experienced anti-Semitism for decades without ever wanting to hide but that takes a lot of strength of course you don’t want to be confronted with anti-Semitism it hurts so you try to avoid it by withdrawing into your shell and avoiding the public anything but that is the message

Sent by the Jewish community of magor as it celebrates its synagogue it might look like the entrance to a high security prison but it will remain open and visible where using these premises it’s in the center of the city we hope that metaphorically it will also become the

Heart of the city that is our biggest wish

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